Practical Guidebook
to the Spiritual Life

Standard Edition

In Modern American Language




You have a corporeal (physical) body and a spiritual body: Hear me, and I will open your understanding. I come to free not only the corporeal man, but the spiritual man.


Yet with your freedom, you also attain to responsibility so that sooner or later, your fidelity to your Creator and to your fellow-man, in righteousness, love and good works, shall become the most sacred study of your life.


Your God does not come in this era as a dictator, but as your elder brother, with ample experience. Nor do I command, saying: You shall believe, because I, your God, have said it, or revealed it in this book.


Nevertheless through Oahspe, light of Jehovah, the Creator, is revealed to man; and man is to judge himself, and labor to save himself, so that by this he may have honor and glory.


For the will of the Creator is not for man to be forever led; but for man to ultimately have the light of practicing good works organically, from infancy up.




for the
Spiritual and Practical
Enlightenment and Development
Individuals, Groups and Humanity
For Their
Glory and Happiness
and for the
Glory of the Whole









A History of the Dominions of

the Higher and Lower Heavens on the Earth for the Past Twenty–Five Thousand Years;


Being from the Submersion of the Continent of Pan in the Pacific Ocean,

Commonly Called the Flood or Deluge,

to the millennial (Kosmon) era, the Present Time;


Also a Brief History of the Preceding Years, from Man’s Beginning on Earth

to the Flood;


Together With:


A Synopsis of

the Cosmogony of the Universe;

the Creation of Planets;

the Creation of Man;

the Unseen Worlds;

the Labor and Glory of Gods and Goddesses in the Heavens of the Earth

and in the Etherean Heavens above them;


With the

New Commandments of Jehovah

to Man of the Present Day,

and Other Revelations

from the Second Resurrection,

formed in Words in the Thirty–Third Year

of the millennial (Kosmon) era.


This present edition being placed into modern American Language;

being an extraction, compilation and integration of materials


from the First Published Edition




and from the

Second Published Edition

Published in 1891



Copyright 1910 by Justine Ballou Newbrough

Copyright 1935 by E. Wing Anderson


and from

Extant pre-1882 Oahspe Source Materials


and from

the Heavens of Jehovah.


This new edition being placed

into the public domain in 159 A.K. (Anno Kosmon) being year 2007 of the common civil calendar.

Oahspe Table Of Contents

01/ Tae’s Prayer......................................

02/ Oahspe Prologue...............................

03/ Voice of Man....................................

04/ Book of Jehovah................................

05/ Book of Sethantes............................

06/ First Book of the First Lords............

07/ Book of Ah’shong.............................

08/ Second Book of Lords......................

09/ Synopsis of Sixteen Cycles..............

10/ Book of Aph.....................................

11/ The Lords’ First Book......................

12/ Book of Sue......................................

13/ The Lords’ Second Book..................

14/ Book of Apollo.................................

15/ The Lords’ Third Book.....................

16/ Book of Thor....................................

17/ The Lords’ Fourth Book...................

18/ Book of Osiris..................................

19/ The Lords’ Fifth Book......................

20/ Book of Fragapatti............................

21/ Book of God’s Word.........................

22/ Book of Divinity...............................

23/ Book of Cpenta-armij.......................

24/ First Book of God.............................

25/ Book of Wars Against Jehovah.........

26/ Book of Lika.....................................

27/ Book of the Arc of Bon....................

28/ God’s Book of Eskra........................

29/ Book of Es........................................

30/ Bon’s Book of Praise........................

31/ Book of Ouranothen.........................

32/ Book of Judgment............................

33/ Book of Discipline............................

34/ Book of Inspiration...........................

35/ Book of Saphah, A. Prologue...........

*Ancient Languages Section

B. Tree of Language (B.1-2)...........

Language Primaries subsection

B.3 Pronunciation Guide..........

B.4 The Signature.....................

B.5 Adamic, etc., Primaries.........

B.6 Tablet of Ah’iod’zan..........

Language Groups subsection

C. Pan.......................................

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D. Se’moin...............................

E. Tablet of Bienei....................

F. I’hin Tablet...........................

G. Tablet of Kii Language........

H. Emp’agatu

H.1-4 Preamble.................

H.5 Emp’agatu Tablet.......

Israel Language Evolution

I.1 Tablet of Zerl...............

I.2 Tablet of Iz...................

I.3 Tablet of Iz and Zerl....

I.4 Tablet of Iz-Zerl...........

I.5 Qadeth Iz, Divan Seal..

*Condensed Histories Section

J. I’hin and I’huan Chief Tribes......

K. The Basis of the Ezra Bible........

L. Ahura’Mazda..............................

M. Basis of Vede.............................

N. Lords of the Hosts in Heaven.....

O. East Believers Earthly History.....

*Historical Rites & Ceremonies Section

P. Fonece.........................................

Q. Aribania’hiayaustoyi..................

R. Ho’ed..........................................

S. Sun Degree Ceremony................

T. Kii Ceremonies............................

U. Port-Pan Algonquin....................

V. Anubis.........................................

W. Agoquim.....................................

X. Baugh Ghan Ghad......................


Y. M’git’ow..............................

Z. Hi’dang................................

AA. M’hak...............................

BB. Chamber of Adepts..................

CC. Chamber of Prophecy...............

36/ God’s Book of Ben...........................

37/ Book of Knowledge..........................

38/ Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy..

39/ Jehovah’s Kingdom on Earth............

40/1 Glossary..........................................

40/2 List of Images.................................

40/3 Table of Contents............................

40/4 Index...............................................













































Oahspe Images List


i000 Symbols Depicting Glossary Words. p.916-929

i001 Symbol of the Creator’s Name. p.12

i001a Circle Cut Twice. p.30

i002 Etherea. p.13

i003 Snowflakes. p.14

i004 Photospheres. p.17

i005 Earth and Atmospherea. p.15

i006 Earth and Plateaus of Lower Heaven. p.18

i007 Earth, Needles in the Atmosphere, and Plateaus. p.18

i008 Se’muan Firmament. p.19

i009 X’Sar’jis. p.22

i010 The Earth in Jy’ay. p.21

i011 The Earth in A’ji. p.76

i012 The Earth in Hyarti from Nebulae. p.21

i013 Asu, the First Race. p.23

i014 Some Races of Man. I’hin, I’huan, Yak. p.59

i015 The First Harvest. p.51

i016 Ah’shong and Ethereans Come to the Red Star. p.63

i017 Pre-Flood Outline Map of the World. p.28

i018 Post-Flood Outline Map of the World. p.196

i019 Star-Worshippers. p.173

i020 Onk or Zodiac. p.168

i021 Atmospherean heavens founded by Fragapatti. p.194

i022 Ug-sa or Uh-ga. p.269

i023 Took-shein, Flathead King. p.380

i024 Che-guh, Flathead Queen. p.380

i025 The False Osiris. p.454

i026 Isis. p.454

i027 Tablet of the False Osiris. p.454

i028 The Nine Entities. p.799

i029 Tablet of Grade and Ingrade. p.832

i030 First, Second and Third Resurrections. p.573

i031 The Tree of Language. p.727

i032 Adamic (Earth) Language. p.733

i033 Tablet of Se’moin. p.734

i033r07a Fete. p.110

i033r03f Gau. p.110

i033r10j Git’ow’um. for sun. p.167

i033r04g Git’s’ang. p.249

i033r10i Git’um. for moon. p.167

i033r03k Inqua. p.249

i033r01i Jehovah or Ormazd. Symbol.259

i033r10g Um. direction or place. p.167

i033r10k V’work’um. for vortex. p.167

i034 Tablet of Bienei. p.745

i034r7f2 EOI’m. p.470

i034r8f Ope. p.809

i035 I’hin Tablet. p.749

i036 Tablet of Kii Language. p.751

i037 Tablet of Emp’agatu. p.753

i038 Tablet of Zerl. p.754

i039 Iz and Zerl. p.756

i040 Qadeth Iz, The Divan Seal. p.757

i041 The Signature. p.729

i042 Adamic, Yi’haic, Vedic, Hebraic and Sanscrit Primaries. p.730

i043 Tablet of Ah’iod’zan. p.731

i044 Tower of Gall. p.608

i045 Tablet of Fonece. p.767

i046 Tablet of Ancient Egypt. p.770

i047 Tablet of Hy’yi. p.772

i048 Ceremonies in Sun Degree. p.773

i049 Tablet of Kii Ceremonies. p.776

i050 Port-Pan Algonquin (Jaredite). p.777

i051 Tablet of Anubis. p.780

i052 Bible of the Mound-Builders. p.781

i053 Tablet of Bah-ghan-ghad. p.739

i054 Tablet of Tau-ghan-ghad. p.739

i055 Tablet of Baugh-ghan-ghad. p.783

i056 Temple of Skulls. p.784

i057 Temple of Skulls close up. p.784

i058 Tablet of Emethachavah. p.786

i058c3a Pulley Ramps. p.844

i058c3b Double Pulleys. p.844

i058c3d Winch. p.844

i058c3e Tourniquet. p.844

i059 Ceremony of Holy Mass (Moon). p.797

i060 Illustrations of Corporeal Worlds. p.845

i060d2 Earth and Saturn Compared. p.15

i061 Light in Space Illustrated. p.846

i062 Sun and Earth Light. p.854

i063 Primary Vortex.     |

i064 Secondary Vortex.             |_  With caption

i065 Third Age of Vortex.  |         p.847;

i066 Fourth Age of Vortex.|      small p.16

i067 Organic Wark. p.865

i068 Shattered Wark. p.859

i069 Manifestations of Vortexya. p.858

i070 Vortexian Lenses. p.853

i071 Vortexian Currents. p.848

i072 Dissection of the Great Serpent. p.24

i073 Tow’sang. With caption p.851; small p.16

i074 The Cyclic Coil. p.810

i075 The Earth in the Crossroads of Horub. p.191

i076 The Earth in Ocgokuk. p.326

i077 The Earth in Kas’kak. p.395

i078 Earth in the Arc of Bon. p.500

i079 A’ji’an Forest of Aghanodis (Missing Plate). With caption. p.555

i080 Lo’iask. p.593

i081 Ji’niquin Swamp. p.602

i082 Arc of The millennium (Kosmon). p.835

i083 Orachnebuahgalah. p.877

i084-i087 Map of the Etherean Roadway, combined plates pp.643-644

i084 Map of the Etherean Roadway, Plate 1 of 4. p.83

i085 Map, Etherean Roadway, Plate 2 of 4. p.123

i086 Map, Etherean Roadway, Plate 3 of 4. p.152

i087 Map, Etherean Roadway, Plate 4 of 4. p.320

i088 Orian Fields 1 of 9. p.827

i089 Orian Fields 2 of 9. p.828

i090 Orian Fields 3 of 9. p.828

i091 Orian Fields 4 of 9. p.828

i092 Orian Fields 5 of 9. p.829

i093 Orian Fields 6 of 9. p.829

i094 Orian Fields 7 of 9. p.829

i095 Orian Fields 8 of 9. p.830

i095d06 Symbols for the Orian field Huy. p.810

i096 Orian Fields 9 of 9. p.830

i097 Anoad. p.340

i098 Etherean Worlds and Roadways for Sun-phalanxes. p.175

i099 Serpent’s Orbit. p.825

i100 Cevorkum, Roadway of Solar Phalanx. p.826

i101 Mathematics of Planetary Oscillations. p.874

i102 Deviation of the Line of the Solar Vortex. p.873

i103 Prophetic Numbers. p.879

i104 Serpent. p.876

i105 The Earth in Se’mu. p.870

i106 Sha’mael. p.883

i107 Creator’s name sign, with horizontal line only. p.28

 i108 Melchizedek. p.255

 i109 Po. p.347

i110 Abram, later named Abraham. p.349

i111 Brahma (the first and true), with Yu-tiv. p.360

i112 Ea-wah-tah, also known as Hiawatha. p.377

i113 Thothma (Hojax). p.461

i114 Capilya. p.503

i115 Moses. p.530

i116 Chine. p.536

i117 Sakaya. p.571

i118 Ka’yu, aka Confucius. p.580

i119 Joshu. p.598

i122 Fate. p.260

i123 Feminine of Jehovah. p.809

Editor’s Preface

Oahspe (Iosepe or Joseph) Latter-day Saint Edition


Oahspe is revelation communicated from the Lower Heavens to John Baloooo Nerenbouroah in 1860


In the opinion of this editor the book contains more truth than any other work revealed from the lower (Telestial Heavens)  in this dispensation.  But as dictated by the Law of Agency, the book also contains an equal amount of the philosophies of men (erroneous and false information), mingled with scripture. 


The law of Agency dictates that both the higher and lower heavens (God & Satan) must be given equal opportunity to entice mankind for Good or Evil.


Law of Faith… cant reveal that which one doesn’t already believe

Tae’s Prayer

Chapter 1 Tae’s Prayer

01/1.1. Jehovah, the Creator, said: I blow My breath upon the planet, and man[1] comes forth, inquiring: Who am I, and what is my destiny? ||

01/1.2. So I send an elder brother of man, to teach him, and show him the light.

01/1.3. God said: Behold[2] me, O[3] man, I am an elder brother. I have passed through death and found the glory of the unseen worlds.

01/1.4. Jehovah gave to me, your God, dominion over the earth and her heavens.

01/1.5. Man said: I have found truth in corpor (physicality); I know I live; that trees grow and die. This is true knowledge. || Give me truth regarding the unseen; and a way that I can prove its truth?

01/1.6. And in the stirring up of man’s soul, Jehovah spoke through His[4] sons and daughters. His voice came up out of the marsh and down from the heavens above, and the children of men heard and saw, and rose up because of the spirit in them. They responded to Him, Who is Almighty; and their voices were called Tae, because as it is the universal word of all children born, so it represents the universal prayer of man (humankind).

01/1.7. Tae said: Reveal, O Father, give me light! I see the wide earth, the sun, moon and stars. But the great vault of heaven appears to be just an empty sky. Where is the dwelling place[5] of the dead; the place of the souls of men?

01/1.8. In times past, You have quickened seers and prophets, and through them, lifted up Your children and proclaimed other worlds! Am I less worthy than those of past ages? All the while my forefathers, and now I, have abided by[6] Your mighty presence.

01/1.9. By Your own hand You have quickened my consciousness, to be dissatisfied with the old revelations, and made me peer deeper into the cause and place of things,[7] and to desire further light from Your holy place.

01/1.10. By Your power my manhood (womanhood) has been raised up. Only by Your power and wisdom will I be appeased.[8]

01/1.11. When I was a child I believed as a child, because it was told to me; but now that I am grown, I desire to know who Your prophets were, and how they attained their gifts, and wisdom of words.

01/1.12. The cosmogony You taught in ancient times was sufficient for that day; but now I am raised up by You to receive comprehensive knowledge of the sun, and the stars of other worlds, and of their travel in Your great firmament.[9]

01/1.13. And now I cry out to You, where is the promised heaven? Where is the proof of immortal life? By You I was quickened into life and made conscious that I am. To You I come in the majesty You made me, You my Father! By You I was made determined to sift all things to the bottom. In You I know there is capacity to encompass all my holy desires, and answer me.

01/1.14. Give me of Your Light, O Father. When I was a child I called to You as a child; now, I call out in the manhood (womanhood) You have bestowed upon me! I will know Your Lords, Gods, Saviors, and Your promised heaven.

01/1.15. I have scaled the mountain; the countless corporeal worlds traveling in the eternal sea of space speak of Your handiwork! I have perceived that all the stars in heaven would not fill the hollow of Your hand; that truly Your breath moves the universe! The glory of Your works has inspired me with fervor[10] to come to Your Mighty Home!

01/1.16. Speak, O Jehovah! You alone can satisfy this soaring spirit that sprang from You, inspired. Give me light! O Father!

01/1.17. I have encompassed the earth and bridged its nations with assimilative words.[11] My geography is finished. O, give me a book of heaven! I have burrowed deep in corporeal knowledge, and have seen the drift of all on the earth. Where is the spirit world, and land of the dead? O give me light!

Chapter 2 Tae’s Prayer

01/2.1. Jehovah heard Tae’s prayer, and answered him. He said: Let the angels of heaven go down to the earth. My blessed son calls to Me in wisdom and truth. || And the angels of heaven descended to the earth, for it was in the early days of dan’ha (a time of great spiritual light) in the firmament of heaven, and the angels manifested and proved the immortal life of man.[12]

01/2.2. Jehovah said: Let this day be the beginning of the reign of The millennium/Kosmon (the new era now upon us); for it is the beginning of the wisdom of earth joined with the wisdom of heaven,[13] in My name.

01/2.3. Tae said: Yet not even half is answered, O my Father in heaven. Since You have proved the immortal life, You have stirred me to my soul’s foundation. Where do these inhabitants of the unseen world come from? Where lies this heavenly footstool of Your majesty?

01/2.4. If when I am dead I shall see the place, is the germ of that sight not already in me? How am I made that I see, but do not see this? Hear, but do not hear this? If I am now dead to[14] that which is to be, will I not then be dead to what is here now? Give me light, O Father!

01/2.5. Jehovah said: I gave a corporeal body to man so that he could learn corporeal things; but I made death so that he could rise in spirit, as an angel, and inhabit My etherean worlds.[15]

01/2.6. Tae said: You made both the seen and the unseen. Are they at war, or in harmony? My corporeal body is made of earth (flesh), and stone (minerals, bone) and water. Is the spiritual body, then, not made of air (oxygen, hydrogen) and imperceptible[16] dust?

01/2.7. The angels You have sent have feet and legs! Why? Do they walk on the air, or wade through it? They have no wings,[17] they cannot fly; they say they have not seen the illustrious angels who have long been dead. Must I also go into the es world (spirit world, heaven) simply to meet my neighbors, and never salute the wise of ancient days? Give me light, O Jehovah!

01/2.8. Something within me makes me anticipate the light and glory of what I have not seen; but I must have it tangible and demonstrable—the pure truth!

01/2.9. Have You not given me an inquiring spirit, so that I must prove all things to my own satisfaction? How and when, then, O Jehovah, shall I find growth for my own members,[18] so that I can know the es worlds and its inhabitants? I will not be appeased by merely seeing the spirits of the dead, or by their testimony. They may call themselves God, Christ, Buddha, Brahma, Allah, Confucius or Jesus, yet I will not rest on them or their word. I will put forward my plea to You only, O Jehovah. I am Your son (Your daughter).

01/2.10. You have quickened me to know things by my own knowledge; and though it is told me: Thus said the Lord of your God, yet I will raise my voice ever above them. And though a spirit says: I am your Jehovah, believe me, I will deny him.

01/2.11. For, You have quickened me to rise up above the tales of the ancients, and to demand knowledge from Your throne. By You, my soul is moved to this magnificence, and only Your magnificence can satisfy Your son (Your daughter).

01/2.12. As to the spirits of the dead, I desire to know their dwelling places, how they live, how they travel, their manner of growth, their food and clothes, and how they spend their time—whether they labor or live idly; and above all, to what extent, and in what way, their corporeal lives affected their spiritual happiness in heaven.

01/2.13. I desire to know, too, how it was with the ancients? Make clear, O Jehovah, the heavens and ways of my forefathers, for I would apply Your lessons wisely! The wisdom of today I would weigh against the crucible of the past, and set my star to the future, well prepared.

01/2.14. What then, O Father, is Your judgment upon the world today? For I desire to know how to live, so that tomorrow may prove an everlasting glory. Make plain the ways of heaven and earth, O my Creator! I would know Your creation, so that my just place in Your wide universe may become known to me.

01/2.15. Give me light, O Father! Not by word of mouth. I will have my members quickened so that I can comprehend within myself.

01/2.16. Then Jehovah, the Creator, spoke, saying: To all men and women I gave two senses, corpor and es. In the time of Seffas[19] (now finished) I allotted time for man to mature corpor (materiality). But now the time of The millennium (Kosmon) has come (the new era), and man shall mature es (spirituality).

01/2.17. It is well that you be believing toward men and angels; but it is better to develop yourself. You have desired to know the mysteries of My unseen worlds, and the past histories of the earth. Behold, I will give you a new sense, which will fulfill your soul’s desire. And with it, you shall read the books in the libraries of heaven!

01/2.18. In the past, have I not said: All things shall be revealed! || Do not think that a loud-speaking messenger will come, for man would not believe; but I quickened the righteous with My own hand, and they will comprehend without belief.[20]

01/2.19. The time of preaching and believing is at an end.[21] Man shall know by his own knowledge, and practice that which he knows.[22] In this, My light is being manifested in this day. ||

01/2.20. And again Jehovah spoke in heaven, in answer to Tae’s prayer; and Oahspe came forth, being one of the first fruits, for this, the millennial (Kosmon) era.


02/1.1. After the creation of man, the Creator, Jehovah, said to him: So that you shall know you are the work of My hand, I have given you capacity for knowledge, power and dominion. This was the first era.

02/1.2. But man was helpless; neither did he stand upright, nor understand the voice of the Almighty. And Jehovah called His angels, who were older than the earth, and He said to them: Go, raise man upright, and teach him to understand.

02/1.3. So the angels of heaven descended to the earth and raised man upright. And man wandered about on the earth. This was the second era.

02/1.4. Jehovah said to the angels who were with man: Behold, man has multiplied on the earth. Bring them together; teach them to dwell in cities and nations.

02/1.5. So the angels of Jehovah taught the peoples of the earth to dwell together in cities and nations. This was the third era.

02/1.6. Now in that same time the Beast (self)[23] rose up before[24] man, and spoke to him, saying: Possess whatever you will, for all things are yours, and are good for you.

02/1.7. Man obeyed the Beast; and war came into the world. This was the fourth era.

02/1.8. And man became sick at heart, and he called out to the Beast, saying: You said: Possess all things for yourself, for they are good for you. Now, behold, war and death have encompassed me on all sides. I pray, therefore, teach me peace!

02/1.9. But the Beast said: Do not think I come to send peace on the earth; I come not to send peace, but a sword. I come to set man at variance against his father; and a daughter against her mother. Whatever you find to eat, whether fish or flesh, eat it, taking no thought of tomorrow.

02/1.10. So man ate fish and flesh, becoming carnivorous, and darkness came upon him, and he no longer heard the voice of Jehovah or believed in Him. This was the fifth era.

02/1.11. And the Beast divided itself into four great heads, and possessed the earth; and man fell down and worshipped them.

02/1.12. The names of the heads of the Beast were, Brahmin, Buddhist, Christian, and Mohammedan. And they divided the earth, and apportioned it between themselves, choosing soldiers and standing armies for the maintenance of their earthly aggrandizement.[25]

02/1.13. And the Brahmins had seven million soldiers; the Buddhists twenty million; the Christians seven million; and the Muslims two million; whose trade was killing man. And man, in service of the Beast, gave one‑sixth of his life and his labor to war and standing armies; and one‑third to dissipation and drunkenness. This was the sixth era.

02/1.14. Jehovah called out to man to desist from evil; but man did not hear Him. For, the cunning of the Beast had changed man’s flesh, so that his soul was hidden as if in a cloud, and he loved sin.

02/1.15. Jehovah called to His angels in heaven, saying: Go down to the earth once more, to man, whom I created to inhabit the earth and enjoy it, and say to him: Thus says Jehovah:

02/1.16. Behold, the seventh era has begun. Your Creator commands your change from a carnivorous man of contention, to an herbivorous man of peace. The four heads of the Beast shall be put away; and there shall be no more war on the earth.

02/1.17. Your armies shall be disbanded. And, from this time forward, whoever desires to not war, you shall not impress (draft, conscript);[26] for it is the commandment of your Creator.

02/1.18. Neither shall you have any God, Lord or Savior, but only your Creator, Jehovah! And you shall worship none other, from this time forward forever. I am sufficient for My own creations.

02/1.19. And to all who separate themselves from the dominion of the Beast, making these covenants to Me, I have given the foundation of My kingdom on earth.

02/1.20. And all such people shall be My chosen; by their covenants and their works they shall be known on the earth from this time forward as Mine, and shall be called Believers (Faithists).

02/1.21. But to those who will not make these covenants, I have given the numbers of the Beast, and they shall be called Uzians, signifying destroyers. And from this time forward, these shall be the two kinds of people on earth, Believers (Faithists) and Uzians.

02/1.22. So the angels of heaven descended to the earth, to man, and appeared before him, face to face, hundreds of thousands of them, speaking as man speaks, writing as man writes, and teaching these things about Jehovah and His works.[27]

02/1.23. And in the thirty‑third year of the angels’ descent, the Ambassadors of the angel hosts of heaven, in the name of Jehovah revealed to man His heavenly kingdoms, through this Oahspe, making known the plan of His delightful creations, for the resurrection of the peoples of the earth.

02/1.24. Not immaculate[28] is this book, Oahspe; but to teach mortals how to attain to hear the Creator’s voice, and to see His heavens, in full consciousness, while still living on the earth; and to know, in truth, the place and condition waiting for them after death.[29]

02/1.25. Neither are, nor were, the revelations in this Oahspe wholly new to mortals. The same things have been revealed at the same time to many, who live at remote distances from one another, but who were not in correspondence till afterward.

02/1.26. Because this light is comprehensive, embracing corporeal and spiritual things, it is called the beginning of the millennial (Kosmon) era. And because it relates to earth, sky and spirit, it is called Oahspe.[30]

The Voice of Man

03/1.1. O Jehovah, what am I that I should supplicate You? Do I know my own weakness, or do I understand the way of my thoughts? You have placed before me most wonderful creations. They impress me, and my senses rise up in remembrance of the Almighty. Where have I invented one thought other than by looking upon Your works? How can I do otherwise than remember my Creator, and out of Your creations, O Jehovah, find rich food for meditation all the days of my life?

03/1.2. And yet, though I have appropriated the earth to myself, I am neither happy nor perfect. Misery, crime and selfishness are upon my people.

03/1.3. What is my weakness that I cannot overcome it? Or, what is my strength that I give in to the desires of the earth? I build up my belief and courage in You; but before I know the way of my weakness, I stumble and fall. Am I made that I shall be forever a disappointment to myself, and a censure[31] to my own behavior?

03/1.4. How can I say to anyone: Be pure and holy, O man! || Are my flesh and blood not proof that man cannot be without sin? O this corruptible self, this tendency to fall from the right way! You, O my Creator, have proven to my senses, every day of my life, that You alone are mighty in purity and truth.

03/1.5. If only I had a starting point from which to estimate Your wonderful decrees, or could find a road in which I would never stumble! But yet, O Jehovah, I will not complain because of the way of Your works. You have invented a limit to my understanding, by which I am reminded of You, to call upon Your name. I perceive my own vanity; that were all knowledge mine, I would become less beholden[32] to You!

03/1.6. What am I, O Jehovah, without You; or how am I to find the glory of Your creations, other than by the light of Your countenance? You raised me up out of sin and darkness, and clothed me in light. I perceive the smallness of myself in Your great works. You have bound me to travel on the earth, to sojourn[33] with beasts and all types of creeping things; nor have You given me one attribute[34] in which I can boast over them, except in the power of destruction. The high firmament You have placed above me; the stars, moon and sun! I know You have been there, but I am bound down in a little corner of Your works! Neither do I have power to rise up to Your distant places, nor to know Your extended heavens.

03/1.7. No, I do not even have power to shape my own size and stature; but all things take form and dimension whether I will it or not. In Your own way the walls of the world are built; by their magnitude[35] I am confounded; by the majesty of Your hand, appalled.[36] Why have I vainly set myself up as the highest of Your works? My failures are worse than any other living creature under the sun. I cannot build my house in perfection as a bird does; my ingenuity cannot fashion a spider’s net; I cannot sail up in the air like a bird, nor live in the water like the fish, nor dwell in harmony like the bee. Half of my offspring die in infancy; and the multitude of my household are quarrelers, fighters, drunkards and beggars; the best of my sons and daughters are less faithful than a dog! I go forth to war, to slay my brother, even while Your wide earth has room for all. Yes, I plague the earth with starvation, sin and untimely death. O, if only I could school myself to not boast of my greatness; instead I should be forever ashamed in Your sight, Jehovah!

03/1.8. But I will acknowledge my iniquities;[37] I can hide nothing from the eye of my Creator. Hear me then, O Father!

03/1.9. I took up arms[38] against my brother. With great armies I encompassed him, to despoil[39] him.

03/1.10. By the stroke of my sword I multiplied his widows and orphans; the cry of anguish that came out of their mouths I answered by the destruction of my brother’s harvests.

03/1.11. To my captains and generals who showed great skill in killing, I built monuments in stone and iron. Yes, I inscribed them from top to bottom with their bloody victories.

03/1.12. And in my vanity I called out to the young, saying: Behold the glory of these great men! To honor them, I have built these great monuments!

03/1.13. And the youth of my household were whetted[40] with ambition for spoil. The example of my hand made them train themselves for warfare.

03/1.14. To my colonels and generals I gave badges of gold. I called to the young women, saying: Come, a great honor I give you; you shall dance with the officers of death!

03/1.15. And they fluttered up on tip‑toe, elated by the honey of my words! O Jehovah, how gaping[41] my wickedness; how utterly I have failed, except in making the flow of my brother’s blood the relish of satan![42]

03/1.16. To my destroying hosts I have given great honor and glory. In the pretense of enforcing peace I hewed[43] my way in flesh and blood.

03/1.17. I made an illusion, a kingdom. I called out to my people, saying: We must have a kingdom! I showed them no reason for it; but I pressed them to take up arms and follow me for patriotism’s sake. And yet what was patriotism? Behold, I made it as something greater than You and Your commandment: You shall not kill.

