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The Mesoamerican/Mayan Calendar (& its similarities to the Hebrew/Biblical Calendar)

Introduction Mesoamerican calendars show an astonishing amount of similarity to the Hebrew/Biblical and ancient near-eastern calendars. Really, its hard to believe these calendar systems developed independent of each other without some type of diffusionary influence. The Inca calendar & Quipu are far closer to what might be expected from a culture that developed in 12,000+ […]

The coming war may be sooner than thought (but lets hope not)

I’ve woke up with this vision twice now, so I figured I’d better write it down. It first came about a week ago, but today came more clearly and completely. I had thought these events to not take place until about 2034, but they look so likely that it’s hard to see them not happening. […]

Mormon Modesty (What I’d Like My Daughters to Know)

I think these are the main points I try and will try to teach my daughters. 1. THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES in dress standards. “God” does not care how you dress. And dress is all relative. If you were born an aborigine in 18th century aboriginia… you’d go around in a loincloth showing your boobs and […]

Book of Mormon Nephite Destruction Outline (narrow neck exodus)

Summary of cities: Jordan (northmost city. part of line of cities defending north country) Boaz (gets rest of records) —- Teancum (by seashore & desolation) Desolation (dead cast into sea) Shem (fortified) Jashon (gets records) Joshua (west by seashore) — David, Land of Angola (fortified city, first retreat after Z.) Zarahemla (war starts) . – […]

Arguments For and Against the Authenticity of the Book of Mormon

Neutral Arguments -the arguments concerning animal anachronisms and metal anachronisms aren’t very good in my opinion.  They really could go either way. On one hand they seem anachronistic because you might think Joseph “didn’t know” that there weren’t horses or cows or swords in ancient America. On the other hand, many of the supposed anachronism ARE […]