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Book of Mormon Geography

Introduction This application presents our model for correlating North American Archeological evidence with the channeled Book of Mormon narrative. With our model, essentially every culture the texts mentions, ends up being a major culture found by modern archaeologists. In fact essentially all the largest North American prehistoric cultures are represented in our model by the […]

Make Women Truly Equal

Women don’t necessarily need the LDS priesthood to be equals in Mormonism.  But they are certainly not equal at present, and major changes are needed to bring gender equality to the church. To suggest that women are somehow “different but equal” in the LDS church at present… is like pretending that women in the united […]

Historic Theophany Accounts (Prophetic Visions of God)

Many LDS people don’t realize that Joseph Smith’s first vision experience was not particularly unique. Many individuals both in recent and ancient times have had experiences with what they believe are angels and deity. Many of the worlds largest religions are the result of such experiences. Many smaller faiths within the mysticism movement have a long history of having […]

Never Glorify Murder or Violence

  In LDS theology, it’s quite common for leaders and teachers to use biblical examples of murder and genocide as example’s of the faithfulness of individuals in scripture[1]. Scriptural stories such as Abraham’s attempted murder of his son, the Levites’ murders at Sinai, Nephi’s murder of Laban, or the Israelite’s genocidal campaign during the conquest of […]