03/1.18. Yes, by the cunning of my words, I taught them my brother was my enemy; that to fall upon and destroy him and his people was great patriotism.

03/1.19. And they ran at the sound of my voice, for my glory in the greatness of my kingdom; and they committed great havoc.

03/1.20. Yes, I built colleges for training my young men in warfare. I drew boundaries, making borders here and there, saying: This is my kingdom! All others are my enemies!

03/1.21. I patted my young men on the head, saying: You dogs of war![44] Great shall be your glory!

03/1.22. And their judgment was turned away from peace; I made them think that righteousness was to stand up for me and my country, and to destroy my brother and his people.

03/1.23. Yes, they built me forts, castles and arsenals, without number.[45] I called to my people, saying: Come, behold the glory of my defenses which I built for you!

03/1.24. And they gave me money, garrisons,[46] ships of war[47] and torpedoes,[48] shouting: Hurrah for our kingdom! We have faith in these things, but not in You, our Creator!

03/1.25. Thus I led them away from You. Their eyes I turned to look down, in the way of death. By the might of my armies, I put away righteousness.

03/1.26. Yes, I covered the earth over with drunkards, widows and orphans; to beggary I reduced them; but I whetted their pride by saying: Look what great standing armies we have!

03/1.27. To the man who said: There shall come a time of peace, when war shall be no more forever, I mocked and said: You fool! ||

03/1.28. I know the counts against me,[49] O Father. I cannot hide my iniquity from Your sight. I have said war was a necessary evil to prevent a too populous world! I turned my back on the wide, unsettled regions of the earth. With this falsehood in my mouth I stood up before You! Yes, I cried out as if for the righteous, saying: I war for righteousness, and for the protection of the weak! In the destruction of my brothers and sisters I stood as a murderer, pleading this excuse. Stubbornly I persisted in not seeing justice on the other side, while I cut down those whom You had created alive. Above the works of Your hand I raised myself up as a pruning knife in Your vineyard.

03/1.29. Even more than this, I persuaded my sons and daughters that to war for me was to war for our Father in heaven. By my blasphemy I led them into ruin. And when the battle was over for a day, I cried out: Behold the glory of those who were slain for the honor of their country! || Thus I have added crime to crime before You, Jehovah; and so, destroyed Your beautiful creation. Truly, I have not one word in justification of my deeds before You!

03/1.30. O, if only I had remained faithful with You, Jehovah! But I invented Gods to the glory of the evil one. In one place I called out to my sons and daughters, saying: Be Brahmins; Brahma saves whoever professes his name. In another place I said: Be Buddhists; Buddha saves whoever calls on his name. In another place I said: Be Christians; Christ saves whoever calls on his name. In another place I said: Be Muslims; whoever says: “There is only one God and Mohammed is his prophet!” shall have indulgence without sin. ||

03/1.31. Thus I have divided the earth, O Jehovah! Into four great idolatries I have established them, and into their hands put all manner of weapons of destruction; and they have become more terrible against one another than the beasts of the forest. O, if only I could put away these great iniquities which I raised up as everlasting torments to the earth. Truly, there is no salvation in any of these.

03/1.32. Their people are continually destroying one another. They quarrel and kill for their respective religions; setting aside Your commandment: You shall not kill. They love their own nation and hate all others. They set aside Your commandment: Love your neighbor as yourself.

03/1.33. They preach and pray in sufficient truth; but not one of these people practices peace, love and virtue, in any degree equal to their understanding. These religions have not saved from sin any nation or city on the whole earth.

03/1.34. In vain I have searched for a plan of redemption; a plan that would make the earth a paradise, and the life of man a glory to You our Creator, and a joy to himself. But alas, the two extremes, riches and poverty, have made the prospect of a millennium[50] a thing of mockery.

03/1.35. For one rich man there are a thousand poor, and their interests ceaselessly conflict with one another. Labor cries out in pain; but capital strikes him with a heartless blow.

03/1.36. Nation is against nation; king against king; merchant against merchant; consumer against producer; yes, man against man, in all things upon the earth.

03/1.37. Because the state is rotten, the politician feeds on it; because society is rotten, the lawyer and court have riches and sumptuous feasts; because the flesh of my people is rotten, the physician finds a harvest of comfort.

03/1.38. Now, O Jehovah, I come to You! You hold the secret of peace, harmony and goodwill among mortals. Give me of Your light, O Father! Show me the way to proceed so that war, crime and poverty, may come to an end. Open the way of peace, love, virtue and truth, so that Your children may rejoice in their lives, and glorify You and Your works forever.

03/1.39. Such is the voice of man, O Jehovah! In all the nations of the earth this voice rises up to You! As You spoke to Melchizedek, Abraham and Moses, leading them forth out of darkness, O speak, Jehovah!

03/1.40. Man has faith in You only; You alone were sufficient for the past: Today, You alone are sufficient for Your own creation. Speak, O Jehovah!

I001 cl Jehovih Name

 i001 Symbol of the Creator’s Name.

Book of Jehovah

In which is revealed the three great worlds (realms), corpor, atmospherea, and etherea. As in all other Bibles it is revealed that this world was created, so in this Bible, Oahspe, it is revealed how the Creator created it. As other Bibles have proclaimed heavens for the spirits of the dead, behold, this Bible reveals where these heavens are, and the manner, glory and work that the spirits of the dead enjoy; and through which the wisdom, power, love and glory of the Almighty is magnified for the understanding of man.

CHAPTER 1 Jehovah

04/1.1. All was. All is. All ever shall be. The All spoke, and Motion was, and is, and ever shall be; and, being positive, was called He and Him. The All Motion was His speech.

04/1.2. He said, I Am! And He comprehended all things, the seen and the unseen. Nor is there anything in all the universe that is not part of Him.

04/1.3. He said, I am the soul of all; and all that is seen is part of My person and My body.

04/1.4. By virtue of My presence, all things are. By virtue of My presence, life is. By virtue of My presence, the living are brought forth into life. I am the Quickener, the Mover, the Creator, the Destroyer. I am First and Last.

04/1.5. I am two apparent entities, nevertheless I am only One. These entities are the Unseen, which is Potent[51], and the Seen, which is of itself Impotent[52], and called Corpor.

04/1.6. With these two entities, in likeness of Myself through them, I made all the living; for as the life is the potent part, so the corporeal part is the impotent part.

04/1.7. Chief over all that live on the earth I made Man; male and female I made them. And, so that man could distinguish Me, I commanded him to give Me a name; by virtue of My presence I commanded him. And man did not name Me after anything in heaven or on the earth. In obedience to My will he named Me after the sounds the wind utters, and he said, EOIh! Which is now pronounced Jehovah, and is written thus:[53]




(Highest Spiritual Realms)



(Middle Heavens)

In process of precipitating and condensing


(gas clouds)


(liquid clouds)


(dust clouds)



(Material Matter)


Kingdoms of Matter (divided by density)

Corpor: Visible (earthly) realms of matter

Es: Unseen realms of matter, divided into Ethe & Atmosphera

Etherea – The highest spiritual realm or “heaven” and resurrection. Ethererea worlds are most like the sun, inhabitable within and without.

Atmospherea – Worlds/dimensions intermediate between Etherea and Corpor. In process of condensing into Corpor or evaporating into Etherea.  Divided into three degrees or densities

CHAPTER 2 Jehovah

04/2.1. Jehovah said: By virtue of My presence I created the seen and unseen worlds. And I commanded man to name them; and man called the seen worlds Corpor, and the unseen worlds Es; and the inhabitants of Corpor, man called corporeans. But the inhabitants of Es he sometimes called es’eans and sometimes spirits and sometimes angels.

04/2.2. Jehovah said: I created the earth, and fashioned it, and placed it in the firmament; and by My presence, brought man forth a living being. I gave him a corporeal body so that he could learn corporeal things; and I made death so that he could rise in the firmament and inherit My etherean worlds.

04/2.3. To es I gave dominion over corpor; with es I filled all place in the firmament (even within corpor). But corpor I made into earths, moons, stars and suns; beyond number I made them, and I caused them to float in the places I allotted to them.

04/2.4. Es I divided into two parts, and I commanded man to name them, and he called one etherea and the other atmospherea. These are the three kinds of worlds I created (corporeal, atmospherean, and etherean); but I gave different densities to atmospherean worlds, and different densities to the etherean worlds.[54]

04/2.5. For the substance of My etherean worlds I created Ethe, the Most Rarefied.[55] Out of ethe I made them. And I made ethe the subtlest of all created things, and gave it power and place, not only by itself, but also power to penetrate and exist within all things, even within the corporeal worlds. And to ethe I gave dominion over both atmospherea and corpor.


i002 3w Etherea


i002 Etherea. Jehovah said: For the substance of My etherean worlds I created Ethe, the Most Rarefied. Out of ethe I made them. And I made ethe the subtlest of all created things, and gave it power and place, not only by itself, but also power to penetrate and exist within all things, even within the corporeal worlds. And to ethe I gave dominion over both atmospherea and corpor.


04/2.6. In the All Highest places I created the etherean worlds, and I made them of all shapes and sizes, similar to My corporeal worlds. But I made the etherean worlds inhabitable both within and without,[56] with entrances and exits, in arches and curves, thousands of miles high and wide; and in colors, movable chasms and mountains in endless change and brilliancy; and over them I ruled (rule) with All Perfect mechanism. To them I gave motions, orbits and courses of their own; and I made them independent, and above all other worlds in potency and majesty.

04/2.7. Nor did I create one etherean world like another in size, density or in component parts, but every one differing from another, and with a glory matchless each in its own way.70

04/2.8. I also created atmospherean worlds in the firmament, and gave them places, orbits and courses for themselves. But atmospherean worlds I created shapeless and without fixed form, for they are in the process of condensation or dissolution, being intermediate in condition between My etherean and My corporeal worlds. Of three degrees of density I created them, and I commanded man to name them, and one he called Ji’ay, and one A’ji and one Nebulae.

04/2.9. But all of them are composed of the same substances, being like the earth, but rarefied. Nor is there on the earth or in it, one thing, whether iron, lead, gold, water, oil, or stones, that is not also in My atmospherean worlds. As I have given light to the earth so have I given light to many of them; and all these I have commanded man to call comets. And he named them so.

04/2.10. And I also created atmospherea around My corporeal worlds; together I made them.[57]


i005 6w m4 cl Earth and its Atmospherea


i005 Earth and Atmospherea, (as seen through spiritual eyes). Jehovah has said: Around My corporeal worlds I placed atmospherea; for, as the earth and other corporeal worlds provide a womb for the spirit of man, so have I made the substance of atmospherea to be a womb for the souls of men. And Jehovah made the atmosphere of the earth with a circumference of 1,504,000 miles, with the earth floating in the center of it. || The earth is the black center, and the surrounding swirled gradations of gray, her atmospherea. The rings symbolize plateaus; the outer rim, Chinvat.


CHAPTER 3 Jehovah

04/3.1. Thus spoke Jehovah; by the light of The millennium (Kosmon) He proclaimed these things among the nations of the earth.

04/3.2. Man looked upward in prayer, desiring to know the way of all created things, both on earth and in heaven. And Jehovah answered him, saying:

04/3.3. The [58]whirlwind I made as a sign to man of the way of My created worlds. As you see the power of the whirlwind gathering up the dust of the earth, and driving it together, know that likewise I bring together the ji’ay, a’ji and nebulae in the firmament of heaven; by the power of the whirlwind I create the corporeal suns, moons and stars. And I commanded man to name the whirlwinds in the etherean firmament, and he named them according to their shape, calling them vortices and wark.


04/3.4. By the power of rotation, swift driving at the periphery, I condense the atmospherean worlds that float in the firmament; and these become My corporeal worlds. In the midst of the vortices I made them, and by the power of the vortices I turn them on their axes, and carry them in the orbits I allotted to them. Wider than to the moons of a planet I have created the vortices, and they carry the moons also.

04/3.5. Around some of My corporeal worlds I have given nebulous belts and rings, so that man could comprehend the rotation of My vortexan worlds.[59]


i060d2 6w m2 cl Earth and Saturn Compared


i060d2 Earth and Saturn Compared.


04/3.6. For each and every corporeal world I created a vortex first, and by its rotation and from the places in the firmament where it traveled, I caused the vortex to conceive the corporeal world.[60]


i063 15w m2 cl Primary Vortex          i064 15w m cl Secondary Vortex


i063, i064, i065, i066 The four stages of Vortex development (above: L 1st, R 2nd; below: L 3rd, R 4th).


i065 15w m2 cl Tertiary Vortexi066 15w m b cl Quaternary Vortex


04/3.7. To make the sun I created a great vortex, and within this vortex and subject to it, I made the vortices of many of the corporeal worlds. The sun vortex I caused to rotate, and I gave it power to carry other vortices within it. According to their density and position, they are thus carried forth and around the sun.[61]


i073 15wv n m cl Tow'sang


i073 Tow’sang. Solar Phalanx, that is, sun-family.


04/3.8. Do not think, O man, that I created the sky a barren waste, and void of use. Even as man in the corporeal form is adapted to the corporeal earth, so is he in the spiritual form adapted to My etherean worlds. Three great estates I have bestowed on man: the corporeal, the atmospherean and the etherean.[62]

CHAPTER 4 Jehovah

04/4.1. Man perceived the general formation of the world, and he prayed that his eyes would be opened for a sign in heaven; and Jehovah answered him, saying:

04/4.2. The clouds in the air I bring into view suddenly; by different currents of wind I make the unseen visible and tangible to man’s senses. In the same way, I cause etherean currents to bring forth ji’ay, a’ji and nebulae, prior to making corporeal worlds.

04/4.3. In all of the universe I have made the [63]unseen to rule over the seen. Let the formation of clouds stand in view of man on earth, so that he may bear witness to the way the unseen becomes seen.

i004v 6w m4 cl Photospheres

i004 Photospheres. Jehovah said: Let the sign of the corporeal worlds be as the signs of the etherean worlds;* nevertheless they shall be independent of one another. Neither shall the travel of corporea** disturb the motions and positions of etherea, but pass through, as if nothing were there. But the behavior (effect) of the etherean worlds on corporea shall be to bring them to maturity and old age, and final dissolution. || And it was so. And there floated within etherea certain types of densities, called ji’ay, a’ji, and nebula, which sometimes augmented the size of the traveling corporeal worlds, and sometimes illumed them on the borders of the vortices, and these corporeal worlds were called photospheres, because they were the places of the generation of light. [D is etherea and the etherean worlds in dotted outline; A is a photosphere, i.e., a corporeal sun as it moves through etherea and the etherean worlds; B, the direction of the solar phalanx (photosphere plus planets) through etherea; and C, a corporeal planet (e.g., the earth) being carried in the master vortex of the solar system, that is, a planet being seemingly towed by the sun. –ed.]

** any corpor body whatsoever; the corporeal realm

04/4.4. Man perceived, and he prayed for a sign of duration, and Jehovah answered him, saying:

04/4.5. Note the tree which has sprung up out of the ground and fulfilled its time; it falls and rots, and returns to the earth. But the wind, which you do not see, never ceases to blow. So also[64] is the comparative duration of all things. Do not think, O man, that corporeal things are annihilated because they disappear; for as a drop of water evaporates and rises in the air as unseen vapor, so do all corporeal things, even earth, stones, gold, silver and lead, become as nothing (loss of corporeality) in the firmament of heaven in course of time.[65]

04/4.6. Things that man sees, I created with a beginning and an end; but the unseen I made of endless duration.

04/4.7. I made the corporeal man belonging to the seen; but the spiritual man I made as one within the unseen, and everlasting.

04/4.8. As the corporeal man perceives corporeal things, so does the spiritual man follow upward the evaporated corporeal entities of things. As corporeal things are tangible to corporeans, so are es things[66] tangible to the spirits of the dead.

04/4.9. As I cause water to rise upward as vapor, and take a place in the air above, let it be a sign and testimony of other places (plateaus) in atmospherea where the spirits of the lower heaven dwell.[67]

04/4.10. As I made a limit to the ascent of clouds, so I made a limit to the places of the different kinds of substances in atmospherea; the more subtle and potent to the rim, and the more dense and impotent nearer to the earth.

04/4.11. According to the condition of these different plateaus in atmospherea, whether they are near the earth or high above,[68] so shall the spirit of man take its place in the first heaven;[69] according to his diet, desires and behavior, so shall he dwell in spirit on the plateau (level) to which he has adapted himself during his earth life.


i003 Snowflakes in color


i003 Snowflakes. Jehovah said: I created the corporeal worlds round in shape, with land and water, and I made them impenetrable, for I bring forth the living on the surface of them. Man should not imagine that My etherean worlds are also round and impenetrable; for, of all I have created, I created no two alike. || Now, it came to pass in the lapse of time, that the atmosphereans so loved the lower heavens, that they did not strive to ascend to the emancipated heavens of Nirvania, never having reached the bridge of Chinvat. But they often returned to the earth and conversed with corporeans, and they lauded the glories of even the lower heavens, so that man looked up in wonder because of the magnificence of the Father’s works. Yet these were bound spirits.* Then Jehovah made the snowflake and caused it to fall, so that man could behold the beauty and glory of its formation. And He sent ethereans down from the emancipated heavens, and these taught man that whatever glory he had yet heard of, was as darkness is to light, compared to the beauty and majesty of the etherean worlds. And the ethereans held up snowflakes, saying: In the name of Jehovah we declare to you, that the etherean worlds are larger than the earth, and penetrable—full of roadways of crystals, and arches, and curves, and angles, so that were man to travel a million years on one alone, he could not see half its beauty and glory. And the firmament of heaven has tens of billions of etherean worlds. Look at the snowflakes as though they were microscopic patterns of the worlds in high heaven; and you shall tint them like a rainbow, and people them with countless millions of angels, spotless, pure, holy, and rich in the knowledge of Jehovah and His works, and full of the majesty of His love.

* Atmosphereans reside in the lower heavens, and are called bound spirits because they are bound to atmospherea till they are emancipated. [70]


i007 6w m cl earth plateau needles


i007 Earth, Needles in the Atmosphere, and Plateaus. When Jehovah condensed the earth, and it became firm and crusted over, there rose up from the earth heat and moisture, which continue to this day. But Jehovah limited the ascent of the substances going upward, and the boundary of the limit of moisture was the same as the clouds that float in the air; and the heat was of similar ascent. And while the moisture and heat rise upward, they are met by the etheric substance of the vortex of the earth, and the moisture and the gases of the air assume the form of needles [‘atoms’ –lw]. On the side of the earth facing the sun the needles are polarized and acting [harmonic –lw], driving forth, which is called light; but on the face of the earth opposite from the sun the needles are in confusion, and this is called darkness. Jehovah said: So that man may comprehend the structure of the belt that holds the earth, I will give him a sign high up in the air. And Jehovah caused the vapor in the firmament to be frozen and fall to the earth, white, and it is called snow. For the snowflake shows the matrix in which it is molded. Jehovah said: Let this be a sign also, that even as heat and moisture rise up from the earth, so are there representatives of all things on the earth which have also evaporated upward, and all such things rise up to the level of density that is like themselves, every one to its own level, and they take their places in the strata of the vortex. These are called plateaus; or spheres, for they surround the whole earth. Some of them are ten miles high, some a thousand, some a hundred thousand or more miles. And all these spheres that rotate and travel with the earth are called atmospherea, or lower heavens.


i006 3w cl Plateaus






i006 Earth and Plateaus of Lower Heaven. E, Etherea; B, periphery of the earth’s vortex. This line was called by the ancients the Bridge of Chinvat.* All within this area is called Atmospherea. The center circle is the earth; land mass is black; O, the ocean. 1, 2, 3, represent atmospherean plateaus on and near the earth. The O, O, O, with a line through it [Æ], represent atmospherean oceans.

* Note that to make the earth, etc., apparent, this Chinvat line is not to scale. That is, were Chinvat drawn in actual proportion to the shown size of the earth, the B line would be drawn some 30 of earth’s diameters distant from the center of the earth.

04/4.12. For I made the power of attraction manifest[71] in all things before man’s eyes so that he might not err; so that like would attract like, I made them.

04/4.13. Man sought to know the progress of things. Jehovah answered him, saying:

04/4.14. Open your eyes, O man! There is a time of childhood, a time of propagation, a time of old age, and a time of death to all men. It is likewise with all the corporeal worlds I have created:

04/4.15. First as vapor the vortex carries it forth, and as it condenses, its friction engenders heat, and it is molten, becoming as a globe of fire in heaven. Then it takes its place as a newly born world, and I set it in the orbit prepared for it.

04/4.16. In the next age I bring it into se’mu,[72] for it is ripe for the bringing forth of living creatures; and I bestow the vegetable and animal kingdoms.


i008 3w Se'muan Firmament


i008 Se’muan Firmament. Jehovah said: Behold, I caused all living creatures to gestate in darkness. And this shall be testimony to the end of the world, that, when I created life on the face of the earth, she traveled in My se’muan firmament. This is the triumphant entry of oxygen to the earth’s surface. It is also the gestative age for the animal kingdom. Jehovah said: Let there be a sign for man that comes after, so that he shall understand the work of My hand. And Jehovah commanded that after that time, all the living should gestate in darkness. And it was so. || The white sphere in the middle of the dark se’mu is the earth.


04/4.17. Next it enters ho’tu, for it is past the age of begetting, even as the living who are advanced in years. Next it enters a’du,[73] and nothing can generate upon it. Then comes uz, and it is spirited away into [74]unseen realms. Thus I create and dissipate planets, suns, moons and stars.

04/4.18. My examples are before all men. My witnesses are without number. I raise the tree up out of the ground; I give it a time to bring forth fruit, followed by a time of barrenness, then comes death and finally dissolution. I prepare the new field with rich soil, bringing forth; and the old field that is exhausted. And by My examples man shall weigh the progress and destiny of a whole world.

04/4.19. Let no man marvel because of the size of the mammoth and the ichthyosaurus,[75] for there was a time for them as there is a time for the infusoria[76] of this day.

04/4.20. I have given you a sign, O man, in the queen of the honeybee; because of the change of the cell, she comes forth a queen, even from the same kind of germ[77] as the other bees. Be wise, therefore, and remember that the earth is not in the place of the firmament of old. Let this be a testimony to you of the growth, change and travail[78] of the earth.

04/4.21. Nevertheless, O man, the seen and the unseen are only parts of My person; I am the Unity of the whole.

CHAPTER 5 Jehovah

04/5.1. Man perceived the magnitude and glory of the corporeal worlds. He said, How shall I speak of Your great works, O Jehovah, and of Your wisdom and power? Shall I open my mouth before You? I look upon Your countless stars, suns and moons, spread out over the heavens! The millions of years You have rolled them on in the never‑ending firmament! Processions in and out, and round about,[79] of mighty worlds! By Your breath going forth!

04/5.2. O You All Highest! How can I hide my insignificance! I cannot create the smallest thing alive! Nor change the color of a hair on my head. What am I, that You have seen me?

04/5.3. Tell me, O my Creator, where did life come from—this unseen within me that is conscious of being? Tell me how all the living came into life?

04/5.4. Jehovah heard the words of man, and He answered him saying: Let a sign be given to man so that he may comprehend se’mu. || And so Jehovah caused the jellyfish and the green scum of water to be permanently coming forth in all ages, so that man could understand the age of se’mu, when the earth and the shores by the water, and the waters also, were covered over with commingled atmosphere and corporeal substance. This substance was called se’mu, because by His presence, Jehovah quickened it into life; and in that way, He made all the living, both the vegetable and animal worlds. Not that se’mu is jellyfish or the green scum of water; for in this day the earth does not produce se’mu abundantly; nevertheless the jellyfish and the green scum of water are signs of that which was in that day of the earth.

04/5.5. Jehovah said: Because of My presence I quickened into life all that live, or ever have lived.

04/5.6. Because I am male and female, even in My likeness, I made them thus. Because I am the power to quicken into life, so, in likeness of Me, I made them with power to bring forth.[80]

04/5.7. According to their respective places, I created the living; [81]not in pairs only, but in hundreds of pairs and in thousands and millions of pairs.

04/5.8. According to their respective places and the light upon se’mu, so I quickened them in their color, adapted to their dwelling places.

04/5.9. Each and every living thing I created new upon the earth, of a kind each to itself; and not one living thing did I create out of another.

04/5.10. Let a sign be upon the earth, so that man in his darkness may not believe that one animal changes and becomes another.

04/5.11. || And so, Jehovah gave permission for different animals to bring forth a new living animal, which would be unlike either its mother or father, but He caused the new product to be barren.[82] ||

04/5.12. Jehovah said: And this shall be testimony before all men that I created each and all the living, after their own kind only.[83]

04/5.13. Such is My person and My spirit, being from everlasting to everlasting; and when I bring a new world into the time of se’mu, My presence quickens the substance into life; and according to the locality and the surroundings, I bring forth the different species; for they are flesh of My flesh and spirit of My spirit. To themselves I give themselves; nevertheless, they are all members of My Person.

04/5.14. As a testimony to man, behold the earth was once a globe of liquid fire! Nor was there any seed on it. But in due season I rained down se’mu on the earth; and by virtue of My presence I quickened into life all the living. Without seed I created the life that is in them.

CHAPTER 6 Jehovah

04/6.1. When man comprehended the earth he looked upward; and Jehovah saw him and knew the desires of his soul. So Jehovah sent His son Uz, and Uz spoke, saying:

04/6.2. Hear me, O man; the mysteries of heaven and earth I will clear up before your judgment. You (the human race) are the highest of all creation, and come to the highest of all kingdoms;[84] from Great Jehovah you shall learn wisdom, and none shall stop you.

04/6.3. Contemplate, O man, on the magnitude of your Father’s kingdoms and His places in the firmament on high. Unless I take you into the heavens above, you cannot comprehend its places.

04/6.4. Man then rose up in spirit, and ascended into the firmament, for his spirit had crystallized into separateness; and Uz and Es[85] ascended with him, speaking in the voice of the Father. And man saw that each and everything in the firmament was orderly, and still each to itself located. Then Es spoke, saying:

04/6.5. Observe, O man! As a farmer sows corn in one place, wheat in another, and flax in yet another—everything in a separate place; even so does Jehovah store the ingredients of which worlds are made—everything in its place: the substance of the iron in one place, the substance of the stones in another, the substance of the vegetable kingdom in another, and likewise for the substance of the animal kingdom, and the oils and sand; for He has places in the firmament of heaven for all of them. These that you saw are the ji’ay, the a’ji, and the nebulae;[86] and amid them, in places, there is se’mu also. Let no man say: Over there is hydrogen only, and over here, oxygen only. The divisions of the substances of His creations are not as man would make them. All the elements are to be found not only in places close by, but in distant places also.

04/6.6. When the Father drives forth His worlds in the heavens, they gather a sufficiency of all things. And when a corporeal world is yet new and young it is carried forth not by random, but purposely, in the regions suited to it.[87] Accordingly, as there is a time for se’mu; and a time for falling nebulae to bury deep the forests and se’muan beds, to provide coal and manure for a time afterward; so is there a time when the earth passes a region in the firmament when sand and oil are rained upon it, then covered up, and gases bound and sealed for the coming generations of men.

i010 3w Earth in Jy'ay


i010 The Earth in Jy’ay. The earth (white spot) in Jy’ay (ji’ay) during the glacial period, showing m’ha’k, the surrounding nebula, that caused the earth’s crust to break and upheave, forming ranges of mountains. At the period referred to, the earth was turned from its axial course: the north becoming east, and the south becoming west.


i012 3w Earth in Nebulae


i012 The Earth in Hyarti from Nebulae. Showing the earth (white disk in center) eclipsed on all sides by nebulae. In the Hyartien period the earth was in darkness for one hundred and thirty years. This was the gestative age for the vegetable kingdom.


04/6.7. And man said: I am ashamed in Your sight, O Jehovah! I looked upward and said: The sky is vacant! Then I said: It is true, the corporeal worlds are made of condensed nebulae; but I did not see the wisdom and glory of Your works. I locked You up in coincidences and happenings. Your unseen world has become seen; the unreal has become the real.

04/6.8. O if only I had been mindful of You! If only I had not put You far off, nor imagined laws and decrees. Teach me, O Jehovah! How was the beginning of man? How was it with the first of the living that You brought forth?

04/6.9. Jehovah said: Have I not declared Myself in the past; in My works have I not provided thousands of years in advance? As I have shown system in the corporeal worlds, know then, O man, that system prevails in the firmament.

04/6.10. To the tree I gave life; to man I gave life and spirit also. And the spirit I made was separate from the corporeal life.

04/6.11. Out of se’mu I made man, and man was only like a tree, but dwelling in ha’k (darkness); and I called him Asu.[88]

04/6.12. I looked over the wide heavens that I had made, and I saw countless millions of spirits of the dead, who had lived and died on other corporeal worlds before the earth was made.

04/6.13. I spoke in the firmament, and My voice reached to the uttermost places. And there came in answer to the sounds of My voice, myriads[89] of angels from the roadway in heaven, where the earth travels. I said to them, Behold! I have created a new world; come and enjoy it. Yes, you shall learn from it how it was with [90]other worlds in ages past.

04/6.14. There alighted upon the new earth millions of angels from heaven; but many of them had never fulfilled a corporeal life, having died in infancy, and these angels did not comprehend procreation or corporeal life.

