The Law of Love Vs. Special Privilege. A discussion on Homosexuality, Morality and Religious Law

Over the last few years I have put a lot of thought into the dualism of justice and mercy, or more particularly between Christ’s law of love vs. the concept of special privilege. Nowhere is the dichotomy between these principles more visible than in the personal, religious and cultural debate surrounding homosexuality. How do we reconcile the Christian principles of universal love with the also seemingly “christian principles of special privilege. Does God favor certain people because of behavioral choices or proclivities and relegate or exclude others for the same reasons? If so, how can he be a all-loving God? I don’t pretend there is a simple black and white answer to this, but I’d like to talk about it for a moment and lead the discussion to the conclusion that it is impossible not to have many spectrums of stratification and polarity in society, but the goal of God and all “good” members of society is/should be to procure the most felicity for the most people.

These questions are especially important and meaningful to analyze because the answers which we come to concerning God, society and others, I have learned, will inevitably be used by ourselves to judge ourselves. I find the biblical adage increasingly insightful which says, “beware how ye judge”, for with that same measure ye mete others, it will be met unto you!”. I certainly saw this validated in my own life. Whether it was with the relationship with my parents, my first experiences with sex or pornography, or in marriage–the judgements that I allowed to define my view of the world concerning <em>other’s<em> various behaviors, became the measuring stick I judged myself with when I found myself confronted with the same or similar behaviors.

I think this works socially as well. The judgements that we concoct to judge society are the laws which God (or the natural law) will judge us.  God (as he works through us) has given judgement to man. So lets take this argument out of the ignorance of the religious sycophant/exclusivist and into the…

-this is an issue of rewarding behavior that benefits society and deriding behavior that doesn’t.  It should not be about love, it should not be about respect; those should be given to all regardless of behavior.  It should be about special privilege and loss of privilege.

-But how do you separate love from special privilege?  When you withhold privilege, when you deride behavior, people feel unloved and I don’t know that there’s a way around it.  Love gets defined by privilege.  This is the great challenge, how do we minimize the negative effects of inevitable social stratification caused by moral law?  Do we get rid of moral and social law altogether and say no matter what anyone does, we will treat you all equally? In that case the natural law takes over, which is the rule of the jungle.  The strong do what they can, and the weak suffer…. and now we’re back to square one.


-talk about how a proper understanding of Oahspe section on “inspiration” and judgment” solve many of these religious issues. and understanding that its really all about our priorities as a society is what it boils down to.

-deciding who we deride.  who we elevate?  who we give special privilege to?  And these judgements should be made on basis of the effects on society, not pretended dictates from one Groups perception of God, because historical evidence truly shows God is laissez faire. The natural law IS God’s law. God’s natural law is God’s punishment for sin. (Even though sometimes the reaction time on natural law can be long). So lets decide as a society what things make society flourish and last and what brings down populations, governments, families and emotional health and make laws based on our understanding of them.




-first point.  our judgements of others dictate our wordview, our self judgements and our happiness.  so why not be a lover and not a hater?

-second point.  special privilege and relegation on behavior is impossible to avoid. it must and will be done. But unconditional, love is the key to wisdom. (much like the scientists open, unbiased mind is the key to scientific discovery). Wisdom is achieving a worldview and behavioral stratification which give with greatest felicity to the greatest number of people.

-the only way to avoid this is a system where law is not given until people are ready for it… this was satans sin.  he gave people law (knowledge of good and evil) before they were ready for it, and it stratified or derided them out of god’s presense.

-third point. Some behaviors give desired results. some don’t.  We need to agree on our social values and then stratify behaviors based on this.  a correct system of juresprudence would rely on justice which reconciled only percieved injustices.   A person has a qualm, they accuse some

An LDS perspective on the ‘Law of One’ Material


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The Law of One is kinda crazy. Even for the average sceptic, if you can get past the information on bigfoot, aliens and government conspiracies… it’s got some great insight.

It is one of a handful of foundational channeled texts which have defined the New Age Movement. It is a collected series of transcripts, of more than 100 sessions, reputedly authored by an extra planetary intelligence claimed to be a group of individual souls at a “higher level of spiritual evolution” that were “channeled” by Don Elkins and Carla L. Rueckert (McCarty) in the early 1980s.

I can’t say I would recommend it to an orthodox Christian– because I think it is a back door to very esoteric knowledge, but I find myself repeatedly drawn to it because of its cohesive cosmology. If you’re very open minded and feel like there’s an unbridgeable gap between Christian Theology and modern science, it’s a must read. Anyone can write a channeled work and blow smoke about this or that, but what sets truly good religious works apart is their ability to cohesively describe the cosmos and cosmological phenomenon. As well as to describe the complexity of human thought and behavior. Despite its very difficult prose literary style and strange verbiage I am amazed at this material’s ability to harmonize the foundational concepts of all religions and tie it together with UFO-ology, and the modern New Age context.

I’ll get around some time to finishing this article and showing how its cosmology fits well with that taught in both Mormonism and Oahspe. It also has profound material on the Christ/Lucifer dichotomy. (Service to self, autocratic governance in the Universe vs. Service to Others democratic governance in the universe). It does a good job of tying eastern religious ideas and concepts with those of Christianity and Christian mysticism. It puts many new age ideas which usually come across as hokey or superstitious, such as crystal work (ie The Urim & Thummim) and energy work / pyramid structures, on a scientific foundation. It gives explanations for Atlantis and Lemuria which seem to tie-in well with LDS concepts of the antediluvian record and early Jaredite Kingdoms. It adds to Oahspe’s view of how UFO and extraterrestrial phenomenon fit with religious notions of God and extra-planetary Gods.

Views on God

The Law Of One or Ra series one the most profound views I’ve come across of the differing aspects of God or higher intelligence. The text defines the “One most high God” of Judeo-Christianity as “intelligent infinity”. This term represents the infinite intelligence that exists within and throughout all creation. All aspects of intelligence exists within a fractal relationship to this intelligent unity which binds all creation. This intelligence is passive, and any individuated self-conscious being has the potential to access this intelligent unity of all creation. It is a concept somewhat like the Nicene concept of God, mixed with non-anthropomorphic eastern concepts of God. The text also talks of “intelligent energy” which is the use of focus of intelligent infinity–a concept somewhat similar to the Mormon priesthood power or Jedi force of star wars.

Below this it speaks of many echelons or fractal levels of sub-intelligence. The Law Of One borrows the Hellenistic term “logos” for these. Our galaxy is an example of a logos, as is our solar system. Within these systems exists an intelligent unity which exists as a fractal of the higher governing bodies they are within (a system somewhat similar to that described in the Mormon Book of Abraham and hypocephalus). It states that there exists within each logos an 6-8th density level of consciousness which is the culmination of all intelligence independent of time. (somewhat similar to the Mormon view of the Celestial level of glory) The closer a self-conscious being can come to accessing this realm of consciousness, the more powerful he is. This is similar to the Mormon view that Christ and other God’s became “gods”, by growing “grace by grace” as they learned to use the priesthood or “powers of heaven” (D&C 121).

Ra teaches that each individual is also a “logos” and exists as a fractal or microcosm of these higher levels of consciousness… also possessing an 6-8th density aspect which is independent of time. This is something referred to as “the higher self” or personal God. Ra teaches that because this aspect of each individual’s and groups consciousness exists apart from time–it knows the outcome of every alternate reality, or possible experimentation in our personal evolution. Thus, by gaining access to this level of consciousness, we may be led to the most advantageous path of any circumstance. This is similar to the LDS views on “the spirit”–and its ability to personally lead us to happiness and salvation.

Apart from this, however, there are other levels of beings Ra speaks of. They state that any highly cohesive group has the potential of forming what Ra calls a “social memory complex”. These are a 4rth density (terrestrial in Mormon terms) phenomenon and are the “god” of most Christian Scripture. These groups create most global religions and are the source for much of the most well known channeled information. These are group consciousnesses of Carl Jung and creators of the archetypes found in religion. 


Problems & Contradictions

The material will probably not resonate with devout religious adherents, and some of its erudite descriptions of the “negative path” are a bit dark and uneasing. Much like many gnostic works, the material pokes behind the veils of organized religions, and in so doing tends to diminish fundamentalism.  The opportunities for misunderstanding are high.

As I read it, I am constantly reminded of the following verses from Oashpe,

33/3.19. O man, beware of angels who say…
33/3.28. …Behold me, I am from the highest, most exalted sphere, or from a far-off star, or,
33/3.29. Who says: I have visited the planets, or,
33/3.30. Who says: Resurrection comes by reincarnation: first a stone, then lead, then silver, then gold, then a tree, then a worm, then an animal and then man; or that a spirit re-enters the womb, and is born again in mortality, or,
33/3.31. Who says: You are blessed; for a host of ancient spirits attend you—you have a great mission.
33/3.32. For all of these are the utterances of the angels of the first resurrection. And though they may inspire great oratory and learned discourses, yet they are flatterers, and will surely lead you into grief.

33/5.6. Consider then the seers and prophets (who hear the angels) whether they have grown constitutionally to be one with Purity, Wisdom and Goodness.
33/5.7. For this is required of those who presume to hear me and my holy ones. And having attained to this, who, except those who have attained to the same, can judge them?
33/5.8. Shall a man ask a magician regarding the inspiration of the prophets of your God? Or the angels of the first resurrection be consulted as to their opinions of my revelations, and their words taken for truth without substantiation?

-Of course, to be fair, most accepted religious “prophets” are guilty of claims entailing of many of these warnings. (Including Christ himself). So obviously these wise words are not saying “don’t believe those who say these things” but instead, take caution because more often than not the inspiration is coming from a flatterer.  So keeping on our skeptical hat, yet putting judgement of the source aside (including Elkin’s troubling martyr-like suicide), I’ll go through just a few of the ideas taught in the Law of One works and show how they harmonize and fit within the framework of other restorationist and new age revelatory/channeled material.

-It says Oahspe is another work “given by the counsel” (the same council of Saturn to which they belong), but its descriptions of Jesus’ death as well as its descriptions of the building of the great pyramid, completely contradict each other.  (The law of One states that they helped build the pyramids by thought forms, Oahspe says the false Osiris inspired hojax to build it using natural means).

-Unlike most other channeled texts (Oahspe in particular) The book has virtually nothing which inspires the reader to morally better themselves. In fact it tends to do the opposite.


A few other thoughts…

-The work is theoretical  and largely impractical (compared to a practicable religion at least).  It offers a lot of amazing information but little to no support framework to carry out the exercises in group consciousness that it details.

-The way in which the answers, commonly contradict the questioner give it added validity in my mind. (The questioner will say “I believe this is how it is”, and the answer will say “no, you’ve got it all wrong, its more like this…)

-Its ideas on the 7 densities are spectacular. The idea that the Spirit World and its 7 divisions (which it says can be arbitrarily divided into 3 or 7 or infinite sets of 7) are a microcosm for 7 larger major densities or dimensions which the physical earth will progressively transition into, seems very original and rational.

-Its description of the highest level of the earth’s spirit world (or inner planes) as an exact microcosm/fractal of intelligent infinity (or the most-high god), solves a major enigma of how the Biblical god can call itself “The Most High God…” who “beside me there is no God” and yet still be just a planetary God.

-Its description of a “social memory complex” is spectacular. It helps to explain Oahspe’s logic of group harmony and cooperation being the key to raising higher in the heavens.

-Thus it seems to suggest that the pre-resurrection “Degrees of Glory” of Mormonism, and the “Atmospherea” of Oahspe (which it calls Time/Space or the earth’s inner planes) are a perfect microcosm of larger cycles of “Resurrection” (which can be made to fit well with Mormon scripture).

-Its advice on healing and crystal work should be of particular interest to Mormons and other faiths which share the mystical world-view.



The Law of One uses a very difficult-to-read literary style. Here are just a few of its unconventional but descriptive words and the concepts they represent.

Ra = The material purports to come from a large group consciousness called Ra, as in Is-ra-el (Isis-ra-el) or the sun god of ancient egypt.  They suggest they are a planetary group consciousness which influenced early Egypt. This is significant to Christians as Judaism was influenced by Egyptian religion and priesthood perhaps more than any other nation. According to the Book of Mormon, Israel was till using an Egyptain based writing system up until at least 600 BC.

Social Memory Complex = basically a term for a collective or group consciousness. Similar to the Christian communion. A concept esoterically taught by the Christian Eucharist. The “body” (church) of Christ.

mind/body/spirit complex = a term better translated ‘an individual’ or person. this term seeks to specify that each individual has three primary components; a mind, a physical body and a spirit.

Intelligent Infinity = This is essentially a term for what Mormons might call ‘The Most High God’ or ‘The infinite intelligence’. In the Law of One this concept of God is more like the ‘Great Spirit’ of Oahspe. It is differentiated from lower gods with bodies. It is the aspect of all creation which is intelligent and can be accessed by any fractal or individuated intelligence like mankind.

space/time & time/space = In LDS terms these are essentially the mortal world and the spirit world. More specifically these terms come from the cosmology of Dewey Larson. His premise was that all reality is just different manifestations of motion; that time and space are both different aspects of motion. space over time being where space is large compared to time as is the case in our physical or mortal world. time over space being where time is large compared to space as is in the spirit world. However, an LDS person should realize that while roughly analogous, these concepts have different meaning in the Law of One which may take a while to come to grasp.

learn/teach, ask/receive, & other dualities = The law of one teaches that all dualities are just different manifestations of the same thing, so in its verbiage it often pairs dualities with their opposites



Law of One Summarized

6.14 The Law of One states simply that all things are one, that all beings are one. There are certain behaviors and thought-forms consonant with the understanding and practice of this law. Those who, finishing a cycle of experience, demonstrate various grades of distortion of that understanding of thought and action will be separated by their own choice into the vibratory distortion most comfortable to their mind/body/spirit complexes. This process is guarded or watched by those nurturing beings who, being very close to the Law of One in their distortions, nevertheless have the distortion towards active service.

1.7 …That which is infinite cannot be many, for many-ness is a finite concept. To have infinity you must identify or define that infinity as unity; otherwise, the term does not have any referent or meaning. In an Infinite Creator there is only unity. You have seen simple examples of unity. You have seen the prism which shows all colors stemming from the sunlight. This is a simplistic example of unity.

In truth there is no right or wrong. There is no polarity for all will be, as you would say, reconciled at some point in your dance through the mind/body/spirit complex which you amuse yourself by distorting in various ways at this time. This distortion is not in any case necessary. It is chosen by each of you as an alternative to understanding the complete unity of thought which binds all things. You are not speaking of similar or somewhat like entities or things. You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are. This is the Law of One.

4.20 The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.

72.12 Questioner: Could you explain what you mean by “raises up any personality?”
Ra: Clues, we may offer. Explanation is infringement. We can only ask that you realize that all are One

1.10 Firstly, you must understand that the distinction between yourself and others is not visible to us. We do not consider that a separation exists between the consciousness-raising efforts of the distortion which you project as a personality and the distortion which you project as an other personality. Thus, to learn is the same as to teach…

Similar concepts from LDS scripture

21 That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.
22 And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:
23 I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me. (John 17:21–23)

27 And after this manner shall ye baptize in my name; for behold, verily I say unto you, that the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost are one; and I am in the Father, and the Father in me, and the Father and I are one. (3 Nephi 11:27)

43 And the Father and I are one. I am in the Father and the Father in me; and inasmuch as ye have received me, ye are in me and I in you. D&C 50:43

2 I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who was crucified for the sins of the world, even as many as will believe on my name, that they may become the sons of God, even one in me as I am one in the Father, as the Father is one in me, that we may be one. D&C 35:2

18 And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them. (Moses 7:18)

Read the Law of One at

Download the pdf’s here

Seeing The Face of God…



There are many, many, many people in this world who honestly claim to have seen God or Christ. The vast majority of these occurrences happen during near-death experiences or in visionary states of altered consciousness. (see for examples) A few even occur in full consciousness with natural eyes just as one man would talk to another. Those of different religious persuasions have these very real experiences too, although they call the light being/beings which they see by different names according to their religious biases.  If you are not already familiar with the God-encountering experiences of the differing religious icons of the world (such as Muhammad’s experiences, Joseph Smith’s, Buddha’s, or the scores of other religious founders, and uncounted near-death experiences of normal people) I might suggest you take a bit of time to read a few dozen of them. And from that context I would like to explain the experience from an LDS scriptural perspective, and then from a pluralistic context.

