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The Aztec/Mayan Calendar (And its similarities to the Hebrew/Biblical Calendar & Book of Mormon dates)

Summary Similarities between Mesoamerican and Near-eastern Calendars How to read Mesoamerican/Mayan/Aztec Calendars (see my Maya date conversion program!) Understanding the “K’atun Wheel/Round” (or u kahlay katunob) and how it tracks the 520 year cycles very much like Daniel’s 490/500 year ‘sacred weeks‘ calendar. A list of long count dates & references. Introduction Mesoamerican calendars show […]

Book of Mormon Nephite & Jaredite Destruction Outline (narrow neck exodus)

Nephite Geography Summary of cities:City of Jordan (north-most city. part of line of cities defending north country) —- City of Boaz (gets rest of records from hill Shim; so still near Antum)Teancum (by seashore & “near the city of desolation”)City of Desolation in land Desolation (dead cast into sea)Narrow Pass or Passage (presumably southward of […]

Arguments For and Against the Authenticity of the Book of Mormon

Overview Despite the Book of Mormon being the source of the strongest spiritual awakening of my life,  I likely would believe the Book of Mormon to be a non-historical or mythical spiritualist channeling instead of an actual history –were it not for this model and a few of the key evidences offered in this section.  I’ve found […]

Make Women Truly Equal

Reform Action #7 of 20   (see all reforms) Women don’t necessarily need the LDS priesthood to be equals in Mormonism.  But they are certainly not equal at present, and major changes are needed to bring gender equality to the church. To suggest that women are somehow “different but equal” in the LDS church at […]