04/6.15. And I said, go and deliver Asu from darkness, for he shall also rise in spirit to inherit My etherean worlds.

04/6.16. And now the earth was in the latter days of se’mu,[91] and the angels could readily take on corporeal bodies for themselves; by force of their wills, clothing themselves with flesh and bones out of the elements of the earth. By the side of the Asuans they took on corporeal forms.

04/6.17. And I said: Go forth and partake of[92] all that is on the earth; but do not partake of the tree of life, lest in that labor you become procreators and as if dead to[93] the heavens from which you came.

i009 3w Xsargis


i009 X’Sar’jis, or end of the se’muan age; that is, the time of the termination of creating animal life. Jehovah said: Behold, I quickened the earth with living creatures; by My breath came forth all the living on the face of the earth, in its waters, and in the air above the earth. And I took the earth out of dark regions, and brought her into the light of My ethereal worlds. And I commanded the living to bring forth, by cohabitation, every species after its own kind. || And man was more dumb and helpless than any other living creature. Jehovah spoke to the angels that dwelt in His ethereal worlds, saying: Behold, I have created a new world, like the places where you were quickened into life; come and enjoy it, and raise man upright and give him words of speech. For these will also be angels in time to come.


04/6.18. || But those who had never learned corporeal things, being imperfect in wisdom, did not understand Jehovah’s words, and they dwelt with the Asuans, and were tempted, and partook of the fruit of the tree of life; and lo and behold[94] they saw their own nakedness. And there was born of the first race (Asu) a new race called man;[95] and Jehovah took the earth out of the travail of se’mu and the angels gave up their corporeal bodies. ||

04/6.19. Jehovah said: Because you have raised up those who shall be joint heirs in heaven, you shall tread the earth with your feet, and walk by the sides of the new born, being guardian angels over them, for they are of your own flesh and kin. 96

04/6.20. The fruit of your seed I have quickened with My spirit, and man shall come forth with a birthright to My etherean worlds.


i013 6w m3 cl Asu



i013 Asu, the First Race. Being the animal man (proto-man), wholly of the earth, and incapable of eternal life.

i072pa cl colored Dissection of Great Serpent


i072 Dissection of the Great Serpent.



04/6.21. As I have quickened the seed of the first born, so will I quicken all seed to the end of the earth. And each and every man‑child and woman‑child born into life I will quicken with a new spirit, which shall proceed out of Me at the time of conception. Neither will I give to any spirit of the higher or lower heaven power to enter a womb, or a fetus of a womb, and be born again.[97]

04/6.22. As the corporeal earth passes away, so shall the first race Asu pass away; but as I do not pass away, so shall the spirit of man not pass away.[98]

CHAPTER 7 Jehovah

04/7.1. Jehovah said: Let a sign be given to the inhabitants of the earth so that they may comprehend dan’ha[99] in the firmament of heaven. For even as I bequeathed to the earth a time for creating the living, and a time for angels to come and partake of the first fruits of mortality and immortality, so shall man, at certain times and seasons, receive testimony from My hosts in heaven.

04/7.2. || And Jehovah caused the earth, and the family of the sun to travel in an orbit, the circuit of which requires of them four million seven hundred thousand years. And He placed in the line of the orbit, at distances of [aprox] three thousand years, etherean lights, at which places, as the earth passes through, angels from the second heaven come into its corporeal presence. As ambassadors they come, in companies of hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands, and these are called the etherean hosts of the Most High.

04/7.3. They come not as single individuals; nor do they come for a single individual mortal.

04/7.4. And Jehovah gave this sign to man on earth; which is to say: In the beginning of the light of dan’ha, the spirits of the newly dead shall have power to take upon themselves the semblance[100] of corporeal bodies, and appear and talk face to face with mortals. Every three thousand years Jehovah gave this sign on earth, so that those, who learned the powers and capacities of such familiar spirits, could bear testimony regarding the origin of man on earth.[101] || Jehovah said: And when it shall come to pass in any of the times of dan’ha that these signs manifest, man shall know that the hosts of the Most High come soon after. Let him who will become wise, enumerate[102] the great lights of My serpent,[103] for in such times I set aside things that are old, and establish My chosen anew. ||

04/7.5. In the time of the earth, when man was brought forth from mortal to immortal life, the earth passed beyond se’mu. The angels of heaven remained with corporeal man, but not in the semblance of mortals, but as spirits; and by virtue of their presence, strove to make man wise and upright before Jehovah. Upon the earth the number of such angels was millions. To these angels Jehovah spoke:

04/7.6. Behold the work you have taken in hand! It was commanded to you all, to partake of all the fruits of the earth except of the fruit of the tree of life, which is of the knowledge of the earth and heaven, lest you lose your inheritance in etherea.

04/7.7. Behold, you now have sons and daughters on the earth; by your love to them you have become bound spirits of the lower heaven. Until you redeem them in wisdom and power even to the sixth generation, you shall not rise again and inherit My emancipated heavens.

04/7.8. To which end you shall be co‑workers with one another in system and order. In My name you shall become an [104]organic body and known as the heaven of the earth, or lower heaven, which shall travel with the earth.

04/7.9. And I will allot to you a Chief, who is wise in experience in founding heavenly kingdoms; and he shall appoint from among you, officers, messengers, ashars, asaphs, and es’enaurs,[105] and you shall be numbered and apportioned to your labor and places, like in My other lower heavens on other worlds.

04/7.10. He who is Chief shall be called God of this heaven and the earth, which are now bestowed to his making.[106]

04/7.11. And God shall have a Council and throne within his heavenly city; and the place shall be called Hored, because it is the first kingdom of God in this firmament.

04/7.12. And God shall rule on his throne, for it is his; and his Council shall rule with him; in My name they shall have dominion over angels and mortals belonging to the earth.

04/7.13. And God shall appoint Chiefs under him who shall go down and dwell on the earth with mortals; and the labor of these Chiefs shall be with mortals for their resurrection. And these Chiefs shall be called Lords,[107] for they are Gods of land, which is the lowest rank of My commissioned Gods.

04/7.14. And God and his Lords shall have dominion from two hundred years to a thousand or more years; but never more than three thousand years [a Dan]. According to the regions of dan (light) into which I bring the earth, so shall the terms be for the office of My Gods and My Lords.

04/7.15. And God and his Lords shall raise up officers to be their successors; these officers shall be appointed and crowned in My name by God and his Lords.

04/7.16. At the termination of the dominion of My God and his Lords, they shall in these, My bound heavens, gather together all those angels who have been prepared in wisdom and strength for resurrection to My etherean kingdoms. And these angels shall be called Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovah, for they are Mine and in My service.[108]

04/7.17. And in the time of dan I will send down ships from etherea to God, his Lords and the Brides and Bridegrooms; by My etherean Gods and Goddesses, these ships shall descend to these heavens to receive God, his Lords and the Brides and Bridegrooms, and carry them up to the [109]exalted regions I have prepared for them.

04/7.18. All those who ascend shall be called a Harvest to Me, through My God and Lords. And the time of My Harvests shall be according to each dan, which is two hundred years, four hundred years, six hundred years, and five hundred years; and these shall be called My lesser cycles, because they are the times of the tables of prophecy which I give to My servants.

04/7.19. But at no other times, nor in any other way, shall My Harvests ascend to My emancipated worlds in etherea. For each and every dan’ha I have created seven dans, and to each dan given six generations of mortals. ||

04/7.20. The angels understood the commandments of Jehovah according to their knowledge in the etherean heavens; being heirs of other planets, and having died in infancy, and having matured in the es worlds; but they did not understand the Creator regarding the practice of the lower heavenly kingdoms. And for that reason their knowledge was incomplete.

04/7.21. Jehovah said: I do not condemn you because you have become joint procreators with the asuans; for you have done two services to Me; which are first to teach yourselves corporeal things, so that you can understand and sympathize with corporeans, and second, you have caused the earth to become peopled with those who are capable of immortality.

04/7.22. Observe now what shall happen on the earth: Those who are of your flesh and kin who cohabit together shall rise in wisdom and virtue; but those who cohabit with the asuans will bring forth heirs in the descending grade of life. The first shall bring forth heirs to everlasting life; but the second shall bring forth heirs that shall go out in [outer] darkness.[110]

04/7.23. In the dominion of which matters your God and Lords will instruct you, so that you may, by inspiration and otherwise, learn to control the behavior of mortals to everlasting life. And so that these labors are not too severe upon you, I created the dans and dan’has in the firmament, at which times you can be relieved from the watch by other angels from other worlds coming to exchange with you.

04/7.24. This also I put upon you: That to rule over mortals to virtue, by your own wills governing them in all things, is contrary to My commandments. For what honor has any man if made to do a thing?

04/7.25. But you shall give My light to mortals, leaving them to [111]choose. It is better for them to suffer some than to grow up in ignorance of the stings of disobedience.

04/7.26. Know that I make this a willing service on your part; because you have bound your affections on the earth, to your own kin, you willingly become guardian angels over mortals. Yet I did not make a separate law for you; as it is with you, so shall it be with the spirits of these mortals when they are born into the es world: They will also desire to become guardian angels over their mortal kin.

04/7.27. But these spirits, never having known My higher heavens, will be unsuitable for the office of ashars; they would only be the blind leading the blind.

04/7.28. To prevent which, God and the Lords shall provide these spirits in the first resurrection with places to dwell in; and with occupations and opportunities for education. For I do not desire them to remain bound to the earth, but to rise up and inherit My etherean kingdoms.

04/7.29. And in this also you shall be discreet in governing them, giving them the light of My heavens with some liberty to choose and to perfect themselves. Otherwise they would only be slaves in heaven. According to their weakness or strength, so shall you provide for these new spirits entering My es world.

04/7.30. Therefore those of you who are appointed by My God and My Lords as guardians over mortals shall be called Ashars, and you shall report to your respective Lords, according to the section of the earth where you may be. And ashars shall have many watches (work shifts).

04/7.31. And those of you who are appointed to receive the spirits of the dead into heaven shall be called Asaphs, and you shall report to your respective Lords and their kingdoms.

04/7.32. And the ashars shall make a record of every mortal as to the grade of his wisdom and good works; and when a mortal dies, and his spirit is delivered to the asaphs, the record shall be delivered with him; and the asaph, receiving, shall deliver this spirit, along with the record, into that place in these heavens which is adapted to his grade, where he shall be put to work and to school, according to the place of the resurrections which I created.[112]

04/7.33. As you shall thus become organic [harmonious] in heaven, with rulers, teachers and physicians; and with capitals, cities and provinces; and with hospitals, nurseries, schools and factories, so shall you also ultimately inspire man on the earth to the same things.[113]

04/7.34 And mortals who are raised up to dominion over mortals shall be called kings and emperors. As My Gods and My Lords are called My Sons, so shall kings and emperors be called sons of God; through him they shall be raised up to their places, and given dominion for My glory.

CHAPTER 8 Jehovah

04/8.1. Jehovah said: God shall cause a record to be kept in heaven, of his dominions and those of his Lords. And he and they shall enjoin[114] it upon their successors forever to keep a like record.

04/8.2. And in the times of My harvest a copy of these records shall be taken up to My etherean kingdoms and filed with My Orian Chiefs and Archangels[115] in the roadway of the travel of the great serpent,[116] for their deliberations regarding the progress and management of the inhabitants of the earth and her heavens.

04/8.3. Do not think, O angels, that the resurrection of your heirs and their descendants who come up out of the earth is an easy matter, and of steady progress devoid of mishaps and woeful darkness.

04/8.4. The angels under you shall become at times rebellious and defiant; disregarding your laws and decrees; and they shall desert your heavenly places and go down to the earth in millions and hundreds of millions. And they shall drive away the ashars, and then assume guardianship over mortals. But they shall develop no righteousness under the sun; and they will inspire mortals to war and destruction. And these angels will themselves take to war and evil throughout the place of your heavens.

04/8.5. With the foul gases of atmospherea they shall make weapons of war and places of torment. With these elements they shall make suffocating hells in order to cast one another into chaos.

04/8.6. And mortals slain in war shall be born in spirit into chaos on the battlefields; and entering the es world in chaos, they shall not know that they are dead (as to earth life), but shall still keep fighting right and left.

04/8.7. And enemy shall take enemy in these heavens, and cast them into the places of torment, which they shall have built, and they shall not know peace or wisdom.

04/8.8. And the work of your heavens shall become as nothing. You shall go about delivering hells and the spirits in chaos. And your labor shall become exhausting; truly you shall cry out because you came and peopled the earth.

04/8.9. For I have also created this possibility for My creations, so that both angels and mortals shall learn to know the elements of the heavens and the earth, and to know the trials of love and misfortune.

04/8.10. Nor have I made [117]wisdom possible to any man or angel who does not know My elements, and the extremes of evil and good which I created.

04/8.11. But in the times of great darkness, which shall come upon earth and these heavens, I will bring the earth into dan’ha; and My ethereans shall come in My name and deliver them.

04/8.12. And again for another cycle they shall be left with the lessons given to them; but they shall fall again in course of time. But again I will deliver them; through My Gods and Goddesses I will cause them to comprehend the magnitude of My creations.

04/8.13. As you travel from heaven to heaven (via ships) in this atmospherea, so shall you also inspire mortals to build corporeal ships, and sail across the oceans, so that the inhabitants of different divisions of the earth may become known to one another.

04/8.14. And when the inhabitation of the earth shall have been completed and the nations shall have established civil communion around from east to west, in that same time I will bring the earth into the millennial (Kosmon) era, and My angel ambassadors, Gods and Goddesses, shall render up the records of these heavenly kingdoms.118

04/8.15. Through them I will reveal to mortals the creation of My worlds, and the history and dominion of My Gods and Lords on the earth, even from this day down to the time of The Millennium (Kosmon). ||

04/8.16. And Jehovah caused the angels of atmospherea to assemble together and organize the first kingdom of the heaven of the earth. And the place was called Hored, because it was the place of the first organic abiding place for the first God of this world.

04/8.17. And Hored was situated over and above the mountains of Aotan in Ughoqui, east of Ul, of that country afterward called the continent of Pan.119 ||

04/8.18. Thus ends the inorganic habitation of the earth and her atmospherea.


i107 3w m3 cl hoirzontal EOIh


i107 Creator’s name sign, with horizontal line only.


i017 6w m cl Pre-Flood Map


i017 Pre-Flood Outline Map of the World. Showing the Locality of Pan, the Submerged Continent.

[once again I believe this is in error. Pan was North America, the Zion of the pre-diluvian world. However, it was quite different that the present geography, and indeed was submerged and connected to Japan as the earth was much much smaller at that time. –lw]

[118]  [119]


Book of Sethantes, Son of Jehovah


First God of the first cycle of the earth after man’s creation

CHAPTER 1 Sethantes

05/1.1. In the beginning of the inhabitation of the earth, the angels of heaven assembled in Hored, a heavenly plateau resting on the earth.

05/1.2. And the archangel Sethantes was the wisest of them all, and he said to them:

05/1.3. Behold, we have come from distant heavens; by the voice of Jehovah we came to partake of the glory of the red star, the earth. Jehovah said to us: Come and enjoy the new world I have created. Partake of all its fruits, except of the tree of knowledge, which is the fountain of life. Do not partake of this, lest you die.

05/1.4. But the voice of the earth spoke to us, saying: Partake, for indeed, mine is the tree of everlasting life.

05/1.5. And many did not obey the voice of the Father, and are now bound by the tie of life, which is in the blood.

05/1.6. And the voice of Jehovah came to me, saying: Sethantes, My son, behold, in My etherean heavens I gave into your charge millions of angels, whom you have brought to the earth, and they have fallen from their high estate. Go, deliver them.

05/1.7. And I said: What shall I do? And Jehovah said: Bring your angel hosts to Hored, for there I will crown you God of these heavens and earth for the redemption of angels and mortals. And it shall be a new heavenly kingdom from this time forward to the end of the world. For it is the time of the arc[120] of Wan, and I will bring from etherea My high‑raised Goddess, Etisyai, chief factor[121] of Harmuts, and she shall crown you in My name: God of heaven and earth.

05/1.8. God said: When I had thus spoken in Hored before the angels of heaven, a great light, like a sun, was seen descending from the firmament above. And I commanded my es’enaurs to chant in praise of the Father and His works.

05/1.9. Meanwhile I had the angels of Hored numbered, and there were twenty seven million six hundred thousand, being the same who were on an excursion in my charge when the voice of Jehovah commanded us to visit the earth.

05/1.10. The light above descended fast toward us; like a ship of fire it came nearer and nearer, till we saw it was far wider than the place of Hored and all my angel hosts.

05/1.11. And when the great light had descended to the plateau of Hored, there came forth out of the light one million archangels, from the arc of Wan in the Hosts of A’ji, in the orbit of Tow’sang in etherea, and they bore regalia[122] and crowns from the Orian chief of Harmuts. Foremost of the archangels was Etisyai, and her brother Ya’tiahaga, commissioners from the etherean heaven.

05/1.12. When they came near me, Etisyai gave the sign of Jehovah’s name, greeting, halting, and saying: All hail! In Jehovah’s name, and in the love of Harmuts, Orian Chief, we come to greet you, first God of the lower heaven, belonging to the corporeal earth!

05/1.13. I said: All hail, O emissaries of Harmuts, Chief of Orian worlds! Come, O Etisyai, and your brother and all this host! Come, honor my throne, in Great Jehovah’s name!

05/1.14. The archangels then came forward, saluting, and Etisyai said: In Your name, O Jehovah, I found[123] here a throne!

05/1.15. And she caused the form and substance of it to rise, and she ascended onto it, and Ya’tiahaga with her. And the other archangels formed a crescent in front of the throne, all of them bearing crowns or diadems, but they stood upright. And now the angels of the host of God took their places, so that they could witness the testimony of Jehovah’s commission, but the lights from the columns of fire, brilliant in all colors, shades and tints, baffled many of them from seeing plainly.

05/1.16. When all things were ready, Etisyai, standing erect and brilliant like a star, raised her right hand, saying: JEHOVAH! All‑wise and Powerful! In Your name, this Your Son, God, I crown! From the Orian Chief, Harmuts, raised to the rank of God, and by You, O JEHOVAH, ordained! From this time forward to be known forever in the emancipated heavens as Your Son! PEACE! WISDOM! LOVE! POWER!

05/1.17. And now with her left hand she raised the crown high, so that all could see and bear witness, and upon giving the sign again of Jehovah’s name above the crown, a flame of light shot forth brilliantly from it. And then she placed the crown on God’s head, saying:

05/1.18. Arise, O My Son, Son of JEHOVAH! Instantly there arose from the millions of souls one universal shout: All hail, O Son of Jehovah! And God rose up, having the crown on his head, and the people cheered him lustily, for he was well beloved.

05/1.19. Etisyai said: Bring forward your five chief Lords so I may crown them also. God then caused the five chief Lords, whom he had previously selected, to sit at the foot of the throne.

05/1.20. Again Etisyai raised her right hand, saying: O JEHOVAH! Almighty! From Whom all glories emanate! In Your name, these Your Sons, I crown, Lords of the earth, and of the waters of the earth! From the Orian chief Harmuts! By my commission I raise them to the rank of Lords For Kingdoms Of Heaven! PEACE! WISDOM! LOVE! POWER!

05/1.21. Then Etisyai took the crowns, which were handed to her by the other archangels, and placed them on the heads of the Lords, saying:

05/1.22. Arise, O my Lords, and be Lords of JEHOVAH for His Glory! And be the Lords of God, having dominion over the earth and the waters of the earth, in LOVE, WISDOM, and POWER, AMEN!

05/1.23. The Lords rose up, having on their heads the crown of Lords, and again the multitude saluted with great cheering. When the applause ceased, Etisyai said:

05/1.24. My God and my Lords, give now the sign of Jehovah’s name, so that His glory may be fulfilled. (For this was the oath of office.)[124]

i001a Circle cut twice

i001a Circle Cut Twice.


05/1.25. And God and the Lords saluted Jehovah before the hosts of heaven. And they stood apart a little distance, and Etisyai said:

05/1.26. Behold the All Light, Jehovah, encompasses me. My voice shall be His voice. By the glory of Faith in Him, I am One with the Father.

05/1.27. And a fleece of golden hue descended from above and encompassed Etisyai, and she was like a central star with rays of light emanating. She was entranced by Jehovah. Through her the Creator spoke, saying:

05/1.28. My Son, now God, I brought you forth out of corpor, quickened into life everlasting. By faith I inspired you to do whatever you have done. Faith I gave to you, as the tree on which all perfection is the fruit. By that faith within man, which nurtures the I Am within himself to perfection, he becomes My Son,[125] doing by virtue of My presence. According to your wisdom and love I have given you strength; and by your strength, raised you up.

05/1.29. Behold, this day I have given you a kingdom in atmospherea, and made you God before all the kingdoms of heaven. This place shall be your place and Mine also. Here you shall dispense wisdom and laws, and appoint officers in My name and by virtue of My power.

05/1.30. And your kingdom shall be like two kingdoms: One here with the hosts of heaven, and one on the earth, over these your Lords. For you are the judgment seat and creator of order over the whole earth, and in the heaven belonging to the earth.

05/1.31. Stretch forth your hand, My Son, and clothe yourself in the golden fleece.

05/1.32. God made the sign, and then raised his hands upward, saying: Jehovah! Jehovah! By Your command I call upon You to array me in Your golden fleece! Behold I am Your Son.

05/1.33. And the archangels tossed up the raiment and regalia they had brought from their etherean arc in a’ji, and, by the faith that was in God, the substance flew to him and encompassed him in raiment of the upper heaven.

05/1.34. Then Jehovah spoke to the Lords, saying: As God has built a kingdom in Hored, and reigns over this heaven, and over you and your helpmates, so shall you build kingdoms on the earth, and you shall rule over mortals in My name, teaching them about Me and My everlasting kingdoms in the firmament above. In testimony of My voice, receive this raiment of silver and gold from My archangels.

05/1.35. The archangels then draped the Lords in shining raiment. And Etisyai came down from the throne, still entranced, saying:

05/1.36. Though My Daughter Etisyai will rise up in the flame of fire, yet I, Jehovah, will abide with you, O God, and with you, My Lords, now and forever! And then Etisyai took God’s hand and led him to the center of the throne, saying: Sit on this throne for it is your Father’s kingdom in the lower heaven of the earth![126]

05/1.37. When God sat down, the entrancement departed from Etisyai, and the Light of Jehovah went and settled upon God and the Lords. But Etisyai sat down at the foot of the throne, and immediately all the archangels sat down also.

05/1.38. God said: Behold, she who is greatest makes herself least of all. Arise, O Daughter of Jehovah, and enjoy my kingdom, for it is Jehovah’s also. And God came down from the judgment seat and took Etisyai’s hand and she rose up, at which point God proclaimed the freedom of the hour. Thus was established the first throne of God in these heavens. And now all of the hosts mingled together, angels and archangels, joyfully.

CHAPTER 2 Sethantes

05/2.1. When the hour ended, God again ascended the throne, and the marshals raised the signals of order, and the archangels went and stood in a crescent in front of the throne. Etisyai sat at the feet of God, and the splendor of her glory, unadorned, except with white and yellow drapery, shone through all the talents Jehovah had given her—the perfection of purity, wisdom, and love; the like of which only Gods had looked upon!

05/2.2. God said: In Your name, O Jehovah, I now found the session of Your kingdom in the lower heaven. As long as man and woman shall bring forth heirs to You, this kingdom shall not cease to glorify You. Let the Lords approach the throne.

05/2.3. The es’enaurs now sang, and the marshals and escorts conducted the Lords before the throne. When they were in order, the music ceased, and God said:

05/2.4. There are five great divisions of the earth, and I have ordained you the five Lords of them in Jehovah’s name. I have placed you according to the number of inhabitants on the earth’s divisions, and your relative rank before heaven. When you have seated yourselves in your respective kingdoms, you shall each have twelve messengers, whose duties shall be between you and me. Therefore choose your messengers this hour, so that, before the resurrection of the archangels, they may be confirmed and their registry[127] carried to heaven above.

05/2.5. The Lords chose their messengers, and they were confirmed in the name of Jehovah, and the swift messengers, who ply with the upper heavens,[128] made a record of their names and places. After which God said to them:

05/2.6. You have been chosen according to your talents; according to your excellence you will be promoted to wider fields of labor. May the wisdom, love and power of Jehovah be with you all, amen!

05/2.7. And now Etisyai signaled that her time of departure had arrived.

05/2.8. God came down from the judgment seat, and standing one moment in sorrow, reached out and took Etisyai’s hand, saying:

05/2.9. Arise, O Daughter of Jehovah, and go your way!

05/2.10. Etisyai rose up, pointing upward, saying: My house is in the arc of Wan. Jehovah dwells with you and me! My swift messengers shall come to you at times. My love will be with you and your Lords, and the harvest of your resurrection. In Jehovah’s name, farewell!

05/2.11. Etisyai then walked to the ship of fire; but before she entered, she turned and took one more look at the hosts of Hored, and then, stripping from the frames, luminous drapery, cast it playfully over the es’enaurs, and quickly disappeared in the light.

05/2.12. The es’enaurs chanted, and the hosts of archangels joined in with them, and in that same moment of time the ship began to rise, and it was as thousands of columns of fire surrounding one majestic column, and the whole circle rising in spiral form, turning and rising, rising and turning. And when it was a little way up it seemed like an ascending sun; and then higher and higher, like a distant star, and then it passed beyond the vision of the angels of Hored.

05/2.13. When order was proclaimed, the All Light began to gather about the throne, covering over God and the Lords. Jehovah, through God, said:

05/2.14. Hear Me, for I reside also with these My Lords of the hosts of heaven.

05/2.15. The Lords said: What shall we do? And Jehovah answered: Summon all the angels to pass before the throne of God, one by one, so that I may judge them. For all those who dwelt on any of My corporeal worlds of the fifth of the second rate[129] shall reside in the kingdom of Hored, and their labor shall be with es’yans only; but all of the full of the first rate shall reside in the kingdoms of My Lords, and their labor shall be with corporeans.

05/2.16. The marshals then arranged the angels and they passed in front of the throne, and so great was God’s wisdom that, in looking on the angels as they passed, he perceived the rates of every man and woman. And those destined for labor in atmospherea only, he caused to turn one way, and those for the earth, as ministering spirits with mortals, to turn the other way; and when they had all passed, they were correctly divided according to Jehovah’s commandment.

05/2.17. God said: Hear me, O Lords! Take your laborers and proceed to your respective places on the divisions of the earth and the waters of the earth. And you shall be Lords with me, your God, for the glory of Jehovah. Whatever you do on the earth I will ratify in heaven; whomever you deliver from the earth I will receive in heaven. As you shape and build up mortal man, delivering his spirit into my kingdom, so will I receive and award him.

05/2.18. So that your kingdoms may accord with me and mine, I give you sufficient messengers, and they shall pass daily between us: According to their proficiency and power to pass from place to place, so have I chosen them.

05/2.19. Let a record be kept within your own kingdoms, and these records shall be your own, to be carried upward with you in the next resurrection.

05/2.20. And separate from your own record, you shall also keep a record jointly with me, pertaining to your kingdom’s relations with mine.

05/2.21. When mortals die and are born in spirit, you shall receive them and enter them in your records as es’yans, signifying newborn in heaven. And for these es’yans, you shall provide temporary dwellings where they shall reside, some for a few days, and some for the space of one year or more. Through the messengers you shall inform me of their numbers and conditions, and I will send ships to bring them to my kingdom.

05/2.22. You shall appoint asaphs, whose office it shall be to receive es’yans from the ashars.

05/2.23. While a mortal is alive on the earth, the ashars shall stay with him, guarding him in the name of the Lord, and in my name. But when he dies the ashar shall deliver the es’yan to the asaph, saying: In Jehovah’s name, receive this newborn spirit. He was my protégé; for the good or evil in him, charge it to me. || And the ashar shall deliver up a record of the mortal life of the es’yan, and the record shall be kept within your own kingdoms.

05/2.24. And the asaph shall take the es’yan, saying: In Jehovah’s name, I receive this newborn spirit. He shall be my protégé according to the commandments of the Lord my God. || He shall then take the es’yan to the place prepared for it, where it will have nurses and attendants according to its requirements.

05/2.25. When ships come to your kingdoms, the asaphs shall deliver all the es’yans they have received, and my officer shall receive them, and bring them to my place in heaven.

05/2.26. When God had ended the instructions to the Lords, the Lords answered, saying: We will be your Lords, O God, doing your commandments, for the glory of Jehovah, our Father.

05/2.27. God said: To each of you I have given a great division of the earth, and each division shall be named after you, each in its place.

05/2.28. This, then, was the rank assigned: Whaga (Pan); Jud (Asia); Thouri (America); Vohu (Africa); and Dis (Europe). And the lands were called after the names of the Lords and entered as such in the books of heaven in Hored, by command of God in the name of Jehovah.[130]

05/2.29. And the record of the Great Serpent showed the firmament of Tem’yi in the third circuit of c’v’wark’um and dan’ha twenty‑four.[131]

05/2.30. When all was finished the Lords came and sat down at the foot of the throne, and the es’enaurs chanted a hymn of praise to Jehovah, and the entire multitude joined in the singing.

05/2.31. When the hymn ended, God rose up, standing amid a sea of light, and raising up both hands, said: O Jehovah! Almighty and everlasting! Help Your servants in founding this Your Kingdom for Your glory! Peace, Wisdom and Power!

