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Much of what you find written online about the Kolbrin is pure sensationalized fabrication. Marshall Masters stole the manuscript for the Kolbrin from the Culdian Trust (its rightful owners), renamed it “The Kolbrin Bible” (it makes no claims of its own to be a Bible), republished it under his own name and then marketed it to catastrophism planet X fanatics as a End Times book (of which it says little).



The Kolbrin, much like the Book of Mormon, claims to come from a large collection of manuscripts and tablets engraven on metallic plates by ancient spiritual leaders/historians on the Islands of Great Britain. The book is predominantly composed of spiritual material but also contains a small amount of history. The earliest manuscripts in the book appear to have been written in Egypt some time just before the time of Moses by a religious cult referred to as “the sons of light”. Members of this organization immigrated from Egypt to Britain some during the first millennium BC and remained a cohesive unit until they were converted to Christianity just after the death of Christ. These records were then handed down through some type of hermetic order until persecution devastated the order and destroyed many of the manuscripts during the Romanization and later Christianization of Britain between 200-1100 AD. The book, much like the Book of Mormon is already the source of deep controversy. Skeptics, such as the authors of RationalWiki, claim the book to be a clever forgery.  These authors show no evidence of ever having read the book or really taking it seriously. Much like the Book of Mormon, early skeptics called the book a hoax. But as more and more evidence of ancient origins come to light, those skeptics have changed their tune— now suggesting the historically accurate aspects of the text must have been forged from other ancient texts.

Modern Publishing

(excerpt taken from “”)

Although the last major spiritual writings in the Kolbrin date to around the second century AD, the modern publishing of the Kolbrin are said to be traced back to a large collection of manuscripts salvaged from Glastonbury Abbey during an arson attack that was intended to destroy them. It was the time of history when there was a great suppression of monasterys. As fate would have it, the once considered heretical works were transcribed on bronze tablets by the religious druids of the time. Since they were thought to be destroyed during the fire, they were preserved in secrecy.

Since then, much of the original text was lost or destroyed due to the passage of time, their environment, and human error. Each caretaker though, has gone to painstaking efforts to preserve what was left and to fill in the gaps with the correct knowledge in order to preserve the original meaning. During the early fourteenth century, John Culdy, the leader of a small community in Scotland, owned The Kolbrin and took steps to ensure its survival beyond his care.

The Kolbrin eventually became known as The Bronzebook of Britain, and the contents of additional salvaged manuscripts known as The Coelbook were later incorporated into it to form the modern version. In the early parts of the twentieth century, the responsibility of The Kolbrin’s preservation rested with a small religious group in England that never gained much power due their very restrictive membership requirements.

The current custodian is The Culdian Trust, which was formed in 1980. The Culdian Trust inherited The Kolbrin and other books when the Hope Trust was deregistered around 1995 in accordance with its constitution. Around 1992, an elderly man from the Hope Trust who is now deceased put together the current draft from the originals. His character, reputation and relatives are still living. He was an extremely private man while alive and the trust are respecting his wishes with regard to continued privacy.

The Culdian Trust members did not get to see the original manuscripts on which the most recent version of The Kolbrin was derived, nor do they understand how they came into the elderly man’s possession or where he sent the originals upon completion. They believe, based on speculation, that he may have been a member of a hermetic order probably based in England, so the original manuscripts may have gone back there. Despite the continued ambiguity of The Kolbrin’s origins, a Culdian Trust representative that knew the man for approximately twenty years held him in high regard and found him to be a man of extremely high integrity.

Relics Passed Down with the Books

Those familiar with Joseph Smith’s description of the items he found within the cement container which housed the golden plates might find this excerpt included in the Kolbrin familiar. It describes the items passed along with this ancient record…

“When I was young my grand-father told me that the Kolbrin had been brought back to light by his grand-father’s people in the place known to them as Futeril Cairn, beyond the pool of Pantlyn at Carclathan by way of Gwendwor in Wales.”
“I remember him saying it was originally written in the old alphabet of thirty-six letters. The books were stored in a tinker’s budget box, the lid of which was not hinged but held with flanges and lifted off after being heated, a cunning device of the wayfaring tinkers [Traveling MetalSmiths]. It was also secured with pins and stirrups. There were goblin heads at the corners and it was fastened by locking bars inside and out. I never saw it, nor did I know anyone who knew whether it still existed.”

