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Scriptural Time Scale
Second Coming of Christ
Catastrophic (see Revelation 1-22)
  Second Coming of Christ
Catastrophic (see Revelation 1-22)
Mid Pliocene Events   Time of Christ Events (A.D. 0-33)
Mid Pliocene Extinction; great destruction in western hemisphere & India as Pacific Plate moves 1000 km, intermountain west begins 3000-6000 ft of uplift; B.O.M. ancient Gulf extension drains from Northern Mexico; explosive volcanism in Central Mexico; Wasatch mtns.., Sierra Nevadas, & Tetons experience last major uplift; Northern Alps further folded; Andes & Himalayas severely folded/uplifted; little ice ages (LIA) occurs both just after Christ and around 1600 AD
"Day, night and day of light; Years of heavenly signs and wonders; new star appears; Destructions at Christ’s death- mountains raised up, mountains become valleys, thick darkness, shaking of whole earth, terrible electrical and wind storms, volcanism, sea level changes, cities drown; darkness in holy land; Whole face of ""land northward"" changed, Highways broken up, rocks rent, nearly every Nephite city damaged "
Mid Miocene Events   Moses & Joshua Era Events (± 1466-1517 B.C.)
Mid-Miocene Extinction; Columbia flood basalts erupt; Basin & Range topography first created, as forces switch from compression to extension; world's mtns further uplifted; N. America and Europe further separate; Red Sea further opens; pole shift toward present location ending "ice age" & likely causing mammoth extinction in Siberia/Alaska
Ten plagues destroy Egypt; Three days darkness; Pestilences of locust, frogs, lice; Water turns red; Mountains skip like rams; Hail & fire stones from heaven; Red sea split; Sinai on fire; Pillar of fire & smoke in wilderness; Israel must live on manna in wilderness; Jericho's wall falls; Stones from heaven destroy army; Joshua splits the Jordan; Sun & moon stand still for a whole day as axis wobbles
End Eocene Event   Joseph in Egypt Famine (± 1730 B.C.)
End-Eocene Extinction; major pole shift; N. America & Europe completely separate; Alps & Himalayas further folded; Antarctica & Australia split; many animals are much larger than today; explosive volcanism in Western N. America; temperatures plummet; (the "last great ice age" begins; huge lakes drain off Colorado Plateau)
Great famines; climate in Israel much different than today; some animals and people (like Goliath) once again grow to be "giants"; Idolatry continues as result of celestial phenomena & priestcraft
End Cretaceous Events   Abraham Era Events (± 1900-2000 B.C.)
K/T Extinction; extensive flood basalts erupt in India; major pole shift; western N. America folded in Laramide orogeny, Rocky mtns formed- causing Cret. seaway to drain off central U.S.; Colorado Plateau begins ancestral erosion; mammals from arc finally begin to catch up with reptile populations; dinosaurs then die off from competition & catastrophe / extinction
Signs at birth; Alter of Ur thrown down; Great mourning; Several great famines; Sodom, Gomorrah & cities of the plain destroyed by meteorites; Salem translated to obtain Enoch
Mid Jurassic Events   Peleg Era Events (± 2220 B.C.)
Jurassic Extinction: Pangea begins to separate; North & South America first split from Africa; atmospheric conditions (?) cause reptiles and mammals to grow huge; Navadan / Sevier orogeny causes a small (and later massive) seaway to intrude into central N. America; massive deserts sweep the Colorado plateau
Peleg; Continents are divided; Brother of Jared moves mtn..; Mountainous waves for Jaredites; Monsters of the sea; Tower of Babel thrown down (likely closer to Abraham). Giants in the land
End Permian & Triassic Events   Noah Era Events (2344 B.C.)
Great Permian Extinction: 70-90% of all life on earth dies- biggest mass extinction ever, the only one to seriously affect insects; worlds largest flood basalts erupt in Siberia; fastest marine transgression; global sea anoxia (oxygen stops reaching sea floor as sea level rises); sea life that must remain in the photic zone dies; marine sediments enriched in C-12; fungi spike from massive amounts of dead vegetation; global short term switch from meandering to braded streams; massive climate changes; massive sea level fluctuations; Sonaman & Hercanyian orogenies; aterwards, with no predators and high birth rates, reptiles begin to take over.
Noah: All that is on dry land dies; Noah & his family are only surviving humans; rising sea level from the "fountains of the great deep" covers even the highest mountains; Flood lasts over a year; Earth is cleansed as its inhabitants are "shut up" in the earth; Gentiles lands are still "isles"; Arc lands near Middle East, civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia are begun; recorded lifespans begin rapidly declining
Late Devonian Events   Enoch Era Events (± 2944-3150 B.C.)
Late-Devonian Extinction; Acadian, Caledonian & Antler orogenies; continents unite again forming super-continent Pangea, many tree and animal fossils looking exactly like those living today begin to appear in the fossil record
Large land is brought out of the sea; Enoch moves mountains & changes the course of rivers; Giants in the land; Great curse & famine on earth; The city of enoch is taken up; Righteous thereafter are translated. By this time plants and animals have spread through-out the world
End Ordovician Events   End Fall of Adam (?) (± 4000 B.C.)
Final-Ordovician Extinction; Taconic orogeny & Queenstown clastic wedge; other mtns. also form as continents move; sea level fluctuates; Current missouri lies in mountainous regioun on seashore
Perhaps the end of the fall event, animals continue to "fill the earth"
Cambrian Explosion   Fall of Adam (± 4000 B.C.) [Death enters world]
Cambrian Explosion: first plant & animal fossils suddenly appear in an "explosion" of life; nearly every animal phylum alive today are represented; Grand Canyon and other orogenies occur; early supercontinents are one, forming one great landmass
All flesh becomes mortal; Things begin to die; Population starts out near Adam-on-Diamon and begin to proliferate; Missouri area is mountainous; Land is still "one"; Animals come to Adam to be named