Like hundreds of other LDS religious nuts out there, this section throws my Book of Mormon geographic model into the mix.  😉

I guess the only real difference is that personally, I’d much prefer to hold the view that the Book of Mormon were a simple channeled religious text like so many others that has great spiritual truths but not necessarily a factual history. The problem is that the model these dang voices in my head have given me have too many remarkable correlations to just dismiss.  In fact, I think its the only model out there that could actually be plausible. Unlike the Heartland model (which is a joke), and the typical Mayan models (which have some pretty interesting cultural correlations but essentially no great ‘city’ correlation–and a lot of really significant problems), this model essentially matches every major Book of Mormon city and culture with essentially the biggest and most influential archaeological sites, cultures, migrations and societal collapses on the ancient North American continent. It suggests that “Mormon” (as a spiritual author channeling to Smith) was trying to summarize over a thousand years of history of an entire continent— and that he introduced a boatload of religious and cultural bias as well as significant human error and cultural distortion in the psychic hand-off to Joseph Smith. The main problem most will have with my model, is the ‘narrow neck’ (which defies conventional wisdom on the matter).  But that’s an explanation which requires a paper of its own.

Unfortunately, I really haven’t had time to get in and write down the volumes of information I have floating in my head. What I have written, I’m not sure is really ready for public consumption yet.  So for now, I’ve just got a few odds and ends available here.

I also offer many novel correlations between modern secular geological evidence and the highly symbolic biblical stories of creation and catastrophe.

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Book of Mormon Archaeology Story Map

This application is still under construction. It dynamically walks the user through the Book of Mormon Narrative using an interactive map application which show both archaeological sites as well as their Book of Mormon analogs. Simply click the arrows to advance through the tabs and images to understand how current archaeological findings correlate with the Book of Mormon narrative. (old version)

North American Archaeology Explorer


Use this interactive Google Map to explorer the archaeological sights on North America. This map draws from an extensive database of North American Meso-american and Paleo-Indian sights. Slide the time-slider to animate the map showing sites as they are settled and abandoned.