In my opinion, to properly understand these experiences it helps to first have a sound understanding of our earth’s cosmology (see my article Eternal Progression, Degrees of Glory, and the Resurrection). It also helps to understand the deeply symbolic meaning in the phrase “see the face of God”. To sum things up, I think there are many beings who watch over our planet from what could be termed higher densities or dimensions (heavens) or alternate levels of consciousness. Because the planes these beings inhabit vibrate far more quickly than ours, when people of this plane view these beings or realms they are perceived as light (often even when only perceived through visionary states).  The same is often true for the craft used by these beings. This life is a time for us to choose the group which we will join in our path to the higher planes. Truly “seeing God” and entering His rest is the summation of that choice.


-God / the Gods or higher beings teach men according to their understanding. If you are Christian it seems they will teach you according to your understanding, the same is true for a hindu or buddhist or muslim.

-Each religion has a multi-leveled counterpart in the earth’s 3rd density spirit world. These organizations seek to funnel people up to a state of consciousness where they can interact with the higher physical densities (resurrections).  Again it is necessary to understand earth’s cosmology to understand how this all works (Eternal Progression, Degrees of Glory, and the Resurrection)

-There are many levels of beings which can interface with man. In Mormon terms it could be a telestial spirit (3rd density being from earth’s spirit world- or “ministering spirit”), or a resurrected terrestrial being (4rth density being/angel symbolized by “Christ” in Christianity), or a celestial being (5th density being symbolized by “the Father” in christianity).

-Nearly all beings which interface with our earth are 3rd or 4th density beings (telestial or terrestrial).  For Mormons D&C 76 describes this saying that Telestial kingdoms are ministered to by the Terrestrial and so on..)

-The 4rth density (Terrestial realm) is still a polarized realm.  That means there are beings of positive and negative polarity in this order who can also be perceived as light beings.  The negative polarity is unity through means of autocratic domination; Lucifer or Satan being the Christian archetype.  In biblical terms the fact that negative higher dimensional beings are also perceived by lower dimensional beings as light is taught by statements like “Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light” (2 Cor 11:14).

-By upper 5th density there ceases to be meaningful polarity. These realms and beings symbolized by “the Celestial” kingdom and the presence of “the Father” in mormonism, watch over all interactions made by terrestrial beings to telestial beings. They assure that no unethical interactions occur. They maintain agency and balance. They assure appearances occur only after an appropriate “call” has been made. They oversee the process of harvest where terrestrial groups seek and assimilate telestial initiates and initiate groups.

-“Christ” in Mormonism and Christianity is an archetype of a all positive group consciousness. However, the biblical Jesus is in fact a member of the highest counsel or “spirit-world” group which is funneling souls upward through the various levels to a resurrected “off planet” counterpart. This might be hard to understand, but in the resurrected terrestrial realm, a type of group is formed where all members of the group are united in a shared consciousness where the thoughts of all are available to all.  The group is highly unified and the acts/words of one always reflect the will of the group as a whole. This is symbolically taught in many parts of the LDS and biblical canon. The Law of One terms this a ‘social memory complex’ (symbolized in Christianity by the communion/church or the body of Christ).  When an emissary of one of these groups makes contact with an initiate, they might call themselves “Christ” or they might just let you call them “Christ” (or whatever your religious bias dictates).  For reasons which will be discussed in the next point, it is important to understand that “Christ” is a title, and in truth all those who share this order are completely equal in authority, honor, doctrine and standing. (Christ is a Greek translation for the Hebrew word Messiah meaning an ‘Anointed One’, which is roughly equivalent to the Tibetan Lama, Hindu Maitreya or Muslim Mahdi)

-Negative 4rth order resurrected terrestrial beings are not equal. (Followers of “Lucifer” in Christian terms) They exist in a starkly hierarchical top-down autocratic system closely resembling that of many religions and nations. They are led by a beloved king/leader (dictator) and each member of the group willingly submits to his autocratic rule. Lower members of the group believe this leader to be selflessly benevolent, but he is infact a very cunning selfish liar. If a “true Christ” or positive/selfless terrestrial resurrected being makes contact with an initiate, an emissary of a negative group will be allowed to come in person or through thought to tempt the initiate with teachings which seek to persuade the initiate toward their selfish autocratic religious and political system. Their doctrine is one of service-to-self through exclusivity, control/fear and superiority (pride). The law of agency, watched over by celestial beings, dictates that equal opportunity for recruitment of converts must be given to both the positive (selfless) and negative (selfish) sides. This is why both sides are very selective in their personal contacts. Often, telestial initiates cannot tell the difference between the two, as both sides are very wise and the negative side is unimaginably deceptive. (Able to fake positive emotion and positive logic.) Both negative and positive heavenly groups have influenced every major religious and political system in earth’s history. The negative side is most interested in power and converts which increase its power, and uses decoy techniques to hide its real objectives.


LDS Theology, like many religious traditions, teach about two fundamental “plans” for Eternal Progression. Works such as “the law of one” go into great detail concerning the specifics of these plans and how the higher beings heading these plans seek to harvest souls for the next round of progression.

-The more strongly a disciple or initiate seeks information or contact with “Jesus” or “god”, the more influence both positive and negative groups will be allowed to interact with him/her.  This is the true “trail of your faith” and the gateway to harvest.  Seeking “the face of God” alone is far more dangerous (as far as possibilities of deception goes), because we really only “know” ourselves through the use of mirrors — a function played by other people.  It is common for individuals to think they are seeking or seeing Jesus of the Bible, and yet they are actually interfacing with the New Testament’s antichrist (the antithesis of the free and equal system Jesus came to teach). The keys to knowing who we are dealing with is the thoughts given to us by those we are seeking contact with. Are they teaching us to love, accept and serve others in ways meaningful to them?  Or are they teaching us to control others (call to repentance or enlist in a cause) in self-righteous ways which really only serve ourselves or our group? Are we serving God by loving and serving others in equality, or are we serving ourselves by serving “a God” which is a projection of our own egos; trying to control, belittle, outsmart or outperform others in self righteousness. Do we await a dictatorial Messiah (or al-Mahdi/Maitreya/Krishna),  who will come to destroy the wicked, or a democratic one who will work with us to mercifully love and save the wicked by serving them without self-righteousness?  One who will bring order through force or one who will bring unity through wisdom? Do we delight in coming destruction or do we pray for peace?

-There is meaning and value to both the negative and positive paths.  Every religion on earth has been carefully crafted to contain scripture and doctrine endorsing both paths. The way is open for man to choose, and the path is guarded by very high beings with all power (as far as we are concerned).


-The Mormon religion (as all religion to some degree) is an accelerated gateway to harvest.  Harvest is a complicated topic, but as mentioned it has to do with being translated (dimension shifted) from the 3rd Density (telestial glory) to the 4rth Density (terrestrial glory).  This process happens in groups and has to do with harmonizing with the vibrations of existing 4th Density groups.  This translation from our current state of isolated/separated consciousness to the more unified group consciousness of the next stage of existence is symbolized by passing through a “veil” (a separation) into the “presence or face” of the Lord. (the Lord being your chosen terrestrial group).  LDS scripture and the temple ceremony teach this in many symbolic terms. Take these verses from the Doctrine and Covenants for instance.

68 Therefore, sanctify yourselves that your minds become single to God, and the days will come that you shall see him; for he will unveil his face unto you, and it shall be in his own time, and in his own way, and according to his own will. (D&C 88:68)

1 Verily, thus saith the Lord: It shall come to pass that every soul who forsaketh his sins and cometh unto me, and calleth on my name, and obeyeth my voice, and keepeth my commandments, shall see my face and know that I am; (D&C 93:1)

16 Yea, and my presence shall be there, for I will come into it, and all the pure in heart that shall come into it shall see God. (D&C 97:16)


-The narrative of Moses seeing God typifies the principles given above.  Like many others, Moses was foreordained to be a leader and dispensational head in the pre-existence, just as the people of Israel are composed of souls fordained to be a microcosm or type of the forces acting on the world at large.  Thus Moses sought the “face of God” and was contacted by emissaries of both positive and negative terrestrial groups (each calling themselves Yahweh or Jehovah).  As with all mortals, Moses was tasked with discerning the difference between these groups and incorporated large amounts of practices and doctrines from both sides.  In hindsight, it is fairly easy to see which forces posing as “Yahweh” are responsible for the differing aspects of the exodus narrative. Take for instance when Moses comes down from the mount and learns that his brother has helped the people fashion an idol after the manner of the Egyptians.

25 Moses saw that Aaron had let the people get completely out of control, much to the amusement of their enemies.
26 So he stood at the entrance to the camp and shouted, “All of you who are on the LORD’s side, come here and join me.” And all the Levites gathered around him.
27 Moses told them, “This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: Each of you, take your swords and go back and forth from one end of the camp to the other. Kill everyone—even your brothers, friends, and neighbors.”
28 The Levites obeyed Moses’ command, and about 3,000 people died that day.
29 Then Moses told the Levites, “Today you have ordained yourselves for the service of the LORD, for you obeyed him even though it meant killing your own sons and brothers. Today you have earned a blessing.” (NLT Ex 32:25–29)

Ten verses earlier the negative aspect of Moses’ “Lord” had threatened to kill all of Israel for the umpteen time, but Moses had begged for them to be spared. But like many parents, Moses got upset when he came down and saw how unruly his people were, and in that anger he followed the doctrine of the negative path, which is non-patience, non-mercy and rule through fear and violence. He was inspired to find those who would mercilessly kill for him and then make them his elite. This act was in accordance with the doctrine of righteousness through violence taught by the negative Terrestrial God (Lord) Moses was obeying at that moment. Much like Mohammed and Hitler, this violence culminated in the creation of a religious/priesthood and racial elite through jihad, genocide and racial cleansing. A system which the positive “Lord” tried hard to keep in balance through later Old Testament prophets and finally through the very positively oriented Jesus Christ.

There is a complexity is these principles concerning unity that can be hard to understand. One must remember that in Celestial Beings (symbolized by the Father) there is no division or imbalance. They have harmonized positive and negative paths and are One with all lower beings. This is also the goal of all those who seek to progress to higher intelligence. Christ becoming “one with the Father” or Christ being the “Jehovah of the Old Testament” can only be fully understood within that context. The closer one comes to the Father or Creator and source of all intelligence the less division exists.


Some texts refer to the differing planes or densities as “projections” of God. This is because as the planes move further from their source, their fallen or divided nature is greater.

The principles of the positive and negative paths are explained at length in “the Law of One” material. LDS doctrine and scripture adds a second clear witness to the idea that the plan of Lucifer was to bring righteousness and unity through force (D&C 29:36–38, Moses 4:1–6). He is a terrestrial being with priesthood and power and seeks to bring about the Father’s plan of exaltation through autocratic rule which directs the honor and glory to himself. His plan is the antithesis of Jesus’ plan of unity through mercy, equality, humility and freedom. He seeks to destroy Jesus plan and sees it as weak and ineffective. He is the inspiration behind all dictatorships and autocratic systems which use manipulation, violence or fear. He is also the inspiration behind all religious systems which use propaganda, delusion, force and self-righteousness and give glory to their exclusive “Lord” (himself) instead of the Father Of All.

-As a final note it helps to reiterate that all polarity becomes unified (or at-oned) by the celestial (5th density) level.  Thus the negative and positive attributes of the differing terrestrial “Gods” or groups are as the light and dark in the Yin and the Yang. They are both just differing attributes of the One True God.  This is hard to explain and comprehend, but the important lesson is that in this life we choose our path to the Father in whom there is perfect unity… but we should realize that we need not demonize the other paths. Whether it be the violence of the Old Testament God contrasted with the pacifism of Jesus or the violence of Mohammadian Jihad contrasted with the pacifism of Buddha, the Highest God’s have set up these religions and path to lead mankind to unity and reconciliation.  And regardless of the polarity of the Lord’s face we seek, we will one day see how all aspects of God’s plan fit into one beautiful picture with many varying shades.



Finish Writing…


In regards to seeking angels.  Angels almost always speak to you telepathically through your thoughts. This is the meaning of the statement “angels speak by the power of the holy ghost… wherefore feast upon the words of Christ…” (2 Ne 32) Angels speak to us all the time, we just don’t know it. They don’t even need to be “present” to speak to you. But it is actually more important to learn to commune directly with God, (not Christ, but the Father or Most-High-God) than to get answers from angels. The same is true of the Second Comforter. Hopefully the advice you get from angels will point you in that direction. Seeing or speaking to angels often has negative consequences, and this is why there are strict rules restricting their interaction with you. One’s progress is markedly retarded once they “see” angels or the “face of the Lord”. The reason an adulterous generation seeks a sign is because of the comparative principles involved.

When we “see” the beauty of a body, it is easy to get distracted and forget that a person “is not their body”. Their mind and true self is veiled within that body. Its easy to get caught up in the outward appearance and forget that. The veiled darkness & blindness of this world acts as a catalyst to push our consciousness to connections with higher and higher spheres. At some point before going through the veil you will decide.. this is far enough, this is where I want to be.  As soon as you “see God” and pass through the veil that decision is pretty much made, and your potential for progression drastically slows. We should realize there is a great deal of subtlety hidden in the term “seeing God”.  It is mostly symbolic because in the highest sense it is not done with the eyes. When you finally do “see god” with “physical” eyes it will be a mediator god, and your progress toward the “Most High God” will be slowed.

Multi-dimensionality and the relativity of fundamental units in physics


Although my degree is in geology & geophysics, and not nuclear or astrophysics, I’v always had a keen interest in physics and would love to go back to school one day and get a graduate degree somewhere in that field. My advanced physics, geochronology and geophysics classes in college really interested and excited me. As I went through school I was flooded with ideas and insights and had strong impressions of where modern physical understandings were lacking.

As the internet grows I have found I am far from alone. I have tried on many occasions to write down my ideas, but as I comb the internet for information I am overwhelmed by how many people there are who are thinking about and trying to solve these same issues. Because there are so many others, I am quite sure these issues will work themselves out over time. I think collaborative, academic bodies will eventually move our global understanding where it needs to be in order to fully understand the concepts my theories are working toward. In relation to my very unique theory for scriptural correlation & symbolism and the relativity of radiometric dating, I will go over some of the basic principles of what I think mainstream science will one day mathematically prove.


Outline of Concepts (click to expand)


1. There are many poorly understood cycles in celestial mechanics, some of which affect many of the fundamental units of physics.

(give examples)
-what really is mass? how does it relate to time?
-what dictates nuclear stability and decay rates?

2. One of the most basic of these is the sun’s 11 yr solar cycle of solar maximum. This poorly understood cycle, which is almost certainly caused by a type of electrical resonance between the sun and Jupiter (and Saturn), reverses the sun’s electromagnetic field and causes massive electrical discharges and changes within the sun’s dynamo.

