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Make Women Truly Equal

Reform Action #7 of 20   (see all reforms) Women don’t necessarily need the LDS priesthood to be equals in Mormonism.  But they are certainly not equal at present, and major changes are needed to bring gender equality to the church. To suggest that women are somehow “different but equal” in the LDS church at […]

Never Glorify Murder or Violence

In LDS theology, it’s quite common for leaders and teachers to use biblical examples of murder and genocide as example’s of the faithfulness of individuals in scripture[1]. Scriptural stories such as Abraham’s attempted murder of his son, the Levites’ murders at Sinai, Nephi’s murder of Laban, or the Israelite’s genocidal campaign during the conquest of Palestine are […]

Disavow Priesthood Racism

With the recent Church Essay regarding Blacks and the Priesthood, this reform is now done! (although the church still needs to apologize and explain the incorrect scriptural interpretations which were used to justify the racism) The LDS Church needs to completely disavow it’s historically preached doctrines concerning priesthood racism. Excluding “Blacks” from the priesthood is based […]

Work to Eliminate Any Cult-like Behaviors

Reform Action #1 of 20   (see overview page) The word “cult” typically has a fairly derogatory meaning. So most of us Latter-day Saints really take offence to those who stigmatize our religion with this label.  On my mission I was simply baffled by how so many other Christians could call us this with real concern. […]