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Stop excommunicating or marginalizing dissidents

Stop excommunicating or marginalizing dissidents. Excommunication should conform strictly with the principles delineated in D&C 42:20–28 and D&C 102. Public or private differences of opinion are not grounds for excommunication. Witch-hunts should be avoided at all costs. The church is meant to be a ‘type’ or example of perfect government, there must be effective channels for group […]

Emphasize that ordinances are symbols, not ends of themselves

Stop teaching that LDS temple and ordinances are required to make it to the Celestial Kingdom and start emphasizing that these things are important symbols which aid in salvation and eternal union but are not a requirement for it per se. Reasoning: In Joseph Smith’s vision of the Celestial Kingdom given in D&C 137:1–10, Joseph sees his brother Alvin […]

Teach and encourage the practice of economic equality through the Law of Consecration

Teach and encourage the practice of economic equality through the Law of Consecration in its proper framework under the United Order. Completely ignoring this law separates the church from the heavenly organizations which helped to found it. Failing to even teach (let alone practice) this system makes the church just another religious faction preaching supposed religiousness but not practicing a system which remedies economic inequality—the […]

Be completely transparent about church history

Be completely transparent about church history. (we’re making huge progress on this!) Reasoning: I believe Mormonism has done itself an enormous disservice by pushing a “faith promoting” (sanitized and correlated) view of its history. By hiding the entirely fallible nature of Joseph Smith and other church leaders, we have perpetuated the false dichotomy of “either […]

Reform exclusive truth & priesthood claims

Reform Action #3 of 20   (see overview page) Reform the church’s unscriptural exclusive truth & priesthood claims.  Stop promoting false dichotomies in our truth claims. Maintain the multidimensional scriptural metaphors without imposing rigid church-wide interpretations for them. Reasoning: Like good music, the scriptures are purposely written in metaphor so they can be interpreted differently depending on […]

Eliminate autocracy by balancing consensus rule with top down guidance

Reform Action #4 of 20   (see overview page) Reform governance in seasoned regions of the church, working to eliminate autocracy & “divine dictatorship” and implement the democratic principles revealed in our scripture. Restore the law of common voice where possible in the selection of many congregational-level callings. Do better at respecting difference of opinion and re-instituting the […]

Restore the balance of power between stake and central church priesthood leadership

Reform Action #5 of 20   (see overview page) Decentralize and pull down the power, which has become too lofty and autocratic for seasoned members. Church hierarchy needs to humble themselves monetarily and authoritatively. Restore the balance of power between Stake and central church priesthood hierarchy, according to the principles delineated in D&C 107, by bolstering […]

Remove the doctrine of muted prophetic infallibility

Reform Action #6 of 20   (see overview page) Remove the muted doctrine of prophetic infallibility from our scripture and teachings. (“Muted” meaning on the surface we say it’s not a doctrine we promote or believe, but we actually subtly promote it using muted language.) Church leaders and members often use the following excerpt from Wilford Woodruff’s Official declaration 1 […]