The restoration of Judah is underway.

Nearly four thousand of years ago, I believe a higher dimensional group created the tiny nation of Israel to stand as a symbol, archetype or template for the current precessional cycle, of the guidance which heaven invisibly gives to all humanity. Prophets like Moses, Daniel & Zechariah were given symbolic patterns and even actual dates foretelling the length of Israel’s existence, their destruction and the eventual passing on to the Gentile Church of Europe the job of being a symbol and light to the world — and a civilizer of the uncivilized. The time is upon us when the higher dimensional beings who guide our evolution will pass the torch back from the Catholic Church and Europe to Israel and the Middle East.  And eventually back from the Western World in general, to China and the Eastern World.

But before that happens, prophecy predicts a storm on the horizon between western political hegemony and the arising Islamic world. There are many wise people on earth who see it coming, and I believe what occurs will be the fulfillment of misunderstood biblical and extra-biblical prophecy given thousands of years ago. I also believe higher beings are currently choosing many prophets and other spiritual mystics to alert people as to what’s coming; and to join in on a coming spiritual movement which will greatly influence the next thousand years of human history.

I’m a strong proponent of the worldview alluded to in most religions and advanced in the channeled book Oashsp. That cosmological phenomena break world history into yugas, baktuns or ‘times and seasons’ where the veil that separates dimensions thins (possibly as a result of galactic gravity waves) and allows our dead ancestors, higher dimensional beings and perhaps even our future selves to reach through the time continuum and subtly influence the human drama. Small events occur every 250-350 years. Large events occur on cycle’s closer to 3500-4500 years. We are on the cusp of one of these events.

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In light of all that is going on nationally and internationally I felt I should write this to help others try and get a perspective on the possible future of our nation and world. As I talk to friends and family, I find that very few grasp the gravity of our nation’s financial insolvency