“I remember being told that inside the box was a clear glass roundish ball about the size of a large apple, which at one spot reflected all the colours of the rainbow. It was encased in a precious cagework inside a protective cover of horny hide which had raised swellings, the like of which my grand-father had never seen before. He knew a lot about animals and their hides, but could not tell what this was; he thought it might have been the hide of some kind of large, horny snakelike creature such as those which live in deep lakes.”
“There were two stones of dullish glass like rainstones, one being whitish at one end. Each was oval in shape and somewhat flattened and tapered towards one end. Grand-mother used to tell fortunes with these and they went to cousin Sarah in America. There were two other pieces of rounded glass set in something made of bone which had pretty designs engraved on it. The bone setting was falling apart and was of no conceivable use. There was also a bluish coloured cross with an opening at the top and its arms were forked at the ends. This was fastened by a small chain curiously worked, to piece of round brass about the size of a small plate which was engraved with figured, of which a bird, a wand, two billhooks, a whip and some heads could be made out. There were beads of blue and red and a brooch shaped like a hook and made of gold. There was a acorn-like cap such as Flamens wear.”
“There was also a longish brass object like a knife, with engraving, in a wrapping of rotten wood. That is all there was, except for the books which were not like books at all. I do not know what became of the other items. I saw the glass ball once when I was a small child but cannot remember much about it, except that it was hollow at one end and when I put a finger in the hollow it felt warm.”

It would almost seem that both the Kolbrin and Book of Mormon were preserved using the same interesting protocol. Each containing a record, a knife/sword, a shield of some sort and some type of seer stones or crystals to aid mystics in “translating”. In LDS and Jewish tradition there were multiple “seer stones” like the Urim and Thumim given by God (or might we presume, higher beings of some sort?) to man in the early days of civilization. As the Book of Mormon says concerning the seer stones they found of the Jaredites… “I will prepare unto my servant Gazelem, a stone, which shall shine forth in darkness unto light, that I may discover unto my people who serve me, that I may discover unto them the works of their brethren, yea, their secret works, their works of darkness, and their wickedness and abominations. And now, my son, these interpreters were prepared that the word of God might be fulfilled…” (Alma 37:23–24). It has been said by some sources that these stones were made of crystal and were fashioned to use the natural properties of these crystals to enhance the “psychic” or revelatory abilities of one with spiritual gifts (the ability to communicate with the dead or across dimensional boundaries? See Law of One, Crystals). This is likely where the idea of gypsies with “crystal balls” came from and why in this account the author accounts that his grandmother used these to “tell fortunes”. In the Book of Mormon, Ammon warns of this type of misuse of seer stones saying, “no man can look in them except he be commanded, lest he should look for that he ought not and he should perish” (Alma 37:23).

Content of the Kolbrin

Much like the Old Testament, The supposed Jaredite Plates, and Oahspe, The Kolbrin starts with a creation story. Although it shares similar aspects with the Bible account it gives several versions and uses very different wording. The sophistication of the language has more of an eastern flavor than most ancient western creation accounts.

-It also contains an account of a Global Flood of sorts and of the Israeli exodus in very, very different format and style than those given in the bible (these accounts are from an Egyptian perspective).

-The account of the destruction and recreation by flood and fire shares similarities to both the biblical noah’s flood and the Mayan account of the same events. (interestingly enough, one of these chapters is entitled “Maya and Lila”).

-Much is spoken of Osiris and other early Egyptian myths. Many late period gnostics adapted these myths into Israel’s Abraham. Comparison of these ancient texts with early Jewish, later gnostic, or the channelings of Joseph Smith on Abraham may give insight into possible truths which often lie behind ancient mythos and the modern cultural adaptations.

-One can find evidence suggesting that the Kolbrin’s story of Hurmanetar is actually an ancient Egyptian version of the Akkadian epic Gilgamesh in this article. Hurmanetar as Gilgamesh.

-One can find evidence suggesting that the Kolbrin’s account of the pharaoh Nabihaton is actually the historical Akhenaten in this article.

-Pharaoh Nafohia could be Nefaarud, known to have ruled after Egypt’s revolt of Persia’s king Darius.

-‘Pharaoh Athmos’ mention in Sons of Fire 6:9, is likely Pharaoh Ahmose of the 18the dynasty who ruled around 1550 BC. The Kolbrin also mentions that sometime after “Egypt was at war with the Abramites for their great red-headed king had committed adultery with the wife of a prince of Paran”. This could possibly be a reference to some Judge or faction of the early Israelite nation.

-The accounts of “Hiram” could possibly be referring to Hiram of Tyre, or some other Mediterranean King with this popular ancient name.