(give examples)
-sun and Jupiter are a binary pair, Jupiter’s period is ~11 years.
-they create a double circle resonance. when closest, their lines intertwine. there’s an energy exchange and they switch polarity.

3. Many of the celestial mechanic principles which govern the orbits of bodies are still sometimes explained using archaic concepts of Newtonian mechanics. Understanding phenomena such as inertia, circular orbits, and mass/gravity in terms of quantum field mechanics helps to better explain the relativity and connectedness of our galaxy.

(give examples)
-the similarity between charge and gravity equations (force related to distance squared).
-The circular orbital behavior of a charged particle in a mag field.
-The standing wave and orbit of the earth.
-diagram of how the earth would create a mag field if it is a charged particle in a large oscillating mag field of the sun.
-channeled sources teach of 8 dimensions, a fractal analog is the 8 energy shells in atoms. this is where energy goes.
-speed of light (core atomic resonance of that frequency) dictates the dimension. it is dictated by the mag field of the next higher governing creation.
-try not to get too speculative.
-throw in the concept of the sun or all matter being a vortex into the next dimension (like a drain sucking in matter & blowing out energy)

4.The galactic core, and many other systems within the universe also produce harmonics and orbital resonances (especially with gravity waves), which create cycles affecting our solar system and all bodies within the universe. The density waves which create our spiral arm geometry is an example. The most pertinent cycle for our solar system is a 600-800 yr & 3000-4200 year cycle which radically affects our sun and solar system.

(give examples)
-we only have mythological historical and channeled accounts to tell us about these theorized cycles.
-It appears to completely disrupt the solar system.
-causes a huge energetic exchange between the sun and its governing power (perhaps the galactic core?).
-The energetic exchanges change the z-number and nuclear stability; which changes most of the relative fundamentals such as mass, density and binding energy.
-Changes occurring during these cycles create changes in volume/density & angular velocity and momentum and are the primary driving force for plate tectonics.

5. Just like suns, every atom is a miniature vortex/whirlpool connecting dimensions. Just as differing densities in the ocean or atmosphere cause vortexes seeking equilibrium (tornadoes/whirlpools), so also are suns and subatomic particles 3D vortices which pull matter from one density/dimension, transform it and blow it into another density/dimension in the form of energy (matter goes in gravitationally and out electromagnetically). Somewhat like a slinky going down the stairs, all matter steps through the dimensions; each sun, planet and atom attracting to itself in one dimension until it dies and is re-created or born again in the next higher dimension. Everything has its analog across the dimensions. As galaxies and humans attract in this life, so we will manifest in the next.

6. The unified field is the master electromagnetic (quantum) field. Particles are simply well behaved ripples or vortices in the quantum field. The Strong, Weak, Gravitational and Magnetic attractive/repulsive forces are all different aspects of the same force–which have to do with alignment or misalignment of the vortices. What needs to be solved is the mechanism which shields some interactions and not others. What shields some elements from being magnetic? What shields the Strong Force in all but nucleic interactions? What shields the “magnetic” forces in celestial mechanics to make interactions behave “gravitationally”?  Etc…  To solve the shielding problem is to unify the forces. My guess is that the math behind this is beyond our current abilities. I believe it has to do with calculating the composite field interactions between every subatomic vortex in the field.



The cycles of celestial mechanics and their relationship to the fundamental units of physics

In our Galaxy there are many cycles which affect our earth and our measurements of space and time. The most fundamental of these cycles is obviously the earth day, which is essentially a measure one complete rotation of earth on its axis. Also well known are the year, the lunar cycle which months are loosely based on, and the less known Solar Cycle of 11 years where the sun reverses polarity. There are even greater cycles of such long duration that their exact mechanical characteristics are only speculative; such as our solar system’s movement within the Orion arm of the galaxy, our movement up and down across the galactic plane or equator, and our solar system’s orbit around the galactic core. I propose that these larger celestial cycles dictate all of our physical laws and measurements in ways many may not realize. It should be obvious that all our measurements of time are based on the velocity of the earth’s rotation and orbit around the sun, as well as the distance and size of the earth itself and its orbit. Einstein and many physicists like him came to realize over a century ago that all these measurements were relative to each-other and were dependent upon one’s reference frame in many complicated ways.

I suggest that there is no way to conclusively prove that the earth’s rotational velocity, orbital velocity or orbital period have been constant; and that in fact historical and mythological records seem to suggest to the contrary. I propose a cosmological model which suggests that our Solar System experiences long periods of relative stability interspersed by short bursts of extreme relativistic changes much like the suns 9-10 years of stable behavior interspersed by 1-2 years of erratic behavior during Solar Max. I suggest that special relativity and gravity waves can be used to suggest that large changes in the angular velocity of our solar system’s orbit in the galaxy, cause minor but significant changes in volume, density and even its mass, binding energy and other energetic properties of physics.

Two dimensional representation of the rate of change of Celestial Cycles. Peaks and troughs represent huge gravity waves emanating out from the Galactic Core, which cause short periods of intense change in spacetime, mass, angular velocity, and angular momentum. Areas of constant slope between peaks and trough represent areas of relative stability.


The Solar Cycle and Orbital Resonance

Our sun’s 11 year solar cycle has been well researched and documented. Roughly every 11 years the sun’s magnetic field collapses, reverses and realigns in a process corresponding with Solar Maximum, where the sun’s energetic output, sunspot activity and coronal mass ejection prevalence intensifies. Older models seeking to explain the cause of these cycles relied on classical physics explanations which saw the sun as a closed dynamo system. Recent work by astrophysicists is getting closer to the big picture by showing the correlation between the Sun, its largest planets and the Galaxy. Although well documented, it is not well known that the Sun and Jupiter are technically a binary system, as the center of gravity of the two bodies lies outside the sun’s circumference. At roughly 1/10th the diameter of the sun, Jupiter is more than twice as massive than all the other planets combined. The slight acceleration of mass created by this binary orbit between the two creates a strong harmonic or type of orbital resonance which I believe creates tiny gravity waves and also affects the electrical resonance of the two bodies and the entire solar system.   (see this article to see exactly how electrical resonance works, imagining that the sun’s sphere acts as a capacitor, and its field as an inductor)

Exaggerated illustration of the binary nature of the Sun and Jupiter. Thier true center of gravity lies just outside the circumference of the Sun. This relationship creates an orbital resonance which in turn interacts with the galactic field

Highly Exaggerated illustration of the binary nature of the Sun and Jupiter’s orbits. Thier true center of gravity lies just outside the circumference of the Sun. This relationship creates an electric resonance which in turn interacts with the galactic field.

As depicted in the exaggerated illustration above, when these two massive bodies reach perihelion (their closest approach), their angular momentum increases slightly — this acceleration of mass induces miniscule gravity waves and a current as their magnetic field lines begin to intertwine causing an energetic exchange to occur. (As a result of gravitational and electromagnetic principles I detail below, I suggest that Solar Max is caused primarily by changes in the Sun’s rotational acceleration and not just by random inner-body tidal forces).  The Solar Jovian exchange energizes and imbalances the sun’s internal dynamo and it drops its protective shield leaving it temporarily exposed to the cosmic influences of the galactic wind. It is not entirely understood why the sun’s electromagnetic field always rebuilds in a switched polarity, but I suspect that either Jupiter’s orbital obliquity to the Solar Plane (which is 6.01 degrees) actually alternately snakes above and below the celestial equator with each orbit, or it is caused by some galactic influence such as our solar system’s position in the galactic field according to principles which will be discussed later in this article.

The Oahspe text contains many supposed ancient illustrations (channeled in 1882) of astronomic regions though which the earth passed in its galactic orbit which preportedly afftected human behavior and consiousness, the pattern in this illustration is surprisingly similar the reinforced wave patters of torroidal energy flow.

Ancient documents speak of the travel of our solar system across a “celestial serpent” or sinusoidal path across the galaxy which crossed through regions of “light and dark”–which in turn affected the spiritual proclivities of mankind (aka celestial “times and seasons”).

The small Gravity Waves caused by the sun’s acceleration and the electrical resonance created by the same process is extremely relevant in our discussion because I believe it serves as a microcosm or fractal of what is occurring in the Galactic Core.  The dance or movement of these two lovers creates an alternating, radiating field disturbance which radiates throughout the Solar System (and Galaxy) and ends up affecting the gravitational and electrical properties of all smaller bodies. It is this same phenomena occurring in our Galactic core which is responsible for the “arms” of our Galaxy, and more importantly, creating alternating regions of “light” (high energy density) and “dark” (low energy density), which regulate the relativistic changes of cosmic variables for our solar system (such as inertia, mass and the speed of light). Much like with the famous double slit experiment, this double wave interference pattern creates linear node alignments which radiate out from the center like sunbursts or spokes on a wheel. When the oscillating source of these interference waves is itself rotating, then the spokes become curved arms matching the ratio phi—just like we see in our galaxy. (see for many amazing insights into the relationships of phi)

As our solar system slowly moves through the pattern of electromagnetic waves and gravity waves emanated out from the galactic core, many fundamentals of physics change. Large gravity waves fold space-time on itself, causing possible time-dilation, and changes in mass and solar energy output.

Double wave interference pattern from two oscillating bodies

Imagine these oscillating balls representing the Sun and Jupiter (or similarly the Galactic Core & Sagittarius A East). Note the double interference pattern (especially the wave canceling “rays” or spokes radiating from the center). Now picture the entire system rotating and you would get the same condition existing in the Galactic core—it being responsible for the spiral arms of our Galaxy. Matter tends to be driven into the “quiet” or wave-cancelling arms.



Celestial Mechanics and a Unified Field Theory

Science seems to be marching on in finding ways to explain the unified field that Einstein envisioned. There are many patterns and concepts concerning a possible unified field which any high school student can see, and in fact most college textbooks actually point out. Modern String theory is starting to validate previously pseudoscience “new age” theories that require multiple dimensions to make things work. Here, we’ll first cover the similarities in equations which govern classical vs. quantum mechanics.  For an over simplified example, take for instance the similarities between law of universal gravitation and Coulomb’s law. 

gravitation vs.

Universal Gravitation vs. Coulomb’s Law

It should be obvious that there seems to be a distinct relationship between mass and charge.  This relationship becomes more clear and insightful when we look closely at mass and compare it to the effects of a charge in different types of magnetic fields. Mass, by definition is simply a measure of the force it takes to break inertia and accelerate an object. But what causes the effects of inertia?  This force is often seen as separate from electromagnetism, but remember the Lorentz force laws show that it takes a force to move charged particles against a magnetic field. To those who have looked closely into magnetic field vectors on a spherical object, the results are amazingly similar to the inertial effects we see on objects in our Solar System. Although strikingly similar on the surface, mathematically proving this idea that inertia is actually caused by the resistance of magnetic fields on relatively “charged” objects has proven elusive (but that doesn’t mean it won’t be done one day).  Before moving into the more complex differences between gravity and magnetism let’s take a moment to look at the similar effects of planetary orbits and the behavior of a charged particle moving normal to a magnetic field.  In introductory physics we learn of the cyclotron and the effects of a charged particle when traveling normal to a uniform magnetic field. As shown in the illustrations below, the particle will be forced into a circular orbit when the velocity is inversely proportional to the charge.  Doesn’t this look amazingly similar to planetary orbits?  Isn’t this a better explanation for why planets tend to stabilize their orbits around the celestial equator and galactic bodies tend to do the same along the galactic equatorial plane?  It likely also plays a role in why planets with weak or no magnetic fields often have very small or no moons.

-Electromagnetic properties only act on oppositely charged objects. Is there any way to test whether the sun and its planets are relatively opposingly charged?

The circular behavior of charged particles in a uniform perpendicular magnetic field, is similar to the behavior of celestial bodies orbiting bodies with strong magnetic fields.

similarities between the circular or ‘cyclotronic” motion of a charged particle moving normal to a uniform magnetic field, and the stable orbit of a planet or satellite orbiting within the uniform magnetic field of its governing celestial body.

Some cosmological phenomena are sometimes still explained using entirely newtonian physics principles, despite their amazing similarities to electromagnetic principles.  There are many physicists trying to break out of this old mechanical cosmological view and trying to see the universe as a dynamic electrical system.  One profound aspect of this is the idea that Celestial bodies may be heated from within by induction caused by motion through the solar or galactic magnetic field, just as a conductor induces a current when it moves through an alternating field. If such were at all true there could be many implications on possible periodicities of volcanism and the speed of tectonic movement (orogenic events) seen in the geologic record. Perhaps as many ancient myths suggest, the movement of our Solar System in and out of high density “nodes” of the Galactic Field could possibly influence planetary heating, plate subduction and Solar output.

Our current difficulty in getting past the prevailing classical astronomical models is reminiscent of the 17th century scientific community led by Lord Kelvin who had trouble accepting the idea of radioactivity playing a role in the Sun’s and earth’s interior heating.

A changing magnetic field through a conducting ring induces a current. Accordingly, the sun’s & galaxy’s changing magnetic field induces a current in the earth, initially controlling its internal dynamo and its seemingly random switches in polarity.

Putting it all together

Putting the principles we have been discussing together I propose a model in which, just as a wound conductor wire acquires an induced current when moved through an oscillating magnetic field, the Sun also is subtely influenced electrically by its motion through the galactic magnetic field. Changes in the Sun’s acceleration, like those caused by Jupiter’s binary perigee every 11 years, cause electrically induced surges which we call solar max.  The same process is repeated up and down the line between Suns, planets and other orbiting satellites which have cores appropriate for forming dynamic magnetic fields. Thus the earth’s core also has a current which is induced by its travel through the sun’s oscillating magnetic field. (However, hardened planets like earth contain largely “frozen” magnetic fields which are no longer able to flow easily with the changes of their “governing” stars.) Energetic changes in earth’s internal dynamo are also caused by accelerations caused by our own satellite (The earth and moon are also a binary system). This process forms a chain which transfers energy and other aspects of electrical resonance from the smallest of celestial bodies, to the galactic core itself. Of course, like most things in nature there are obviously myriads of exceptions and complexities which seem to break the rules of every model. A scientists job is not to lay on the wisdom as if they have “figured nature out”, but to propose theories and hypotheses which explain natural phenomena and invite others to test and challenge those theories in search of truth….


Electromagnetic dynamics within the Solar System and Galaxy.

Oversimplified principles of electromagnetic dynamics within the Solar System and Galaxy.


-If true would the motion of the sun through the galactic magnetic field, or the motion of the planets through the suns magnetic field create a drag? Wouldn’t this tend to slow them down over time?


Atomic Orbital Shells Are Analogs to the Dimensions

I believe the 7 electron energy shells or valence shells appear to be a fractal analog or microcosm to 7 dimensions/densities of our Galaxy (its likely the “number” of dimensions is relative–every string theory model seems to put forward a different number).  There can be a maximum of 7 energy shells just as there are 7 energy densities or dimensions of our Milky Way Galaxy. Just as different atoms have different numbers of energy shells, so do different planets and suns have different numbers of densities. (refs)  For instance, earth has a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and is just now activating a 4rth dimension just as Potassium or Calcium are in the early stages of filling a 4th energy shell.  Saturn is a late 7th dimensional planet much like elements 99-100 have nearly full 7th electron orbitals.

periodic table of the elements showing the electron shells of each element.

periodic table of the elements showing the electron shells of each element.