05/2.32. Then making the sign of Jehovah’s name with his right hand, he came down to the foot of the throne, and taking the hand of Whaga, Lord of Whaga, he said: Arise, my son, and go your way, and Jehovah will bless you.

05/2.33. Whaga rose up and stood aside, and then in like manner God raised the other four Lords and they stood aside also.

05/2.34. The marshals filed past the throne, saluting, and after them the Lords, saluting also; and then came the asaphs, and lastly the ashars; and the procession was under way, passing between the pillars of fire, with which God’s laborers had encircled and ornamented Hored.

05/2.35. This was the beginning of the first kingdom in the lower heaven, and the first of the reign of the Lords on earth.

CHAPTER 3 Sethantes

05/3.1. And in heaven God appointed angel surveyors, to survey the earth and atmospherea; and astronomers, to note the place of the stars; and enumerators, to number the inhabitants of the earth and atmospherea, to grade them and apportion[132] their places; and nurses and physicians, to receive the es’yans and administer to them; and builders of heavenly mansions; and weavers of fabrics for covering the newborn, the es’yans; and builders of heavenly ships for carrying the inhabitants from place to place. And God appointed officers and teachers, according to their grade, to all of these offices.

05/3.2. And when God had completed his appointments, the people were sent to their places, to begin the work allotted to them. And God called the asaphs, and he said to them:

05/3.3. Go down to the earth, and bring me the first fruit of the first resurrection.

05/3.4. And the asaphs said: Your will is our will, but what do you mean by the first fruit of the first resurrection?

05/3.5. God said: The spirits of the dead. The asaphs said: The spirits of the dead, who are they?

05/3.6. God said: When a corporean comes forth out of his corporeal body, this shall be called death.

05/3.7. The asaphs said: Who then are the spirits of death? And God answered them, saying: O you who died in infancy, how can you learn corporeal things! Go then to my Lord, Whaga, and he will show you.

05/3.8. The asaphs departed and went down to the earth, and the Lord, through the ashars, delivered five hundred es’yans to the asaphs, who brought them to Hored, before the throne of God. And God said to them: Who are these?

05/3.9. The asaphs said: These are the first fruit of the first resurrection. Behold, we know now the beginning and the end of corporeality; the earth body of these es’yans was only a womb from which they are now delivered.

05/3.10. God said: Well done. Take these es’yans and feed and clothe them, for this is your labor.

05/3.11. The asaphs answered: Alas, we have tried to feed them with all types of food on which we ourselves subsist, but they will not eat.

05/3.12. God said: Alas, O you innocents! You feed on ethereal food; these es’yans must have atmospherean food, even as corporeans subsist on corporeal food. Go, then, fulfill this first resurrection; for as much as you deliver them, so will you be delivered in time to come.

05/3.13. The asaphs then departed, taking the es’yans with them. But after a while they returned again to God, saying:

05/3.14. Behold, O God, we have gathered the atmosphere of trees of all kinds, and of seeds and plants that grow on the earth, all most beautiful to our senses, and savory to the smell, and we gave these to the es’yans, but lo, they will not eat. Being alarmed, we again hastened to you for information.

05/3.15. God said: O you of little wisdom, knowing so much of heaven and so little of earth. Go back to the place where you brought these es’yans from, and learn what kind of food they subsisted on.

05/3.16. The asaphs went back with all haste to learn in reference to the food. And in due time they came again before God, saluting, saying:

05/3.17. What shall we do, O God? Behold, these es’yans while in the corporeal form feasted on fish and worms. How can we bring them the atmospherean part of these things?

05/3.18. God said: The last time you were present you said you had gathered the atmospherean part of trees, seeds and plants growing out of the earth. Why, then, can you not gather the atmospherean part of fish and worms?

05/3.19. The asaphs said: Alas, we have observed this difference: The trees, plants and fruits emit delightful atmospheres, most nutritious to the spirit, but that which is emitted from the living fish and living worm is foul‑smelling, being only the sweat and dead substance evaporating. What, then, shall we do?

05/3.20. God said: Go to the place where mortals kill fish and worms; and in the same time that mortals tear these things with their teeth, snatch from their hands and mouths the atmospherean parts of the food, and give it to these es’yans. Remember, also, that little by little you shall teach them to live on other kinds of food.

05/3.21. And as you do with these es’yans, do this also for others afterward, remembering that what men subsist on in corporeal life, is entailed[133] on them in spirit for a space of time after entering atmospherea; and they shall be fed spiritually with like substance. The asaphs then departed.

05/3.22. On the third day after that, the Voice of Jehovah came to God, saying:

05/3.23. My Son, behold what the asaphs have thoughtlessly done in your name! They came to the fishery and did as you directed, gathering food for the es’yans; and the es’yans stood at their side, saying: Why gather food for us? Behold, we are now strong in spirit; allow us to gather for ourselves. And the asaphs said: It seems well; do as you desire.

05/3.24. So the es’yans went to the fishermen and fisherwomen, who were eating raw flesh, and the es’yans laid hold of the atmospherean part, and ate a sufficiency of it. Then the asaphs said to them: You have feasted sufficiently; come away with us now.

05/3.25. But lo, the es’yans engrafted themselves on the fishermen and fisherwomen, and would not depart. The asaphs, not knowing what to do, called on My name. O God, quickly send to them those skilled in deliverance, so that My es’yans are preserved to everlasting life.

05/3.26. And God summoned those skilled in deliverance of engraftment, and dispatched them hastily with messengers to the fisheries.

05/3.27. Jehovah said: From the trees, fruits, flowers, grains, seeds, and roots that grow in the ground, I have created a ceaseless harvest going upward into the atmosphere, which shall be the sustenance of the spirits of men newborn in heaven. But whoever feasts on flesh on earth, shall not find spiritual food in heaven, but he shall return to the butcheries and eating‑houses where flesh is eaten, and before it is rotten he shall feast on its atmospherean part. Place a guard, therefore, over the newborn, lest they engraft themselves on mortals, feasting on their feasts, and so go down to destruction.

05/3.28. After many days the asaphs came before God, saying: The physicians severed those who were bound, and we brought them away. Shall this be our labor, day and night, to lead these es’yans about, finding them clothes and food? For we have observed that the more we do for them, the less they do for themselves.

05/3.29. Jehovah spoke through God, saying: A nurse I provided for the newborn, but when he is grown I command him to provide for himself so that he may be a glory in My kingdoms. By charity alone you cannot raise man up; but be diligent in teaching him to continually try to raise himself, for in this lies the glory of manhood.

05/3.30. The asaphs said: If we leave the es’yans alone they will return again to the fisheries and fasten themselves upon mortals, doing nothing but eating.

05/3.31. God said: Near the fisheries, but in atmospherea, go and fashion a colony, and it shall be your colony in heaven. Take these es’yans there, not showing them the way to the fisheries. In the colony put them to work, weaving, making clothes and otherwise producing; but go yourselves for the food at the fisheries, and bring sufficient every day, giving only to those who labor, or to invalids and helpless ones. By this you shall inspire them to labor, which is the foundation of the growth of the spirit; and eventually they will not only care for themselves, but join you in helping others, which is the beginning of the second resurrection.

05/3.32. This then is the lesson you have learned, that according to the diet and the habit of mortals on earth, so must you provide the same for their spirits when first entered in heaven.

05/3.33. Choose therefore, from your own people, a sufficient number to make all things required for a delightful colony, whether it is food, clothing, nurseries, hospitals, place of worship, or place of dancing, and there receive all the es’yans who are delivered from the earth, raising them up in industry, virtue, wisdom, mirth, love, benevolence and adoration, and this shall be a new heaven to you all.

05/3.34. You are my chosen, and an example colony of all the kingdoms I shall build in my heaven. The time is coming when the whole atmosphere around the earth shall be filled with countless millions of angels born out of the earth.

05/3.35. Be swift in your labor; the people spring up from the earth rapidly into heaven, and every colony you now establish shall, in time to come, be a great kingdom, requiring experienced workmen. Whoever labors most efficiently for Jehovah, I will promote to wider fields.

05/3.36. You are one of the cornerstones of Seffas,[134] and his house shall embrace atmospherea and the whole earth. Words are already taking root in the mouths of mortals; and for tens of thousands of years, war will reign; might against might, darkness against darkness. Hundreds of millions will be slain in wars on the earth, and their souls be thrown into chaos. Even as you saw these spirits fastening onto mortals for food, so will spirits in chaos, millions of them, fasten themselves on the battlefields, still battling; or fasten themselves on mortals, obsessing them to madness and death.

CHAPTER 4 Sethantes

05/4.1. So God established colonies in heaven for the reception of the spirits of mortals; and the colonies embraced the arts of healing, education, industry, drapery, manufacturing, the building of ships, and all things required for the spirit, even as corporeal things are required by mortals.

05/4.2. And great labor came upon the hosts of God who established these things, toiling day and night, receiving the es’yans and providing food and clothing for them. And many of the hosts of God lamented that they had come to the corporeal earth, and they framed songs and anthems of lamentation, and these they chanted even while at labor.

05/4.3. God was troubled that they were lamenting in the presence of es’yans, and he called together the proper officers in order to rebuke them; but lo and behold, the light of Jehovah spoke from the throne, saying:

05/4.4. Do not rebuke them, O My Son. Did I not command them, saying: Behold I have created a new world, the earth; come and enjoy it. And when they had come, did I not say to them: Enjoy all the fruits of the earth, except the fruit of the tree of life, lest you die. But corpor spoke to them and they believed in corpor. Why then shall they not lament? Do they not remember their former homes in etherea, and thus aspire to regain them?

05/4.5. But seek, O My Son, to make their lamentations a glory in the souls of the es’yans, so that they may also aspire to a higher heaven.

05/4.6. The voice departed, and God, perceiving the wisdom of Jehovah, commanded certain officers to collect many of the anthems and deposit them in the library of Hored, in heaven; and it was done.

05/4.7. This, then, is representative of their lamentations:

05/4.8. Where is my home, O Jehovah? When I was happy and my feet wandered.

05/4.9. I dwelt with Your hosts, far above! Far above! Your glory shining.

05/4.10. O the songs in Your upraised kingdoms! When shall I rejoice in the music of my own house?

05/4.11. O those sparkling, running waters! O the pastimes and feasts of love!

05/4.12. Where is it, O Jehovah? It was my home in high heaven!

05/4.13. I fell, I fell in darkness! Wandering soul within me, that led me forth.

05/4.14. The gardens of Jehovah stood on every hand. O senseless feet to take me onward!

05/4.15. Into the darkness I was lured; sweet perfumes arose amid the darkness.

05/4.16. Intricate in Your glory, O Jehovah! I lost the way. I was lost!

05/4.17. The music of Your spheres was shut out. I was enveloped in darkness!

05/4.18. Where is my home, O Jehovah? Why have I forsaken[135] it?

05/4.19. Crystals, and high arches on every side. Full, standing out, shining.

05/4.20. And the songs of my sweet loves! Such was my home and place of revelry!

05/4.21. I bartered them all away, wandering forth. Buried myself in the opaque, in the dark!

05/4.22. O for my home in high heaven! Mirth, song, rest, and love, clear shining.

05/4.23. You, O Jehovah, have given me sons and daughters. Out of this darkness my gems were born!

05/4.24. O I will polish them up. Kin of my kin, I will raise them up!

05/4.25. Your Goddesses in heaven above will come. In ships of fire descending!

05/4.26. My jewels shall enter and rise with me. We shall search for my home; the haven of rest!

05/4.27. I see You, O Jehovah, in the distance. Higher than the highest of heavens!

05/4.28. O hasten,[136] my home, and my rest! O ripen these, my precious diadems!

05/4.29. O take us to ethereal worlds.

05/4.30. But no one could repeat their numerous lamentations, for there were hundreds of thousands of them. And as the ethereans sang them, the es’yans, the newborn, the atmosphereans, listened, longing listened, and looked upward.

CHAPTER 5 Sethantes

05/5.1. In the first year of Hored, God’s kingdom in heaven received one and a half million es’yans: men, women and children, born of the earth. And left within the different divisions of the earth, with the Lords, there were still three and a quarter million es’yans, being for the most part fetals.[137]

05/5.2. In the first one hundred years there were born from the earth, one hundred and seventy million es’yans. And this was the sum of three generations of I’hins; which is to say, that in those days the number of earth inhabitants (not including the asuans, who were not created to everlasting life) was fifty‑four million. And already each of the Lords’ heavenly places had become large kingdoms.

05/5.3. In those days the period of five years was allotted the es’yans as their time of infancy[138] in heaven, requiring nurses and helpers, but some of them required many more years.

05/5.4. After five years the es’yans were taken from the nurseries and, by symbols and objects, were taught the rudiments of education; and drilled in processions, music, dancing and gymnastics; but every day they were required to labor for a brief period, some at weaving, some spinning and some in transportation.[139]

05/5.5. The voice of Jehovah directed God, saying: The structure of My Kingdom in heaven requires you to make all labor an agreeable exercise for the growth of the spirits in your dominions.

05/5.6. And God commanded the officers of the realm of Hored to lengthen the hours of labor, according to the age and strength of the spirits received from the earth, and it was so.

05/5.7. Jehovah again spoke to God, saying: In all labor that you allot to those who have sprung up from the earth, freely allow them to do whatever they desire; but you shall not permit them to return to their earth kindred alone, unattended, lest because of their love they engraft themselves, becoming bound to mortals. But when they have lived fifty years in heaven, you shall not only permit them to return to mortals, but you shall direct them to do so, for, by this time, they shall have no further desire for engraftment.

05/5.8. Again Jehovah said: As fast as you can appropriate the labor of earth-born spirits to help in the resurrection of others, you shall do so in My name.

05/5.9. And God and the Lords under him labored so; and in one hundred years, there were twenty million souls, who had come forth out of the earth, and had been raised up to the second rate. And many of them fully comprehended the manufactories, nurseries, schools and hospitals in heaven, and they were in many things equal to the requirements of their teachers.

05/5.10. The voice of Jehovah came to God, saying: It is well, My Son, to take a rest. Behold, you have toiled a hundred years, day and night, without ceasing. You shall, therefore, appoint other officers, and spread out the kingdom of Hored to cover all the land of Whaga (the continent of Pan). And you shall appoint in My name your most efficient officer to sit on the throne for a short space of time, for you shall travel and visit the five Lords of the earth and their kingdoms.

05/5.11. And you shall take with you a thousand heralds, a thousand messengers, and five thousand musicians. And you shall have a ship sufficient to carry your host, and to be your house wherever you go. See to it, and set all things in order, and depart on a journey of one year.

05/5.12. So God called in the surveyors, who brought maps of earth and heaven showing the best places for extending the kingdom of Hored.

05/5.13. And God appointed fifty governors for the fifty places required, giving each of them five thousand men and women to accompany them. And when they were chosen God addressed them from the throne, saying:

05/5.14. You are chosen according to the commandment of the Father; and by His command I will come to your respective places before long, to bestow you with all that is required for building up colonies in Jehovah’s name. As you witnessed the founding of Hored by the archangel Etisyai, so may you understand that I will come to you all and do likewise. Go forth, then, taking your hosts, and lay down the foundations for your cities. As you have learned from me, go forth also doing as I have done; and as you do with a small colony, and a small city, so will I give into your keeping that which is greater when you are prepared for it.

05/5.15. When God ceased, the marshals led the way, and with the hosts following their governors, filed in front of the throne, saluting with the sign of Jehovah’s name, which was answered by God’s hands upraised. Meanwhile the es’enaurs sang in glory to Jehovah. Presently the hosts passed beyond the pillars of fire.

05/5.16. When all had quieted, God said: Let the builders of ships begin now and build a ship for me and my hosts, for the time draws near. And from my laborers, who have toiled a hundred years, day and night, without ceasing, let the graders choose those who, according to their grade, shall be my companions and hosts on this journey.

05/5.17. And they were chosen so, and notified.

05/5.18. God said: While I am absent, the one who stands highest in the grades shall sit on my throne, being God in my place; your God and my God shall be chosen according to the transcendence[140] of the one who has done the most for the resurrection of the es’yans.

05/5.19. So God commanded the graders to present the records before the throne, so that the Council of Hored could determine the matter.

05/5.20. And Ha’jah, an etherean, was chosen. So God commanded them to send word to Ha’jah, with an escort to conduct him to the capital.

05/5.21. In due time the escort brought Ha’jah into the palace of the kingdom of God, and God was sitting on the throne. With music, they came in and filed in front of the throne, forming a crescent, with Ha’jah between the horns.

05/5.22. God said: By command of Jehovah I have summoned you here, O Ha’jah. For a long time I have known you, even on other worlds. Of all virtues in man which stand highest, which is, never to mention one’s self, you excel all others in my kingdom. Your labors for the general upraising of Hored excel all others. For this reason you are preferred; and chosen by Jehovah to be my assistant while I am here, and in my absence to be my very God in the Father’s name.

05/5.23. Ha’jah said: This being the will of Jehovah, proceed.

05/5.24. God struck the gavel, and the Holy Council rose to their feet. God said: In Jehovah’s name I salute you, Ha’jah, God of Tek,[141] to hold dominion in Hored. Come forward and receive my throne for the Father’s sake. The marshals then conducted Ha’jah to the foot of the throne, and God came down and took his hand and led him up. And as they were going forth, a light, as golden fire, came down from the firmament above, sent by the kingdoms high exalted; and God and Ha’jah were covered over and illuminated.

05/5.25. God said: By Your Wisdom, Love and Power, O Jehovah, I receive Your Son on Your throne. Be with him in Wisdom and Strength for Your glory forever! Amen!

05/5.26. God raised up a rod, waving it, and rain came down from heaven. Ha’jah said: In Your name, O Jehovah! At which point God stretched up his hand to Jehovah, saying: Give me a crown for Your son, God of Tek, O Jehovah!

05/5.27. And there descended, like a small star streaming downward,[142] a light of gold and silver, and it settled on God’s hand, and he fashioned it into a crown, and emblazoned it with the sign God of Tek, and placed it on Ha’jah’s head, saying: In Jehovah’s name, I crown you, to sit on the throne in Hored during my absence.

05/5.28. Ha’jah said: Your Son [Ha’jah], O Jehovah, shall fulfill Your commandments in wisdom and love. May the Father, Creator of worlds, give this, Your Son [Sethantes] rest and comfort for the glories he has wrought[143] in Your name! Amen!

05/5.29. The Council said: Amen! The es’enaurs chanted an anthem of praise to Jehovah. And God led Ha’jah forward and seated him on the throne, saying: You are God in my name and Jehovah’s also. And since I now go down to the earth to sojourn (visit) for a season, you shall be known as God of both earth and heaven.

05/5.30. So God departed out of Hored and embarked on a ship, taking seven thousand men and women for his escort, plus a thousand es’enaurs and the crew of three thousand to work the ship.

CHAPTER 6 Sethantes

05/6.1. God went to the provinces of the governors of heaven, whom he had previously appointed and sent forth to dwell near the earth; and as he himself had been commissioned by Jehovah in Hored, so did he install the governors on their seats.

05/6.2. Now, the governors were situated at remote distances within Whaga (Pan), but God sent messengers to them, notifying them of the time he would appear.

05/6.3. And the Lord Whaga, being apprised[144] of God’s journey, established a protectorate in the Lord’s kingdom in the city of Ul’oo, on earth, and went and joined the ship of God, and traveled with him throughout Whaga, being present at the inauguration of the governors in these heavens.

05/6.4. To each and all the governors, God said: Remember that the responsibility given my governors pertains to things in heaven; for the Lord’s matters[145] pertain to earthly things and to angels who labor with the corporeans. But you are to attend to the es’yans, receiving them in heaven, providing them with places to live in, and in their helplessness supply them with food, clothes and the rudiments of learning.

05/6.5. God said: Keep in mind also, the time will come when each of these governorships shall develop into an independent kingdom; and instead of being governors you shall be raised as sub‑Gods.

05/6.6. After God established the governors, the Lord persuaded God to visit his place in Ul’oo, and from there, travel about over the earth and see the mortals with whom the Lord had to deal. And God consented, and the Lord sent messengers before him, so that the house of the Lord, which mortals had built, would be replenished and cleansed.

05/6.7. And the protectorate notified the ashars, and the ashars impressed mortals to go clean and purify the house of the Lord. And so mortals went to work cleaning the place, and they burned incense of sweet myrrh and hepatan, not knowing they were fulfilling the command of the Lord.

05/6.8. When the ship of the hosts of God came to the city of Ul’oo, mortals saw it high up in the air, and they feared and quickly ran to consult the prophet of the Lord. And the prophet said: Behold, God appears in a sea of fire in the firmament of heaven.

05/6.9. And God caused the ship to be made unseen, so that fear would subside on earth, and he descended with his hosts into the house of the Lord, and they went and touched the things mortals had built so that they could perceive corporeally.

05/6.10. Then the Lord gave a banquet, and the angels of God stayed four days, exchanging fellowship with the ashars, who ministered to mortals. And the ashars took the angels of God among mortals, both while mortals were asleep and awake, showing the angels all things.

05/6.11. And because of the presence of the hosts of God, mortals were roused up with new vigor to worship the Lord, rising early and going to the house of worship, and continuing all day; and not one of them knew the cause of it.

05/6.12. On the evening of the fourth day, God commanded his hosts to prepare to renew the journey, and the ship was again illumed and readied for its course.

05/6.13. God said: O Jehovah, Who creates all, look down and bless Your Lord! From his high estate in etherea he has descended to these poor mortals to lift them up. Already he has toiled with them a hundred years. Three generations have risen up out of the earth, and they begin to glorify You in Your kingdoms above the earth. Who but You, O Jehovah, can honor Your Lord or know his sore trials! Behold, man grows up out of the earth, saying: There is no Lord and no God. But his feet and his hands are guided every hour of the day. And when he enters the unseen worlds, these realms become seen; but he is helpless in a strange place. And Your Lord provides for him and teaches him Your kingdoms. Your Lord goes from place to place on the earth; he finds a corner and says: I will build a city here. He sends forth his angels and they inspire man on the earth to come and build a city. Yet when the city is built, man says: Behold, there is no God and no Lord.

05/6.14. Your Lord brings the corporeans together and guards them day and night; but man turns away in strife and destruction. Then Your Lord withdraws his angels from the city because of its wickedness; and lo, the city falls in ruins. But man does not know the cause. Yet Your Lord toils on, day and night, watching, guarding, and striving to lift man out of darkness. O Jehovah, Father, bless Your Lord and his hosts! Bring quickly, the time when man shall comprehend the foundations of Your kingdoms!

05/6.15. The Lord said: O Jehovah, Ever Present! Hear the words of Your God, he who comprehends the whole earth and the heaven of the earth, knowing no day or night. He deals with millions; his judgment is sufficient for all.

05/6.16. Glorify him, Your Son, of heaven and earth. He fashions the homes of Your Lords and Your little ones in great wisdom. His love is the glory of all men; his strength fashioned after Your foundations. Give swiftness and rest, and joy in Your quickening of him, Your God! ||

05/6.17. The mortals of the city of Ul’oo had gathered together to worship, and they were singing and dancing to the Lord, and the angels joined in the singing also. And God went and sat on the altar and illuminated it, so the mortals could see him. Then the chief prophet came near the place of the Lord, and the Lord placed his hand on the forehead of the prophet, so he could speak in the name of God.

05/6.18. The prophet said: Behold me, I am the God of heaven and earth, and my words come out of the mouth of this my prophet. Keep holy the four days of the moon, for they are the Lord’s days. Do no evil, but strive for wisdom and to do good. And when you are dead, behold, you shall live, for I have places prepared for you in my heaven. Rejoice and be merry, for the Lord lives and reigns.

05/6.19. When the prophet ceased, God rose up from the altar, and his traveling host also, and saluting the Lord in the name of Jehovah, disappeared in heaven above.

CHAPTER 7 Sethantes

05/7.1. As mortals sail corporeal ships across the corporeal ocean, so sailed the ship of God in the atmospherean ocean. As a man having five sons, sends four away to distant countries and keeps one at home, so did God do likewise with the five Lords bequeathed[146] him by Great Jehovah.

05/7.2. So God had departed from the foundation of Hored, in a ship, in heaven, to visit his four faraway sons, the Lords of the other four great divisions of the earth, whose labor was with both mortals and the spirits of the dead, for the glory of Jehovah.

05/7.3. First to Jud, Lord of Jud (Asia), he headed his ship, running close to the earth, bounding forth, and sapping up fuel from the tall forests to feed the phosphorescent flame, running easy till the wild coast on the west of Whaga was reached. Here he halted his ship, first God of the first Lords of earth, till his navigators determined the distance of the wide sea ahead; then gathering fuel and substance from the rich growing lands, he and his traveling host stowed the ship to the full.

05/7.4. And God went in, commanding: Go forth, go forth! Forth into the sea of heaven! And onward plunged the ship of God in the blue winds of the firmament, high soaring, above the black clouds sprung from the corporeal ocean. And the music of his thousand es’enaurs leaped forth in time and tune to the waves, plenteous and most defiant.

05/7.5. Jehovah looked down from the highest of all the heavens, His everlasting throne of thrones, saying: Onward! Onward! Tame the elements, O God! O man! The earth is yours; the air above is yours. Stretch forth your arm and tame the elements I have made.

05/7.6. Onward sped the ship of God, by the force of wills matured; and, by its hallowed light, displaying its purpose before other traveling Gods and men, those in other ships cruising on adventurous paths in Jehovah’s wide oceans of splendor.

05/7.7. Merrily sang the crew, and danced, and viewed the wide expanse, premising about the scattered ships coursing here and there, in strange colors and marvelous swiftness.

05/7.8. On one side the rising moon, the setting sun on the other; beneath lay the black clouds and great corporeal ocean; and yet high above twinkled the stars and the planets of the Great Serpent on his long journey.

05/7.9. God came forth and surveyed the scene; and the power of Jehovah moved upon him. Then his seven thousand loves and traveling companions gathered around him. God said:

05/7.10. All Your places are new, Great Jehovah! For thousands of years I have gazed on Your matchless splendors, seen and unseen; but Your glory grows richer day by day. When Your voice came to me, more than a hundred years ago, saying: Go, My son, I have a new garden planted; take some workmen and till the soil; I foresaw the long labor of the generations that would spring up out of the earth. I feared and trembled. I said:

05/7.11. How shall it be, O Jehovah? Shall the new earth be peopled over, and mortals run their course like on other worlds before? First, in wholesome love, worship and due reverence to the Gods, and then for ages and ages bury themselves in bloody wars? O lead me forth, Father! Jehovah! I will take Your garden for a season, and fence it around with Lords, and wise kingdoms. And with Your potent spirit, hedge mortals on every side so that the earth shall bloom as a paradise for angels and men.

05/7.12. And Your sons and daughters came with me, and engrafted Your immortal kingdom.

05/7.13. How is it now? How does my labor compare with that of other Gods on other worlds?

05/7.14. O you archangels, Gods, and Goddesses! Look down on the great earth! Jehovah has filled my arms with a great load! I tremble on the immortal scales!

05/7.15. And God, transfixed, looked up into the swift‑passing sky, for his voice reached to the thrones of etherean worlds on which the Orian regents reigned in all power. And down from amid the stars shot a single ray of light, embossed with the adorable words: Jehovah’s Son, all hail! Hail, God of Earth, Jehovah’s Son! Glory! Glory to Great Jehovah, for all that you have done!

05/7.16. Then upward furled the shining light till it faded amid the distant stars. Anew the trumpeters and singers sent forth a strain of sweet music, spirited and sounding full of soul. And as the music glided forth across the waters, lo, other music, strange and welcome, came from the west lands to the borders of the ocean.

05/7.17. For the ship was across the sea, and the hosts of the Lord Jud had come to meet the God of earth and heaven. And now, saluting loud and long, the two ships drew to close anchorage. Presently the messengers interchanged, and in Jehovah’s name greeted God and his hosts, who were old‑time friends to the Lord and his hosts.

05/7.18. God said: By Your will, O Jehovah, let us take course for the Lord’s kingdom and place of labor. And presently the two ships sped forth, close to the earth, unified in the music of anthems of olden times.

05/7.19. Far up into the heart of the country, where fertile lands, mountains and waters were close companioned[147] to the asuan race, the ships sped on till one pillar of fire, standing on a mountainside, proclaimed the place of the Lord, and here they halted and made fast[148] the vessels, unseen by mortals.

CHAPTER 8 Sethantes

05/8.1. These chieftains had long been friends on other worlds, and pledged to join in an adventure on some new corporeal world, to raise sons and daughters up to Jehovah. Now it was being fulfilled in the Lord and God, remotely situated, and this visit much looked forward to.

05/8.2. And so God and the Lord came forth, saying: In Jehovah’s name! Met at last! And they embraced and reassured each other that it was really true, that which they had talked of a thousand years before.

05/8.3. And then all the hosts of God and the hosts of the Lord came forward, and knowing one another, saluted and embraced also. After that they proceeded to the house of the Lord, which mortals had been inspired to build of wood and clay. And when they were within, they joined in prayer and thanks to Jehovah, and they sang and danced, and rejoiced to their souls’ content.

05/8.4. At sunrise the next morning the mortal priests and priestesses, led by a prophet, went into the house of the Lord, to pray, sing and dance as they had been taught by inspiration from the Lord, but many people lingered outside, saying to one another:

05/8.5. Ta hop! Ta hop! (I fear! I fear!) For last night I saw lights in the house of the Lord, and I heard sounds like singing and dancing before the altar of God!