-Many other correlations can be drawn between Egyptian pharaohs mentioned in the Kolbrin and Historically verified accounts of Egyptian history.

-The death of “Okther 165 years ago” could refer to Octha, founder of Saxon Kent. This would give 677 AD minus 165 = 512; Octha’s death date is unknown, usually put at 522 or later. But he is not mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and in British sources like Nennius seems to be earlier, taking over from his father (or grandfather) the legendary Saxon leader Hengist after 488 AD.

-However, we also have a date of 677 AD as year 2 of Ketwin’s kingship of West Saxondom and year 14 of Ardwulf’s reign over the East Saxons. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle has a ‘Centwine’ ruling Wessex 677-, yielding 678. Ardwulf is not the name of any recorded Anglo-Saxon king, but there was an Aldwulf ruling East Anglia from 663/4-, which would give us a writing date of 677/678 AD.

“The “fourth year in the reign of Lothir, king of all the Kents” leads us to Kentish king Hlothhere (Latin Clotharius or Lotharius) who acceded 674/675, yielding a date of 678-9.

-There are various similar mentions in both Manuscripts 6 and in the Admonitions/Lament of Ipuwer.

In the last 15 years since its publishing, the Kolbrin has gained an often cult-like following of supporters and defenders. Much like the Book of Mormon, these followers use their own cultural knowledge to attempt to find parallels between things found in the book and modern historical knowledge. See the Culdian Message Boards for examples.


Find more information about the Kolbrin here at the Culdian Trust

Read the Kolbrin here

Geologic Correlation Curve and Chart

The following chart summarizes the correlations between the scientific geologic timeline and the scriptural timeline. As mentioned in the main geologic correlation article (link), ….

Chart shows the correlation between scientifically discovered and dated events, and scriptural events.

Below is a correlation curve, showing geologic, archeological, and scriptural date correlations. As you can see, the date…

Superimposed correlaton curves for geologic and archeologic dates vs. scriptural dates.

Finish this….

Link to excel spreadsheet versions of these….

Link 1

Link 2

Scientific vs. Scriptural Timelines

Today in America there are two predominate world-views seeking to explain the history of the world. One is the religious view offered by Christian theologians based on faith-centered interpretation of scriptural evidence. The other is the naturalistic view offered by Scientists based on a “logical” interpretation of empirical evidence.

Which do you find yourself believing more?

The religious take on history:

  • 5000-4000 B.C. God, having power over atoms and element, creates complex life on earth, in a perfect immortal condition and places it in
    the Garden of Eden. He finishes and declares his work “Good” sometime around six to seven thousand years ago.
  • 4000 B.C. Adam’s sin brings death to the world. The world “falls” from its perfect, immortal state.
  • 4000 B.C. Adam is expelled from the Garden of Eden, which is located in Jackson County Missouri. Adam-ondi-Ahman is a mountainous region
    at this time (D&C ?? ), and is located near the “Sea East” (Moses ?? ). Adam’s posterity, and thus civilization radiates out from this area
    and is still concentrated in that region after 1000 years (Moses ?? Enoch scripture)
  • 3960 B.C. Adam is taught by God to read and write, he in turn teaches this skill to his children, who begin recording a book of
    remembrance (Moses ?? ).
  • 3960 B.C. Adam and his descendants raise livestock and cultivate grains (Moses?? )

  • 3500 B.C.? Adams descendants become masters in working metal such as brass and iron. (Gen 4:22) They also make musical instruments such
    as the harp and organ. (Gen 4:21)
  • 3000 B.C. God translates the city of Enoch about four thousand years ago; the righteous from that time until the flood are likewise
    translated in preparation for the world’s destruction (Moses ??)
  • 4000-2400 B.C Pre-flood patriarch life spans average 900 years. Something changes at the flood to make them slowly begin to

  • 2444 B.C. God baptizes the earth in the flood that kills “all that is on the dry land”, save Noah, his family, and the animals
    with him on the arc. (Gen ?? )
  • The world then begins to be repopulated by Noah and his family. His descendants all speak the same language and are concentrated in the
    land of Shinar (Assyria) & Egypt.
  • The descendants of Noah possess full knowledge of reading, writing, metallurgy and civilization.
  • 2330-? B.C. Egypt is first settled by Egyptus after the flood (Abr. 3: ?). When she finds the land, it is still underwater.
  • 2160? B.C. The earth is divided in the days of Peleg, about a hundred years after the flood (Gen. 10: ?, D&C 133: ??)
  • 2100 B.C. The Brother of Jared heads north from Shinar (Assyria) where “never man had gone before” on his way to the great
    ocean that separates the continents.