We like to think of electrons as ‘particles’ orbiting ‘around’ the nucleus, but in reality electron shells are more like an energy field which holds a discrete amount of energy. The number of shells and amount of energy those shells can hold is determined by the “core vibration” or mass of the nucleus.  Likewise the varying dimensions of planets (such as earth’s heavens) or even the 7 energy bodies in hindu belief are often referred to as existing ‘around’ a person or planet, but in reality pinpointing these shells in space is not so straightforward.  In the ‘Law of One’, Saturn’s 7th dimension is referred to as existing in the “rings’ of Saturn, just as Oahspe and most mainstream religions refer to earth’s heavens or resurrections as existing within the earth’s electromagnetic field. This is true in a manner of speaking because space/mass expands as it becomes more energized, but one needs to realize that these places are truly alternate dimensions invisible to human eye and manifesting only as light or energy when translating from one reference frame to another.

-put diagrams of gravity vs electromagnetic interactions.
-lay out relationships between fundamental physical properties (mass, energy, etc)
-lay out a framework for how core vibrations change, and how this change then dictates the fundamental laws.

—- UNDER CONSTRUCTION —————————————————————————————–


Things to Add to Article....


Most of the fundamental units of physics are relative to many cosmological factors which change over time. The earth’s volume, density, and most importantly the speed of light, … are relative to the solar system’s position in the galaxy. Assumptions claiming these do not changed are flawed…

We are just beginning to understand the electrical nature of the universe. The relationship between electromagnetism and gravity is in its infancy. Most physics textbooks point out these relationships as examples of what is yet to be discovered… when we find these relationships, we will understand why decay rates change over time.

Small description of the 8 dimensions from cosmology article. As earth moves between these, dates skew.

(give examples)
-the similarity between force and gravity equations (over distance squared).
-The circular orbital behavior of a charged particle in a mag field.
-The standing wave and orbit of the earth.
-diagram of how the earth would create a mag field if it is a charged particle in a large oscillating mag field of the sun.
-the lost energy we call binding energy, is pulled to the next dimension
-(main point) most importantly hit on the possible causes for creation of, and polarity switches in magnetic fields. because switches (which have collapses) or changes in mag field intensity, affect radiation on earth, which affects decay rates.

-gravity and electromagnetic attraction are obviously the same force, but the force is dampened or accentuated by the configuration of the atoms in the material. In materials which conduct electricity, the force gravitational force is greater… that’s why they are heavy. It has to do with how the atoms are arranged…
different theories for what changes the decay rates…
1.standing wave nodes
2.abrupt change in velocity
3.(main point) direct CME impacts and general changes in solar and interstellar radiation reaching the earth. Current physics is still a bit too caught up in particle physics, but we understand radiation enough to realize that interstellar radiation both creates and affects radioactive particles. Creation of C14 by highly charged solar particles is well understood. Creation of other radioactive isotopes like U245 and K37 from cosmic sources is less understood, but the principles are still there.

4 -PLATE TECTONICS. as you move further away from a gravitationally governing body, an object’s volume and density change.  A bag of potato chips of a mountain or a balloon in the air will expand the higher they raise away from the earth. The planets experience the same effect in relation to the sun’s gravitational influences. As a you move away from the Sun, planets become more voluminous and less dense (depending on the rigidity of their materials).  Scientist currently assume that the differences in planetary density were determined as they all simultaneously condensed with our sun (which may certainly be true) and that the earth has not changed its location in the solar system. My theory however suggests that it is changes in interstellar density, which is the main driver of plate tectonics. The liquid core expands & shrinks as we cross major galactic density boundaries, the rigid crust, less so. The same would be true of our sun (and its planets) as we move about in relation to both the galactic core and other galactic gravitational influences (they move slightly closer or further from the sun).

This process is quantized, not simply gradational. It could best be compared to the water cycle. Water does not transform from ice to liquid to steam in a linear fashion, it does so in quantized steps involving latent heat. With water, changes of state are determined by the energy density of the liquid or the density/pressure of the environment. If you slowly move most frozen substances into a region of lower pressure, they will liquify unless you take enough energy out of the system to bring equilibrium. As our Solar System moves through the galaxy, the same type of thing happens as we pass through nebula (and clouds of dark matter) of differing density. Scientist know that the orbit of earth & all the planets in our solar system (as well as the moon) are slowly expanding, but no one can agree on why. What is yet to be seen is the effect of this change on the laws of physics once the quantized threshold boundary is crossed…

5-UNIFIED FIELD THEORY. gravity and magnetism are not separate forces, but different intensities of the same force. as scores of people have suggested, there is only one force, and it is subatomically created by reinforcing or cancelling waves. (Essentially vibrations or vortices in the quantum field.) Waves which are essentially electric field lines caused by space-time vortices in the unified field. Whats important is the idea that attractive and repulsive forces of electromagnetism act on every object. It is well understood that it is the “alignment” of the atoms which dictates magnetism. What is not well understood is that it is those same atomic alignment characteristics which determine mass… which in turn determines what we call gravity.  Magnetic materials are almost universally heavy (more massive). Why? Because the alignment or polarization of the atoms also makes them more attracted to the earth than other materials (in addition to being attracted to other magnetic materials). Iron, water or air do not have different masses because they have more or less atoms, it is because of the alignment or polarization of the atoms. Density is not so much a measure of the molarity (number of atoms) but the proportion of atoms aligned in certain configurations or ways.  The reason solids can pass through liquids or gases is the same reason why dimensions don’t interact, its because of the configuration and/or base vibratory frequency of the atoms.  At the most fundamental level, there is no such thing as a solid or “particle”.  Things simply behave like particles because of their electrical properties


-when the moon had a liquid core and stronger magnetic field, it likely caused the earth’s magnetic field to regularly flip in the same way Jupiter causes the sun to.  Possibly certain galactic variables re-melt the core and polarize it from time to time.  Or like dropping a magnetic can affect its magnetism, jolts to the earth may affects its magnetism as well.

#1 Unified field theory. I believe we one day will come to mathematically and conceptually understand how all fundamental forces (gravitational, electromagnetic, strong, & weak force) are simply different distortions of the same unified force & field. I believe the key to finding these formulas is in understanding the multidimensionality of matter. (7 dimensions in our galaxy, just like there are 7 possible electron valence shells or energy levels in an atom.)

#2 Total relativity. All fundamental units of physics are relative and change as a body progresses through these dimensions. Mass, inertia, bonding energies/strong forces, gravitational forces, electromagnetic forces and time all are relative and change as a reference frame moves through the dimensions. Changes occur proportionally according to the mathematical relationships proven by mainstream physics. My ideas essentially mirror special relativity with exception that the speed of light is discretely different in each of the 7 dimensions.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION ——————————————————————————————————-

Changes In Fundamental Rules of Physics

I’ve come to realize our current understanding of the motion of our Solar System through the galaxy is fairly retarded. We really have only 200-600 years of good astronomical data to use as a basis for tracking our motion.  That’s not very much and not nearly enough to really be able to say much about our galactic orbit. All of our astronomical calculations concerning the suns movements are blind projections of current movements. We know from current measurable motions of stars that our planet wobbles on its axis. We know it also has a slight binary orbit because of the moon.  We know the sun does the same and has a true binary orbit with Jupiter (the center of which exists outside the circumference of the sun). We know our solar system is inclined relative to the galactic plane while moving toward it and we speculate it snakes its way up and down through that plane over time.  Despite presumptuous and prideful speculation, we really don’t have enough data to speculate as to exactly how that orbit behaves over thousands of years.  Vague Greek records (and possibly a few Chinese & Babylonian ones) are our only truly reliable way of extending astronomical conditions a bit longer into the past. The language barrier with Babylonian and Egyptian records makes them hopelessly suspect.  What is causing the earth’s magnetic field strength (and other planets in our solar system) to decay more rapidly than linear predictions suggested? It must have to do with the galactic orbit.

How reliable is projecting current motions millions of years into the past or present? I suggest that although equally as suspect, using material supposedly channeled from other dimensions where longer astronomical records exist is really all we have to work with.  From these, I speculate that as our solar system orbits the galactic core the earth moves through differing energy densities in the galactic wind.  I suspect it is a combination between our location in the galaxy and the angle between our suns trajectory in relation to the prevailing galactic field that dictates the speed of light and atomic energy potential in our solar system.

Variables affecting our planet and their relationships.

earth’s axial tilt = season/surface heat, electromagnetic interaction, harvest productivity
earth’s speed = time of day, length of year,
earth’s distance from sun = seems to be somehow loosely related to density/mass/size of the planet.

Variables affecting our solar system and their relationships.

solar system’s axial tilt = heat/intensity of the sun, electromagnetic interaction, spiritual harvest productivity
solar system’s speed = time in some way?
solar distance from galactic core = doesn’t matter so much, what matters is our relationship to the interference patterns.

The speed of Light dictates the dimension

I put a lot of meditation into this.. I need to find a way to explain it.  basically matter’s core vibration is what dictates a dimension and that is based on the speed of light. The speed of light is different for each dimension.  Each reality or illusion is formed by being able to interact with (see and touch) matter.  Both seeing and touching matter has to do with electromagnetic waves bouncing off things and repulsive interactions between atoms.  “Atoms” are mostly empty space, but the “solidity” of energy patterns that we call atoms or matter is dictated by them both having an equal core vibration.  So atoms or the matter in each dimension, vibrate at the same frequency which is the speed of light.


I reference the Law of One because it is seems to verbalize many of the ideas that I have felt since delving into physics. As a second witness to my thoughts, it gives more validity to the hope that my ideas are not solely my own. It seems to me that there are a lot of people working on these concepts and that a scientific consensus will eventually be achieved which will iron out all the errors and inconsistencies in my own and other pioneering theories.

I believe that the correct model for multi-dimensionality in the universe must take into account the accumulating metaphysical evidence for life after death, and the existence of beings which dwell in dimensions not visible to our own. I believe along with many major religions and supposed material channeled from unseen realms that the earth is approaching a dimension boundary. And as we slowly cross this boundary, the changes we see in the fundamentals of physics will help our understanding of the physics of our galaxy to greatly enlarge.

#1 There is a dualistic dimension or metaphysical realm.
There is a metaphysical realm, dream state, spirit world, purgatory, time/space, mental environment or inner planes which is a duality or opposite in many ways to the physical world. (Separate from the resurrected realms, atmospherea/4rth density, etc. It is essentially the 8th density, next octave or dwelling place of God/ Higher Self. “The conditions are such that time becomes infinite and mass ceases”.) Time as we know it does not exist there. Where in our dimension space is large and curved compared to ourselves (the earth is spherical), there time is large and curved. Here, if you travel around our sphere/globe you will return to the space where you started; there if you travel around that sphere you will return to the time where you started. Here we move through space at will, but cannot control movement through time; there you can travel through time at will, but cannot control movement through space.

#2 There are 7 primary dimensions or densities in our galaxy which religion and metaphysics call the resurrected realms/heavens or glories and are a projection of the metaphysical realm. The reality or illusion of these realms is created by differing discrete values for the speed of light. The seven energy levels or valence shells of an atom are a fractal or microcosm of this greater reality.
Energy vibratory rates are quantized into discrete octaves of existence. In our octave, energy vibratory rates are quantized into 7 discrete steps of the continuum. Much like light being shown through a prism creating the 7 colors of the rainbow, energy originates in an octave above our own and is projected through the metaphysical realm to create the 7 densities or realms of existence. The speed of light is constant for our 3rd dimension or density, but is different in each of the other dimensions.

#3 The same principles Einstein’s relativity theories suggest apply to objects as they approach the speed of light also apply to a “stationary” object’s core vibratory rate. Generally when an object absorbs energy, it eventually burns up or disintegrates. On a molecular scale, the energy causes the atomic bonds to break down, the energy transforms into kinetic energy and the particles become excited releasing light (electromagnetic field energy) and gases which rise in the air to join other particles of like energy and density.
We suggest the strong force or bonding energy is created by a harmonic standing wave which emanates from the protons of the nucleus. This standing wave is the “core vibration” of the atom (see

Questioner: Were these constructed in time/space or space/time?
Ra: I am Ra. We ask your persistent patience, for our answer must be complex.

A construct of thought was formed in time/space. This portion of time/space is that which approaches the speed of light. In time/space, at this approach, the conditions are such that time becomes infinite and mass ceases so that one which is able to skim the, boundary strength of this time/space is able to become placed where it will.

When we were where we wished to be we then clothed the construct of light with that which would appear as the crystal bell. This was formed through the boundary into space/time. Thus there were two constructs, the time/space or immaterial construct, and the space/time or materialized construct.
Ra: I am Ra. Although this query is difficult to answer adequately due to the limitations of your space/time sound vibration complexes, we shall respond to the best of our ability.

The hallmark of time/space is the inequity between time and space. In your space/time the spatial orientation of material causes a tangible framework for illusion. In time/space the inequity is upon the shoulders of that property known to you as time. This property renders entities and experiences intangible in a relative sense. In your framework each particle or core vibration moves at a velocity which approaches what you call the speed of light from the direction of superluminal [faster than the speed of light] velocities.

Thus the time/space or metaphysical experience is that which is very finely tuned and, although an analog of space/time, lacking in its tangible characteristics. In these metaphysical planes there is a great deal of what you call time which is used to review and re-review the biases and learn/teachings of a prior, as you would call it, space/time incarnation.

The extreme fluidity of these regions makes it possible for much to be penetrated which must needs be absorbed before the process of healing of an entity may be accomplished. Each entity is located in a somewhat immobile state much as you are located in space/time in a somewhat immobile state in time. In this immobile space the entity has been placed by the form-maker and higher self so that it may be in the proper configuration for learn/teaching that which it has received in the space/time incarnation.

Depending upon this time/space locus there will be certain helpers which assist in this healing process. The process involves seeing in full the experience, seeing it against the backdrop of the mind/body/spirit complex total experience, forgiving the self for all missteps as regards the missed guideposts during the incarnation and, finally, the careful assessment of the next necessities for learning. This is done entirely by the higher self until an entity has become conscious in space/time of the process and means of spiritual evolution at which time the entity will consciously take part in all decisions.



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Plasma Kosmology (Electric stars theory in relation to Oahspe)
Understanding the solar dynamo
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Bible & Book of Mormon Chronology / Kings of Israel

Biblical Timeline from Abraham to Hoshea, through the Kings of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. See Bible Chronology / Timeline from Adam to Zedekiah for more complete biblical timeline through kings of Judah and much more detail.  check out our genealogical correlation chart for a genealogy of all of these timeline together.

