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Understanding The Times and Seasons

      Cosmology of the Times and SeasonsThe first step to understanding “eternal progression” is to have at least a general understanding of the earth’s progression or orbit within the galaxy. Since this progression somewhat follows that of the earth’s evolution, an understanding of cosmology gives a framework for us to better understand earth’s origins and destiny. […]

Reform Monetary Policy

Create transparency in Church monetary policy. Take steps to decentralize the monetary system and allow stakes far greater latitude in deciding how much money to spend on structures (meeting houses, temples, etc) & programs. Do a better job of separating “for-profit” arms of the Church. The presiding bishopric, not the traveling twelve should be involved in these “temporal […]

Reform institutionalized temple worship & especially temple preparation

Reform Action #12 of 20   (see overview page) Reform institutionalized temple worship. Especially stopping temple weddings. (This came to me very strongly.) Sealings and endowments should not be performed until an initiate is ready to graduate from the lower preparatory law of carnal commandments (administered by the Aaronic/Ward Priesthood) to the higher and freer […]

Stop excommunicating or marginalizing dissidents

Stop excommunicating or marginalizing dissidents. Excommunication should conform strictly with the principles delineated in D&C 42:20–28 and D&C 102. Public or private differences of opinion are not grounds for excommunication. Witch-hunts should be avoided at all costs. The church is meant to be a ‘type’ or example of perfect government, there must be effective channels for group […]

Stop being dishonest concerning a witness of Jesus Christ

LDS members and Apostles need to stop bearing false witness by being dishonest concerning their witness of Jesus Christ, God and the truth of the church. When someone is called as a ‘witness’, their job is to witness what they have seen, felt and experienced—plainly, honestly and without misleading innuendo. Reasoning: The purpose and calling […]

Put a greater emphasis on service, humanitarian work and giving

Put a greater emphasis on service, humanitarian work and giving. (I think we’re making progress?!) Reasoning: It’s funny how quickly people sense whether you are trying to sell them something. We need to focus a lot more on the newly added 4rth mission of the church “care for the poor and needy“, and realize this is […]

Teach and encourage the practice of economic equality through the Law of Consecration

Teach and encourage the practice of economic equality through the Law of Consecration in its proper framework under the United Order. Completely ignoring this law separates the church from the heavenly organizations which helped to found it. Failing to even teach (let alone practice) this system makes the church just another religious faction preaching supposed religiousness but not practicing a system which remedies economic inequality—the […]