  • 2100 B.C. North America is settled for the first time since the flood by the Brother of Jared and his group. They bring livestock, bees
    and grains to repopulate the continent.
  • 2000 B.C. The Jaredites exhibit a high level of sophistication. They grow fruit and grain, and have all manner of livestock. They
    manufacture silks, and fine linen. They smelt gold, silver, and steel. (Ether 7:9) They also use horses, donkeys, elephants, and cureloms and cumoms
  • 2000 B.C. A money system using precious metals is firmly established by Abraham’s time. (Gen 23:15–16)

  • 2000 B.C. Silver and gold are smelted in the time of Abraham. They are used for jewelry such as earrings and bracelets. (Gen 13:2)
  • 1600 B.C. Iron, brass, tin and lead are used by the time of Moses. (Lev 26:19, Num 31:22)
  • 1544? B.C. The children of Israel grow to be a great people in the land of Egypt, numbering several million
  • 1517 B.C. Moses is sent by God to foretell and carry out the command to entirely destroy the kingdom of Egypt, and lead the Israelites to
  • 1000 B.C. Steel is specifically mentioned as being used for bows at the time of David.
  • 1000 B.C. David and his son Solomon rule the entire Middle East. The climate is much more fertile and is described as a land flowing with
    milk and honey (Ref ?? ).
  • 800 B.C. By this time Israel has lost much of its power in the region and Assyria begins to raise up in the north as a major world

  • 7?? B.C. Assyria attacks and destroys the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Its people are transported to foreign lands and from there scattered
    among “the north countries”. (ref ??)
  • 600 B.C. Lehi’s group and the Mulekites flee Israel just prior to its destruction and sail to America. Sometime after their arrival
    the former inhabitants (the Jaredites) are completely destroyed and these new groups become the population stock for all future American peoples. (reword)
  • 580 B.C. Babylon conquers Assyria and becomes the major world power. It then attacks the Southern Kingdom of Judah and carries its
    inhabitants away into Babylon as prisoners.

  • 550 B.C. Much like Joseph in Egypt, David becomes second in command to Nebecaneezer, the king of the most powerful country in the world.
    He exerts much influence and spreads Israelite culture throughout the kingdom. After 70 years in captivity many of the Israelites return to set up the nation once
  • 500 B.C. At this point the bible ends and written history becomes abundant and trustworthy.

The Naturalistic take on history:

  • 3 billion years ago – First life on earth appears in the form of single celled organisms such as protista and Eukarotic cells.
  • 570 million years ago – Cambrian Explosion occurs, marked by the abrupt appearance of complex life in the fossil record. Every major
    phylum on earth today, is represented.
  • 438 million years ago – First land plants and land invertebrates appear in fossil record.

  • 360 million years ago – Development of amphibians and insects.
  • 320 million years ago – Appearance of early reptiles
  • 245 million years ago – Development of conifer plants
  • 208 million years ago – appearance of fist birds and the rise of the dinosaurs.
  • 65 million years ago – First flowering plants evolve.
  • 45 MYA First Anthropoids evolve in Africa or Eurasia
  • 25 MYA First ape-like hominoids evolve
  • 5 MYA Divergent evolution begins between humans and apes (latest shared ancestor)
  • 3.5 MYA First erect walking bipeds (hominoids or early human’s) evolve

  • 2.5 MYA Humanoids learn to use stone tools.
  • 1.5 MYA First Homo Erectus species evolves
  • .5 MYA Humans learn to kindle fire
  • 400,000 BC Sites in England & Germany show hunting occurred
  • .2 MYA First Homo Sapiens evolve in Africa or Asia
  • 120,000 BC Neanderthals evolve
  • 90,000 BC Fish nets from the Congo found
  • 50,000 BC Bone and rock tools become prevalent, oldest stone spear tips found
  • +20,000 BC Cave paintings, sewing needles, bow and arrow are invented

  • 20,000 BC First inhabitants of North America cross the Bering Straights from Asia
  • 10, 000 BC Early Archaic culture raises up in North America
  • 8000 BC First cultivation of grains/farming, Alcoholic fermentation invented
  • 7000 BC Early use of pottery
  • 6000 BC Early use of linens (man goes from animal furs to woven fabrics)
  • 5000 BC Irrigation developed, First use of copper, First corn cultivation
  • 4500 BC Early ships and sailors in Mesopotamia and Egypt

