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Disavow Priesthood Racism

With the recent Church Essay regarding Blacks and the Priesthood, this reform is now done! The LDS Church needs to completely disavow it’s historically preached doctrines concerning priesthood racism. Excluding “Blacks” from the priesthood is based on several very faulty assumptions. That Blacks of African decent are descended directly from the biblical Cain, Ham or Egyptus. […]

Why Do We Need Reforms

The LDS Church can be a pretty amazing and beautiful system in a persons life. Because of this, most Latter-day Saint members haven’t even considered why we might need reforms. They are blissfully ignorant of the major problems which are coming to light about our doctrine and cultural practices. On the other hand, the 50-70% of our […]

Comparing Book of Mormon Geography Models

 . Issues in the heartland Model The Book of Mormon heartland model is a model proposed by Rod Meldrum which places the entirety of Book of Mormon narrative in the Eastern United States of America. It really arose as a counter-balance to the problems inherent in the “limited Mesoamerican model”.  (following is taken from a list […]

Understanding The Times and Seasons

Introduction [Go through and rewrite this. Remake first image to show how the pattern of each dispensation fits with the cosmology.  Especially understanding how dictatorships & monarchies are established during times of low energy… and then transition to democracies as we raise in cosmological “glory” (dictated by our location in the universes energy fields).  Add […]

Reform Monetary Policy

Create transparency in Church monetary policy. Take steps to decentralize the monetary system and allow stakes far greater latitude in deciding how much money to spend on structures (meeting houses, temples, etc) & programs. Do a better job of separating “for-profit” arms of the Church. The presiding bishopric, not the traveling twelve should be involved in these “temporal […]

Reform institutionalized temple worship & especially temple preparation

Reform institutionalized temple worship. The current system of pressuring youth into temple initiation, and covenant making, without even knowing beforehand the full idea of what covenants they will be making, can be highly detrimental. There are a lot of aspects of temple worship which need to change Reasoning: Simply put, the LDS temple rites have been turned into […]