05/8.6. Nevertheless their companions persuaded them, and they went in and sang and danced also.

05/8.7. After a time of rejoicing, followed by quiet, the Lord said: Behold, O God, the follies of judgment, and the vain calculations of even Lords and Gods! We look upon the mature man, saying: Alas, he is stubborn in his own way; we cannot convert him. Then we desire the immature, saying: Him I will raise up in my own way, and he shall not depart from my judgment. But we tire of his immaturity and slow growth.

05/8.8. God said: On that hangs the highest testimony of the Person of Great Jehovah. He created man the nearest blank of all the living, purposely unlike all the rest and devoid of sense. Whereas, according to the order in the others of the animal world, a newborn babe should be already wise.

05/8.9. Jehovah says: I have provided all the living with certain paths to travel in; but man alone I created new out of all things dead and dissolved, and he shall grow forever. To the beast I gave an already created sense (so-called instinct); to man I allotted angels. And even these angels I have provided with others above them; and yet others above them, forever and ever. Thus the first of man, the newborn baby, I created a blank in sense and judgment, so that he may be a witness that even he himself was fashioned and created anew by My hand. Nor did I create him imperfectly, that he should re‑enter a womb and be born over again. That which I do is well done. ||

05/8.10. The Lord said: You are wise, O God. The opposites prove Jehovah. Water runs downhill, but man walks up the hillside; the tree grows up out of the ground while it lives, but after death it falls. Man stands on the earth, but the earth rests on that which is lighter than the earth. Jehovah says: The life of the tree is of Me; the unseen that holds the corporeal earth in its place, is of Me. ||

05/8.11. And yet, O God, who can attain to know Jehovah? The mortal says: When I am dead and risen in heaven I shall see the Great Spirit; but he fails, still being helpless, yes, as helpless in his place as he was helpless on the earth. Then he says: When I am strong and wise, like Lords and Gods, and can traverse[149] the wide firmament, then I will see Jehovah. But when he rises and can course his vessel through the whirlwinds of the vortices of heaven, and he is called Lord or God, lo, he finds the arcs and the ethea[150] standing before him still. More and more he is appalled at the thought of the Great I Am Who lives still beyond.

05/8.12. He hurries down to the corporeal earth, to teach mortals and spirits of Jehovah and His endless worlds and exalted heavens. But lo, the darkness of men! They say: I do not see Him; I do not hear Him; I do not believe in Him. He is merely like the wind, going without sense; as water goes down the hill, so is He; He is dead. He is nothing.

05/8.13. And the Lord invents ways and means; yes, he teaches man to pray and sing to Jehovah, so that the sounds may lead his soul upward. The Lord tells him to wear clothes and hide his nakedness from the Lord; and the Lord sends angels to reward him for his good deeds. And the angels of the Lord lay plots and stratagems in man’s pathway to stir him up. Yes, Jehovah gave man sleep, so that his corporeal‑bound spirit could see and hear heavenly things. But man loads his stomach, and debauches on intoxicating smoke and drink till his soul is buried in darkness.

05/8.14. And the Lord cries out in despair: How weak I am, O Jehovah, before You! I took it upon myself to be Lord over men on the earth, to learn my lesson in the government of worlds. But O Jehovah, I know I fail in Your sight. What will Your God say when he sees my little good? What pity do the archangels have for Your struggling Lord of earth?

05/8.15. God perceived the sorrow of his friend, and he said: O Jehovah, You Who are Almighty, how keener You have made our sense of our own weakness, than those who look upon us! Your Lord is my God in the glories he has wrought out of such crude substance, and I sing to his praise and love. Lo I have looked upon the naked men and women of this great land, crawling on hands and feet, with no thought but to eat, and I have seen them raised up by Your Lord and his ashars, to walk upright and use words of speech, and to wear clothes and skins to hide their nakedness. Yes, O Father, I have cried out with great joy, and I called aloud to You, O Jehovah, saying: Who knows the labor of the Lord! Will man ever forget to sing praises to the Lord God?

05/8.16. But Jehovah says: I will keep some of the tribes of men in darkness till the last days; for man in his conceit shall be confounded; for he shall perceive that the tribes of darkness cannot put away their own darkness. Yes, man shall bow down in reverence to My Lords in the early days of the earth. ||

05/8.17. In this way God and his Lord conversed, as they went forth to see the work of the Lord, and to find the mortals who had given up the places of asu and came to live in villages and cities. Over the continent of Jud they traveled for many days and nights. And when God had seen all the work of the Lord, he said:

05/8.18. Behold it is good. Your toil and seclusion away from the Lords of the upper heavens are severe, but you are fashioning the love of millions, who shall bless you.

05/8.19. Now while God sojourned here, his hosts regaled[151] themselves with the company of the ashars and asaphs in the kingdom of the Lord, and great was the love and rejoicing among them.

CHAPTER 9 Sethantes

05/9.1. When God’s visit was ended, and the hosts notified, the Lord gave a banquet lasting two days and nights, during which the angels sang, danced and trumpeted before God. After that, God and his hosts embarked on the ship, ready to proceed on the journey; and the Lord went up to the ship to say goodbye, and his host went with him.

05/9.2. God said: When dan approaches we shall meet again. May Jehovah prosper your harvests till then!

05/9.3. The Lord said: That is another hundred years! O God, I live almost in a wilderness. I have not ten million souls, mortals and spirits!

05/9.4. God said: Your kingdom shall be mighty when I come again. May it glorify Jehovah!

05/9.5. They embraced and separated! Each gave the sign of Jehovah’s name. Upward rose the ship of God, with banners outstretched, and newly ornamented by the Lord’s angels. And now, resuming its westward course, sped on above the mountaintops, like a meteor hurled from heaven. Meanwhile the trumpeters gave forth the gladly solemn sound of the march of God.

05/9.6. But before the ship had made half its journey, an approaching light emerged from the far west, radiant and laden with hosts from the Lord of Dis (Europe), and the Lord was also aboard.

05/9.7. When the ships drew near and halted, God called with a loud voice, saying: In Jehovah’s name, all hail! I know my Lord comes.

05/9.8. And the Lord answered: Hail to you, O God, Son of Jehovah! || And they turned the Lord’s ship and lashed the two together even as they sped on.

05/9.9. Now after they had all exchanged welcome and good wishes, the Lord said: Before we go to my central throne, let us survey the continent over which your servant is Lord of land and water.

05/9.10. And God answered: Your will be done, O Lord. And so they journeyed for many days, often descending to the earth in places where the Lord’s angels had begun colonies with mortals, impressing man with words of speech, and to live in villages.

05/9.11. And God said that all he saw was good and well done. So they came to the throne of the Lord and halted and sojourned for sixty days.

05/9.12. And God and his hosts, and the Lord and his ashars and asaphs, were together in general reunion, praying, singing and dancing, and reasoning on the endless works of Jehovah. But one book could not contain all that was said and done, of the excursions made, and the visits over the plains and mountains where in thousands of years from then, man would live and build cities, and go to war and destroy them.

05/9.13. The mathematicians foretold the great cities and nations that would rise up; how this one and that one would move to battle; how their great cities would fall in ruins and be covered up by falling nebulae, and by denuding mountains[152] washing down upon them, so that even the memory of them would be lost. And yet, further on, the mathematicians foretold the coming of The millennium (Kosmon) when the ruined cities would be discovered and their histories deciphered by the su’is[153] of man in Great Jehovah’s hand.

05/9.14. And now when all these things had been estimated, the prophets and mathematicians went before God, Son of Jehovah, according to the commandments of the Lord, and spoke, telling all these wonders.

05/9.15. When they had finished, God said: What is our service on the earth, O Lord? A few centuries at most and we will have risen up from the earth, taking our hosts with us to dwell in higher realms. But there shall be other Gods and Lords after us, to deal with mortals and newly born spirits. After awhile there shall be great warriors, and great cities and nations, and they shall have Gods and Lords of their times who will dwell many weary years, even centuries, in the darkness with man. After that, even the Gods and Lords will be forgotten. And man will turn against Great Jehovah, putting to death His adherents, preferring idols of stone and metal, and spirits born of woman.

05/9.16. The Lord said: And yet further on a brighter light adorns the way: Great Jehovah’s hand sends the traveling worlds into the light of The millennium (Kosmon), and new prophets arise, gathering up the histories lost and the glorious plan of the Great Spirit over all. Yes, even your labor and my ships will be seen by mortals of that day.

05/9.17. Thus they discoursed, reading the past and the future, and weighing the present; while angels less informed, gathered around to learn how worlds are peopled, and nations and cities destroyed; the far distant, and the near at hand, being as nothing[154] in Jehovah’s vast universe.

05/9.18. But the time came for God’s departure, and he and his traveling host embarked, and the Lord and his angels drew around to receive God’s prayer before he left. And so after they had embraced and parted, God said:

05/9.19. Though I go away, my love abides with you all. And now, O Jehovah, bless these my fellow‑laborers, and make them strong to endure their great trials. Yours is the power and glory, O Father! Amen!

05/9.20. The ship rose up and the trumpeters gave forth: Glory to You, O Jehovah, forever and ever!

CHAPTER 10 Sethantes

05/10.1. Jehovah spoke to God, saying: Steer your ship to the southland, My Son, and visit your Lord, who is God of Vohu (Africa). And God went as commanded, to the south, running close to the earth, over deserts and mountains.

05/10.2. But when they were a short way on the journey they were met by the Lord, who had been apprised of God’s coming. And the ship of the Lord came alongside, and made fast to the vessel of God, and all the angels saluted and intermingled, having known one another hundreds of years, and some for more than a thousand years.

05/10.3. The Lord said: On our journey, let us run our ship through the valleys and along the banks of rivers, for it is here that both asu and men dwell. And so they journeyed, surveying the earth as they sailed above. The country was mostly barren, supporting neither man nor beast.

05/10.4. But man dwelt by the riversides, burrowing in the ground to avoid the heat by day and the cold by night. And they came to places where the angels of the Lord were dwelling with mortals, having inspired them to make villages and to hide their nakedness.

05/10.5. The Lord said: Behold, O God, only the unseen is potent over man. If the beasts or the stones or the forest could tell man to hide his nakedness, he would not; nor will he heed[155] his brother’s voice. Without experience, man cannot be advised profitably regarding himself, for Jehovah has made him that way. Because man cannot discern angel presence, the angels alone can teach man and inspire him to new life. For they talk to him in his sleep, and show him what is for his own good. And when he wakes in the morning, he supposes it was himself talking, and he is ambitious to obey himself. Patient and of long endurance are the angels of the Lord.

05/10.6. God said: Will man ever know he has been raised up? Will he be believing? Or will he, too, need to go to some new world and raise up its first fruits and toil his hundreds of years with naked mortals? O Jehovah, how wisely You have shaped the labors of the believing and the unbelieving!

05/10.7. Lo, man comes forth out of the earth, boasting of his unbelief, saying: Unless I see with my own eyes, and feel with my own hands, I will not believe. But You, O Jehovah, have fitted a labor for his eyes and for his hands, to his heart’s content.

05/10.8. And yet another man comes forth out of the earth, being believing, and quickly he mounts to the thrones of Your exalted heavens. Great is the work of Your Lord, O Father.

05/10.9. The Lord said: Who knows Your wisdom, O Jehovah! Who cannot perceive You in the foundations of Your everlasting worlds? You have provided nurses for the new earth; and out of this, Your footstool, You will bring forth many, who will, in the far future, be laboring as Your Lord and his angels labor here. Of what expanse is Your wisdom, O Jehovah!

05/10.10. In this manner they conversed and journeyed onward, till they reached the throne and place of the Lord. And here they made fast their ships, and they descended, down to the city of Ong’oo, in upper middle of the continent of Vohu (Africa).

05/10.11. And the Lord now sent messengers to all the ashars in his dominions, appointing ten days of rest, and time for feasting, music, dancing, and worshipping Jehovah.

05/10.12. And so it came to pass that the angels of the Lord and those of God held a reunion, being the first one in over a hundred years.

05/10.13. And then God toured over all the continent of Vohu, inspecting the work the Lord had done, and he pronounced it good before Jehovah.

05/10.14. When God had rested the full time, he and his hosts entered the ship of God, and taking leave of the Lord and his hosts, departed on the journey, saluting the Lord with a thousand trumpeters in the name of Jehovah.

CHAPTER 11 Sethantes

05/11.1. And now the long journey across the ocean was about to begin. God said: Great is Your wisdom, O Jehovah, in the division of waters! Your barriers protect nations from nations. You have made a refuge beyond the waters, where the evil man cannot pursue. Yet greater still are Your spirit oceans, O Father. The spirits of darkness cannot cross over, and the spirits of newborn peoples are not contaminated. O You Far‑seeing; You Bestower of thrift[156] into the hands of Your Gods and Lords.

05/11.2. The master of the ship provided well for the journey; and presently the vessel of fire sped over the water, high above the clouds that cover the ocean. Onward to the west, bleak and desolate, through the spirit sea, unseen by mortals. On the distant borders, where the lands come to the water’s edge, the Lord of the land of Thouri (America) stood, stationed in a ship, to welcome God to the great west lands.

05/11.3. And this was the land that the angels later called North America, signifying the meeting of nations and the dawn of The millennium (Kosmon).

05/11.4. God came down out of the ship and stood on the land, and a light of etherean flame descended upon him, and Jehovah spoke out of the light, saying: Hear Me, O My Son! I have brought you here to this land, which is the last of the circle, even as Whaga is the first. Behold, when the earth is circumscribed[157] with those who choose Me, I will come here with a great awakening light to the souls of men.

05/11.5. On this land I will finish the dominion of the Gods and Lords on earth, even as begun on Whaga;[158] through you and your Lords I will now lay the foundation for My kingdoms. On this land I will raise up a people who shall be the fulfilling of that which the I’hins of Whaga profess; for My chosen shall come out boldly against all dominion except Mine, Jehovah’s. Look over this land, My Son, and provide for the time of The millennium (Kosmon).

05/11.6. My prophets will foretell[159] you what shall happen; and afterward you shall look upon the mountains and strong standing rocks, and the thought of your soul will pierce them, and its impression will be as a written book before the races of men in that day. Nor will they know the cause, but they shall come forth in tens of thousands, for My sake, putting away all Gods, Lords, and ancient tyranny. Your soul shall be My talisman, deeply engraved in the land, water and mountains.

05/11.7. On this land alone, no Lord or God shall be established by the sword, for it is My land, which I planned for the deliverance of the nations of the earth. ||

05/11.8. The hosts of both the ships came and joined in gleesome reunion after a hundred years’ absence; then they traveled over the land and waters of the great west continent.

05/11.9. And all the places that the Lord had searched out, to the east and west and north and south (i.e., in all directions), even to the farthest boundary, were revealed and recorded in the books of heaven.

05/11.10. God said: And you, my Lord, shall mark out the place of the dominion of Jehovah in the founding of His kingdom on earth. And a record of your labors shall descend through the Lords and Gods that come after you, even down to the time of the coming light of The millennium (Kosmon).

05/11.11. And the people, who shall dwell here till that day, shall never be worshippers of any Lord or God, such as other people shall worship.[160]

05/11.12. Let my seal be put upon this land, in the name of Jehovah, and to Him I consecrate it forever!

05/11.13. When all that was accomplished, God and the Lord rested from their labors. And the Lord prepared a feast and reunion for all the angels in his dominions.

05/11.14. So they assembled; and they sang, prayed, danced, and conversed on things long past and things of the future, reassuring one another of their love and high esteem, even like mortals of this day do.

05/11.15. When the banquet had ended, God and his traveling host, in due ceremony and order, took their leave. And so God departed. And when the ship of God was raised up and under way, the voice of Jehovah came to God, saying:

05/11.16. Steer your ship, My Son, over all the other lands, islands and waters of the earth. Go low down to the earth so that your recording angels can witness the affairs of men, and all the places I created on the earth, and the waters of the earth.

05/11.17. So God visited all places on land and water, where man lived and where man did not live, and the angels made a record of them in the books of heaven.

05/11.18. And the time of God’s journey since he left Hored was one year and seven days; and his rest was completed. So he sent messengers to Hored, his heavenly kingdom, announcing the time of his coming. And for there he set sail.[161]

CHAPTER 12 Sethantes

05/12.1. When it was known in Hored that God was about to return, Ha’jah prepared for God’s reception.

05/12.2. And there volunteered ten thousand musicians, five thousand bearers of banners, one thousand marshals and officers of the throne, and one hundred thousand receivers, to go part way and meet God and his companions.

05/12.3. And Ha’jah granted their prayers and they started at once,[162] being the most majestic host that had as yet gone forth in the lower heaven.

05/12.4. And when they were a little way off, behold, God and his ship of fire approached in heavenly splendor. And the marshals met him and laid hold of the ship’s han’iv,[163] at which, all the hosts did the same, except the musicians, who sang and played.

05/12.5. When they drew near and entered Hored, Ha’jah broke down from his high estate, and left the throne, running to meet God as a child would run to its father. And when the multitude saw this, they also broke loose from decorous behavior and gave full vent to their outbursting love for God and his hosts. And all the people became as a tumult[164] in rivalry of rejoicing.

05/12.6. In a little while God and Ha’jah turned and walked to the throne and ascended it; Ha’jah took his place, and God sat to his right, and order reigned.

05/12.7. Ha’jah said: In Your name, O Jehovah, I welcome back Your First Son of earth, to the kingdom You have bestowed upon him and Your sons and daughters. Because he has glorified You, by his labor, wisdom and love, we honor him in Your name and for Your glory!

05/12.8. God said: In Your name, O Jehovah, I return to these, my loves! That I am returned I glorify You, O my Father. That You have made them rejoice, is the glory of my life.

05/12.9. And now a great light gathered up around the throne, so bright that many could not look upon it, and presently the power of Jehovah came upon Ha’jah, and the voice of Jehovah spoke through him, saying to God:

05/12.10. This is again your throne, O My Son! You shall finish that which I have put upon you. Your people shall learn the manner of My kingdoms, and know that even as I make all, so do I rule over all.

05/12.11. Hang up your traveling garb, My Son; dismiss your traveling hosts and resume your seat on the throne, for I gave it to you. The voice departed; Ha’jah rose up and stood aside, and the light fell upon God, and he resumed the throne and was hailed by the multitude in Jehovah’s name.

05/12.12. God said to Ha’jah: Because you have prospered my kingdom during one whole year, you shall be my companion and assistant, with power and wisdom to superintend all matters not directly under my Lords.

05/12.13. Behold, I have set this day apart as a new day in heaven and earth; because on this day the sun takes its course from the north line; and from this time forward it shall be called the new year’s day. So shall it be, from this time forward, the day of the relief watch in Hored.

05/12.14. Hear my voice, O Ha’jah, and members of the Council of the throne of heaven! That which I commanded, you shall proclaim throughout heaven and earth to all who serve me.

05/12.15. Because of the increase of the kingdom of Hored, I will have the place enlarged; and the Council shall no longer be called a Council, but Moeb, for it shall be an assembly over all councils below it.

05/12.16. And Moeb shall no longer deal with the affairs of individuals, even if they are Lords; but it shall have dominion with the cities and kingdoms of heaven, and with judgments and decrees.

05/12.17. But in all matters of less degree, this, my son Ha’jah, shall have dominion. And you, O Ha’jah, shall build a house in Hored, near this throne, and it shall be your residence and the place of your business.

CHAPTER 13 Sethantes

05/13.1. So God enlarged the place of Hored, and built one thousand more pillars of fire, enlarging the circle and otherwise making it a place of splendor. And God called together the recorders from the libraries of heaven, and caused them to select one hundred thousand new members for the house of Moeb (Parliament), choosing them from the highest on the lists. In this matter, God said:

05/13.2. Do not seek for the most learned, or the most prayerful, to be members; but choose those who rank highest in assimilating to Jehovah and to their fellows; for these are the first to become Gods and Goddesses. Jehovah says: A strong man may do more good works than a weak one; and yet the latter may stand fairer in My sight. I open the way to the weak and the strong; to the learned and the unlearned.

05/13.3. God said: In all these matters, whichever man or woman has put away self‑desires for self’s sake, serving the Father by laboring for others, is on the road to wisdom. And if the records show a sufficient time for growth in such a man or woman, through which these virtues become organic,[165] then choose that person, for Moeb shall be composed of such.

05/13.4. So the laborers gathered agni[166] from the heavens around them, and remodeled the interior of Moeb, so that its members would be seated according to their rank. On the day it was finished, the recorders brought the new members, who went into the temple to their respective places.

05/13.5. When they were seated, God spoke from the throne, saying: To You, O Jehovah, I have built the house of Moeb in Hored; by Your wisdom I have chosen its members. To You, O Father, I dedicate this house, and it shall be Your house. Give us of Your light, O Jehovah, so that we may not err.

05/13.6. A light descended from the heavens above, and fell upon the members of Moeb, as a symbol of approval by the archangels; and presently the new members stood up of their own accord, but the old members remained seated.

05/13.7. God said: Above your heads I make the sign of Jehovah’s name, in a circle of fire, and the cross, and the leaf of life; for by it, you are sworn to the Father’s labor.

05/13.8. Hear me, then, O my beloved: From this day forward you are denied individual ministration with individuals, but you are now a unit with many, and your labor, love and wisdom must be in concerted action with these.

05/13.9. From now on you must no longer say: What can I do for this man or that man, or this woman or that woman, or this child or that child? || For this is individual labor; and on the earth such ministration belongs to the ashars; and in atmospherea, it belongs to the asaphs. But you shall minister to organic communities who are composed of individuals. For there are communities for factories, for education, for treatment of the sick, and so on; and such communities exist both on earth and in heaven.

05/13.10. You shall divide yourselves into groups for this purpose, and every group shall be in charge of its special business; and each group shall stand in Moeb as one member of Jehovah’s judgment seat. You shall divide according to your talents, and group together, each of you choosing a department in which you have the greatest wisdom and strength. Withdraw now to complete your groups according to the rates my proper officers will assign, and then return again into Moeb, and in Jehovah’s name, take the seats allotted to you all.

CHAPTER 14 Sethantes

05/14.1. On the second day after the house of Moeb was completed, and all the members were in their respective places, Jehovah spoke through God, saying:

05/14.2. Now is the beginning of the second resurrection. Even as the corporean puts off the corporeal body, and is born a spirit, becoming the first resurrection, so are you, in putting away individual self and becoming an organic community, the beginning of the second resurrection.

05/14.3. Because those of the first are for individual self, I have bound them close to the face of the earth; as they survived on the earth on corporeal food, so have I made them to survive in the lowest heaven on atmospherean food. Because Moeb has risen above these conditions, I will exalt the foundations of the house of Moeb higher up from the earth than Hored, and Moeb shall be the lower house of My kingdom.[167]

05/14.4. The voice of Jehovah departed and God saluted Ha’jah in the name of the Father. And a great light enveloped the house of Moeb, and the es’enaurs chanted a hymn of praise. Then God arose and stood in the throne of Jehovah, saying:

05/14.5. Hear me, O all you people of heaven above and heaven below, the house of Moeb in the beginning of the second resurrection is founded in Jehovah’s name. Proclaim the words that have gone out of my mouth, to the east and west and north and south, and to the swift messengers of the arcs of the firmament above.

05/14.6. Glory, glory, to Jehovah! Boundless and Almighty Creator, Present, and full of love, wisdom and power, glory to You forever and ever, amen!

05/14.7. The house of Moeb chanted a proclamation. The swift messengers assumed their respective globes of light, and began to ascend in every direction, carrying the word to the exalted spheres.

05/14.8. And God crowned Ha’jah as sub‑God of Hored,[168] and he was proclaimed to all the quarters of heaven and earth. And the history of his name exists to this day as Jah, among mortals.

CHAPTER 15 Sethantes

05/15.1. Ha’jah said: With the exaltation of Moeb, so too shall my places be exalted before Jehovah. Let the enumerators of the communities of heaven send representatives before me, and the communities of manufacturers who produce food and clothes for the es’yans, the communities for hospitals and nurseries, the communities for education, the communities for training messengers, and all other communities.

05/15.2. When the representatives came, according to the instructions of the marshals, and were before the throne, Ha’jah said:

05/15.3. The toilers shall not always be toilers; the physicians not always runners after the sick. Whoever is proficient, I will exalt. He who can walk shall no longer crawl.

05/15.4. Many are wise and strong, and some have passed beyond the boundary of self‑desires for self’s sake.

05/15.5. A child may not have self‑desires, but then it lacks wisdom and strength. A full-grown man or woman may have wisdom and strength, but lack in the abnegation of self.

05/15.6. I will make every community a double from this time onward, and one shall be called Maga, and the other shall be called Minga. Maga shall be my promoted laborers, who are being prepared for the second resurrection.

05/15.7. And Maga’s labor shall be in concert with Moeb, the house of Jehovah. But Minga’s labor shall be as before, with individual affairs and the organizing of new places for the delivered es’yans, who are the fruit of the Lords and their kingdoms on the earth.

05/15.8. Let my marshals select judges to carry out these, my decrees, in the name of Jehovah.

CHAPTER 16 Sethantes

05/16.1. From the founding of Hored until the installment of Ha’jah, was one hundred and thirty years, and at that time the lower kingdom of heaven was fully organized according to the decree of Jehovah.

05/16.2. And the kingdoms of the Lords on earth were also fully established. And at that time the earth had passed into Hon’she, in the etherean space, where the Orian Shrevarhs[169] dwell, to whom the swift messengers from God had reported the condition of the earth’s surface, with the tablets of Grade and Ingrade of mortals.[170]

05/16.3. The Shrevarhs said: The earth has not attained her fullness. The gases of her low regions must be purified to make more places for mortals.

05/16.4. So it came to pass that fire, brimstone, iron and phosphorus fell upon the earth, by command of the Shrevarhs, by the will of Jehovah, and this shower reached into the five divisions of the earth. But before its fall, God was notified, and he apprised the Lords, and they informed the ashars, and they impressed those mortals who were in rapport with heavenly things, and the chosen marched away from the places of destruction, so that not one perished.

05/16.5. But many of the asu’ans were consumed in the fire.

05/16.6. But God sent extra workmen, and surgeons and physicians, from heaven, down to those spirits who were falling into forgetfulness and dissolution, and commanded that they be engrafted on the surviving asu’ans for pity’s sake; and this was accomplished through the Lords of the earth and their servants, the ashars.

05/16.7. At the end of two hundred years God enumerated the people in the lower heaven, and there were, besides the spirits of the fetals (many of whom were doubtful as to everlasting life), two hundred and ninety‑six million souls. Of these more than thirty million, who were the first of the earth’s production, had been raised up to the grade of Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovah.

05/16.8. And now the sixth generation of the seed of the fallen angels was delivered, and this was the fullness of earth bondage for them.

05/16.9. God summoned the house of Moeb for the revelations of Jehovah on the first day of the first year of dan of Hon’she. And when they were assembled, and had chanted to Jehovah appropriate anthems for the times past, the All Light came upon God, and he said:

05/16.10. Behold, the time of dan of Hon’she is here. Before three days pass by, the hosts from the etherean heavens will descend to accomplish the resurrection of my hosts to the regions from which they came two hundred years ago.

05/16.11. Summon my Lords of the earth, and my people of heaven; proclaim my words to them.

05/16.12. You who peopled the earth with everlasting life, attend to my words; the harvest of the new year has ripened, it will be gathered into the heavens above. Let my people rejoice, for the glory of deliverance is at hand.[171]

05/16.13. In Orian fields, hosts of angels and archangels wait, full of hope and love, to receive these, the first fruits of the new earth.

05/16.14. Clothe them in quietness with the rays of light. Make ready; for etherean Gods and Goddesses set sail in the regions above to come and deliver us.

05/16.15. Proclaim my words in all places in the name of Jehovah. And add to them, saying: If you desire to ascend, come to Moeb, in the name of the Son of Jehovah!

05/16.16. Messengers went forth, both in heaven and on the earth, and proclaimed that which had been commanded.

05/16.17. And on the third day, ninety million angels assembled in Moeb and Hored, to witness the descending and ascending of Jehovah’s chosen. And the archangels of Hon’she sent a hundred thousand Gods and Goddesses to guard Moeb and Hored, to dispel and keep away the clouds and sunshine, so as to add glory to the scene.

CHAPTER 17 Sethantes

05/17.1. The Loo’is came before God, and having organized themselves into one community so as to make it lawful to speak in Moeb, they appointed Ga’wasa to speak on behalf of the community. Ga’wasa said:

05/17.2. Hear me, O God, in the name of Jehovah! You have ordained me according to the custom of heaven, to be a master of generations with mortals, and yet one generation is incomplete, for which reason I have come before you. Today I have been summoned by Jehovah, through your messengers, saying: If you desire to enter the next resurrection, come, for the time of harvest has come. Thus says God, Son of Jehovah. || Yet, I also desire to dwell another generation on earth.

05/17.3. God said: The places of heaven are open to all. If you want to ascend now, do so. If you want to wait one generation, then you shall wait two hundred years, for that is the period of the next harvest.

05/17.4. Ga’wasa said: In Jehovah’s name, let my brethren pass before you in judgment.

05/17.5. God said: Jehovah’s will be done.

05/17.6. Ga’wasa withdrew and went and told his brethren what was said; and presently they came in and passed in judgment before God.

05/17.7. God said: You have said, let me pass in judgment before you! Hear me, then, for this is my judgment: If you ascend with your work incomplete, you will be the unhappiest of men. Remain, therefore, for a greater glory is within your reach.