Gen. Descendant of Adam Notes about Life Life Span Begat son at age… Age Made King Total Reign Beg Reign   (Yr BC) DEATH (Yr BC) Scripture reference’s) which give exact ages/dates.
20 Abraham 175 100 75 ? 2022 BC? 1847 BC? Gen 21:5   25:7,8
21 Isaac 180 60 60 ? 1922 BC 1742 BC Gen 25:7   36:28
22 Jacob 147 68 79 ? 1862 BC 1715 BC Gen 47:28   9?
23 Judah 1794 BC 1657 BC
24 Pherez 1730 BC? 1730 BC?
25 Esrom 1660 BC? 1660 BC?
26 Aram Contemporary to Moses and Caleb 1597 BC 1477 BC
(The Exodus) See Note A.   Occurred when Moses was 80 years old.  In 1517 BC,  430 years after Abraham was 75 or 215 years passed from the time that Jacob entered Israel to the exodus. Acts 7:23, 30Gal 3:17Gen 15:13, 16
Aminadab contemporary to Joshua? N/A #REF! #REF!
Naason N/A #REF! #REF!
Salmon Comtemp to Ehud? N/A #REF! #REF!
Boaz Comtemp to Gideon N/A #REF! #REF!
Obed Ruth’s husband,   time of Jair N/A #REF! #REF!
Jesse Father of David,  contemp with Samuel N/A #REF! #REF!
David Born 1032 BC 70 33 40 1062 BC 1022 BC 2 Sam 5:4–5,  1 Chron. 29:27,  3:4
34 Solomon Temple lain in 1018 BC? ? 40 1022 BC 982 BC 2 Chron. 9:30,  1 Kings 11:42

Foundation of Temple is Lain: See Note C. Solomon lays temple foundation in 4rth year of his reign (Put period of the Judges Scriptures)

35 Jeroboam #### ? #VALUE! 940 BC   1 Kings 
Nadab KINGS OF NORTHERN KINGDOM 2 940 BC 938 BC 2 Chron. ,  1 Kings 15:25
Baasha 24 938 BC 914 BC 2 Chron. ,  1 Kings 15:33
Elah 2 2 2 914 BC 912 BC 2 Chron. ,  1 Kings 16:8
Omri 12 12 12 912 BC 900 BC 2 Chron. ,  1 Kings 16:23
Ahab 22 21 22 900 BC 878 BC 2 Chron.   1 Kings 16:29
38 Ahaziah N/A 2 878 BC 876 BC 2 Chron. ,   1 Kings 22:51 
Jeroham 12 12 12 876 BC 864 BC 2 Chron. ,  2 Kings 3:1
Jehu 28 28 28 864 BC 836 BC 2 Chron. ,  2 Kings 10:36
41 Jehoahaz 17 17 17 836 BC 819 BC 2 Chron. ,  2 Kings 13:1
41 Jeoash 16 16 16 819 BC 803 BC 2 Chron. ,   2 Kings 13:10
42 Jeroboam 41 41 803 BC 762 BC 2 Chron. ,  2 Kings 14:23
43 Menahem 10 10 10 762 BC 752 BC 2 Chron. ,  2 Kings 15:17
43 Pekahiah Murdered x 2 2 2 752 BC 750 BC 2 Chron. ,  2 Kings 15:23
44 Pehah Murdered x 20 12 20 750 BC 730 BC 2 Chron.  2 Kings 15:27
45 Hoshea 9 -16 9 730 BC 721 BC 2 Chron.  2 Kings 17:1
Assyria sacks Israel in 12th year of Ahaz’ riegn or 730 BC
46 Hezekiah Sun goes back 15 degrees 54 42 25 29 728 BC 699 BC 2 Chron. 29:1,  2 Kings 18:2
47 Manasseh 67 45 12 55 699 BC 644 BC 2 Chron. 33:1,  2 Kings 21:1
48 Amon  (x) Murdered 24 16 22 2 644 BC 642 BC 2 Chron. 33:21  2 Kings 21:19 
49 Josiah 39 14 8 31 642 BC 611 BC 2 Chron. 34:1  2 Kings 22:1
50 Jehoiakim (a.ka. Eliakim)   vassal to pharaoh 36 15 25 11 611 BC 600 BC 2 Chron. 36:5,  2 Kings 23:36
Zedekiah (a.k.a. Mattaniah)    Johoiakim’s cousin 32 32 21 11 600 BC 589 BC 2 Chron 36:11.  2 Kings 24:18

Lehi and family leave Jerusalem in the 1st year of Zedekiah’s riegn, 600 yrs before Christ.

Descendant of Adam Notes about Life Life Span Begat son at age… Age Made King Total Reign BIRTH    (Yr BC) DEATH (Yr BC) Scripture reference’s) 
Lehi Born about time of Amon?  (670 BC?) N/A 572 BC? 2 Nephi 4:122 Nephi 5:28
50 Nephi Left Jerusalem in 1st yr of Zedek.  ___ yrs old 72? ? 615 BC 543 BC Jacob 1:12, Jacob 1:1
Jacob Probably about 25 yrs younger than Nephi 94? 74? N/A N/A 599 BC 505 BC 2 Nephi 2:1
51 Enos Son of Jacob 105 N/A N/A 420 BC Enos 1:25
52 Jarom Son of Enos N/A N/A 359 BC? Jarom 1:5, 13
53 Omni Son of Jarom N/A N/A 317 BC? Omni 1:3, 5
54 Chemish Son of Omni.  (Brother of Amaron) N/A N/A 246 BC? Omni 1:9
55 Abinadom Son of Chemish N/A N/A 200 BC? Omni 1:10–11
56 Amaleki Son of Abinadom  (Contemp, with Mosiah I) N/A N/A 159 BC Omni 1:12, 23
57 Benjamin Contemporary of Amalaki.  (gives him plates) 194 BC 122 BC Mosiah 6:4–5
58 Mosiah II Son of Benjamin 63 30 33 92 BC Mosiah 29:46
59 Alma II Son of Alma (contemp with Mosiah’s sons) N/A 73 BC Alma 45:18–20
60 Heleman I Son of Alma II 57 BC Alma 62:52
61 Helaman II Son of Heleman I 50BC 11 39 BC Hel 2:1–2,  3:37
62 Nephi II Son of Heleman II    (disappears) N/A ? 1 AD Hel 3:373 Ne. 1:1–2, 2:9
63 Nephi III Son of Nephi II  (Prophet at Christ’s coming) N/A? N/A N/A N/A ? likely one of the immortal 3 nephites
64 Nephi IV Son of Nephi III (the deciple)  kept the records 85? 70? N/A N/A 20 AD? 110 AD 4 Ne 1:19–20 (4 Ne. title page)
65 Amos Son of Nephi IV 114? 100? N/A 84 90 AD? 194 AD 4 Ne. 1:21
66 Amos II Son of Amos I.  Age of Mormon’s dad 131? 110? N/A N/A 174 AD? 305 AD 4 Ne. 1:47
Ammaron Brother of Amos II.   Age of Mormon’s dad?  N/A N/A 325 AD?
67 Mormon Gets plates from brother of Amos II  (son’s age) 90 ?? N/A N/A 311 AD 401 AD Mormon 1:1–6, 8:3, 6
68 Moroni Son of Mormon 421 AD Moroni 10:1

– 4 ne. 1:14 says all Christ’s deciples died by 72 AD. (thats 38 yrs after Christ’s coming) guessing that they were between 20 & 60 this means that their life spans were between 58 & 98.  (so not too old)

– 4 ne 1:18 says that by 110 AD, all the first generation who were alive at Christ’s coming had died.  Mormon is likely the one writing this as an abridgment.  And so any statements as to the length of a “generation” are his.  Judging from verse 22 where Mormon once again says the second generation had all passed away by 200 AD; the lifespan of BOM people was between 70-100 from the time of Christ to Mormon’s day.

– However, note that Amos dies in 194 AD.  His his father Nephi IV died in 110 AD.  Thus, since Nephi had to give birth to his son before he died (and likely quite a few years) then Amos had to be born before 110 AD (but was probably born in at least 90 AD).  If this is true, then Amos would have been between 84 and as much as 114 years old when he died. 

– The same applies to Amos II.  He died in 305 AD, and yet his father died in 194 AD.  Thats 111 years between thier deaths!!!  And since Amos II was probably not born on his father’s death bed (but instead was likely born 20-40 years before) that means that Amos II would have been between 131 and 151 when he died!!

– Ammaron comes and talks to Mormon “about” the same time he hid up the records which we are told was in 321 AD (4 ne 1:48).  Mormon tells us he was 10 years old at this time (Morm 1:1).  This means that Mormon was born in 311 AD.  Moroni tells us that Mormon died around 401 AD (Mormon 8:3, 6). This means that Mormon was 90 years old when he was still leading the Nephite forces!!!  I think it is safe to say that something very crazy is going on with the average life expectancy during this epoch!

Book of Mormon Chronology / Timeline of Jaredites

Timeline Chronology for the Jaredite culture from the Book of Ether in the Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon Jaredite King List gives only 7 exact dates (lifespans and reigns) for the Jaredite Chronology. The only real markers we have to build a working chronology from are firstly, the date of the “dearth” and megafauna extinction given in the narrative of Heth Ether 9:25. (It is well established that Mastodons and other megafauna went extinct in North America at about 8,000 BC.)  And Secondly, the last Jaredite date which can be placed somewhere between ~570 BC when the Old World Migrants arrived and ~180 BC when the move to Zarahemla took place. As with most “King Lists” found in the old world, the list suggests a direct father to son succession, even though large breaks in time are almost positively present. Comparison with Egyptian, Sumerian and Babylonian King Lists in the Old World suggests this practice of mistakenly inferring direct succession was common, as later rulers wished to prove political legitimacy based on genealogy. All dates and ages are complete conjecture and are based upon the notes and the handful of exact dates (only about 7 given dates) marked in underlined bold. Jared is said to have lived during the time of the Bible’s Tower of Babel which a literal Biblical timeline puts very close to the time of Abraham. However, Babylonian and Akkadian records suggest that this event was a common aspect of mythical records as early as 4000 BC. I suggest the true date to whatever event actually spawned this myth occured sometime around C14 date of 14,000 BC. The last Jaredite historian, Coriantumr lived sometime just before the time of King Mosiah in the Book of Mormon.  See the genealogical table correlation chart to see agreement between this timeline and other biblical internal genealogies. Guessed life Spans and other dates on this chart (dates not in underlined bold) are made to approximately match the ages and dates of corresponding figures in the bible timeline.

Desendant of Jared timeline-notes about life Life Span Age at sons birth Reign Saw sons reign  Age made king Possible Year? Scripture References for kings life…..
1 Jared 240? 180? 100? 14,000 BC Ether 1-6 – Ether 6:29
2 Orihah^ lived exceedingly many days 230? 150? 110? 70? Ether 6:27  –  Ether 7:3
3 Kib* born in fathers old age, captive pait of life 210? 90? 90? 30? Ether 7:3, –  Ether 7:10
4 Shule* bom in fathers old age. captive a short time  205? 90? 90? 30? Ether 7:3  –   Ether 8:1
5 Omer*^ born in fathers old age, left kingdom many years, saw exceedingly many days 175? 122? 120? 30? Ether 8:1 –  Ether 9:15
War kills Majority  (Large time gap in king list?)
6 Emer* bom In fathers old age 150? 58? 62 2 26? Ether 9:14Ether 9:22
7 Corianturn^ had no children until he was exceedingly old, had children in his old age, lived to 142 142 116? 110? 4 28? Ether 9:21 –  Ether 9:25
8 Com* born when his father was exceedingly old (over 102) , killed by own son 125? 45? 49 26? Ether 9:25 –  Ether 9:27
Great Dearth
9 Heth died In drought 70? 30? 40? 30?  8000 BC Ether 9:25 –  Ether 10: 1
10 Shez^ lived to an exceedingly old age 120? 82? 80? 40? Ether 10:1Ether 10:4
11 Riplakish after 42 years of reign, people revolt and kill him 80? 30? 42 38? Ether 10:4 –  Ether 10:8
12 Morianton^ as outcast, he retakes kingdom, lived to an exceedingly great age 120? 95? 70? 8 42? Ether 10:9 –  Ether 10:13
13 Kim* born in father’s exedingly great age; after short reign lives the rest of life in captivity 90? 80? 65? 25? Ether 10:13Ether 10:14
14 Levi* born in father’s old age, after 42 years captive he retakes kingdom, lived to a good old age 100? 50? 90? 10? Ether 10:14 –  Ether 10:16
15 Corom^ saw many days 120? 70? 70? 50? Ether 10:16 –   Ether 10:17
16 Kish 80? 45? 30? 50? Ether 10:17 –  Ether 10:18
17 Lib^ pinnacle of Jaredite prosperity, lived many years. 105? 70? 70? 35? Ether 10:18Ether 10:29
18 Hearthom after 4 years of reign, lives rest of life in captivity 70? 40? 35? 35? Ether 10:29 –  Ether 10:31
19 Heth captive whole life 60? 30? 30? 30? Ether 10:31Ether 10:31
20 Aaron captive whole life 60? 30? 30? 30? Ether 10:31 –  Ether 10:31
21 Amniqaddah captive whole life 60? 30? 30? 30? Ether 10:31  – Ether 10:31
22 Corianturn captive whole life 60? 25? 30? 30? Ether 10:31 –  Ether 10:31
23 Com drew away half of kingdom 42 years, then battled many years and took whole kingdom, lived to a good old age 85? 65? 65? 35? Ether 10:31 –  Ether 11:4
Great Destructions (large time gap in king list?)
24 Shiblon exceedingly great war and many destructions, many kIlled in war 55? 25? 20? 35?  540 BC Ether 11:4Ether 11:9
25 Seth captive whole life 60? 35? 30? 30? 520 BC Ether 11:9 –  Ether 11:9
26 Ahah retakes the kingdom, lived few days 40? 20? 15? 25?  490 BC Ether 11:10 –  Ether 11: 10
27 Ethem 75? 40? 55? 20?  475 BC Ether 11:11  – Ether 11:14
28 Moron lost half the kingdom for a time, then retook all,  then lost whole kingdom and dwelt in captivity rest of life 70? 40? 35? 35?  420 BC Ether 11:14 –  Ether 11:18
29 Coriantor captive whole life 60? 20? 30? 30?  385 BC Ether 11:18 –  Ether 11:23
30 Ether the prophet 75? 35? 40?  355 BC Ether 11:23 –  Ether 15:34
Complete Destruction
End year that Coriantumr would have been found by people of Zarahemla 320 BC?  Complete conjecture

* = born in fathers old age
^ = lived an exceedingly long time
Bold = exact date given in scripture

the reason behind the date for Coriantumr is that when the people of Lemhi sent a group out to find Zerahemla, and yet they overshot and found a land “covered with bones” and brought back the 24 plates.  Well unburried bones desentigrate in a hundred years or so unless its very arid.  Thus they must have found the land within a hundred years of when the battles occured (Mosiah 21:25–28).  

We know it happened a while before King Mosiah I, since the Mulekites brought the stone with the record of Coriantumr staying with them at that time..and spoke of it like it was a while back (Omni 1:20–22).    This was some time before 130 BC.

King Limhi’s group went north about 121 B.C.

So perhaps around 130-250 BC.  Or perhaps not. Placing absolute dates on the Jaredite chronology is largely conjecture.

correlation of all genealogical tables given in biblical/LDS scripture

correlation of all genealogical tables given in biblical/LDS scripture

Needed Reformation in the LDS Church- A Rant


With both religion and politics in order to create a group that can really make a difference in the world (or as I presume be exalted in the next life), it is often more important to be unified than to be “right” or perfect according to some subjective standard.  Unity should be the ultimate goal, and wisdom, love and power exercised within the framework of free-agency are foundations upon which we build toward that goal. According to numerous scriptural sources, this is actually what allows people after death to raise to higher more blissful levels of heaven. I think perhaps the religious term “eternal life” is even referring to a similar idea that the primary goal of all religious organizations (like those on earth) is to create groups which progress eternally without being destroyed by division, apostasy and revolution. So in that light, I don’t say the following things to be divisive, but instead I say them as things which I believe may eventually need to be addressed in the LDS church if we are to minimize the inevitable division these doctrines and traditions cause, and avoid suffering the same fate as Israel, the primitive church and every earthly religion in recorded history. Reading through LDS blogs and Forums, I see way too much division; way too many people leaving the Church with very ill feelings usually because of misapplication of the following principles by active LDS members and leaders.



The Catholic Church eventually implemented nearly all of Luther’s 95 Theses reforms, because it eventually became self evident to all that he was just one of many, and such reforms were needed to keep the Church sustainable. Had they done it earlier, it might have avoided a lot of division and even war.