  • 4000 BC Development of plowing and first domestication of horses
  • 4000 BC Sumerian /Acadian culture rises in Babylonia (peaks 2330 BC)
  • 4000 BC Some have carbon dated the pyramids of Egypt to this date.
  • 3500 BC Early number systems developed, First use of carts with wheels
  • 3100 BC Early development of writing
  • Archaic Kingdom of Egypt (3100-2700 BC)

  • 3000 BC Stonehenge built, Minoan Civilization rises in Crete (3000-1400 BC), stone plows found
  • 2950 BC The oldest living tree (a bristle cone pine in West U.S.) starts growing
  • 2800 BC Development of the Calendar by Babylonians
  • 2700 BC Old Kingdom of Egypt rises (2700-2200 BC) capitol is Memphis.
  • 2550 BC The Great Pyramids of Egypt are built
  • 2500 BC Beginnings of glass, libraries, long distance trade, and domestication of camels.
  • Early Indus Valley Civilization rises. (it is destroyed by Aryans in 1500 BC)

  • 2400 BC Rise of first Chinese Civilizations
  • 2300 BC Invention of paper
  • 2050 BC Middle Kingdom of Egypt (2050-1800 BC) capitol is Thebes
  • 2000 BC The Aramaens move into Israel from the north
  • 1750 BC Hamarabi’s Code established. (first modern system of law)
  • 1620 BC Rise of the Hittite Empire (1620-1350 BC) although they existed from 3000 BC
  • 1500 BC The Hindu “Vedas” are written. (some say 1700 or 1500-1200 BC)

  • 1450 BC The Myceneaen Civilization rises in Greece and Crete.
  • 1400 BC The Hittites begin smelting Iron.
  • 1100 BC The Dorians conquer Mycenaean Greece
  • 1050 BC The Phoenicians (the Canaanites) found Tyre and Sidon (Lebanon) and Carthage in Libya.
  • 800 BC Rise of the Medes who later conquer Assyria with Persia.
  • 600 BC The first coinage money system is invented


More on Eternal Progression

link to this after main eternal progression article.

Your former picture is not so much correct; to picture the earth as the center between good and evil, heaven and hell; the water between earth and air if you will. This can possibly bring about an incorrect image of eternity (as it has in my case).

It is more correct to view things as follows. Good and evil, the light and darkness exist on all planes, even in Etherea or the celestial most rarified planes (as you would call it). But the farther in the rarified direction you move, the smaller the “distance” or contrast between the opposing forces, until at some point in the “upward” direction of density you arrive at a total oneness of existence. This is THE ONE TRUE GOD, completely outside of space and time and is entirely within the realm of faith. Conversely as you move toward grosser matter, the opposites become more largely polarized. Thus in earth there is stronger polarization than in the spirit world or terrestrial or celestial spheres.

As an individual or the earth ascends, he/it must leave behind the unrefined dross, or grosser fleshy matter if he is to ascend. Thus the righteous/ying is in ascension and the wicked/yang is in dissension. The righteous of the earth will ascend to the millennium which will be a less dense earth composed merely of the “ying” or “good” or “light” of the previous earth man left upon death. (The bad is left behind). However, during the millennium the good ying will further be divided and polarized starting the whole sorting process over. Does that make sense?

This is why you envisioned the earth without large polarization in its infancy and then the good and evil sides of the spirit world growing out from it through time. When the righteous people and earth ascend (are rarified together) they will be more homogenous and “one” than they were on earth. It could be said that they were not polarized (even though they were somewhat). But with time that subset will become just as polarized as they were with the wicked back on the previous earth in the previously cycle. Its like a group of nations that forget their differences because they have to unite when they are attacked by an “evil” super-power, but when that evil empire is conquered, they start squabbling with each-other, lose their unity and soon a subset of them becomes the next evil super power to repeat the cycle again.

I suppose the earth could be viewed as a battlefield standing between a good and evil spirit worlds since there are yet grosser “corporeal” world beneath earth (I think?) just as there are less dense “atmospherean” world above, and these dualities both have their influences on earth. But one should not picture the earth as standing between the hells and heavens of where departed spirits go. For ALL spirits upon death move to an atmospherean world which is less dense than (and therefore above) this earth. However, the righteous subset only (along with the earth itself eventually) ascend, while the wicked stagnate or descend. So you see, just as the righteous have to “wait” in heaven for their loved ones to die so they can be together eternally (in heaven), so also do all men “wait” in heaven for the earth itself to “die” so it’s “spirit” can raise to the SAME density as the righteous and they can live together for another cycle during the millennium wherein there will be birth and death (as desired) as well as materialization and translation. The wicked also will be reunited with their evil portion of the earth as it is “resurrected” into both the same and a lower density and becomes their abode whith both birth????