05/17.8. The Loo’is passed to the left, signifying their determination to stay another two hundred years with mortals.

05/17.9. After the Loo’is, others came desiring to be adjudged by God, and to all who had incomplete work, God said: Remain! And they remained.

05/17.10. Besides these, there were seventy thousand ethereans eligible to ascend, who volunteered to remain with mortals another two hundred years. Among these were the five Lords and Ha’jah, and four hundred messengers belonging to Hored, and seven hundred women in fetal,[172] in the western division of Hored under the Lord of Whaga.

CHAPTER 18 Sethantes

05/18.1. Jehovah spoke in the arc of O’wasti, in the Orian field of Hon’she, in the etherean heaven. Jehovah said: Earth’s time is at hand; the deliverance of her first‑born will fall at your doors. Come forth, O My sons and daughters, and receive them from My hand.

05/18.2. Onesyi, high aspiring Goddess of Hon’she, along with a thousand counselors,[173] gathered in a host of five million souls, emancipated, and to them the dignified Onesyi spoke, saying:

05/18.3. Unlike all harvests previously delivered to us from other corporeal worlds, Jehovah sends us the first‑born of the earth. Let us rejoice and glorify Him, O my beloved. Send out to the boundaries of Hon’she and proclaim there the upraised hosts of earth. You, who volunteer to go to the earth to receive them, come quickly. And you, who remain at home, provide them with mansions and quarters.

05/18.4. Onesyi said: Swift messengers have just come to me from the arc of Wan; Etisyai will be there. She was the one who bestowed Jehovah’s crown on the first God of the corporeal earth. Her hosts, a million strong, go by the way of Tiviyus, and ask that we meet them in O’wea. And you, Wistaw, shall sit on my throne. I will go to the earth, to receive the thirty million newborn, the glorious gift of Jehovah.

05/18.5. Onesyi said: The young virgin earth has given birth. O the joy of the firstborn! I will take with me a host of singers, a million strong. Their voices shall have power and sweetness to win the love and adoration of all thirty million. The glory of Jehovah’s works shall shine so brilliantly upon them that all past trials shall be forgotten. Hasten, O Gods and Goddesses! Let down the curtains of fire! Here begins the play of Jehovah in the management of a new world!

05/18.6. Now men and women gathered together, being those long raised up in the emancipated heavens, whose wills were potent over a’ji and nebulae, and swift in appropriating what Jehovah had fashioned in the firmament. And they built a ship, the size of which was equal to the width of Hored, and filled it within with angels of the rank of Gods and Goddesses, many of whom had been brought forth into life before the earth was created, and whose native corporeal worlds had gone out of existence. And they let down curtains from the ship, and the curtains were like flames of fire, and they reached downward, equal to the breadth of the earth.

05/18.7. These Gods and Goddesses were like a unit in will; being potent and swift workmen, the ship was soon laden and on her course through the vault of heaven. Past the a’jian fields of Che’wang, she rode swiftly. Soon the hosts of the much‑loved Etisyai were seen in a smaller craft, highly polished and swift, making way for O’wea.

05/18.8. Up goes a shout of joy from millions of throats, then a song of delight; heaven is joyful in Jehovah’s boundless dominions. And now the two approach O’wea; and they slacken speed and draw near each other, nearer and nearer, till the ships touch and are joined by skilled workmen.

05/18.9. Forth leap the two Goddesses, Etisyai and Onesyi, and in no stateliness or ceremony, but like children in whom love is transcendent, they fly to each other’s arms, amid the outburst of joy from the countless throng. Yet onward moves the etherean ship, majestic and meteor‑like, steadily taking course to the new earth.

CHAPTER 19 Sethantes

05/19.1. And now the evening of the third day had come, and God and his hosts in Moeb were hastening all things, to be ready for the great light that was to descend from high heaven.

05/19.2. The ninety million angels looked upward, watching for the dawning of the light, waiting and watching. And many who remembered Etisyai, of two hundred years ago, wondered if she would return in glory, like when she came and crowned God by Jehovah’s command. Some were robing themselves in white, and hastening nervously, like a bride about to wed; some were half inclined to sorrow for leaving the earth and lower heaven, where they had toiled so long; and some were stately and by their presence said: Your will be done, O Jehovah!

05/19.3. God ascended the throne, and Ha’jah came up and sat at his right hand; and the light of Jehovah shone upon them so that many newborn, especially of the es’yan spectators, could not look upon them.

05/19.4. God said: One dan has come and gone; this harvest is only thirty million.

05/19.5. Ha’jah said: Your son, O Jehovah, has shaped the destiny of a world. Great is his glory.

05/19.6. A light of golden hue gathered above the throne, and took the form of a triangle; and there was a graven image at every corner, which together read, I‑O‑D; and it was in the character of Whaga,[174] bestowed by the Lord on the altars in the houses of worship on earth, and its value was thirty‑three million, which was the exact number prepared for the emancipated heaven in etherea; and the thirty‑three was the years of a generation of mortals.

05/19.7. God said: Jehovah is one; the living is one; inanimate corpor is one; and these three are the entirety. To teach mortals this, O Ha’jah, is to give wisdom to the earth. Take this triangle, O Son of the Most High. And as long as Seffas endures on the earth it shall be the bequeathed[175] heirloom of heaven, descending from God to God who occupies the throne.

05/19.8. Then God stretched forth his hands, and the triangle became fixed and solid, and God hung it on Ha’jah’s neck, adding: In the name of Jehovah, receive this jewel (the triangle), as my parting testimonial. Remember, that when mortals are raised up to understand this symbol of three in one, then The millennium (Kosmon) will begin to dawn on the earth.

05/19.9. Ha’jah said: O God, symbol of the three attributes, love, wisdom and power! You left your stately home, where you had Gods and Goddesses for companions, and came to the far-off earth, which was young and curtained around with poisonous gases, to guard the young and imperfect angels of other worlds in their wanderings forth, with your wisdom, love and power concealed. You gave them liberty and yet redeemed them. You stretched forth your hand over the earth and made it yield souls to glorify the Creator. And yet all the while you have never quoted yourself. O that this could be taught to angels and men! What person will not trip or mention himself, or make himself a manifested self?

05/19.10. This day I am to be crowned, to fill the place you have built up; but I falter and tremble like a child. Ha’jah burst into tears, and after a little while he added: O Jehovah, why have You laid Ha’jah’s tears so close? You have created love in my soul, and it has grown to be a mountain. God, Your Son, who has been my tutor for a thousand years, and on many worlds, corpor and es, is now thrusting Your glory upon me.

05/19.11. God said: Heed[176] the earth and her heavens, for they are to be yours for one dan. And remember also, that though I ascend with my hosts to etherea, yet I have charge of this world until the completion of this cycle [dan’ha], two thousand eight hundred years; after I ascend, my archangels shall answer to your prayers to Jehovah.

05/19.12. Suddenly a light came down from the firmament, like a new star, twinkling, with a halo extending wide on every side. All eyes were turned up, full of expectancy. Hushed and still, the ninety million stood.

05/19.13. Presently the star assumed a brighter phase and spread its halo outward, with horns descending, like a crescent, like that formed in sacred worship when a God stands in the midst. Larger and brighter the light grew, tremulous[177] and waving like sheets of fire.

05/19.14. Then, three rays of light shot down toward Hored and Moeb, piercing, and in advance of the central orb. And the three rays were red, blue and yellow; but the crescent beyond was white, and it shone abroad over the heavens, so that the corporeal sun and stars in the firmament were invisible.[178]

05/19.15. Upon seeing the majesty and grandeur of Jehovah’s host descending, millions of es’yans and clouded souls in the lower heaven broke and fled; some ran and hid to avoid the threatening light. For such is the magnifying power of the etherean flame, that all dark thoughts and hidden evil lurking in the soul are magnified, and made so plain that even the dumb can read them through.

05/19.16. Millions of the ethereans on God’s staff had seen such scenes before, and now stood in glee, firmly riveted by the joy within them. To them, a hundred to one, clung the newly raised from earth, who had never known any other heaven, except the atmospherean heaven that travels with the earth around the sun every year. From these there arose millions of whispers, saying: It is like a new death; like a new birth. Behold a man dies on earth, and his spirit flies off to another world. And now yet again it flies off to still another world.

05/19.17. Quickly, now, projecting foremost came the three great rays; and these were the orders of marshals from the a’jian fields of O’wea and Hon’she; the red lights represented A’ji, the blue lights represented O’wea, and the yellow, Hon’she. Of these marshals, there were one million, and they cast curtains to cover around all of Hored, the great kingdom.

05/19.18. Chief of the marshals was Ah’jeng; and next to him were five sub‑chiefs; and next to them one thousand tributary chiefs, who were masters of the ceremonies; and they came in the center of the descending three great rays of light, came swiftly and direct toward the throne of God. And the substance of the rays of light was like curtains of cloth,[179] one end of which reached up to the now near approaching crescent sea of fire.


i015 3w f2 c Etisyai and Onesyi Descending


i015 The First Harvest. Earth and lower heaven, with the fire-ship of Etisyai and Onesyi and their etherean hosts descending, for the deliverance of the first harvest of heavenly souls raised up from the earth.


05/19.19. When the light was nearly touching the pillars of fire surrounding Moeb, it slackened a little, and then gently slowed. The chieftains leaped from the etherean flames and stood at the foot of God’s throne, saluting in Jehovah’s name.

05/19.20. God and Ha’jah stood up and answered the sign, then descended and went to the left and right of Ah’jeng, and all three ascended; then Ah’jeng sat upon the throne, and the voice of Jehovah spoke through him, saying:

05/19.21. Hold up your heads and rejoice, O My sons and daughters! Behold, I come in a flame of fire! I am here, there, and throughout the place of heaven, boundless. I gather together and I put asunder[180] the loves of mortals and angels. For they shall go abroad in My firmament and behold My glorious works.

05/19.22. Down to the corporeal world I descend and carry away the loved, for they are Mine. I will make all people look up to My kingdoms. Down to the lower heaven I come in ships of light, curtained about with etherean mantles,[181] and gather in My harvest of new births to higher worlds, more radiant. My hosts below shall look up and glorify My everlasting splendors.

05/19.23. I give the tear of grief, sorrow and pity; but, in its flowing forth, I come with holier light and power to stir up the souls of My people. For they shall learn to speak to their Father, Who hears, and is attentive and full of love.

05/19.24. My joy is in the birth and growing up of souls, and in the joy of their joys, and in the proclaiming of their adoration for My boundless universe.

05/19.25. I call to them in darkness, and they come forth; but they halt in the darkness, and I call again, and I send My higher, upraised angels to them, and they call also. Yes, I fill the sky with the splendor of My worlds, es and corpor, so that I may stir man up to rise and enjoy the things I have made.

05/19.26. The voice departed, and Ah’jeng said: Behold the glory of the heavens, O my beloved, and the reward of the diligent in heart. Jehovah lives and reigns, the Highest and never to be reached, the Forever Beyond, and yet Ever Present.

05/19.27. O You Light of Light and Life of Life, how wonderful is the substance of Your creation! You have given me light to see Your splendors, which are forever new. O Jehovah, You Past, Present and Future of one time, which is and was and ever shall be. Jehovah, You Seen and Unseen, and Potent, Who have from Your very Self imparted a part to all the living! Who have raised up these of Hored! Glory be to You forever and ever!

05/19.28. And now, by certain signs and signals, Ah’jeng directed the officers of his hosts to take possession of Moeb and Hored. And the marshals extended out around the place, and by their presence added new light to the pillars of fire.

05/19.29. The marshals were decorated with colored raiment and signs and symbols, denoting the places from which they came, and their rank as Gods, and the experience they had passed through.

05/19.30. When Ah’jeng ceased speaking, the music of the chosen band of descending angels broke upon the place; first, faintly and far away. The work of the marshals was in keeping with the time of the music; and as the music drew nearer and stronger, so also more and more of the marshals descended and filed off to their respective places.

05/19.31. Presently the advance of the horns of the crescent, and the cold wave of the falling sea of fire, swept over the lower heaven fearfully and with unquestionable power. By a signal from God, the Brides and Bridegrooms joined in the music of the archangels, and great was its glory.

05/19.32. Between the horns of the crescent was a star of wonderful beauty; and it came toward God’s throne, reflecting countless rays of light, brilliantly and awe‑inspiring. And as the star drew near, it opened on the advance side, as a shell is opened, and there, with arms entwined, sat Etisyai and Onesyi, Goddesses.[182]

CHAPTER 20 Sethantes

05/20.1. Ah’jeng stepped down and stood at the foot of the throne. Masters of the inner temple gathered about the star, and unrolled a carpet reaching across the threshold, and the two Goddesses stepped forth from the crystalled cushion within the star, and glided, as if on a ray of light, up to the judgment seat of Jehovah. Meanwhile the musicians, a million voices, chanted: Glory, glory to Jehovah, Creator of worlds! Whose place is magnificence, and counterpart to endless time. The All, Whose Great Existence surpasses the grandest thoughts of men and Gods! Whose worlds in splendor are the scrolls, on which His hands write with the souls of mortals, His Almighty Will and Boundless Love!

05/20.2. And now the wheels of the great ship of fire, spread out and around; and all the millions of descended hosts formed a mighty amphitheater in which Moeb occupied the arena with its thirty‑three million Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovah arrayed in white, but differently from the Redeeming Hosts from the etherean worlds.

05/20.3. Moving in unison as one person, in time to the music, without a word of command, the hosts proceeded; each as a shining crystal in the place allotted, and void in nothing; and all so perfect, as if Jehovah had made each a special work of wonder to inspire men with reverence for the talents He had created.

05/20.4. The hosts, forming in place according to the music, were so perfectly timed that when the music ceased, all was still. The throne stood in the east, facing the west; the hosts of Moeb, who were the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovah, occupied the lower plane, and the ethereans surrounded them on all sides, rising higher and higher in the distance.[183]

05/20.5. God and Ha’jah met the Goddesses at the foot of the throne. God knew Onesyi hundreds of years before in other worlds, and he remembered Etisyai, who had crowned him two hundred years ago. Likewise Ha’jah also knew Etisyai and Onesyi. When they met they all saluted by touching the right hands; and immediately the Goddesses ascended to the center of the throne, and God went on the right and Ha’jah on the left.

05/20.6. Etisyai and Onesyi looked hopefully on the Brides and Bridegrooms, but were passive. Presently the voice of Jehovah spoke out of the light of the throne, saying:

05/20.7. Soul of My soul, substance of My substance, I created man. Out of My corporeal Self I clothed him with flesh, blood and bones. Man’s spirit I gave from out of My own spirit, ever present; and I quickened him to move on the face of the earth.

05/20.8. God and the Brides and Bridegrooms responded, being quickened by the All Light: Out of corpor I came, quickened by Jehovah’s Ever Presence. By virtue of His Wisdom, Power and Love I came into the world; to Jehovah all glory is due forever!

05/20.9. Again Jehovah spoke, saying: I allotted man a time to grow, to attain wisdom, power and love; a time to rejoice, and a time of sorrow; a time to beget offspring and know a father’s love and care. In likeness of Me, I gave him attributes of My attributes, so that man could know Me and My Love.

05/20.10. Response: By the bondage of my love to my descendants, I know my Father lives and reigns, and will watch over me forever!

05/20.11. Again the voice of Jehovah said: I gave man a time in the corporeal form, so that he could learn corporeal things, and to learn where the tree of life springs from. I made man from no self‑existence of his own, but from Myself; and in the place I quickened him into life, I bound him for a season. But when man has fulfilled his corporeal life I provide death to deliver him into a new world.

05/20.12. Response: Beautiful is Your Wisdom, O Jehovah, and far reaching. I was bound in the flesh even as a beast; like the attributes of a beast was my judgment, struggling for things of the corporeal world. With horror I looked upon death; as a sore calamity I judged Your cutting me off. But You delivered me into another world, preserving my judgment whole, bringing me to the heavens of my forefathers.

05/20.13. Then Jehovah said: At no time did I bring man, newborn into the world, without a mother and a nurse, and rich nourishment to feed him. Yes, I gave him angels to inspire him and lift him up; and I provided a Lord of the earth to manage his kingdoms and nations, and a God in heaven with a throne and judgment seat, so that man in the angel world would be provided and wisely instructed in soul, to comprehend the glory and harmony of My worlds.

05/20.14. Response: Bountiful, O my Father Above! From nothing that I knew of, You brought me into conscious being, and in my helpless days fed me with rich nourishment. You gave me rulers and examples of government on the earth to discipline my soul to the order of men. And when I was born in heaven, I found God on his throne and a well‑ordered haven of rest, with willing angels to clothe, feed and teach me the ways of Your kingdoms in the firmament.

05/20.15. Again Jehovah said: When man has fulfilled his time in the lower heaven, I prepare him by ample teachers for a higher resurrection. As Brides and Bridegrooms My hosts adorn them, and I come in a sea of fire. First man was wedded to the earth, by Me solemnized,[184] and without man’s knowledge. Then to the lower heaven, he was wed, laboring with spirits and mortals.

05/20.16. The voice departed, and now Onesyi spoke, saying: Behold the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovah! When they were young they were wed first to the earth and then to the lower heaven, without their wills. Now they stand before the throne of God. In Your name, O Jehovah, I command them to speak their wills.

05/20.17. Response: I put away myself for You, O Jehovah! Make me one with You! I put away the earth for Your kingdom’s sake, O Jehovah! Make me one with You! I put away Your Lord and Your God, O Jehovah, for sake of You! Your Lord and Your God raised me up and made me strong, but lo, the small spark of Yourself within my soul has grown to be a giant, bowing to none but You, O Jehovah! O make me Your Bride (Bridegroom), O Jehovah!

05/20.18. Onesyi said: The lame and the weak shall have a crutch, but the glory of the Father is to see His Brides and Bridegrooms walk alone. Whoever is wed to Jehovah shall never again, for self’s sake, say to any man, woman, Lord, God, person or thing: Help!

05/20.19. Response: God and the Lord were my Saviors; without them I would never have known of Your exalted heavens, O Jehovah. Your Spirit calls me forever upward. Your Lord and Your God taught me to look upward; yes, they prayed for me. Now I am strong before You, O Jehovah! From now on, I will pray to You only; but never for my own benefit, nor for glory, ease, rest or exaltation; but that I may be quick, strong and wise to do Your will forever!

05/20.20. Onesyi said: Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovah, All hail! All hail!

05/20.21. Response: Voice of Jehovah, All hail! All hail!

05/20.22. Onesyi said: To Jehovah and His everlasting kingdoms you are wed forever!

05/20.23. Response: To You, O Jehovah, I am wed forever!

05/20.24. Onesyi said: To be one with Him forever!

05/20.25. Response: To be one with Jehovah forever!

05/20.26. The voice of Jehovah said: They shall judge from My judgment seat; in them My Wisdom shall shine; for they are Mine forever!

05/20.27. Response: To consider You first, in all things, O Jehovah, this I shall do now and forever!

05/20.28. The Voice said: Behold, I have woven a crown for them; adorn them for My sake.

05/20.29. Response: I will have no crown, except that woven by You, O Jehovah! For Your sake, I will wear Your crown forever!

05/20.30. The Voice said: Behold, these who were My sons and daughters have become My Brides and Bridegrooms; they are Mine forever!

05/20.31. Response: I am Jehovah’s forever!

05/20.32. Onesyi said: Pass before the throne, O my beloved. The testimony of Jehovah awaits His redeemed.[185] You shall dwell in the emancipated kingdoms forever!

05/20.33. And now the hosts of Brides and Bridegrooms passed singly before the throne of God; the whole thirty‑three million passed. And during this time the es’enaurs chanted a hymn of glory, and mists of yellow, blue and red fell from the firmament above; and the mists descended into the archangels’ hands as they stood about the throne, and by them were converted into crowns, which were placed on the heads of the Brides and Bridegrooms. And on the crowns were the words: In Wan brought forth; delivered in Hon’she.

05/20.34. As the hosts passed in front of the throne, Onesyi said: That which springs out of the earth feeds and clothes the atmospherean; but the etherean draws from the etherean worlds. Behold the crowns of the earth and of the lower heaven are only symbols of power, wisdom and love; but that which I bring from Jehovah’s kingdom contains real virtue.

05/20.35. And lo and behold, the Brides and Bridegrooms became as archangels by virtue of the crowns from Jehovah’s hand.

CHAPTER 21 Sethantes

05/21.1. When the ceremonies were ended, Onesyi said: Soon now in the name of the Father, we will rise and go on a long journey; and so that you may be apprised and consorted in love, I proclaim the freedom of the hour in Jehovah’s name.

05/21.2. And the people went and mingled with each other, rejoicing and saluting. And Ha’jah, God and Etisyai greeted one another, and the Lords came forward and were greeted also; and then came the marshals, followed by the es’enaurs, and next came all long‑serving laborers. And lastly, all who had redeemed any man or woman from darkness to light, came forward, and were saluted and duly honored.

05/21.3. And for the space of one hour all the angels indulged in revelry, reunion and fullness of heart; but no book could relate the thousandth part of the questions asked and love assurances expressed.

05/21.4. When the hour was ended, Onesyi signaled the proper officer, and he sounded the gavel thrice,[186] at which all was hushed and still. Onesyi said:

05/21.5. As Jehovah bestows a newborn child, and then takes the father and the mother away to the es world; so, likewise, Jehovah sent Etisyai, my sister, to establish the lower heaven, and now I come by His command to bear away this harvest to His everlasting kingdom. As a child bewails the loss of its father and mother, so will you who remain, bewail the loss of this rich harvest of archangels.

05/21.6. It is Jehovah’s will that you drink deep of the sorrow of parting, for by this bondage you will be again reunited in the heavens still above. The progress of the soul of man is forever onward and in steps and plateaus; and the glory of the resurrection of the one who goes before is equally as great as is the sorrow of the one who remains behind. But the love that binds together is as a chain stretched out across the universe; neither time nor distance shall prevail against its inventions.

05/21.7. Swift messengers, well trained to course the vault of heaven, will pass between you, carrying the tidings of your soul’s delight. And as Jehovah gives summer to follow winter, and the winter the summer, so also shall the time come again and again, forever, in which you shall mingle and part; again labor together, but in broader fields, and again part for a season.

05/21.8. Behold the wisdom of Jehovah in placing far apart the places of the souls of men; for all things abiding near each other equalize themselves. Even as there is glory in a new birth, so is there glory in death; as there is sorrow in death, so is there joy in resurrection. The time has now come when these whom you see, you shall not see for a long season; but you shall rejoice in this hour of parting, for they rise as Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovah.

05/21.9. The es’enaurs sang an anthem of praise in which all the hosts united, and great was its glory. And now Onesyi arose, saying:

05/21.10. Jehovah, Almighty and Everlasting! Holy, Holy Creator, Ruler and Giver Forth! Look upon this Your Son, Ha’jah! O Father, in Your Name and by virtue of Your Power vested in me, I perpetuate and crown him God of Heaven and Earth!

05/21.11. Ha’jah, now God, said: Your will be done, O Jehovah! Then Onesyi turned to the five chief Lords of the five divisions of the earth, and bestowed them in like manner.

05/21.12. And Onesyi stretched forth her hand, saying: Give me a crown, O Jehovah, for Your Son, God of heaven and earth! And etherean substance descended into her hand, and she raised it up, and lo, it became a crown of great beauty, and she put it on God’s (Ha’jah’s) head. Then, in like manner, she crowned the Lords of the earth.

05/21.13. And Etisyai and Onesyi came down and sat at the foot of the throne.

05/21.14. God (Ha’jah) came down from the throne with Whaga and Jud, and extending their hands, they said to Etisyai, Onesyi, and Sethantes, the retiring God:

Arise, O Goddess,

Arise, O Goddess,

Arise O God;

and go your way!

05/21.15. And they rose up and marched forth. The proper officers had already prepared the ship for its etherean journey; and soon as Etisyai and Onesyi had entered the central star, all the people who were to ascend went into the places assigned them.

05/21.16. God (Ha’jah) and the Lords returned, in tears, to the throne, and now the plateau of everlasting light began to ascend. Music sprang from every side, glorifying Jehovah and the magnificence of His bountiful worlds.

05/21.17. And those of the lower heaven echoed the music above; and the light of the ascending ship of fire made all else seem a shadow. But higher and higher it rose, in the form of a crescent, slowly turning on its upright axis, turning and rising, higher and higher, and the music faded away in the distance.

05/21.18. In a little while the meteor‑like ascending ship of heaven looked like a star, till farther and farther off it disappeared in the distance.

05/21.19. And that was how the first harvest of angels born of the earth, ascended to the emancipated heavens in etherea.

CHAPTER 22 Sethantes

05/22.1. God said: Arise, O Lords of my realm, and go to the kingdoms of earth, which you received from Jehovah’s hand; and may His wisdom, love and power be with you all!

05/22.2. And the Lords departed with their attendants, and went to their kingdoms over mortals.

05/22.3. And this was the beginning of the second dispensation of the first cycle of the Eoptian[187] age of the earth. And the lower heaven was well established in habitations,[188] angels, officers, and in all the requisites[189] for the upraised souls of mortals.

05/22.4. And God dispensed laws and government like his predecessor, enlarging all the places according to the increase in the number of spirits rising up from the earth.

05/22.5. And the voice of Jehovah was with God; and as the first kingdom had been called Hored, so the second was called Hored, signifying the place of God.

05/22.6. And as it had been with the Lords of the earth in their places, so it continued with the new Lords, and they enlarged their places also, even according to the increase in the number of inhabitants of the earth.

05/22.7. And as it had been in the past, that messengers plied constantly between Hored and the Lords’ places, so it continued. By this means, through God and his Lords, all the affairs of the lower heaven were kept in harmony.

05/22.8. And God ruled in Hored four hundred years, and Hored spread over all the lands of the earth.

CHAPTER 23 Sethantes

05/23.1. When the time of God and his hosts was fulfilled, Jehovah brought the earth into dan of Eyon, in the arc Lais, whose angels descended in a ship of fire, and delivered God, his Lords, and all the hosts under them who were prepared for the etherean resurrection. At this time there were six hundred and twenty‑five million inhabitants in atmospherea. And the number of the second harvest was two hundred and eighty million.

05/23.2. The ascent of the second harvest was like the ascent of the first harvest. And the place of the landing of the second harvest in the firmament of heaven was in Lais, and Bin, and the grade of the harvest was seventy‑eight, being two less than the grade of the first harvest.

05/23.3. So the heavens of the earth passed into the care of the succeeding God and Lords, who had been raised up and prepared for those commissions. And for the present there were no more ethereans dwelling in these regions.

05/23.4. Jehovah had said: Those who come out of the earth shall be sufficient to themselves. As a mother provides for her child, so do I provide for the spirit generations of a corporeal world; but when they are mature in wisdom, strength and love, I command them to take the offices of Lords and God in the management of My kingdoms.

05/23.5. So it came to pass after the ascent of the ethereans, that the whole earth and its lower heavens were under the dominion of those who had sprung up out of the earth. And it became a saying: The first was etherean rule; the second was atmospherean rule. For the earth had Lords who had been on no other world, and a God who had never been on other worlds.

05/23.6. And it likewise came to pass that the atmospherean rulers were more lenient in their government, and less tyrannical[190] than the ethereans had been. For as the ethereans had forbidden the es’yans, the newly dead, to return to their mortal kindred, until their fiftieth year in spirit life, it was not so with the present Lords and God, for they indulged hundreds of thousands of es’yans for sympathy’s sake to return to their mortal kindred. And these es’yans did not become workers in heaven, either for others, or for their own resurrection to higher regions; but they became idlers and vagabonds in the lower heaven, often living with their mortal kindred till their mortal kindred died, and then, in turn, persuading these es’yans to do even as they did.

05/23.7. And God perceived, when it was too late, that his leniency had laid the foundation for disorganizing the kingdom of heaven; for the strolling idlers, knowing no other heaven, sowed the spirit of disbelief throughout the places of learning and industry in the lower heaven, persuading others that they were toiling to no good purpose.

05/23.8. They said: Behold, it was told us on earth there was a Jehovah! But we are in heaven, and yet we do not find Him. Now we know, in truth, there is no All Person. Come, then, let us seek ease and the rich viands that rise up out of the earth. A man lives on the earth and dies, and his spirit floats about, and then there is no more of him. Why will you serve the Lord? Why will you serve God? Be free and live for yourselves instead of for others.

05/23.9. Thus it came to pass that little by little the lower heaven began to fall from its high estate.

05/23.10. The third dan was six hundred years, and God and his Lords, having provided successors, ascended with their harvest to etherea. And its number was four hundred and eight million Brides and Bridegrooms, and their grade was sixty‑six.

05/23.11. The fourth dan was five hundred years, and the harvest was six hundred million Brides and Bridegrooms; and their grade was fifty‑eight.

05/23.12. The fifth dan was three hundred years; and the harvest was two hundred million; and their grade was fifty, which was the lowest grade capable of emancipation, or capable of surviving in etherea.[191]

05/23.13. And now darkness set in and covered all the earth. And from this time until the end of the cycle, which was three thousand years from the birth of man on earth,[192] there were no more resurrections to the emancipated heavens.

05/23.14. The Kingdom of Hored was broken up and dissolved. The spirits did not love to labor or learn according to Jehovah’s plan, but returned to the earth‑attractions; and they were called drujas,[193] because they did not desire resurrection.