What the Church Does Right

Before I delineate many of the things I think the Church does to cause unneeded division, I want keep things positive by hitting on some of the things the Church does really well. My experience is that the LDS Church is full of people who are trying to be selfless. I think that on a local level the Church is often irreproachable (aside from inevitable interpersonal relationship difficulties). Every person and ward are different, but for the most part most people in the Church are doing their best to fulfill callings that serve others with little to no reward. This increases the level of love and selflessness of people in general which is the key to unity. The churches uniformity and government structure are highly organized and effective. The organizational structure and oversight programs match time-tested political and organizational structures.  The Church promotes many, many doctrines which are supported by many non-LDS witnesses of the restorationism movement, as being true and beneficial to humanity.  The active growth of the Church encourages people to turn to God and seek personal revelation as they question their culturally ingrained biases and traditions which have become “dead” or void of power to help people progress psychologically and spiritually. Local ward units work hard to help the youth avoid some of the pain and selfishness which are often a product of substance abuse and flagrant promiscuity or immorality (although the way this is done often causes division and selfishness too).  In general I think the church is doing a lot of good in the world, but as I will explain I think there are a lot of things that we could obviously do better.


The Purpose of our Religion

In order to really make judgements concerning best practices in religion one needs to know the purpose and goals of religion. Knowing the purpose of our religion is like knowing the purpose of our individual lives. Its a difficult and deeply personal type of knowledge, but once you really can answer this question, your life has purpose and meaning. In my personal quest for answers to this question I have been given answers, parts of which resonate with those given in Mormon theology (and are actually quite similar in all major religions).  That we are born of the creator for many of the same reasons that parents have children. To know oneself. To have duality which makes existence meaningful. That in order to have sentient existence one must create divisions and polarities, which give possibility to drama.  That meaningful existence, and drama are the result of division, separation, conflict and pain which make possible the opposing states of unity, oneness, resolution and pleasure. In Mormonism and other religions we give names and attach stories to individuals who embody these states of being. Satan or the devil is the great divider. The cause of our fall from primordial unity. The primal cause and perpetuator of conflict. The source of all hate & pain. In Christianity, Christ is the living symbol of love and unity. The resolver of conflict, the atonement of fall or separation; the source of joy and happiness.

So my question to Mormonism is who do you want to follow?  All religious leaders have been made free by the Creator to chose whether their religion is a Christ to the world or a Satan; a unifier or a divider. Throughout history, no dispensation or religion has been able to avoid being a little bit of both, but the real question is what do you want to be? What are you going to chose your purpose to be? No one wants to be the villain, we all want to be the hero… but the villain almost always sees himself as a hero. The question is, do you want to unify or divide?  Separate or atone?  Cause people to fall from happiness or redeem them from misery?  The way is open for you to choose… and I think all who feign to follow Christ have already chosen.  Now we just need to check ourselves to see how we are doing.  Look to the apostates, the ex-Mormons, the cast out and divided and ask ourselves did we hurt them or force them out?  And if so… how?


Agency as the Preeminent Principle 

The Church teaches the principle that a person’s free-agency is preeminent; that Lucifer’s plan is one of force and Christ’s plan is one of freedom.  But as I talk with and read the message boards of ex-Mormons, the primal underlying reason I find that has caused people to leave is the feeling that they were being forced or manipulated to believe what the church teaches and forced or strong-armed into keeping the church’s strictures. This is a very difficult organizational issue with no easy solution. But I believe simple awareness and discussion could help immensely to prevent division caused by it. How does one promote and maintain standards without some type of administrative or intellectual “force”. When does persuasion become manipulation? How do you keep those with differing opinions from feeling marginalized and undervalued? When does a quest to maintain unity (through agreeableness or acquiescence) actually end up causing disunity? Might it help to put forth a little extra effort to always stress in our persuasions that “we believe God has held forth these standards as the path to happiness and social stability, but we also believe that every person must chose their path according to their own mind and heart.  So we love and accept you regardless of your path… but we hold up these certain standards of what we think is best.” We need to identify what types of talks or practices are causing so many to literally hate Mormonism because they felt so forced, manipulated and/or marginalized when they were believing members. We need to actually follow the last twelve verses of D&C 121.


Creeds, Tenets, Strictures and Dogma

The Churches of Joseph Smith’s day had become weighed down in creeds, tenets, strictures and dogma which divided the people instead of unifying them. In Joseph Smith history we are told that

all their creeds were an abomination in His sight; that those professors were all corrupt [distorting the truth]; that: “they draw near to Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me, they teach for doctrines the commandments of men, having a form of godliness, but they deny the power thereof”.  

Unfortunately, following human nature, I think Mormonism has fallen into these same tendencies.  As we are told, “we have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion” (D&C 121:39). That is, the leaders of religious systems draft up overly narrow-minded or manipulative creeds which are defined as “a formal statement of beliefs” or “a set of beliefs or aims that guide someone’s actions”. In Mormonism there are many, many of these, which just like in Joseph Smith’s time are well-meaning, but tend to divide and alienate people into subsets of “good christians/bad christians”. (The for strength of youth pamphlet contains many good examples). Sad experience also shows that religious leaders begin to create strictures or “commandments of men” which expand God’s law into a obligatory burden instead of common-sense, loving counsel. This was true with the Mosaic law and became true again in the early apostolic church. The Judeo-Christian cannon shows that God and Christ gave strict commands/counsel, but always left it to lower mediators to affix earthly penalties to transgression. This is a grave responsibility and history has shown that these earthly mediators have repeatedly used their religious authority (priesthood) to exercise “power, and influence” (D&C 121:41) which seeks to “exercise control or dominion or compulsion upon the souls of the children of men” (D&C 121:37) in unloving ways. The result of which causes members and non-members alike to “esteem them as their enemy” (D&C 121:43). Might we try harder to hold up a “standard of godliness” without making God’s law or standards a burden? Without so many one-size-fits all righteousness tests and punishments. Without manipulative tactics that make people feel like we’re saying “if you don’t believe or keep these standards, you’re not righteous and don’t love god, because if you loved him, you’d keep these commandments.” 

Every parent must learn the best way to balance their children’s agency with their own responsibility to teach good works without permanent division or estrangement. Each church leader must use these same principles to lead their flock without pushing 25 of the 99 to join the proverbial one.


Elitism, Pride of “The Elect of God”

In my opinion many church teachings create an environment and atmosphere of pride and elitism. We stress how “elect” and “true” we are instead of how sinful and ignorant/untrue we are.  We too often hear talks patting ourselves on the back and saying we have no need to apologize for being “the only true church”. See the article “the only true church” for thoughts on this suggesting that our own scripture does not agree with this prideful attitude.

When Joseph Smith began to reform/restore the North American branch of Christianity, his revelations declared that the united group or “Church” which he led was “true and living”, and that God was “well pleased” with them collectively (D&C 1:30).  But by 1832 the “whole church” was “under condemnation” for “unbelief” and not obeying the things taught in the Book of Mormon (D&C 84:54–57). In accordance with the teachings of the Book of Mormon, in 1834 the quintessential doctrine of economic equality (united order) was revealed and the saints were told if they did not live it they would be “cursed with a very sore and grievous curse” and turned over “to the buffetings of satan” (D&C 104:1–10). The saints failed to make it work and because they couldn’t “impart of their substance” and were “not united according to the union required by the law of the celestial kingdom”, they were “not redeemed” and were left to be “chastened for a time” in the wilderness (D&C 105:1–7).  Even greater condemnation and cursing occurred later because of abuses of priesthood (especially concerning polygamy) and culminated in the murder of Joseph Smith by defectors and the driving of the Church out of the United States.  Joseph and the Church were repeatedly warned about lust, greed, and self-righteousness in their own revelations.  Is it perhaps time for us to take a step back and collectively take accountability for the church’s part of causing this division?  I believe this is starting to happen, but we have a long way to go.

The following are just a few suggestions, which compared to the whole of LDS doctrine and practices outlined in the Church handbook of Instruction are a very small percentage of the whole. I am also not advocating changing these things to fit solely my views, but that I have read of many, many ex-mormons and active mormons who have issues related to what I have written.  I suggest that if church members were allowed and encouraged to be more involved in determining doctrine and practice (involvement I believe our scriptures advocate), each stake could implement changes according to what the Spirit dictated to them, which best suited their needs and views. And a lot of division could be avoided.


The Infallibility of the “Prophet”

-The idea that “The Lord will never permit me or any other man who stands as President of this Church to lead you astray”, is pure fantasy (official decl 1). It is essentially a Mormon version of Papal Infallibility or the Divine Right of Kings. We don’t need to demonize presidents of the Church for saying this, but it comes from a place of ego, and causes more division than it prevents. I believe the Hebrew or Chinese Mandate of Heaven was a better way to convey the true principle. I think that D&C 68:4 and similar scriptures which teach that a prophet is only a prophet when the Spirit inspires them is similar to the idea of a ‘Mandate of Heaven’. But we need Oaspe 34/9.1-9.22 to help us understand that D&C 50:21–23 is saying that words spoken by the “Spirit” to a prophet are only binding upon a listener if that same “Spirit” testifies to the listener of their truth!  In other words, no one is bound by the dictates of a “prophet” or priesthood leader unless the Spirit testifies to them personally that what the prophet says is true. For an LDS leader to manipulate or ‘guilt’ a member to keeping any moral law (such as polygamy, the word of wisdom or chastity) with reasoning which makes people feel like they “must follow the prophet” or they are unrighteous is wrong. Church leaders speak as common men, until their decisions are ratified by the “common consent of the church” (D&C 26:2, 28:13, 104:71-85); which process establishes that the majority of the church had the Spirit verify the prophet counsel to their hearts–and thus it should be democratically made into binding church policy.

To keep the church or its leaders from leading each other “astray” would be to abridge agency, and contrary to the nature of the redemptive God. Only “Lucifer” would lead an organization this way (not saying he does). There is no scriptural or historical precedence for this statement, in fact all historical evidence is to the contrary. But it does take a large responsibility of self determination off the shoulders of members who believe it and puts it on the poor leaders who perpetuate this philosophy. (Since many accounts suggest they are bound to their zealots in the afterlife.)  Nearly all autocratic systems use this philosophy to keep the populace subservient. In this age are the LDS people really so unruly that such a doctrine is needed to keep social harmony and leadership support? When you abridge the agency of others with manipulative doctrines like this, you will always get considerable backlash.


Economic Equality & Money Mismanagement

I believe “God’s people” or the people of the prophets are meant to be a type or microcosmic example of the world in general. Higher beings send prophets to tell people clearly about the requirements and timetables for human progression and evolution. After visionary prophets next comes inspiration to the scholars, musicians and artists which create large cultural movements. If the people and politicians do not respond to these movements the protection and guidance of “the Spirit” is withdrawn, which allows autocratic despots to come to power in order to balance the scales and force progression (usually through revolution/war). After a long stream of prophets from the second great awakening (including Joseph Smith), God inspired many cultural icons to encourage imperialistic Europe & America to progress toward economic & social equality (see new imperialism). When that didn’t work he allowed Marx, Engels and others to ignite the revolutionary fires and let the autocrats do their work in WWI & WWII. I believe America and her churches which profess to be “Christ’s”, are under special responsibility to be an example in living the laws of economic and social equality.

As a church, we might not have the necessary influence to change national or global economic policy, But it might be helpful for us to listen to our detractors and defectors concerning where we put our money. Building multi-million dollar temples which have essentially become a club for our particular ideas of “righteousness” is an organizationally dangerous practice. It is no different than the cathedrals of Medieval Christianity which are denounced in our own scripture (2 Ne 28:13). What are we trying to teach with the lavishness of these structures anyway? That if your keep the law of tithing, chastity and Word of Wisdom you will be rewarded by a posh abode in heaven? I believe the highest blessings of the temple were always in working together to build the building which was symbolic of what true heaven is. That the building itself is simply a symbol of the spiritual condition of those who built it.  It is a bunch of family & friends working together to build an organization of unity and love. Economic equality must take far higher priority than church buildings or our buildings run the risk of becoming “whitewashed sepulchres–shiny on the outside but inside full of dead mens’ bones”.

I think tithing is another issue we should continually reevaluate and revisit. I’ve seen many orthodox Christian believe they are “righteous” by paying their tithing and fast offering but then tend to vehemently fight anything that comes close to resembling socialism. I believe that tithing outside of the context of social economic equality is a distortion of the principle. In my reading of the Old testament, it seems tithing and the “Lord’s storehouse” were always meant to feed the less fortunate and promote economic equality. The LDS “welfare system” is a good start toward economic equality, but just as in Medieval Christianity it serves in some people’s minds as a bandaid that consoles our conscience but miss the whole point of consecration & social equality. I believe 4rth Nephi in the Book of Mormon goes to show that the entire purpose of “pure religion” is to establish a working version of socialism and economic/social equality. That’s not to say that the prevailing liberal views of socialism (which involve a lot of force, idleness & manipulation) are the way to go about social economic equality, but I am saying a working version of “socialism” which maintains economic equality seems to be required for entrance into even the lower sections of the terrestrial kingdom of LDS theology.


Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity & Other Laws

The morality of sexuality and substance abuse/use is a can worms. All of these laws highlight important social problems and seek to curb dangerous human proclivities. However, the counsel and “words of wisdom” which we have turned into strictures and commandments cause massive division in our youth. The current system of chastity is most certainly the largest cause of apostasy among the youth–But how could it not be? I believe the key is in making God’s commandments a standard and not a dogmatic burden–which can only be done by emphasizing free-agency over dogmatic strictures. By appealing to gentle persuasion, wisdom in case studies, and statistics instead of priesthood & commandments. I believe D&C 121:39–46 is the key to properly teaching these complicated lessons. I think the morphing of the word of wisdom from a wonderful suggestion into a half-baked commandment (tea and coffee are evil but meat is fine?) has done more harm than good (although it does have its advantages). A greater living of D&C 121:39–46 would bring more harmony to the saints in regards to these important, but delicate laws and human tendencies. see some ideas in A Bit on Moral Purity Also lessons on pornography.

Once again we have become far too dogmatic and pharisaical just like the religions that God told Joseph Smith were “an abomination in his sight”. Instead of simply being taught the wisdom of sexual purity, youth are manipulated into sexual repression and then often manipulated and pressured into marriage covenants. The Bishop has been turned into an inquisitor instead of a judge and youth counselor. Constant yes or no interviews pretend to establish readiness and righteousness within a context of religious social pressure. If you don’t keep the temporal “law” you are made to feel unrighteous. The true principles of righteousness (unselfishness) become distorted. I believe God’s law is not supposed to be a burden but a guide (BOBK 31:13, 41:4). God expects his people to teach the world the positive and negative effects of sex, drugs, pornography, marriage, church attendance (all aspects of his law), but when we simply demonize certain human behaviors and make people feel “wicked” for doing them instead of lovingly helping them learn the lessons inherent in the behaviors, we become salt that has lost its savor and is ready to be cast away. A light on a hill shows the right Way, it does not demonize the wrong way. Marriage outside the temple does not necessarily make someone “unrighteous”–but that is how our teachings come across. Drugs and alcohol do not necessarily make you unrighteous–but that is how our teachings come across. Sex within marriage is not the only “righteous sex”–but that is how our teachings come across.  I believe the proclivities of youth are most often a result of the habits or repressed desires of their parents, ancestors or culture passed through the group consciousness. It is best to help them work through their desires and slowly turn them to paths of unselfishness. To teach by demonizing them or labeling their behaviors as “wicked” simply shows your own unrighteousness.  Everyone is here on earth to learn the fruits of our desires, and that cannot happen unless we are given freedom to learn from trial and error in a frank and open teaching environment.