-So is the earth really only 4000ish years old since the flood, or is there truth to the big numbers and
-is ante-diluvium and millennial scriptural accounts the same world?

(so the God of this world is over both good and evil. You might say the father is god over both the Son/Christ and Satan. They are both his servants. And both of them can be subdivided into two as well. Christ into The Son & Holy Ghost, etc. etc. And Satan into the devil and the anti-christ. So your view that the demiurge dwells in a region of light is not quite true… HOW can he be in heaven? He visits there to recieve instruction from the father and he is a light/dark couple.. this is more complex than that. the devil is two in one, who are HIGHLY polarized. He is a schizofrenic. while before god’s throne he is an obedient servant doing what he thinks is right, self-righteously trying by fire. But while on earth he is a debaucherous devil. So it is with all the evil. they are bipolar. But the righteous are not so bipolar, not so polarized… they are moving upward toward unity.

Eternal Progression

This article is under construction… come back when its done.

-Need to explain the rotating ying yang upward cone illustration. There are two spiritual kingdoms (spirit world heaven & hell levels which are in a way the resurrected kingdoms/D&C 76 kingdoms of the previous cycle). The lower half / kingdom (hell) descends to a lower plane in the next cycle/final judgment (they do not even get a “resurrection”, they are sons of perdition in D&C 76 as well as the “third part” who followed Satan in the beginning of this cycle and never got bodies). Spirit paradise (which are often divided into two or three separate “spirit kingdoms” themselves or sometimes even six but are really only one in a sense, since the higher part descends into hell and helps everyone end up meeting in the middle) along with as many as will come ascend/progress to the upward cone plane/resurrection; but once they ascend, they themselves immediately are polarized into the new ying & yang or heaven & hell. It is this immediate polarization which is the three degrees of resurrected glory spoken of in D&C 76. So hopefully you see the complexity created by the cyclical nature of the progression of things. The immortal “spirit” world which existed at the time of Adam and Eve was actually the three degrees of glory/resurrection for the previous cycle. Then the fall occurred and created a temporal earth as well as a “hell”.

People think the millennium is the resurrection spoken of in D&C 76, but it isnt at all? The resurrections in D&C 76 are “physical” resurrections into immortal worlds…. this is where the confusion comes about. I could say they are “spiritual resurrections” since they are into the/a “spirit” world but that causes misunderstanding, because all spirit is also “matter” or “physical”. Thus the better verbiage to differentiate things with is eternal world or temporal world. Meaning, is the resurrection into a temporal world with death where opposites mix, or is it in an eternal world where there is no birth or death and like attracts like. So the D&C 76 kingdoms are final resurrections into an immortal or eternal state. And the spirit world of the cycle started out as the resurrection kingdoms of the last cycle.

People, including the early apostles, were under the impression that Christ’s (second) coming would be shortly after his death because in a way it was. The fact is that as soon as Christ ascended to his father and his God (who dwelt in the highest realms of the spirit body/world (and perhaps even a separate etherean world/kolob) he immediately began to descend through the spirit planes with his saints. In essence, the spirit body/world/planes began contracting/collapsing in on themselves as he began descending to successively lower planes and organizing all the inhabitants of those planes to continue on descending with him. Thus for the highest spirit planes, Christ’s advent was shortly after his death and resurrection. However, for earth and the lower realms of the Spirit World it has not yet occurred. For the middle realm of the Saints, however, it occurred when the Millerites said it did, in 1844.

And thus it continues forever, the separation of the wheat and the tares.

Also, add the illustration of how the highest two spirit kingdoms switch places on earth. The highest most righteous spirit planes come to earth as the middle son, in the middle land, in the middle time. They descend and become “second/last” to help bring everyone up. The father becomes the son. The downside to this is that the middle kingdom of the spirit world then on earth thinks they are the bomb, and boasts in their pride and damns themselves to become last. the middle symbol below should be the twisted snake symbol.

