Fresh new perspectives & reformational insights on traditional LDS paradigms

Redefining the LDS (Protestant) View of the “Great Apostasy”

In this article I hope to unravel some of the contradiction found…
LDS Eternal Progression

Clearing up Misunderstandings in the LDS View of the Afterlife

  Perhaps more than any other area of religious…

The Priesthood of God & Its Relationship to the Only True Church Doctrine

45 “No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by…

Re-examining what LDS scriptures say about the ‘Only True Church’ doctrine

67 Behold, this is my doctrine—whosoever repenteth and cometh…

On the Great Whore & Counterfeits in the Church.

I don't like to label things as evil. I like the detached…

Multi-dimensionality and the relativity of fundamental units in physics

Introduction Although my degree is in geology & geophysics,…

Protected: Book of Mormon Archaeology Unearthed

Read Introduction to scriptural archeology for an introduction…

The Difference Between the Priesthood & Prophets

Too often for us in the Mormon church, we get bogged down in the same creeds & dogma’s that God told Joseph Smith were “an abomination in his sight” (JSH 1:19). We think that because the prophets have...

To Go No More Out. Reconciling Reincarnation & Resurrection

Five times in the Book of Mormon, and once in the New Testament…
The Book of Ben Kathryn

Introduction to The Book of Ben Kathryn

The book of Ben Kathryn is one of the most interesting books I have featured on this site. It purports to be a modern revelation to Judah, written in both Hebrew and English it reads like a book out of the old testament, containing many interesting prophecies and predictions.

Prophesy in the Book of Ben Kathryn

In light of all that is going on nationally and internationally I felt I should write this to help others try and get a perspective on the possible future of our nation and world. As I talk to friends and family, I find that very few grasp the gravity of our nation’s financial insolvency