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Introduction to Oahspe

Oahspe is a restorationism text brought forth entirely through revelation (automatic writing) to John Newbrough in 1880. The book was reportedly revealed through angel messengers, who instructed the author not to form a church …

The End of the Times of the Gentiles

The end of the Times of the Gentiles long foretold in scripture is quickly approaching, and like King Belshazzar of Babylon… it doesn’t take a prophet to see that the “writing is upon the wall” (Dan 5:1–31).

First off, lets get into what the Times of the Gentiles entails….

Additional Prophesies of the Book of Ben Kathryn

For an introduction to the Book of Jachanan Ben Kathryn Go Here. The primary proof of the validity of John Ben Kathryn as a prophet will be final destruction and restoration of the modern nation of Israel. ” AND the word of the LORD came unto me, saying: Give ear, my servant, if any of […]

The Book of Enoch

The Book of Enoch is part of the Dead Sea Scroll Library and was in wide use before the time of Christ. The book has survived in various forms in the Syriac and Ethiopian churches but fell into apocryphal status among the western churches. Open publication – Free publishing – More scripture

Time, Times and Half Times

Many ancient cultures had a far different understanding of how the celestial “times and seasons” affect our planet, human biology and spirituality than our current societies. These cultures meticulously tracked the procession of the equinoxes in order to discover where the earth was in its Galactic orbit. They believed that the the location of our Solar System within the […]

The Doctrine of the Priesthood

DOCTRINE OF THE PRIESTHOOD A. Definition. 1. A priest is a member of the human race who represents some portion of the human race before God. He was always a male until this dispensation, never an angel or female. 2. A priest must partake of the nature of the persons for whom he acts or […]

Two Types of People

There are two types of people in this universe….

-there are chaotic polarizers and,
-there are harmonious unifiers…

Polarizers are selfish haters…
Unifiers are unselfish lovers…

Ask yourself which camp you are supporting.

All the matter in the universe is in motion, it is either moving outward, and expanding affected by

Prophesy in the Book of Ben Kathryn

In light of all that is going on nationally and internationally I felt I should write this to help others try and get a perspective on the possible future of our nation and world.

As I talk to friends and family, I find that very few grasp the gravity of our nation’s financial insolvency