1 \ / 2
2 / \ 1
3 ———- 3

-so how does the etherean worlds/kolob fit into this?
-is the telestial kingdom the hell/prison of the next cycle? It says in 76:84 of the telestial, “These are they who are thrust down to hell. ” but I think it is saying it is mostly those in hell/spirit prison of this cycle which will inherit the telestial (lowest level of paradise) in the next cycle/resurrection. (since it also says in 76:89 that even the Telestial defies all understanding) And this same group is mostly likely to fall right back from their low paradise into the next cycle’s hell as soon as the stratification starts occurring.
-So how does the millennium fit into this? It would seem that during the millennium heaven and earth combine into one. That is the paradise planes of the spirit world combine with earth, and hell is bound in its own place. Perhaps this is the nature of an “atmospherean” stage of a planet. It is “in the process of expanding or contracting”. So during the antediluvian age earth was contracting “into” corpor; and during the millennium earth with be expanding from corpor to etherea… So if you’ll remember, the spirit world start collapsing in on themselves at christ, and continue until heaven & hell reach each other… (and since earth lies directly between the two) when they reach each other the spirit world and earth will essentially become one… All veils will have been dropped/destroyed. Then something crazy happens… all hell breaks loose on earth. But why? How does this collapsing relate to the destructions that will come, and why satan and all those still in prison be bound from influencing the earth? The answer: because heaven and earth (corpor & atmosherea) are expanding toward etherea or dimension shifting up… so all those on heaven and earth who cannot abide that glory will not be able to rise with it!
-Effectually atmospherea (heaven) collapses onto the corporeal earth, and when this is accomplished the entire creation density shifts up, so that corpor now occupies the density which the first level of the spirit world (lower atmospherea) now occupies. When that occurs, all that cannot ascend with it (those in hell who will not rise) are left behind in a lower density not able to influence or take any part in the corporeal/temporal/mortal earth until it once again descends (as it did in the antediluvian period) and falls once again into its reach)

Would it surprise you to know that the view of eternity revealed and held by all religions is a bit incomplete? The Catholics may think they have the whole picture, and yet it differs from the Protestants and Evangelicals who both think their ideas of heaven, hell and the resurrection are superior. Then there’s the Latter-day Saints whose addition of multiple degrees of resurrected glory adds another dimension to the picture rivaled perhaps only by Hindu and Buddhist philosophies.

I believe that when Christ comes to reign he will show us how each of these beliefs fits into the big picture. How Christian “resurrection” and eastern “reincarnation” are two different aspects of the future reality of the human soul (link). This millennial atonement or “bringing together” of all revealed truth in all dispensations has already begun with the restoration of the fullness/wholeness of the gospel. Lets start our journey here with a simplistic diagram of

Put the three degrees of glory as taught by missionaries and then bring in the further light from oaspe and g.o.h.t. and gone west, etc…

write this starting with simple christian/bom view

-give John Ward diagram… (divides heaven into 3)

-compare buddhist & Kabalah versions.

add three degrees of glory

-give jewish temple symbolism and then lds temple..

-give Swedenborg, a sixteenth century seer, version

-give Oahspe diagram of es, astmoshephera, corpor…

-explain the real thing…

The Anti-Christs (Demiurge)

There are three divine beings. The true Gods (the I AM’s), the false gods/idols (the demiurge/anti-Christs), and the dark lords (Satans). The Satans live in the realm of darkness (hells), the true gods and false gods both live in the realm of light, but the false gods become the Devils of the next cycle.

The true Gods are what they are. They do not crave or like worship. They are simply the beings of the higher levels who do their best to serve and help those of the lower levels progress (because that the type of people they are).

The false gods (demiurge/anti-christs) are created by the people in the same way that Israel disobediently created Saul and David to be their kings. The blind masses want a celebrity to worship. They want a king to rule them. They want a golden calf to dance around and they create these in their own minds… then an egocentric individual steps into the mold created by the masses. If he does not live up to the mold, he is overthrown from office and a new sycophant is inaugurated. They pretend to rule the masses, but in reality, the masses rule them. They are puppets.. the puppet rulers of the true Gods. The true Gods oversee and have power over all mortal and immortal existence. But they wish for people to rule themselves and always do their aiding and managing in a laissez-faire manner. But when the people want a king or god… they give the people what the want. They let them select some poor puppet and allow the people to carve them into what the masses crave, all the while knowing that the fate of all idols is the axe and the fire.