05/23.15. And God, Lords, officers and teachers were without subjects and pupils. And mortals were overwhelmed by thousands and millions of drujas, so much so,[194] that the ashars were powerless to accomplish good inspiration.

05/23.16. At this time there were more than three billion[195] angels in atmospherea, and for the most part, they dwelt on earth.

05/23.17. Thus ended the first cycle of the first heaven of the earth.


First Book of the First Lords

Being contemporary with the Book of Sethantes, Son of Jehovah. That is, when Sethantes was God of heaven, his Lords had dominion on the earth in the same period of time. And this is their book, even as the preceding one was God’s book.

CHAPTER 1 First Book First Lords

06/1.1. In the beginning God created the heavens of the earth; and the Lord made man upright. Man was naked and not ashamed; neither did he know the sin of incest, but dwelt like the beasts of the field.

06/1.2. And the Lord brought the angels of heaven to man; by his side they took on forms like man, having all the organs and attributes of mortals, for it was the time of the earth for such things to be.

06/1.3. So it came to pass that a new race was born on the earth, and these were called I’hins, because they were begotten[196] of both heaven and earth. Consequently it became a saying: The earth conceived of the Lord.[197]

06/1.4. And the name of the first race was Asu, because they were of the earth only; and the name of the second race was I’hin, because they were capable of being taught spiritual things.

06/1.5. The Lord said: Of all that live on the face of the earth, or in its waters, or in the air above, that breathes the breath of life, I have delivered only man to knowledge of his Creator.

06/1.6. And the Lord spoke to the I’hin through his angels, saying: Go hide your nakedness, for it is the commandment of God.

06/1.7. The I’hins were afraid, and they clothed themselves, and were no longer naked before the Lord.

06/1.8. Then the Lord commanded the angels to give up their forms, and to no longer be seen as mortals.[198] And it was done. And the Lord said to them: Because you brought forth life, which is in flesh and blood, you shall minister to man for six generations on the face of the earth. And it was so.

06/1.9. And so that man may continue to walk upright, you shall teach him the law of incest, for man on his own cannot attain to know this.

06/1.10. Nor shall you permit the I’hins to dwell with Asu, lest his seed go down in darkness.

06/1.11. And man was thus inspired of the Lord, and he walked upright, and prospered on the earth.

06/1.12. But after a season man became conceited in his own judgment, and he disobeyed the commandments of God.

06/1.13. And he strayed out of the garden of paradise and began to dwell with the asu’ans, and there was born into the world a new race called Druk, and they did not have the light of the Father in them; neither could they be inspired with shame, nor with heavenly things.

06/1.14. But the I’hins were grateful to the Lord, and they gave sacrifice in burnt offerings. And they said to the Druks: Go sacrifice to the Lord, and he will prosper you. But the Druks did not understand; and they fell upon the Lord’s chosen, and slew them, right and left, taking their possessions.

06/1.15. And the Lord said to the Druks: Because you have slain your brethren you shall depart out of the place of God; and so that you may be known to the ends of the earth I put my mark upon you.

06/1.16. And the mark of the Lord put upon the Druks was the shadow of blood, which, being interpreted, is war.[199]

06/1.17. And the Lord God said: By this sign, the tribes of Druk and their descendants shall be known to the end of the world.

06/1.18. And woman, being more helpless than man, cried out with fear, saying: O Lord, how shall I bring forth to you, and not to the sons of death?

06/1.19. And the Lord said: Because you have brought forth in pain, and yet called on my name, behold, I will be as a shield and protector to you. For I will also put a mark upon the I’hins, my chosen, so you shall know them when they come to you.

06/1.20. And the Lord commanded the male I’hins, old and young, to be circumcised, so that woman would not be deceived by the Druks. And the I’hins circumcised their males, old and young; for it was the testimony of the Lord to woman that seed of their seed was born to everlasting life.

06/1.21. And the Druks went away into the wilderness, and dwelt with the asu’ans and with one another.

06/1.22. God said: I will make a boundary line between the tribes of Druks and the I’hins; and this is the line that I the Lord God make between them:

06/1.23. The I’hins shall labor and clothe themselves, and I will remain with them; but the Druks shall wander in the wilderness, neither laboring nor clothing themselves.

06/1.24. And it was so.

CHAPTER 2 First Book First Lords

06/2.1. The time of the habitation of Asu was eight thousand years; and they survived two thousand years after the time of the birth of the I’hins, which is to say, Asu dwelt on the earth six thousand years, and then conceived of the chosen of God; and after that survived two thousand years more.

06/2.2. And Asu disappeared off the face of the earth.

06/2.3. But the sacred people, the I’hins; and the carnivorous people, the Druks; remained on the earth.

06/2.4. The I’hins were white and yellow, but the Druks were brown and black; the I’hins were small and slender, but the Druks were tall and stout.[200]

06/2.5. Now, because the Druks had not previously obeyed the Lord, but went and dwelt with the asu’ans, there was a half‑breed race born on the earth, called Yak, signifying ground people; and they burrowed in the ground like beasts of the forest. And the Yaks did not walk wholly upright, but also went on all fours.[201]

06/2.6. God said: Because the Yaks cannot be taught the crime of incest, behold, they shall not dwell forever on the earth. So shall it also be with the Druks, except where they cohabit with the I’hins, whose seed is born to everlasting life. But with the Druks, and their heirs that spring from the Yaks, there shall be an end, both in this world and the next.

i014 3w cl I'hin I'huan Yak


i014 Some Races of Man. I’hin, I’huan, Yak.


06/2.7. And the arms of the Yaks were long, and their backs were stooped and curved. And the Lord said: Because they are the fruit of incest, and not capable of speech or eternal life in heaven, the I’hins shall make servants of them.

06/2.8. And so that they may not tempt my chosen to bring forth fruit to destruction, they shall be neutralized in my sight. So the angels of God taught the I’hins to make eunuchs of the Yaks. And after making eunuchs of both the male and female Yaks, the I’hins took them for servants.

06/2.9. And the Lord said: The Yaks shall serve the I’hins, and build and sow and reap for them. And it was so.

06/2.10. The I’hins were disposed to live alone, but the Lord called them together, saying: Come and dwell together in cities. For it is fitting that you live in the manner of my kingdoms in heaven.

06/2.11. Build therefore, to the Lord your God; and my angels shall dwell with you, teaching you to sing and dance for the glory of your Creator.

06/2.12. And man built to the Lord, and established worship on earth in the manner of heaven.

06/2.13. Now it happened that the Druks came to witness the rites and ceremonies of the chosen, but they took no part in them, nor did they comprehend their meaning.

06/2.14. And God said to the I’hins: So that you can teach some of them about the Lord your God, build within the house of worship an image of me; build it in likeness of man. And I will manifest to those who are capable of everlasting life.

06/2.15. And the I’hins, men and women, with their servants, built images of stone and clay and wood to the Lord, and stood them by the altars of sacrifice.

06/2.16. And during the time of worship, the angels of the Lord came and possessed the idols, and spoke from them with audible voices in the presence of mortals.

06/2.17. And the Druks inquired of the I’hins as to the cause. And the I’hins said: Behold, there is a God in heaven, subtler than the air of heaven.[202] It was he who brought us forth out of darkness. He speaks in the idol so that you may know he abides with his people.

06/2.18. The Druks said: What does he say? The I’hins answered: That whoever has attained to remember God is on the way to everlasting life.

06/2.19. The Druks inquired, saying: How can a man live forever? Behold, you, who believe, also die!

06/2.20. The I’hins answered, saying: As the voice of the Lord is unseen but potent, so is there a spirit in man unseen and potent, which shall never die, but ascend in heaven to habitations prepared by the Lord.

06/2.21. And many of the Druks pondered on these things, and their thoughts quickened their souls within them, so that they brought forth heirs to eternal salvation.

06/2.22. And the Lord said to the I’hins: Because you have done a good thing, go abroad, by the roadsides and in other places, and build images to me and mine, and my angels shall bestow gifts, signs and miracles.

06/2.23. And the I’hins supplied the roadways of the earth with idols of stone, wood and clay, and the angels of heaven descended to the idols and established heavenly kingdoms close by.

06/2.24. And when man came there, and called on the name of the Lord, it was a password for the angels; and they wrought[203] miracles, and otherwise gave man evidence of the Unseen.

CHAPTER 3 First Book First Lords

06/3.1. And God gave commandments to man, so that the earth could be a place of rejoicing forever. And these are the commandments of the Lord God given in that day:

06/3.2. You shall strive to remember the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul.

06/3.3. You shall not kill man, beast, bird, or creeping thing, for they are the Lord’s.

06/3.4. You shall build walls around your cities, so that beasts and serpents may not enter and do you harm. And if your habitation is in the wilderness, you shall build mounds of wood and earth to sleep on at night, so that serpents and beasts cannot molest you.

06/3.5. The I’hins inquired of the Lord, saying: If we build walls around our cities, how shall we get in and out? How shall we gather our harvests of fruit and nuts, and seeds of the field? How shall we ascend the mounds that we build in the wilderness?

06/3.6. The Lord said: Behold, my angels shall teach you to build ladders and how to use them. And when you go into the city at night you shall take the ladders in after you; and when you come out in the morning you shall let the ladders down again.

06/3.7. And God’s angels taught the chosen these things, and man provided the cities and mounds with ladders; according to the commandment of God these things were done.

06/3.8. And the I’hins prospered and spread over the face of the earth; hundreds of thousands of cities and mounds were built, and the I’hins rejoiced in the glory of all created things. Neither did they kill any man, beast, fish, bird, nor creeping thing that breathed the breath of life.

06/3.9. And God saw that man was good and grateful in all things; and God called to the angels of heaven, saying: Why are the I’hins good? For, as yet, they are ignorant!

06/3.10. And the angels answered, saying: They are good because you said to us: Go as guardian angels and inspire man to live without evil, || which we did; ministering to the I’hins, guarding and inspiring them night and day.

06/3.11. God said: Well then, the I’hins have no honor. Unless they learn by themselves to be good, they will be void of wisdom in heaven. For this reason you shall withdraw a little, so that man is tried as to his self‑commandment.[204]

06/3.12. So the angels withdrew awhile from the I’hins. Now the I’hins had stored in their cities and on their mounds, ample provision of food and clothing for the winter; but the druks did not follow the example of the I’hins, for the druks stored up nothing.

06/3.13. And when the angels withdrew a little way, evil spirits came to the druks, and said to them: Behold, it is winter, and you are hungry. Go over the ladders and possess the stores of the I’hins.

06/3.14. So the druks plundered the I’hins; and evil spirits came upon the I’hins also, and many of them were inspired to defend their stores. And war ensued;[205] and it spread around the whole earth.

06/3.15. And the I’hins asked the Lord as to why God allowed evil to come upon his chosen.

06/3.16. And the Lord said: Because you depended upon me for all things, you did not develop yourselves. From now on, man shall learn to face evil on his own account; otherwise he cannot attain to the Godhead in heaven.

06/3.17. Your Creator has given you two entities, that which is flesh, and that which is spirit. And the flesh will desire earthly things; but the spirit will desire heavenly things.

06/3.18. Behold, when the druks came upon you for your stores, your flesh cried out war, and your people fell.

06/3.19. Now I have come again to raise you up; to make you understand the spirit within. It is that, and not the flesh, which shall learn to triumph.

06/3.20. The I’hins said: Our people are scattered and gone; will they not mingle with the druks, and thus go out in darkness?

06/3.21. The Lord said: Behold there were druks who had learned a little from the images; now because your people are scattered and gone, they shall go among the druks and teach the law of incest and the name of God; and the druks shall also begin to hide their nakedness.

06/3.22. So the Lord inspired other people besides the I’hins, to make and wear clothes, which they did.

06/3.23. And again the Lord brought the I’hins together in lodges and cities, and he said to them: From this time forward, you shall live upon the earth as an example of righteousness. And your brethren who have mingled with the tribes of darkness shall no longer molest you, but shall be your defenders and protectors.

06/3.24. And a new tribe began on the earth; and they were called I’huans, because they were half‑breeds between the Druks and I’hins. The I’huans were red like copper; and they were taller and stronger than any other people in the world. And the Lord commanded the I’huans, saying:

06/3.25. Protect the I’hins, the little people, white and yellow;[206] call them the sacred people. For you are of them, and you are also of the Lord your God. And it was so.




The little people, white & yellow.




Mixed race. Coppor/red colored. Tallest and strongest on earth.




The big people; brown & black.



I’HINS (GOD’S ELECT SEED). The race born of a'su and angels; the half-breeds, from whom we are the descendants. (Abel/Seth was a type). Commanded to be circumsized 1:20  White & yellow, small & slender 2:4   Saved from the diluge in ships. Faithists

Have the greatest cities, which are small communities “hidden” within the suburbs of the large cities of the I’huan.

I'HUAN. Half-breed between I’hins (God’s elect seed) and druks. “Red like copper, taller and stronger than anyother race”. The copper-colored race. Strong, bright and quick. Jaere, Po, Abraham & Brahma are Ihuan of the I’hin side 4:11. Partly obey the LORD and partly the flesh. Protectors of I’hins. Hate the druks and pursue them with vengeance. “The I’hin precede the I’huans race in all the world” 2:11).  They are the heirs of the I’hin who will die out as they move up and another druk class is born.

1.        And the I'huan shall inhabit the whole earth in time to come; and he shall have dominion over everything on earth, and in the waters on the earth.

2.        And in time to come the I’hin (Chosen) race shall disappear from the earth; their like shall not be found on this my footstool.

DRUK. A low mortal; one who desires no spiritual light; one who can not understand spiritually. An evil man, a warrior. (Cain was a type).   Brown & black, tall and stout 2:4

ASU’ANS. Seed of A’su or Adam. Adamites. Mankind.

YAKS. Sloths, sasquatch, yack, beast. Servents of man. Animals not capable of salvation. Long arms, stooped and curved backs, walk on all fours. Servents to plow for I’hins.


CHAPTER 4 First Book First Lords

06/4.1. About this time man began to use his lips and tongue in enunciating words, prior to which he spoke in the thorax.[207]

06/4.2. And the Lord spoke to the I’hin, saying: So that the labor of the Lord your God may be remembered on the earth, go provide me a stone and I will engrave it with my own hand, and it shall be called Se’moin,[208] because it shall be a testimony to all nations and peoples, on the earth, of the first written language in all the world.

06/4.3. So the I’hins prepared a stone, hewed it flat, then polished it smooth; and the Lord came down in the night and engraved it. And the Lord explained it; through his angels he taught the I’hins the meaning of the characters engraved on it.

06/4.4. And the Lord said: Go into all cities in all the countries of the world, and provide copies of the tablet I have given. So it came to pass that the angels of heaven inspired the I’hins to make tablets and to read them, so that the first language of the earth (Adamic) could be preserved to the races of men. And it was so.

06/4.5. Now the I’huans partly obeyed the Lord and partly obeyed the way of the flesh, and they became warriors and destroyers; nevertheless, they neither harmed the I’hins nor allowed harm to come upon them.

06/4.6. God had commanded the I’hins to make eunuchs of the Yaks, the monstrosities, and use them as servants; for the Lord saw that the Yaks were not capable of everlasting life in heaven.

06/4.7. Now the I’huans also made servants of the Yaks in the same way; but they disobeyed God by inflicting the neutral gender on their enemies whom they captured in war. And although they were themselves half‑breeds with the druks, yet they hated the druks, and pursued them with vengeance.

06/4.8. In those days the relative proportion of the races of men were: I’hins, one hundred; I’huans, three hundred; druks, five thousand; yaks, five thousand; and of monstrosities between man and beast, three thousand; but the latter died each generation, for they did not have the power of procreation among themselves.

06/4.9. And God saw the work of destruction going on (of the I’huans slaughtering right and left), and he sent the I’hins to preach among them, saying to the I’hins:

06/4.10. Tell the I’huans: Do not kill whoever is created alive, for it is the commandment of the Lord.

06/4.11. For in the time of your most success in slaughtering your fellow‑man, you are also peopling heaven with the spirits of vengeance. And they will return upon you, and even the I’huans shall turn upon one another; thus says God.

06/4.12. But the I’huans did not understand; did not believe. And it came to pass that great darkness covered the earth. And man, except the few I’hins, gave up his life to wickedness all his days.

06/4.13. And the Lord’s people worshipped and preached in the temples, and the Lord and his heavenly hosts manifested to them; but all the other races of men did not hear; would not come to learn of God.

06/4.14. And the Lord became tired in his labor, and he called his angels to him, and he said to them: Behold, man on the earth has gone so far from my ways he will not heed my commandments; he cannot hear my voice.

06/4.15. And your labor is in vain also. For which reason we will persist no longer on the earth till man has exhausted the evil that is in him.

06/4.16. So the Lord and his angel hosts departed away from the earth. And clouds came over the face of the earth; the moon did not shine, and the sun was only like a red coal of fire; and the stars shone in the firmament during the day as well as at night.

06/4.17. The harvests failed; the trees yielded no nuts, and the roots on which man feeds ceased to grow.

06/4.18. And the monstrosities, and the Yaks, and the druks, died off, tens of millions of them. And even then they were not extinct. Nevertheless, the I’huans suffered less; and the I’hins not at all. For the Lord had previously inspired them to provide against the coming famine.

06/4.19. And the Lord bewailed the earth and the generations of man: I made man upright and walked by his side, but he slipped aside and fell, said the Lord. I admonished[209] him, but he would not heed. I showed him that every living creature brought forth its own kind; but he did not understand, did not believe; and he dwelt with beasts; falling lower than all the rest.


Book of Ah’shong, Son of Jehovah


God of the second cycle after man’s creation.

CHAPTER 1 Ah’shong

07/1.1. When God and his Lords of heaven and earth had lost their heavenly dominion, the swift messengers, who constantly ply through the atmospherean and etherean worlds, bore the report to Jehovah’s kingdoms in etherea.

07/1.2. The earth had passed the ji’ayan eddies at Shrapah, in the etherean roadway Hi‑abalk’yiv, and was heading for the eastern fields of Anakaron, having entered the dan’haian arches of Vehetaivi, where the great kingdoms of the Orian Chief, Hieu Wee, lay with his millions of Gods and Goddesses and high‑raised ethereans.

07/1.3. Into Hieu Wee’s presence, the swift messengers came, fresh from the heavens of the earth, with their pitiful tales of woe that had befallen its inhabitants.

07/1.4. Hieu Wee said: I see the red star, the earth, O Jehovah! I have heard the tale of horror. What shall be done, O Father?

07/1.5. Then Jehovah spoke, saying: Call your tributary Chief, Ah’shong. Let him hear the will of Jehovah!

07/1.6. Then Hieu Wee sent for Ah’shong, who had dominion over the fields of Anakaron in etherea, through which the roadway lay where the earth was to travel for three thousand years.

07/1.7. And when Ah’shong came before the Holy Council of Hieu Wee’s million Gods and Goddesses, the All Light fell upon the throne like a sun; and the voice of the Creator spoke in the midst of the light, saying:

07/1.8. Hieu Wee, My Son! And Hieu Wee answered: Here I am, Your servant, O Jehovah!

07/1.9. Jehovah said: Behold the red star, the earth; she enters the fields of Anakaron. She is dripping wet and cold in the ji’ayan eddies. Her God and Lords are powerless in the spell of darkness. Send your son, Ah’shong, to deliver the earth and her heavens. For behold, I will bring them to his door.

07/1.10. Then Ah’shong spoke, saying: Your will be done, O Jehovah. Though I have long been honored in etherea, with many etherean worlds to command, I have not as yet redeemed one corporeal world and her heaven from a time of darkness.

07/1.11. Jehovah said: Go then, My Son, to the laboring earth and deliver her; but first appoint a successor for Anakaron.

07/1.12. Then spoke Hieu Wee, who was older than the red star, who had seen many corporeal worlds created; had seen them run their course, and then disappear as such. He said to Ah’shong:

07/1.13. Send to both Wan and Hivigat, in etherea, and get the history of the earth and her heaven; and also obtain an account of her harvests of Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovah. And you shall call from my realms, as many million etherean angels as your labor may require, and with them proceed to the earth. There you shall establish a line of swift messengers between this place and yours, and, by the power of Jehovah, I will answer your prayers in whatever you may need.

07/1.14. Then Ah’shong went back to Anakaron, his etherean kingdom, and in the presence of his Holy Council, made known Jehovah’s will and his. And Ah’shong called for sixty million volunteers, to go with him on his mission; and they came presently: some from Yohan; some from T’seing; some from Araith; some from Gon Loo and from various other places in Anakaron; came in millions; as many as Ah’shong called for.

07/1.15. So Ah’shong raised up a successor to Jehovah’s throne in Anakaron, and he was installed and crowned according to the discipline of the etherean heavens.

07/1.16. And Ah’shong sent swift messengers into the former roadway of the earth to obtain its history; its harvests of Brides and Bridegrooms.

07/1.17. Then Ah’shong and his sixty million volunteers gazed toward the red star, and watched her as she coursed along in the arches of Vehetaivi.

07/1.18. Thus Ah’shong, well skilled in the course and behavior of worlds, gathered together his millions of angels, trained in arduous enterprise and furtherance of Jehovah’s will. Quickly they framed and equipped an Orian port‑au‑gon, and illuminated it with fire‑lights and bolts. And these sons and daughters of Jehovah embarked and sped forth. A half a million miles, to the outskirts of Anakaron, where they stood close above the earth, so near that the sweeping moon would almost touch the down‑hanging curtains of etherean fire. And here they halted, so that both mortals and angels belonging to the earth might see and fear; for Jehovah made man so that by unusual sights he would become weak and trembling, so as to change him to new purposes.


i016 6w m cl Ah'shong


i016 Ah’shong and Ethereans Come to the Red Star. A, Atmospherea; B, Ethereans; C, Distance: 20,000 miles; E, Earth.


07/1.19. Jehovah’s voice spoke to Ah’shong, saying: For three days and nights you shall stand in the firmament so that man on earth and in atmospherea may perceive the power and majesty of My chosen in heaven.[210]

07/1.20. Ah’shong said: On the fourth day, O Jehovah, I will cross Chinvat;[211] on the fifth, descend toward the earth. Bring me, O Father, Your messengers from the lower heaven. I will converse with them.

07/1.21. Jehovah sent the angels of the earth and lower heaven up to Ah’shong; disheartened they came, to know Jehovah’s will:

07/1.22. Ah’shong said to them: The Father’s hosts have come from their high estate and glorious ease, to redeem these fallen heavens and man on the earth. It is our labor to come in love to the helpless, and teach them how to sing in Jehovah’s praise. Then the swift messengers answered:

07/1.23. In the All Person’s boundless love, may you find recompense for your holy words, most honored God. Down in darkness, long and earnestly, the Lords of earth have labored in unison with heaven’s God, whose kingdom fell. Alas, our God, who ministered over the lower heaven, is crushed and humiliated. The enemies of high heaven, exulting in their spoil of Jehovah’s kingdom and His name, mock us, saying: Where is Jehovah now? Where the Higher Light? O Believers (Faithists) in an All Person boundless!

07/1.24. But now your high‑shining sun, your ship of etherean fire, makes the sons and daughters of the earth and her heaven look up, fear and tremble. And when your Light appeared we made all haste in hope of succor.[212] Our souls are more than filled with thankfulness; and in Jehovah’s name, we will go back and employ a million trumpeters to proclaim around the earth and heaven: Jehovah has come!

07/1.25. After due salutation the swift messengers departed; and Ah’shong made all things ready for his descent at the proper time.

CHAPTER 2 Ah’shong

07/2.1. Jehovah spoke to Ah’shong, saying: On the evening of the third day you shall move your etherean ship toward the earth. And when you arrive within an arrafon[213] you shall halt for another three days, so that your magnificence may awe the mortals and angels of earth with the power and glory of My emancipated sons and daughters.

07/2.2. Ah’shong proceeded as commanded, and when he came within an arrafon, halted for three days, and the magnificence of the scene overcame the stubbornness of mortals on earth and angels in atmospherea. Again Jehovah said:

07/2.3. Proceed again, My Son, and when you are within half the breadth of the earth,[214] halt once more and make a plateau in that place, and it shall be your place of residence for the period of dawn, which shall be seven years and sixty days.

07/2.4. And from this time forward, My etherean hosts shall not remain in atmospherea more than eight years in any one cycle. This dawn that I give you shall be like every dawn of dan, some of one year, some of two, three, four or more years, as the time requires.

07/2.5. And you shall dwell in your kingdom seven years and sixty days, and the time shall be called the first dawn of dan, and the next succeeding shall be called the second dawn of dan, and so on, as long as the earth brings forth.

07/2.6. And the time from one dawn of dan to another shall be called one dan’ha; and four dan’ha shall be called one square, because this is the sum of one density, which is twelve thousand of the earth’s years. And twelve squares shall be called one cube, which is the first dividend of the third space, in which there is no variation in the vortex of the earth. And four cubes shall be called one sum, because its magnitude embraces one equal of the Great Serpent.[215]

07/2.7. So Ah’shong proceeded again, and moved within four thousand miles of the earth, and the voice of Jehovah commanded Ah’shong to halt there, and found a new kingdom, using all things requisite[216] to that end. Jehovah said:

07/2.8. Your place shall be sufficiently distant from the earth, so that your dominion will not be disturbed by the confusion of fallen angels. Also, the distance of your kingdom will prevent those, whom you shall redeem away from earth and mortal contact, from returning to the earth.

07/2.9. Ah’shong perceived, and he proclaimed what Jehovah had spoken to him. And the hosts cast out fastenings to the plateau, so that the kingdom, together with the etherean sea of fire, could rotate with the earth and its atmosphere. Jehovah said:

07/2.10. Make the foundation of your place strong, and erect ten thousand pillars of fire around it; and in every direction provide roadways and mansions; but in the center you shall build the house of council, where your host of dominion shall sit during dawn.[217]

07/2.11. Ah’shong built the place as commanded by Jehovah, and when it was finished, Jehovah said: You shall call the place Yeshuah (Joshua or Jesus). And it was called that because it was a place of salvation. Again Jehovah said:

07/2.12. Now choose your council, My Son, and also your sub‑officers, and when you have completed the list, leave the sub‑officers in Yeshuah while you and your council of one million men and women proceed down to the earth and its heaven to cast your eyes upon its inhabitants, for they are in distress. And when you come to the place of My Lords and My God, deliver them and bring them to Yeshuah, for they need rest. And also bring away with you all I’hins in heaven who are capable, and place them into the care of your people.

07/2.13. Ah’shong did as commanded, first selecting his council and his officers, and then he and his hosts proceeded to the earth as commanded.

CHAPTER 3 Ah’shong

07/3.1. Up to this time the ancient names of the division of the lands of the earth had been maintained, and God and his Lords having been driven from the place of Hored, which had gone into dissolution, dwelt part of the time in Whaga and part in Jud and Vohu.

07/3.2. Accordingly God and the Lords had established three kingdoms, one in Whaga, one in Jud, and one in Vohu; and within these kingdoms of heaven there were two hundred million redeemed angels capable of the second resurrection, and one hundred million es’yans and unlearned apprentices. Whaga was chief of the three heavens, and there God, Lords and all chief officers had congregated as soon as the sign of the descending sea of Jehovah’s kingdom appeared in the firmament above.

07/3.3. Jehovah spoke to God, saying: Make your places ready, O My Son, and your Lords with you. Behold, I come in a world of fire, and My faithful workers shall find rest and happiness.

07/3.4. Ah’shong will redeem your sons and daughters, for he will girdle the earth with new etherean light and great power.

07/3.5. Call your people together, O God, and have them rejoice and make merry, for the time of deliverance is at hand.

07/3.6. Then God communicated to the Lords, and they again to others, the words of Jehovah; and at seeing the sign in heaven, the faithful began to rejoice and gather together in their respective places. But of the unbelieving angels dwelling on earth, with mortals and in other abodes,[218] of whom there were hundreds of millions, this is what happened:

07/3.7. They were overcome by the sight of the ship of fire in heaven above, and fled, in fear, in all directions. And by their great numbers in the presence of mortals, caused mortals to also fear and flee in search of some secure place. And many of these spirits of darkness came beseechingly[219] to be admitted into the kingdoms of the Lords, where they had been invited for hundreds of years but would not come.

07/3.8. But God and the Lords surrounded their places with walls of light and would not receive the unbelieving. God said: Until Ah’shong arrives let order be maintained within my kingdoms. || But outside, the fear that prevailed for six days and nights on earth and in heaven was greater than anytime since the earth first was.

07/3.9. Meanwhile God and the Lords brought their es’enaurs out, and they sang and danced before Jehovah. And on the approach of Ah’shong with his hosts, God’s musicians, heralds, and the great multitude arrayed in shining raiment, were all overcome by the splendor and magnificence, as were even God and his Lords.

07/3.10. These latter sat down on the improvised throne. The etherean marshals approached and divided their ranks, first into single columns, then double, then quadruple, and so on till the fifty thousand marshals had enclosed all sides, except the east, where there was an open space through which Ah’shong came, attended by his chief counselors, of whom there were five thousand. After them came the council of one million, interspersed here and there with groups of thousands of es’enaurs, who were chanting hymns of praise to Jehovah and His kingdoms.

07/3.11. Above the continent of Whaga and parts of Jud and Vohu, the lower heaven was illuminated by the hosts of Ah’shong, the like of which had never been in atmospherea before. Nor was there any work being done on earth or in heaven, because of the fear and great stirring up.

07/3.12. But now Ah’shong approached before the throne of God and the Lords, saluting with the sign of the second degree of Jehovah, saying: In Jehovah’s name, and by His Power, Wisdom and Love, I have come to give you joy.