Sexual Morality

In my experience, sexuality (although often unspoken) is the number one reason for division and apostasy in the youth of the church. I believe most people would agree that sexual morality is a very important part of personal and social health and balance. The problem is that every Joe or religious priesthood leader has their own ideas on the details of how that morality should be defined. The LDS standard works contain the whole spectrum of relativism, universalism, monogamy, polygamy, polygyny and polyandry. Perhaps more than any other human function sex can be used to unite or used to divide— as a archetypical Christ or Satan. There are baser aspects of the human sex drive which like a fire desire only to burn all available materials it can get its hands on, without care for the overall well-being of the forest. To take only for oneself without any thought of what is best for others. But because of its deeply personal nature, there are also few things which can divide and destroy a group more than the systematized demonization or proscription of its functions. The more selfish a people, the more strict and legalistic priesthood and political administrators seem to feel they need to be. The Mosaic law attempted to define every detail of sexual morality; but Christ did away with that law. Not surprisingly His few veiled words on sexual morality seem to suggest that the most important principle is that it be used to unite people, and that neither priests nor prostitutes were justified in practices which promoted division or divorce of any kind (Matt 19:3–12, Mark 10:2–12, John 8:3–11). Paul had quite a bit to say about sexual morality, but Peter, James and John say very little. Medieval Christianity also became full of legalistic strictures, but Joseph Smith did his best to do away with those. Like Christ, he attempted to break people free of the traditional medieval religious dogma and strictures and institute a system which honored both people’s sexual proclivities and the necessity for law, order, godliness and priesthood (read his letter to Nancy Rigdon for some insight into this). However, I believe his system failed because it caused too much jealousy and division (women were marginalized and made unequal, young women were coerced into being taken in marriages and mature men were manipulated into taking them, polygyny was institutionalized within a patriarchy without any balancing polyandry or matriarchy).

My belief is that there is no easy answer for this, but the more you use practices of force and manipulation to control sexuality, the more you will actually give rise to the kind of selfishness and disdain which all godly people are trying to avoid. I believe parents should hold the primary responsibility of teaching sexual morality. The Church should assure it is taught and give aid, but take care not to get too specific on moral strictures. It should not manipulate parents into giving their children one-size-fits-all rules that might not be best for their particular circumstances. It should do its best not to demonize human sexuality. Regardless of the standard the church decides to hold as “the best way”, it should not be made a burden to those not ready to live it. Those who let their light of a godly life shine to all men will naturally attract people toward that light. Those who “exercise control or dominion or compulsion upon the souls of the children of men” are inevitably simply going to cause division and animosity. In my opinion the Church’s entire current system of sexual morality as taught in the for strength of youth pamphlet, worthiness interviews, youth curriculum and temple marriage system is targeted too much toward controlling our children, instead of teaching our children—and just as in the polygamous environment of Joseph Smith’s day, the animosity and polarization of our apostates shows it is not working very well.


The Most High God as the Head of our Religion

-God is the “Father” of all intelligent life in the universe and is no respecter of persons.  Both Christian and Restorationism texts suggest that mortal organizations are led through a line of super-human and human mediators according to their agency. When we portray every or most acts of our leaders or “prophets” as coming straight from the mouth of the Most High God (or even Jesus Christ), we doom ourselves to inevitable internal and external division. When we claim special privilege to Jesus Christ, as if he is the head of our Church and not other people’s church we pridefully invite division. This idea is contrary to our own theology, and people intuitively know it is not the case especially when someone gets to studying Mormon history. The idea that earth is ruled through a hierarchy or “chain” of higher beings and not by the “most high God” himself (Telestial through ministrations of the terrestrial D&C 76:88) is one of the most profound doctrines taught in LDS theology. Intertwined in this theology is the principle that man can become a God and that the “God” or higher beings who direct us are exalted men. (see TPJS, as well as detailed descriptions of how this works in Oahspe)  When we shy away from these important doctrines (which are integral aspects of the restorationism movement) in order to cater to the biases of Medieval Christianity, we invite the division that was inherent in their belief systems. Whether it is the Pope or LDS prophet, it is scripturally and morally wrong to pretend that all your religious actions are direct consequences of direction given by the Most High God. This is the true meaning of “taking the Name of the Lord in vain” and we do it in earnest.  The LDS temple endowment teaches with incredible simplicity and beauty this principle that revelation comes down through the kingdoms or dimensions (celestial “Father” to terrestrial “Son”, to telestial Peter, James & John and finally to mortal man), and that these higher beings always wait for a time to see if the earthly recipients obey, before they give more knowledge and guidance.  During this waiting period we are taught by lower angels and deceivers symbolized by Lucifer.  So during the waiting periods, all higher Gods give lower gods, archangels (whatever terminology you want to use) and earthly prophets and organizational leaders almost universal agency to run things according to what people seem to want and need; and much of the “revelation” during these periods ends up coming from lower and even “earthly” sources.  When we don’t fully understand these principle (taught plainly and beautifully in many other sources), it is natural to fall into the errors delineated in the next paragraphs.  When organizations feign power and authority that their history and works show are not valid, they lose the faith of their of populace and fall.  Teaching principles of authority more like Hindu thought and less like medieval Christianity and Catholicism would go a long way toward preventing apostasy and division.


Rejecting the Living Prophets

I believe that probably the most damning (or something that stops or impedes our progression) aspect of modern Mormonism is our rejection if the living prophets. This is pretty ironic, considering that we pride ourselves in being the “only true church” who has living prophets and apostles. But we as LDS Church members should stop and think about this for a minute… Israel and the world in general have nearly ALWAYS rejected the prophets, and yet Israel and every church in the world has nearly ALWAYS accepted and supported their priesthood/religious leaders  as the “mouthpieces” of God. We completely forget that the gift of prophesy (a gift of the spirit) is not the same as priesthood authority! Very few of the biblical prophets were priests or even held the priesthood for that matter (ie. being Levites). Instead most seem to have come from eccentric cults, and because they were not “mainstream” (either weird or nobodies or do strange things like walk around naked and barefoot) they were rejected. Jesus himself was excommunicated or “thrown out” because his teachings were too radical for the jewish religious establishment, and the President of the High Priesthood (a title we misleadingly label the “prophet”), was actually a main player in plotting his death “for the good of the fold”. God continually gives varying degrees of the gift of prophecy to people of every religion and decade. The “restoration texts” and “prophesy” sections of the this website house just a few of the many modern prophets (or those exercising the gift of prophecy, and gift of revelation). In my experience, just like a Catholic or any other religion, LDS church members fear anything that doesn’t come from their leaders. They do not support or seek out truth or continuing revelation in the world.


A Theocratic Autocracy instead of Rule by “Common Consent”

As I already mentioned, no advice, decree or edict of the “prophet” or church’s priesthood is binding upon any individual in the church unless the Spirit testifies the truth of it to that individual, causing them to covenant to obey.  (See D&C 68:4 contrasted with D&C 50:21–22 & Oaspe 34/9.1-9.22)  When leaders really understand this, it forces them to both understand and follow the principles of D&C 121:41–45. When you can no longer maintain “power or influence by virtue of the priesthood [hierarchy]” (D&C 121:41), you realize your only real recourse is using positive attributes like “persuasion, gentleness and meekness, love unfeigned, kindness, and pure knowledge” (D&C 121:42).  Which lays the groundwork for the democratic system of “common consent” revealed by Joseph Smith. That every policy and edict given “by the Spirit” to church leaders can only be binding if a majority of members (and in some cases unanimously without objection; D&C 107:27–29) also felt the spirit verify the truth of the policy change to them so that the policy can be instituted by the common consent of the church.

In my experience, the number two reason for people leaving the church is the perception that there is very little “common consent in the church” (Despite the scriptural mandate to rule this way: D&C 26:2, 28:13, 104:71-85). To most objective non-members, our form of “common consent” is like calling China or the USSR a democracy. It’s like saying the People’s Republic of North Korea is actually ruled by the people. It’s understandable why the church has been so secretive and autocratic from the time we were chased out of Missouri, might it be time to change. I believe that in recent years the Church has been making strides to change, but I believe it might need to happen a bit more quickly if we are to keep from losing half of the next generation (they are already losing more than a quarter of the current one). Below are some ways in which I believe we could better live up to our doctrinal mandate for equality and common consent.


The Proper Balance of Power in the Priesthood.

-The church’s balance of power between “federal” and “local” authority is all wacked up right now.  It has also completely distorted the principle of common consent (D&C 26:2, 28:13, 104:71, 104:72, 104:85). D&C 107 makes it clear that stake presiding councils are to be equal in authority to the general councils or authorities of the church.  Currently, the church membership has given WAY too much personal authority to the general or “federal” councils of the church in the same way that the United States government has whittled away local and states rights, foolishly giving too much power to the federal and upper executive branch of government.  This imbalance of power is dividing and destroying our nation and the same imbalance of power is causing great problems in the church. It is this imbalance, caused largely by Brigham Young, that has caused the church to become far too, robotic, authoritarian and pharisaical.  Centralized power serves its purpose in the early stages of a nation or organization, but as the group forms a self identity and matures this power structure must relax or it will bread division.   The church is commanded in all things, when history as well as D&C 58:26–29 and D&C 121:41 make it clear that this type of governance leads to a poor outcome (a robot populace, bondage and division).  Doctrine and covenants 107 makes it clear that the “three presidents” or first presidency (D&C 107:22) form a quorum that is equal in power and authority with the “twelve traveling councilors” or quorum of the twelve apostles (D&C 107:23–24), which is also to be equal in authority to both the seventy or “traveling ministers” and the “standing high council” or or stake high councils (D&C 107:36).

Does any Mormon (especially Mormon youth) give equal weight to the counsel of our celebrity apostles during general conference as they do for the discourses of a high counselor on “dry council Sunday”?  Does any High Councilor dare contradict an apostle? If they did they would be excommunicated, because of repeated systematic apostolic abuse of priesthood (D&C 121:41) has destroyed this balance of power in the Church. The imbalance caused by our disobedience to the proper emphasis on authority structure explained to us in our own scripture causes many to fall away from the church.  When through preaching, general conference and fan-fare, we make the general councils of the church into God-ordained celebrities, the populace of the church gains improper expectations and understandings of the role of the differing levels of government in the church. They come to believe the “apostles” are more righteous than themselves. It creates a class structure of a ruling elite and subservient “unworthy” proletariat which is a strictly service-to-self practice. It causes members to lose the understanding of the difference between priesthood and prophets. They come to believe the general authorities are more worthy of revelation to rule a member’s life than that member or that member’s parents.  This is emphatically not so, and the imbalance caused by this abuse of priesthood power and authority (D&C 121:41) causes imbalances in the hearts of the members… which in turn leads to their leaving the church. This is a difficult issue, because it is born out of good intent, but I fear our church’s organizational emphasis now so closely resembles that of Catholic Church which Joseph and his father so despised, that we are beginning to see more and more like-minded members repulsed and apostatizing.

36 The standing high councils, at the stakes of Zion, form a quorum equal in authority in the affairs of the church, in all their decisions, to the quorum of the presidency, or to the traveling high council.
37 The high council in Zion form a quorum equal in authority in the affairs of the church, in all their decisions, to the councils of the Twelve at the stakes of Zion.

A good start to a solution might be to give equal time to Stake High Councilors in General Conference as is given the apostles. Certainly we need to do far, far more things “by the common consent of the church” (D&C 26:2, 28:13, 104:71, 104:72, 104:85) . But more importantly the apostles need to greatly humble themselves, and explain by word and policy that they are no higher nor more righteous than the stake high councils. Many people wrongly crave a celebrity to worship, and I very rarely see the LDS Church celebrities doing much to reverse the trend. In fact, just as with the Catholic Church before Pope francis, I see mostly the opposite.


The Only True Church

-Teaching that the church is the “only true church” is foolish and egocentric. we should find a better way to teach this complicated topic of what it means to be “true”. I think this leads more people out of Mormonism than any other doctrine. And worse, it creates great anger in many of the apostates for having believed it. It is understood that this idea helps build pride and polarize people with a desire to serve God by serving the church, but this type of zealousness inevitably leads to disillusionment and anger. I understand the perceived need and effectiveness of this doctrine when a religion is young, but at what point do you give it up?  Both Israel and Catholicism were essentially destroyed by the pride created and inherent to this doctrine.  It distorts the very meaning of the word true, and is a gross distortion of the “truth”.  I cant even begin to explain how unscriptural and how riddles with issues this claim is. Read Is The LDS Church The Only True Church? What Really is Truth? for a detailed explanation of a more correct view of truth and priesthood.



Ordinances & Assembly-line Salvation

Part of the “creeds” and corrupted aspect of medieval Christianity had to do with their distorted idea of ordinances.  Distorted and manipulative beliefs such as that sprinkling a baby meant the difference between being saved or damned. The idea that saying a sinners prayer meant the difference between salvation and damnation.  My observance is that we have become so very similar our use of “dead” ordinances.  Our idea that our dead must have “saving ordinances” in order to gain salvation is often used in frighteningly similar manipulative ways when I believe it was actually instituted to achieve the opposite. I believe that vicarious ordinances were largely instituted to console and give hope to those entrenched in the belief that their dead were damned because they were not baptised. By instituting the doctrine that everyone who ever lived will at some point (presumably “during the millennium”) have ordinances vicariously performed, ordinances as a requirement for “salvation” becomes a mute point. A child or acquaintance who is not baptised or “married in the temple” is no reason for sorrow or manipulation because conformity based on unity can be achieved just as easily after death.

Many things I read from disillusioned Mormons, as well as my own experience suggest imbalanced views exist on these topics. Ordinances certainly have their place, as does ancestor worship and redemptive work, but it must be kept in perspective. But do ordinances feed the poor?  Do ordinances do one bit to alleviate the ills of human society? Can ordinances even really make you part of a group at heart? I believe ordinances were instituted as a means to an end (a teaching tool & symbolic gesture), not an end in themselves.  I think the oft taught idea that the “sacrament” is the most important part of Church causes people to look beyond the mark. I think not stressing that ordinances for the dead are as much for the living as anything causes people to look beyond the mark. I think advancing pupils through levels of priesthood office or performing ordinances such as baptism by AGE instead of by an individuals showing a willing desire and readiness for the responsibilities and covenants ordinances symbolizes (devoid of family or social pressure) is also problematic. (but then again so is ordination by “readiness” & invitation such as the office of High Priest. There is power and efficiency in the present system, but how can the ills it causes be better illuminated and the good it accomplishes accentuated?


The Gifts of the Spirit vs. Priesthood Authority

-There needs to be better understanding of how righteousness and priesthood relate to miracle work and adepthood (one who has mastered a miraculous spiritual gift). We need to better understand the difference between priesthood and prophets. You do not have to be “righteous” (in the sense of keeping strictures or mosaic-like commandments) to be a healer or exercise other spiritual or miraculous gifts. Both Mormon and general Christian doctrine teach that Lucifer and his angels hold priesthood and can perform miracles (and they obviously dont keep our commandments). Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, seership and prophecy are “gifts of the Spirit” available to all men who learn the principles of faith and consciousness governing these abilities. (3 Ne 8:1 is highly misunderstood.)  Seems sad to me that in some ways Star Wars seems to do a better job of teaching how to access God’s power or “force” than most Mormon handbooks.  Our way of teaching these principles has destroyed our faith in them (Ether 12:12). We have countless talks and videos suggesting that “if you don’t keep the mormon strictures/commandments, you wont be able to exercise your priesthood to heal someone when the time comes”. The gift of healing is a gift of the Spirit, not solely a priesthood ordinance, and the gifts of the Spirit are not dependant upon the keeping of religious law. They are dependant upon the spiritual faith and balance of the individual seeking to tap into God’s power. The ‘law of one’ does a really good job of explaining how these supernatural powers are obtained and developed. The ritualistic “temporal ordinances” associated with healing are powerful psychological aids, and can be effectively utilized by both men and women, members and non-members.  The distorted Mormon views on this are tragedies, because it forces many natural adepts (healers, prophets, clairvoyants, and clairaudients) out of the Church.  They generally go join eastern or new age movements because those movements have a more correct free philosophy concerning faith and the gifts of the spirit.  However, our church has a lot of really good teaching concerning these abilities as well.


