Unlike the Heartland model (which has some serious issues covered in this section), and the typical Mayan models (which have some pretty interesting cultural correlations but essentially no great ‘city’ correlation–and a lot of really significant problems), this unique Book of Mormon geography model essentially matches every major Book of Mormon city and culture with essentially the biggest and most influential archaeological sites, cultures, migrations and societal collapses on the ancient North American continent. It suggests that the Book of Mormon was not a ‘translation’ as much as a channeled (or revealed) work given through spiritual mediumship much like many other American religious works of the 1800’s. (see Oahspe, Urantia Bible, or the other texts featured in our channeled texts section). It suggests that “Mormon” (as one of the supposed main spiritual authors Smith channeled) was trying to summarize over a thousand years of history of an entire continent— and that perhaps these channels introduced a boatload of religious and cultural bias as well as significant human error of dates, geography and culture in the psychic hand-off to Joseph Smith.

This view of Book of Mormon attempts to addresses many of the texts most glaring issues. Things such as archaeological anachronisms, 19th century theology in the text, Bible quotes in the text and the inability of any previous model to find strong archaeological correlations. This model correlates the arrival of the Nephites with the rise of Zapotec culture in Monte Alban and appearance of advanced hieroglyphic writing in Mesoamerica. It correlations Zarahemla to the rise of Teotihuacan culture. And correlates the Nephite destruction to the archaeologically dated fall of Teotihuacano, Toltec, Anasazi and Cahokia cultures in the eights through twelfth centuries AD. It also details some of the possible reasons for why the archaeological dates don’t match with the dates given in the Book of Mormon text.

And now, if there are faults they are the mistakes of men; wherefore, condemn not the things of God -Titlepage/Mormon 8:17

Unfortunately, I really haven’t had time to get in and write down the volumes of information I have floating in my head. What I have written, I’m not sure is really ready for public consumption yet.  So for now, I’ve just got a few odds and ends available here.

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