07/3.13. God said: In Jehovah’s name, all hail! Ah’shong, chief of Anakaron, all hail! And God went forward to the foot of the throne and received Ah’shong, at which, the Lords came forward saluting also. The es’enaurs ceased singing, and Ah’shong proceeded to the throne and sat on it, and God took off his own crown and gave it to Ah’shong, and also gave him the triangle, which was called the heirloom of the heavenly kingdoms of earth, bestowed by command of Jehovah.

07/3.14. The All Light was abundant around Ah’shong; and out of the light, the voice of Jehovah spoke, saying: Because these things are done in My name prayerfully, and in faith, so do I dwell with you all. My Son shall wear your crown, O God.

07/3.15. Behold, I come in might and swiftness, for it is the springtime of the earth. My Son, Seffas, is afoot on the earth; he has stirred up the earth‑born. But I will establish My light anew in these heavens.

07/3.16. Have I not said: I brought the seed of everlasting life to the earth? || I gave responsibility to God and his Lords to teach mortals and spirits of My glories in the upper heavens. And I commanded that My God and My Lords in these realms would be from those who came up out of the earth.

07/3.17. You were installed by My hand, and have done a good work. Do not think that I curse because Hored and Moeb are fallen! Did I not know beforehand that these things would be? Behold, I have provided all My works so that man would be forever making new things. If Hored had remained standing, there would have been no heaven to rebuild on earth in this day. How, then, could My newborn Gods learn? Do not think that I come to teach with My own labor; I provide My people so that they shall teach one another.

07/3.18. What is so conceited as man? And yet I bring him into life the dumbest of animals. Man prides himself in his power and wisdom. I send the drought, the rains and winds, the weakest of My members, and they show man he is nothing. So also do My Gods and Lords of the lower heaven become conceited in their power and wisdom; but with the turn of a word, their heavens fall. Billions of souls turn from order and high estate, into confusion and anarchy. Thus I confound men and angels, and in their seeming misery lay the foundation for an everlasting good. The voice ceased.

07/3.19. Ah’shong said: In the name of Jehovah, I announce my presence over earth and the lower heaven.

07/3.20. The marshals said: All hail! Ah’shong, God of heaven and earth! Proclaim him in Jehovah’s name.

07/3.21. Hardly had these words gone forth, when the voice of the entire hosts joined in proclaiming: All hail! O God! Son of Jehovah!

07/3.22. Ah’shong, now God, said: Your crown shall be my crown, for under it, Jehovah’s power shall triumph; otherwise people would say: Behold there is no virtue in Jehovah’s crowns. So he placed it on his head, rose up, and saluted the retired God and Lords, saying to them:

07/3.23. I have a place for you; and it is called Yeshuah. Retire there with my proper officers, and partake of rest and the freedom of the place until I come also. But the retired God and Lords said: Put us to labor, we pray. To which, God (Ah’shong) said:

07/3.24. Jehovah’s sons must not be humiliated; how, then, can you labor under me? Were you not Jehovah’s God and Lords?

07/3.25. They perceived, and, after due salutations, were provided with an escort of five hundred thousand men and women; and they departed on their way to Yeshuah.

07/3.26. God (Ah’shong) said: Let M’ghi, Bing‑fo and Nest come before me. They shall be my Lords of dawn in Jehovah’s name.

07/3.27. The three came and stood before the throne. God said: I announce the presence of Jehovah’s Lords of the earth. The marshals said: All hail! O M’ghi, Bing‑fo and Nest, Jehovah’s Lords of Earth!

07/3.28. These were also proclaimed by the united voice of the assembled hosts. God said: In Jehovah’s name, go your ways, O Lords of earth.

07/3.29. At that, the Lords crowned themselves and departed at once, saluting reverently.

07/3.30. God said: Bring the atmospherean marshals before me. They were brought and stationed in front of the throne. God said: Glory to You, O Jehovah! For I look upon Your sons and daughters who have withstood a great darkness, but retained faith in You. In Your name, and by virtue of Your power, I deliver them now. Let him who is chief, answer me: How many angels are prepared for the second resurrection?

07/3.31. Sawni, chief marshal, said: Two hundred million. God said: Retire, you and your companions, and assemble Jehovah’s harvest of souls, and I will send them to Yeshuah.

07/3.32. The atmosphereans were then duly arranged as commanded, and God called a hundred swift messengers and one thousand etherean marshals, and they provided an abattos;[220] and the hosts who had been prepared for the second resurrection departed for Yeshuah, as commanded.

07/3.33. God said: I now have remaining, my etherean hosts and the atmosphereans in darkness. Of the latter, let them remain as they are for three days, for I will travel around the world with my etherean hosts, observing mortals and spirits in their places and habits, so that I may better judge them and provide accordingly.

07/3.34. So God and his etherean angels provided an abattos, and they embarked and started on their journey, traveling imperceptibly to mortals.

CHAPTER 4 Ah’shong

07/4.1. After God and his hosts visited the earth and the lower heaven, they returned to Yeshuah (Jesus) and sat in council on the affairs of mortals and atmosphereans.

07/4.2. The Council of Yeshuah, of which there were one million members, was formed in groups, and these again represented in groups, and these in still other groups. Consequently, a group of one thousand had one speaker, who became the voice of that thousand; of these speakers, one hundred had one voice in council; and of these, ten had one voice before God, and he was the voice of the whole, and Jehovah was his voice. Thus the whole council was represented in all its parts.[221] And this was the manner of proceeding:

07/4.3. God commanded the subject; the council deliberated in thousands, and each speaker became aware of the voice of his group. Then these speakers assembled in groups of one hundred and deliberated, and each of these groups again centered into one voice; and ten of these had one voice before God. Thus it came to pass that the decrees of God were both the wisdom of men and of Jehovah. From this sprang the saying: When God said this, or God commanded that, it was the word of Jehovah expressed by men and angels.

07/4.4. God said: Behold, the heavens and earth have become like gardens grown foul and rank, producing nothing. I have come with a pruning knife and a consuming fire.

07/4.5. God said: I withdraw from the druj and the druk the beneficence[222] of Jehovah’s chosen; I leave them destitute. Who can approach the beggar with wisdom, or the king with inspiration to be good? A drowning man will try to swim; but the reveler in lust must perish before his soul can learn Jehovah.

07/4.6. It is better to labor with a child from infancy, and then to maturity, to teach it rightly, than to strive with a score[223] of conceited adults and fail to redeem one. Who are the mockers of charity more than they who give to those who can help themselves but will not? Wisdom and uprightness of heart are like bread. Do not preach to unwelcome ears; are sermons of wisdom to be forced into men’s souls?

07/4.7. Blessed Jehovah! He made hunger, and so men love bread. Without hunger they would not eat. A wise God drives home to man’s understanding his helplessness in spirit when Jehovah is denied.

07/4.8. Pursue the earth, O my beloved; bring away all light. Pursue the lower heaven of the earth also; bring away all light. I will leave the earth and heaven in darkness one whole year. They shall cry out; their conceit in the dumb wind shall fail.[224]

07/4.9. Have the spirits of heaven not despoiled Hored and Moeb? Do evil spirits and evil men not say: Behold, there is enough! Let us divide the spoils. But they produce nothing. They are devourers; living on others’ substance. The Great Spirit made man to exert; by exertion he grows in wisdom and strength.

07/4.10. They seek ease and comfort; helpless and more helpless they fall; they are on the road to everlasting destruction. Happy is the God who can arouse them.

CHAPTER 5 Ah’shong

07/5.1. God said: Blessed is the surgeon’s knife; its burn is the capital of health regained; but yet a fool will cry out: Stop! Stop! Enough! You inflictor of pain!

07/5.2. Who has an eye like Jehovah? His whipping‑posts are on all sides, but there is a clear road between them. Yet man does not follow it.

07/5.3. Withdraw all good men and good angels; and they who remain would not be half made up.[225] A man without an arm or a leg is only part of a man; a man without perception of the All Person is a deformity in soul. He seeks a home for his own ease and glory; but the Son of Jehovah seeks to find the severest[226] labor that will profit[227] his brethren.

07/5.4. Yeshuah shall be my homestead; here I will bring the fruit of heaven from below; here build my training schools. Seven years my service shall be; and they shall learn the ways of etherea. Build me a house of brotherhood and fill it with willing pupils sworn to labor. I will make them Gods and Lords with power and wisdom.

07/5.5. Behold a man makes a factory and turns out fabric for sale. I make a college and turn out sons and daughters of Jehovah, to give away. Bring me that material which will stand[228] in warp and filling;[229] Jehovah’s fabric shall endure forever. Search out the seed of I’hin, and house them with care, for they shall redeem the earth‑born after I ascend to the Father’s kingdom. And there were brought from earth to Yeshuah one hundred million spirits. And these were divided into first and second best.

CHAPTER 6 Ah’shong

07/6.1. All the first best angels of atmospherea, who were brought away from the earth and housed in Yeshuah, were placed at school and in factories newly made in heaven. These were I’hins.

07/6.2. And the second best spirits were placed in hospitals and nurseries.

07/6.3. Of those who had advanced to receive the second resurrection,[230] God said: Build an etherean ship and take them to Theistivi, in etherea.

07/6.4. So it came to pass there were two hundred million raised to the second resurrection, of grade thirty‑five. Theistivi lies between etherea and Seven A’ji, which is the lowest of the etherean heavens next to an atmospherean abode.[231]

07/6.5. God said: Two qualities remain in Yeshuah, first and second. These shall be the new kingdom after I am ascended. From these I will raise up a God and Lords, and they shall rule over the lower heaven and the earth; and they shall bequeath others after them to rule in like manner.

07/6.6. And so the second light of Jehovah was founded on the fruit of the earth. God’s etherean hosts became a training school to raise up a God, Lords, marshals, es’enaurs, and all other officers, men and women, for a lower heaven. God said: Yeshuah shall not approach nearer the earth; nor shall it be like Hored, where spirits of darkness could easily approach.

07/6.7. Now, the one hundred million spirits, whom God, his Lords and fellow‑laborers had brought from the earth to Yeshuah, were placed in a brotherhood where they were assigned to the places suited to their talents. And God divided the time of study, recreation, music, discipline, marching, and so on, suited to all the people; and it was a place of order and glory.

07/6.8. For without discipline there is nothing; and discipline cannot be without ceremony; nor ceremony without rites, forms and established words. Is it not a foolish soldier who says: Behold, I am wise! I need no discipline, no manual of arms.[232] What more is he than one of an untutored mob?

07/6.9. God said: As I drill them in heaven to make them a unit, so shall you also give rites and ceremonies to mortals, so that, coming into heaven, they do not go back to their old haunts and fall in darkness. Whatever tends to harmonize the behavior of individuals is of the Father; the opposite tends to evil. It is better that men march to the sound of one monotonous word, than not march at all; the value lies not in the word, but in bringing into unison that which was void. A fool says: I do not need to pray, there is no virtue in words. But his soul grows up at variance with Jehovah. Nor is there more virtue in prayer or words, than in marching[233] before Jehovah; for whatever tends to unite men in one expression of soul in harmony, is Jehovah’s.

07/6.10. Sacred dances as well as rites and ceremonies were established in Yeshuah in the name of Jehovah; and the new heaven became a place of delight.

07/6.11. God said: Teach my chosen to labor hard and wisely; and to dance with energy, and to sing with strength and fullness of soul. For what more is there in any man or woman than to learn to put forth? And what more pitiful thing is there in heaven than a man or woman who has but dragged along?

CHAPTER 7 Ah’shong

07/7.1. When all the best spirits of the lower heaven, and those who dwelt with mortals, were taken away and domiciled in Yeshuah, there were only druj (spirits of darkness)[234] left on the face of the earth. For one whole year, God left the earth void of Jehovah’s light.

07/7.2. Mortals loved to commune more with the spirits of their kindred, who knew little of heaven, than they did with ethereans who were wise and holy.

07/7.3. God said: What man or woman have you found who says: Come angels of Jehovah, tell me where I can do more good works, for I thirst, and am hungry to serve Jehovah with all my wisdom and strength in doing good to my fellows?

07/7.4. Rather, they turn away from such angels, and drink in the tales of the strolling druj, and so wrap themselves up in darkness. For this reason they shall find darkness in heaven and earth; and they shall become like one who is sick and broken down in conceit.

07/7.5. When the year of darkness ended, God sent two million pruners around the earth and in the lower heaven of the earth, saying to them: Find all the evil spirits dwelling with mortals, whether they are fetals or familiars, and gather them into one place. Then find the spirits and fairies who have taken caves and waterfalls as their abode on earth, and bring them to the same place. Then find the idiotic and chaotic spirits who dwell on battlefields, and bring them to the same place. Then find the lusters, who dwell in old castles and ruined cities, and in houses of evil, and when they are going out for raids on mortals, seize them and bring them to the same place.

07/7.6. The ethereans went and collected all the evil spirits and the spirits of darkness belonging to the earth, and brought them to a place in atmospherea, and there were nine hundred million of them.

07/7.7. God said: Prepare a suitable ship to transport them to Hudaow, in Ji’ya,[235] and there provide them a kingdom to themselves, giving them a God, Lords and proper officers, to discipline and educate them for Jehovah’s Kingdoms.

07/7.8. They were removed accordingly, and the earth and its lower heaven were purified from evil spirits by the decree of God in Yeshuah, in the second year of the first dawn of dan.

CHAPTER 8 Ah’shong

07/8.1. In the second year of Yeshuah, God (Ah’shong) caused to be established in his heaven, all required places of learning and industry, where es’yans could be educated to good works, and to a general knowledge of Jehovah’s kingdoms. And sufficient ethereans volunteered as teachers and practitioners for all that was required.

07/8.2. God said: Now that the earth and heaven are purified from evil, my Lords shall deliver the es’yans to the asaphs, who shall deliver them to Yeshuah, which I have established a short distance from the earth as a barrier against their returning to mortals. Jehovah says: Do not permit the blind to lead the blind.

07/8.3. And it was so; at the time mortals died, their spirits were taken by the asaphs to Yeshuah; and to make this acceptable to the es’yans, God said: Tell my Lords of the earth to teach mortals by inspiration and otherwise about my kingdom of Yeshuah.

07/8.4. And so it came to pass, through the Lords and the ashars, that is, the guardian spirits with mortals, that the name, Yeshuah (Joshua / Jesus), was established on the earth. God said: In the time of the millennium (Kosmon), men shall say: Where did the name of heavenly things come from? But the origin of Yeshuah shall lie hidden away, and Jehovah will stretch forth His hand in that day and disclose all.

07/8.5. But mortals were thick in tongue, and could not say Yeshuah, and they said I. E. Su; from which came the name of many men, Iesu,[236] signifying, without evil, which is the ultimate salvation of the soul.

07/8.6. Jehovah spoke through God, saying: When the end of dawn comes, My emancipated sons and daughters shall return to their places, taking the resurrected with them. But, so that the earth and lower heaven may not be left in darkness, you shall provide a God, Lords, marshals, messengers and all other officers, to rule and teach in My name.

07/8.7. And you shall make them from those born of earth, and they shall hold office for two hundred years, four hundred years, and six hundred years, according to the atmospherean cycles.

07/8.8. Do not permit My etherean hosts to remain longer than dawn, either on the earth or within atmospherea, for I shall take the earth into dark regions in order to build it up to a higher state for the time that comes after.

07/8.9. The voice departed. God said: Let the voice of the council deliberate on this matter, and speak before the Father. For I will provide a heaven in the ancient place of Hored, and it shall be called Bispah, for it shall be a place of reception for the spirits of the dead preparatory to their being brought to Yeshuah.

07/8.10. In due course many of the earth‑born were raised up, and God selected and appointed them to fill the places; and he founded Bispah, and officered it according to the command of Jehovah. After God established in Yeshuah, rites and ceremonies, processions and dances, with sacred words, he commanded his Lords to give the same things to mortals, and so they fulfilled all that was designed from the beginning.

07/8.11. In the seventh year of dawn, God commanded his council to select another God and Lords, and other officers. So the council proceeded according to the method of the ancients, selecting the most learned, purest and holiest, choosing them according to their rank in Godliness. And a record was made of these matters and deposited in the library of Yeshuah.

07/8.12. Then God called in his own Lords of the earth, and he set apart the first day of the new moon as the day on which he would consecrate the God and Lords, his successors; and he called the day Mas, which name endures to this day of the millennium (Kosmon). And further, God established the moon’s day (mas) on the earth as a time of consecration. (And this is the origin of saying mass).

07/8.13. When the chosen were in place before the throne, God said: By command of Jehovah you are brought before me, His Son; in His name I will consecrate you to the places commanded by Him.

07/8.14. The marshals then conducted the one who ranked highest, up to the seat of the throne. God said:

07/8.15. In the name of Jehovah, and by His Power, Wisdom and Love, I ordain you God of heaven and earth. He who receives from my hand receives from my Father, Who raised me up.

07/8.16. The initiate said: All power comes from the Father. All wisdom comes from the Father. All love comes from the Father. In His name and by virtue of His commandments through His Son, I receive all that is put upon me, for His glory, forever!

07/8.17. God then said: Give me a crown, O Father, for Your Son! || A scarlet light descended from above, and God reached forth his hands and wove it into a crown and placed it on the initiate’s head, saying: I crown you God of heaven and earth. And now you shall also receive the Sacred Triangle, which is the heirloom of the Gods of earth. And he hung it around his neck, adding: And since there can be only one God on earth or in this heaven, I uncrown myself in Jehovah’s name, and salute you, O God, God of earth and heaven!

07/8.18. Ah’shong now stood to the right, and God, who was ordained, went and sat on the throne, and red and blue lights descended from above, enveloping him completely, and he was quickened.

07/8.19. He said: Let the initiates for Lords of earth approach the throne of the Most High Jehovah!

07/8.20. The five Lords came forward. God said: Join hands and receive from the Father. By virtue of the Power, Wisdom and Love of Jehovah, vested in me, I receive you as the highest chosen; and I proclaim you Lord of earth,[237] in Jehovah’s name! Accept this crown from heaven above, the like of which cannot be woven from earthly things; by its power, you shall remain in accord with Yeshuah and the kingdoms above.

07/8.21. God fashioned the crowns and then crowned them Lords of the five divisions of the earth. God said: Retire aside and choose your messengers and officers, and after ordaining them, depart to the kingdom prepared for you. The Lords said:

07/8.22. In Your name, O Jehovah, I accept that which You have put upon me. With all my wisdom, strength and love I will serve You, O my Father, Jehovah!

07/8.23. The Lords retired; and the es’enaurs sang, more than a million voices in concert!

CHAPTER 9 Ah’shong

07/9.1. Now the time had come for the end of the first dawn of dan after the creation of man. And this was known in the etherean heavens, where countless millions of Jehovah’s emancipated sons and daughters lived. And, as might be expected, they decided to descend, which they did from all sides, to witness the labors of Ah’shong, and to receive his works as a profitable lesson for their own future on other new worlds.[238]

07/9.2. Consequently, distant stars began to appear in the firmament, approaching; and these were the etherean ships from remote places, where the name of Ah’shong had been known for thousands of years. From all sides they came, growing ever brighter and larger.

07/9.3. Ah’shong spoke to his companions, saying: Make ready, O my beloved. My friends and your friends are coming. Put our ship in order. Light the pillars of fire and spread out the sails, shining, so that they may be glorified in Jehovah’s name.

07/9.4. The proper persons accomplished these things. Now, the etherean ship of Ah’shong was anchored east of Yeshuah; and so great was its size that there was room not only for the ethereans of Anakaron, but for more than three hundred million of the redeemed of earth to ascend with them.

07/9.5. Ah’shong said: When our friends arrive, we shall join them and make an excursion around the earth, discovering its rank and glorious promises; but as to the nine hundred million drujas which I sent off to Hudaow, in Ji’ya, we shall pass there on our way to Anakaron.

07/9.6. Brighter and brighter grew the descending stars, the etherean ships from faraway worlds; and larger and larger, till in majesty they neared Yeshuah. Ah’shong then came down and sat at the foot of the throne, according to the custom of Gods. God came down and took him by the hand, saying: Son of Jehovah, you who make yourself the least of men, arise, and take your hosts, and embark in Jehovah’s ship, going wherever you will. Ah’shong rose up. The es’enaurs and trumpeters played and sang. Then Ah’shong said:

07/9.7. One more love I have in the world, O Jehovah. I go from Yeshuah, but my love remains. To you, O God, I will look back in hope and love, for you were raised by me. And to your Lords what less could I say? Yes, and to all the hosts I leave within these realms.

07/9.8. Ah’shong touched God’s right hand, and then saluting, with the third sign of emeth[239] to Jehovah, departed, and the marshals conducted him off to the ship.

07/9.9. Ah’shong and his etherean hosts rose up in curtains of light; and presently the ship was loosened from its anchorage and floated upward, and all the angels entered it; and the sails were spread out, and the mantles suspended on every side, till the whole vessel, with its thousands of masts and arcs, looked like a world on fire. The inhabitants of Yeshuah feared and trembled at the mighty works of the Gods and Goddesses; and yet, as the es’enaurs on the departing ship chanted, more than a million voices, the Yeshuans sang with them, amid their tears, with souls overflowing, with awe, love and admiration.

07/9.10. In that same time the descending stars of other Gods and Goddesses, the etherean ships from faraway worlds, were drawing nearer and nearer; and, on every side, the firmament was alive with worlds on fire.

07/9.11. Presently they came, first one and then another of the ethereans, and they made fast to Ah’shong’s ship, until more than five hundred ships were united into one mighty vessel, and yet so near to Yeshuah that all could be seen.

07/9.12. And when they had united there were countless millions of angels in close proximity, many who had known one another for thousands of years; and some who were older than the earth, and knew its history. And these had companions as old as themselves; and they were ripe in experience with corporeal earths, stars and suns in other regions of Jehovah’s kingdoms.

07/9.13. So great was the wisdom of these Gods and Goddesses, that to come within the earth’s atmosphere was sufficient to enable them to read all the souls and prayers of mortals, and all the thoughts and desires of the spirits of the lower heaven belonging to the earth. To each and all of them, the voice of Jehovah was ever present, and their power was equal to their wisdom.

07/9.14. Jehovah has said: To the corporean I have given power to hear one or two things at the same time; but My Gods can intelligently hear tens of thousands of people speaking at the same time. Yes, they can find a way to answer them also.

07/9.15. When the ships were ready for departure, Ah’shong said: Let us pass low over Yeshuah, and you shall hear and see those I have founded in a new heaven. His companions said: Jehovah’s will be done. So they proceeded; and after they had visited Yeshuah they descended to the earth, and throughout the places of the Lords; and when they had seen all, and heard the explanation from those with Ah’shong, regarding the state of the earth and its heavens, they rose higher and higher, and sailed toward Anakaron, where Ah’shong had invited them for repast[240] and social intercourse.

07/9.16. Thus the ethereans departed from the earth and atmospherea. This, then, was the beginning of the cycles of dan; and the first dawn was closed and past.

07/9.17. And the earth Gods, that is, the Lords, who were now called Adonya, were of those brought forth out of the earth. And God, who had dominion in the atmospherea of the earth, was also an earth‑born; and so were all the angels in atmospherea the product of the earth.

07/9.18. And in Jehovah’s name the Lords and God were appointed and crowned to rule in their respective places, and by this means they became the instruments of Jehovah for His glory.

07/9.19. Jehovah said: Whoever serves Me, in My name, is My son, or My daughter. The Light of My Judgment falls upon them sufficient for the time and place. To the extent that you honor them, you honor Me also. Through the flowers of the field I express Myself in color and perfume; through the lion and mastodon I express Myself with power and voraciousness; through the lamb and the dove I express Myself in meekness and docility. Through man I express Myself in words and actions; and all men, the wise and the ignorant, are channels of My expression. Some have thick tongues and poor speech, nevertheless they are My babes, My sons and daughters.

07/9.20. Jehovah said: After the Se’muan age, I gave to the earth from My etherean heavens sons and daughters, and they abode with mortals for three thousand years. And My ethereans established loo’is on the lands of the earth; and they commanded the loo’is, saying to them: Your office[241] is to lead mortals by inspiration to dwell together, man and woman, as husband and wife; and in such adaptation that their offspring shall rise higher in wisdom, love and power, than the father and mother.

07/9.21. Jehovah said: I will confound the wise man in the latter days; for he will not discover why man and woman did not live indiscriminately, like the beasts. Yes, I will show him that those who profess Me are led by Me; and those who deny Me go down to indiscriminate communion. Out of My works, the lessons of the early days of the earth shall show the presence of My hand from the beginning. By My loo’is, man and woman were inspired to raise up sons and daughters who would glorify Me and My works; by My loo’is, I have maintained My foothold among mortals.

07/9.22. Those who could comprehend Me, having faith that My presence in Person would ultimately triumph for the highest and best, I commanded to be called Believers (Faithists). Since the beginning, I have kept a thread of this line inhabiting the earth and her heavens. ||

07/9.23. The first harvest, then, was two hundred years, and the number of Brides and Bridegrooms was six hundred million, of grade ninety‑two.

07/9.24. The second harvest was two hundred years, and was eight hundred million angels, of grade eighty‑nine.

07/9.25. The third harvest was six hundred years, and was two billion angels, of grade eighty‑three.

07/9.26. The fourth harvest was five hundred years, and was two billion three hundred million angels, of grade seventy‑four.

07/9.27. The fifth harvest was three hundred years, and was six hundred million angels, of grade sixty‑two.

07/9.28. The sixth harvest was four hundred years, and nine hundred million angels, of grade fifty‑one.

07/9.29. And this was the last harvest; for none after that were of sufficient grade to live in the etherean heavens.

07/9.30. And now wars began in atmospherea, thousands of angels against thousands, and millions against millions.

07/9.31. For the possession of sections of the earth, and its mortal inhabitants, these millions of warring angels went forth. And it came to pass that mortals also fell to war; and, by the obsessing angels, were made to destroy their own cities and kingdoms.

07/9.32. And the attractions of this great wickedness caused other angels of heaven to desert their schools and factories, and descend down to mortals.

07/9.33. Thus again, the kingdoms of God and his Lords were reduced to impotence; the harvests of Brides and Bridegrooms had long since ceased to be.

07/9.34. At the end of the second cycle there were six billion angels in atmospherea, who, for the most part, were in darkness; not knowing who they were, or where they dwelt; neither knowing nor caring whether or not there were other heavens.


Second Book of Lords

Of the second cycle, being contemporaneous with the Book of Ah’shong, Son of Jehovah.

CHAPTER 1 Second Lords

08/1.1. In the beginning man was naked and not ashamed; but the Lord raised him up and told him to hide his nakedness, and man obeyed, and was clothed.

08/1.2. And the Lord walked beside man for a long season, showing him the way of resurrection; and man was obedient, depending on the Lord for all things.

08/1.3. And the Lord said to man: Behold, I have walked with you, and taught you; but because of my indulgence, you have neglected to put forth your own energy.

08/1.4. Now I am going away from you for a season, so that you may learn to develop yourself.

08/1.5. But lest you stumble and fall, I leave certain commandments with you, and they shall be a guide to you and your heirs forever.

08/1.6. Hear, then, the commandments of the Lord your God.

08/1.7. You shall love your Creator with all your mind, heart and soul, all the days of your life.

08/1.8. And you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

08/1.9. Because you were born into the world without covering, you shall clothe yourself.

08/1.10. Then man inquired of the Lord: Behold, you have shown the ass[242] what is good for him to eat, and the fish, the serpent and the lion; you have shown every living creature except man. What then shall I eat?

08/1.11. The Lord said: I give you everything that grows up out of the ground that is good to eat, and they shall be food for you.

08/1.12. But you shall not eat anything of flesh and blood, in which life is.

08/1.13. For you shall not kill.

08/1.14. Man inquired of the Lord: You have shown the males and females of all the living, the times and periods to come together; but man and woman you have not shown.

08/1.15. The Lord said: You shall learn from the beasts, birds and fishes that the female during gestation is in the keeping of her Creator.

08/1.16. Therefore you shall also respect the times of woman.[243]

08/1.17. Man inquired of the Lord: You have shown the bird how to build her nest, the carnivore how to scent the subtle track of his prey, and the spider to weave his net; but as to the design of man’s house, or the herbs that are good, or poisonous, you have not shown man.

08/1.18. The Lord said: All the instinct that is in the bird, beast, fish, insect, or creeping thing, was created with them, but man was created blank; and yet man shall attain to more subtle senses than any other living creature.

08/1.19. Man inquired: How shall man attain to these?

08/1.20. The Lord answered: Serve your Creator by doing good to others with all your wisdom and strength, and by being true to your own highest light, and all knowledge will come to you.

08/1.21. So the Lord left man to himself for a season; and man so loved the earth and whatever ministered to his ease and flesh desires, that he fell from his high estate. And great darkness came upon the earth. And man cast aside his clothes, went naked, and became carnal[244] in his desires.

 CHAPTER 2 Second Lords

08/2.1. The Lord went abroad over the earth, calling: Come to me, O man! Behold your Lord has returned!

08/2.2. But man did not hear the voice of the Lord; for, by man’s indulgence, the spirit of man was covered up in his own flesh.[245]

08/2.3. To the I’hins, the Lord sent his loo’is and they raised up heirs to the Lord; by controlling the parentage of the unborn, they brought into the world a new race of men, of the same seed and blood as of old, a