So then what is the difference between a true God and a false God (demiurge)? Simply put, one wants to be God and is thus directed from below (the masses), and the other has no real desire to be God and thus is humbly directed from above. One is slave to his subjects and the other is subject to his father only. Look at the difference in attitude between Jesus and Lucifer…

1 And I, the Lord God, spake unto Moses, saying: That Satan, whom thou hast commanded in the name of mine Only Begotten, is the same which was from the beginning, and he came before me, saying—Behold, here am I, send me, I will be thy son, and I will redeem all mankind, that one soul shall not be lost, and surely I will do it; wherefore give me thine honor.
2 But, behold, my Beloved Son, which was my Beloved and Chosen from the beginning, said unto me—Father, thy will be done, and the glory be thine forever.
3 Wherefore, because that Satan rebelled against me, and sought to destroy the agency of man, which I, the Lord God, had given him, and also, that I should give unto him mine own power; by the power of mine Only Begotten, I caused that he should be cast down;
4 And he became Satan, yea, even the devil, the father of all lies, to deceive and to blind men, and to lead them captive at his will, even as many as would not hearken unto my voice.

The Church of the Devil (Satans) is the whore of all the earth. But the anti-christ/demiurge is a whore too. It is one who offers sexual union with only the flesh. One who masquerades at-one-ment with only one aspect of their being. The flesh is not the soul. It is only one aspect of the soul… a covering that hides spirit. Both man and God have many layers and to “know” God or another individual is to know and love all their layers. Because of the law of one, it is often true that a person with a beautiful body has an opposite and equal ugliness to some aspect of their spirit being. True union in the marriage chamber entails accepting and embracing the whole individual both beautiful and ugly. A whore offers only the flesh in a union that is far from oneness. It is a selfish union where energy transfer is not equal. It drains and distorts.

So it is with the demiurge. He offers one aspect of the ONE TRUE GOD and says I am GOD, know me and gain eternal life. And yet he does not reveal his whole self nor does he give it. He selfishly takes and leaves his “subjects” drained and violated. His does not offer true at-one-ment for he has not yet truly at-oned himself. He does not reveal both his “good” and his “bad” nor does he lift his brethren up with him. He does not tell man that he was once like them and that they are one step behind being his equal. He does not unclothe his first and his last, his beauty and his uncomelyness nor his wrath with his patience.

It’s no mistake that the same Hebrew & Greek words that Christ uses in John 17 saying that life eternal is to “Know” God, is also used to describe procreation in the Bible. Knowing God is like “knowing” a man or a woman. It is a very sacred and deep parallel. Man is hidden beneath clothing because his glory is too much for the innocent. But both Man and God were initially clothed with the intention of being revealed. Those who are afraid of reading another’s religious texts or scripture are like those who are afraid of seeing another uncovered. To unclothe God is to play with fire and one must take care not to get burned. But if we seek truth to be our bride then we must get past the covering which has been placed on her to truly know her. We will not change the truth by uncovering it. The fear of “false doctrine” is like the fear of falsely judging a bride to be. A fool-hearty youth may be allured to marry fine clothing only to find that it covers hideous tattoos and blemishes. She may marry a handsome body only to find it covers a hideous soul. But in the end, one must learn that clothing, body and soul are all aspects of that individual, and to love the individual one must know and accept all of its aspects. So it is with God and his truth. A fool-hearty youth may be led to many false judgments about God by judging the appearance of one of his coverings. But in the end, to “know” God is to know and see ALL of his coverings and to learn all aspects of his being. It is to see the meaning and beauty of how the “good” and the “bad” (by our skewed judgments) work together to form his I AM. He IS. BEING HE IS BEING. And to know him one must play with fire… for the ALL CONSUMING FIRE is his name.

There are ample types of the three divine ones in the scriptures. The first born, the last born and the middle. Whether it be Cain/Abel/Seth or Japeth/Shem/Ham or Esau/Isaac/More or Reuben/Judah/Joseph or Laman/Lemual/Nephi/Sam/Jacob, in nearly every instance the firstborn who believes he has earned the right to the birth-right is rejected and the middle-born receives it. The first becomes last and the last becomes first. Scripture suggest that this type plays true for even Lucifer and Christ. The Son of the Morning being the “first born” believed it was his right to rule this world, so when the Father rejected him and his rule declaring Christ to be the firstborn before him, he revolted and took a third of the host of heaven with him.

The secret is that those that make themselves first always are rejected causing a fall to become last. While those who make themselves last are made first by the law of justice… and if they then sacrifice that first estate on the cross, they fall to the middle and become exalted in the center of it. They become the first AND THE last, the alpha AND omega. The true Gods who have at-one-ed the opposites.

So can you solve the mystery? Who is the demiurge? Who is the anti-Christ or the demiurge that will reveal themselves in the last days? The one who is to become the “Master Mahan” of the next cycle?

These are the deep mysteries intended for the inner circle. For the rest of us, we shouldn’t dwell too much on them. Just live a good life and press forward in faith.