Mechanics of Prophecy, Revelation and Channeling

-As mentioned before, most prophets, revelators or god’s “channels” exist outside of the Church because of our distorted views on these gifts of the Spirit has destroyed our faith in them. Thats not to say our “Prophet” (president of the High Priesthood) or bishops or members don’t receive revelation, because they most certainly do. But most revelation to the world (both positive and negative) is presently coming primarily through the new-age movement (and Hindu based religions). Our distorted views range from an idea that only the Apostles can receive revelation for the world or Church (they have overstepped their priesthood by teaching this), to an idea that only men can prophesy or receive revelation, to preconceived ideas on what what revelation should sound like (17th century english) .  This keeps us from understanding the true nature of revelation, and keeps us from believing much of the modern revelation that comes from the spirit world and keeps us often from exercising the gifts of the spirit. A prophet is a channel or mystic. Revelation is channeling. The question is “who is it coming from?”, and this is the bishop’s job to decide and regulate. (D&C 46:27) Once again, the ‘law of one’ explains this as well. Its sad that so many have issues with the translation of the Abraham papyrus/book of the dead and Isaiah sections of the Book of Mormon because of not understanding these principles. Channelling always sounds a little hokey (like much of the D&C) and adepts are often a bit weird frankly (Joseph putting his face in a hat and using “props” to enter the needed trance state which makes communication possible). An adepts “righteousness” (selflessness/balance) dictate what “spirits” or levels of heaven the adept can/will connect to, and more importantly the distortion that he/she will introduce to the revealed/channeled material. Revelation is far more like connecting to a mainframe full of information in binary code than reading english words on a computer screen. Oahspe talks about the “line of light” but Seth Material explains better the “Jacobs ladder” of spirits needed to relay and translate data/revelation from the higher planes. Each step of the relay has the possibility for distortion. Crystals (Urim & Thumim) are used to train, focus and enhance the abilities of the adept. The piezoelectric effects and holographic storage properties of crystals were far better understood by the ancients; as well as techniques for using them to interface with human consciousness. I suspect this issue will be addressed as the millennial age progresses, and channeling (revelation with God/gods through the veil) will become a regular part of the temple ceremony.  Our culture probably just isn’t ready for this stuff because of the negative stigmas attached to the occult and mysticism.  Unfortunately, modern negatively oriented groups which have mastered these principles (secret combinations) are gaining the upper hand in many social and political arenas because they understand these principles better than most Christians and Mormons.




The Nature of God

Teaching that the Most High God has a body, and that this “restored truth” is what makes our church more true than others. This is a touchy and complicated topic because it involves reconciling the monotheistic and polytheistic aspects of Joseph Smith’s revelations and restorationism. But I fear our concept of God has become just as much an idol or creed as the rigid concepts that Joseph Smith sought to escape. We seem to define our view of God exclusively by contrasting it with that of Medieval Christianity’s trinity (and claim our view is the only true one) but we fail to see the complexities of abstract polytheism which are woven into our doctrine. Like hinduism or Buddhism, Mormon’s should understand the semantic difficulties in defining the different levels of beings we call “God” or “gods” and be less prideful in our supposed ownership of them.  Mormon’s generally know that in the “One True God”,  “there are god’s many” (D&C 121:28) who are one in purpose but separate entities, but we should teach the unique aspects of each level of the being/beings we call God and admit that we just don’t know much about “The Most High God” (D&C 121:28–32). It’s a difficult concept and history will show which religion’s approach was the most effective, but given our concepts of divine investiture of authority it just doesn’t fit logic or our doctrine to teach that the “Father” who appeared to Joseph Smith was the one and only form of the Most High God in the universe. And it is especially silly for it to ever be a source of pride or contention. Based on our own cosmology we could speculate as to which level of mediator god is being described in most accounts & appearances of God in LDS scripture (think of Rev 22:7–9); as well as speculate as to the nature of the Unity which makes them all One God. Can we at least agree that God may seem to reveal himself as a human at times and but that we only know of Him what he chooses to reveal? Perhaps when the church begins to grow in India the time will be right to release our view of God from the strict idol it has become?  Joseph Smith’s revelations really do hold the key in reconciling the extremes of Hindu polytheism and Islamic extreme monotheism; I think its time we are more intelligent and less prideful in our teaching of those doctrines.


Book of Mormon Historical, Archaeological and DNA Evidence (& other scriptural issues)

There are a lot of scriptural issues which cause people to leave the church. Many of these are resolved by interpreting the facts with a broader understanding of revelation. If people believe, as the Church often suggests, that the Book of Mormon or Doctrine & Covenants are the exact words of Mormon or The Most High God or an omniscient Jesus Christ as he spoke directly to Joseph Smith in King James English; then once the facts are known it is difficult for any rational Mormon NOT to lose their testimony. But instead if we stress the obvious fact that revelation and visions are more like an individual subjectively tapping into a mainframe of information, and consciousness; and that the revelator uses his own judgement to formulate the ideas contained in the mainframe into words and ideas as interpreted through his own cultural and language biases, then inconsistencies suddenly start to make sense. At the same time we should stress that that current scientific and cultural biases are likely clouding our own judgement as we point out supposed inconsistencies. In my perspective, I believe archaeologists have found every major city mentioned in the book of Mormon, and Mormon/Moroni did really good jobs describing things; but it is minor geographic changes and skewed radiometric dating methods which lead to the apparent inconsistencies (in both Book of Mormon and DNA testing). In my worldview, the same is true with the apparent inconsistencies with the biblical story and geological/archaeological evidence. In my opinion, it seems hurtful to our cause to say “this is how it is, and the world is wrong”.  And better to say, “this is what our scriptures say, and we’re trying to get the truth things just like anyone else… ”  That just because something is considered “The word of God” it doesn’t mean its not a jumble of principles completely distorted by the messengers, but we do not wish to be so presumptuous or judgmental as to accuse it of being so. We instead want to get all the truth out of it we can. And there’s a lot we just aren’t able to understand, but lets all work together to find the truth of the matter.


Effective encouragement of the Arts
In my perspective the LDS view of appropriate outlets for the arts needs work.  In my experience the thought of having “non-approved” music in church (which these days is only the 19th century hymns) was anathema. Essentially, It can not be underestimated how important music, literature, dance and art are in shaping society and in worship.  Currently the evangelical Christian community is doing the best job in combating moral decay in our society by music, etc…      [finish this later]



See the article Needed Reformation in the LDS Church – Specific Actions


Arguments Against Unrestricted Free Speech & Bad Behavior

Society has placed certain restrictions on the availability and use of certain addictive or harmful drugs for very good reasons.  The use and distribution of both drinking and cigarette smoking are prohibited to people under a certain age… for good reason.  Youth have historically been shown to be more easily manipulated and coerced into participating in personally or socially destructive behavior…

Similarly all free speech is not protected by the constitution.  In matters of national security there are many secrets and types of information which are classified and may only be spoken of by those authorized to do so.  Sharing or selling national security secrets which could result in the harm or death of United States citizens in punishable by the most severe penalties in national law

Also, assault by speech is not protected by the United States constitution.  You cannot legally threaten to kill someone or groups of people.  You cannot verbally abuse or demean people in ways laid out by state and national laws.  Why?  Because certain types of “free speech”, such as running around a busy airport with a fake bomb strapped to your chest yelling “I going to kill all of you blankity blanks “ has been deemed unacceptable in our society because of the fear and emotion trauma it can cause.

Believe it or not, there are also laws against hanging dead bodies along public walkways or lining our streets with severed heads. But what if the individuals consent to the public display of their mutilated bodies or body parts before they die, isn’t prohibiting this against our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech?  Only a seriously disturbed, sick individual would assert that such a thing should be legal under the constitution.  Why? Because life and the human body deserves a certain dignity, and good people should not be subjected to such a degrading display of barbarism.

It is this same reasoning that caused most states and municipalities to pass laws against streaking, public nudity or public sexual conduct.  The freedom of speech does not and never was meant to protect activities that the public majority has deemed socially harmful of unacceptable!

So why is it that certain naïve groups and individuals in this nation believe that the constitution guarantees the right to ALL types of free speech?  Or believe that ALL types of censorship are or should be illegal? For good reasons, the constitution guarantees certain types of free speech and while allowing for the restriction of other types which have been deemed by the voice of the people to be sufficiently socially destructive or harmful to merit restriction.

This country was established by the people, for the people.  So if the majority of the people in a school, community or state want to prohibit certain sexual behaviors or block access to pornography because they deem it socially destructive, then not only is it constitutional, it is a democratic right—the very thing the constitution was written to protect!


Freedom, mercy and justice are delicate principles to balance.  They must all be kept in balance for a society to function and last.  When it comes to harmful behaviors, mercy can only be extended for so long, eventually the individuals practicing harmful behaviors MUST change or be cast out of the community or they endangers the very basis of the utopian life we all seek. What is it that makes a nation or society great? It is the laws the people live by; it is their way of life. It its their sustainable customs and practices that make the community a heaven, and the conglomeration of those communities makes a society great. Those who practice unbalanced sexual behaviors (of which predatory fornicators, homosexuals and adulterers often are) sadly cannot be allowed the fullest privileges of society, until they decide to change their non sustainable self-oriented sexual behavior.

If these did not have negative social consequences they would not be called sin by religion. If self-oriented sexual behaviors did not tend toward selfishness and social unsustainability they would not be prohibited by God. Is that so hard to understand? God has given man an enormous amount of wiggle room for self rule both here and in the higher spheres of existence, but if man decides to allow and heaven forbid, even encourage non sustainable and damaging social behaviors (which God calls sin) they will eventually find themselves and their kingdom slipping to a lower sphere, both in mortality and the eternal worlds.

So society should love all those that have chosen not to fight the natural man. Hope the best for them, reach out in understanding to them… but you can not condone them and you must not encourage them. Such an act would merely exhibit your own naivety and be very unloving and even self condemning in the long run.  If you follow the laws of God passed down by prophets and angels through the ages, you will elevate yourselves and your nations toward eternal sustainability. If you do not, your society will fall, your nations will collapse, your culture and your families will eventually become extinct. It is natural selection, and it is the desire of God and His religions that you end up on the winning side of it.

The Mormon Temple Ceremony and FreeMasonry





My Opinions on Freemasonry

The idea that freeMasonry started in the 15th or 17th centuries is an ignorant one. Although it might be said the modern freemasonry as it is presently constituted is a modern invention, much of the symbolism, ritual and tradition come from far older traditions. Many aspects can be traced through medieval orders like the knights templar to Mithraism and back to Persian and Egyptian religious traditions. (I cite some great books which thoroughly illustrate this, at the end of this article for those interested)

Freemasonry, like all religious philosophies has numerous schisms–so it can be hard to generalize what it exactly is. But at its heart, one could define it as a symbolic system teaching about an  esoteric unity which underlies the traditions of really most western religions. It’s degrees and veils basically seek to symbolically lead the initiate on the journey of the progression/evolution of human religion, psychology and history.  The initiate of most these rites, begins in complete unity with God & Creation and descends through various veils or partitions into the fallen, divided state mankind is currently in. The initiate is then brought back to unity through these veils to a state of oneness through various lessons and keywords which symbolize the steps of progression that humanity must take to metaphorically regain their Edenic estate. Masonic books like “Morals and Dogma” detail the Scottish rite’s masonic interpretation of human development and evolution of the Jewish and Christian religions. The allegory of the killing of Hyrum Abiff, illustrates the manner in which the wise religious builder is all too often murdered by the ignorant religious builders and sycophants.

Freemasonry claims to be derived from ancient rites written by the builders of religions and nations. Highly intelligent minds who like Confucius, King David, and the Greek, Babylonian and Egyptian thinkers of old, understood which portions of human religion are human constructs and which parts are divine. Intelligent individuals who claimed to have the ability to peek through the veil of human thought into the spiritual realm; and with this ability they were able to create large religious social organizations which aimed primarily to maintain order among the more ignorant masses (see The Kolbrin for some great insight on these ancient esoteric aims and see Morals and Dogma by Robert Pike for some of Freemasonry’s claims).


Understanding the Mormon Endowments Masonic Roots

Let me first make it clear that I really like the LDS temple ordinances (with a few small exceptions). I believe they are good rituals whose goal is to help individuals & society be better. Their whole purpose is to use crazy ritual to help us see the craziness of the idolatry which leads mankind. All through history—religion and ritual has been used to subjugate humanity. Men subjugating women, the free subjugating the slave, and priests, kings and their armies subjugating and oppressing mankind. The masonic and LDS temple ritual’s lead you into those systems… in order to lead you back out of them. There is wisdom in passing through sorrow, that we might now to differentiate the good and bad.. the human verses the divine. Like many religious ordinances & ritual I believe they also have the ability to unlock many hidden powers of the human mind, body and soul. For those interested in delving down the rabbit hole of western mysticism… I offer the following links.



Reference Material

-Read the actual freemasonry rituals upon which it is loosely based. DUNCAN’S RITUAL AND MONITOR OF FREEMASONRY. Found at This will help you get a feel for which parts are Josephs and which parts are exactly copied from freemasonry.

– Read a great background of freemasonry’s purposes and history from Egypt to Israel. The Hidden Life in Freemasonry by C. W. Leadbeater This should help you see how the freemasonry rituals relate to both ancient Israel and Egypt. It will hopefully also give you some knowledge of religious mysticism which is essential to see through the symbolism.

-Read about the mystic religious rituals and ceremonies from many past cultures and dispensations (both good and evil). Historical Rites and Ceremonies Section of Oahspe. This should make it clear that sacred mystic rituals change with each culture. And that there are many evil organizations who highjack the ceremonies of the good and use them to form organizations whose aim is to murder, steal and attain highly selfish goals. The LDS endowment differs from the ancient Israel one, which differs from the Egyptian one, which differed from the Jaredite (algonquin) and other ancient american cultures. This account also helps to show the relation between heaven and earth and the principle which the gods, angels and men involved are trying to teach.

Read Morals and Dogma by Robert Pike. Especially the sections Knight of the East and West and Knight of Rose Croix, and the Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept

The Law of One is also helpful. also


Outline of Points to Discuss?

-Prophets and global religions are often determined by a process of natural selection. Prophets and dispensational-heads create religions according to what they deem best for teaching the people given their cultural circumstances and biases.

-Short overview of advent of masonry at the same time as the Bavarian “illuminati”, how it ties to mysticism.

-See all the ancient temple rituals in Oahspe and note the similar themes and purposes.

-Perhaps an article could be put together which specifically pulls out the similar LDS & Masonic parts of the ceremony as disclosed in “DUNCAN’S RITUAL AND MONITOR OF FREEMASONRY”.

-As an example:  1)all handshakes are identical. 2) all signs and tokens are identical.

-read about “who is Hiram Abiff?” see   Go through the references to Hirum Abiff in Josephus, and tie it to Ecclesiastes and myth of kind david creating masonry.

-might be quite helpful to go through The Hidden Life in Freemasonry by C. W. Leadbeater
-show the somewhat disturbing images of presidents using the signs?