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How Old is the Earth? How the bible fits with earth’s geologic history.

[the intro featured image to this should be the timeline… but I should really pack a TON of info and color into it] Outline. Put on both web sites. This is where you should explain how the fight between religion & science has ruined both. Each takes an extreme position and the truth is in the middle. Moses 1 is the key. It explains clearly that Moses’ revelation of the earth is only PARTIAL, and gives an account ONLY of this cycle of THIS earth. In verse […]

The Aztec/Mayan Calendar (And its similarities to the Hebrew/Biblical Calendar & Book of Mormon dates)

Summary Similarities between Mesoamerican and Near-eastern Calendars How to read Mesoamerican/Mayan/Aztec Calendars (see my Maya date conversion program!) Understanding the “K’atun Wheel/Round” (or u kahlay katunob) and how it tracks the 520 year cycles very much like Daniel’s 490/500 year ‘sacred weeks‘ calendar. A list of long count dates & references. Introduction Mesoamerican calendars show […]

Book of Mormon Nephite Destruction Outline (narrow neck exodus)

Summary of cities: Jordan (northmost city. part of line of cities defending north country) Boaz (gets rest of records) —- Teancum (by seashore & desolation) Desolation (dead cast into sea) Shem (fortified) Jashon (gets records) Joshua (west by seashore) — David, Land of Angola (fortified city, first retreat after Z.) Zarahemla (war starts) . – […]

Arguments For and Against the Authenticity of the Book of Mormon

Neutral Arguments -the arguments concerning animal anachronisms and metal anachronisms aren’t very good in my opinion.  They really could go either way. On one hand they seem anachronistic because you might think Joseph “didn’t know” that there weren’t horses or cows or swords in ancient America. On the other hand, many of the supposed anachronism ARE […]