Universalism & Reformation

Religious Universalism is a view arguing that all persons will ultimately be reconciled to God. It stands in contrast to Christian exceptionalism or religious exclusivity– which is the fundamentalist idea that only the members of one particular faith, religion or sect will be saved. As such, mainstream Mormon theology is essentially universalist. Certainly more so than most Christian religions. However, the Mormon Universalism Movement takes this argument a few steps further by attempting to show that LDS scripture was originally designed to teach that Christ’s “only true church”, is a spiritual movement composed of all the good people on earth who are making themselves worthy of the “heavenly church.” And that the “trueness” of an earthly sect corresponds to how well they exemplify or align themselves with the heavenly church. This is opposed to many LDS exclusivists teachings which suggest that all people must be Mormon to be saved, or that the mortal Mormon church is the “only true church” mentioned in scripture (see “reexamining the ‘only true church’ doctrine“). LDS universalists believe in ONE incomprehensible ‘God’ who is symbolically ‘Father’ to all, and has allowed mediators, or lower human spirits to subtly influence the creation of revealed religion (including Mormonism) as a SYMBOL or metaphor (type, shadow, ensign, light, archetype, or example) of how divinity deals with EVERYBODY, regardless of which religion they follow. We embrace the idea of unknowability, and simply have faith that life continues after death despite our complete acceptance that such matters are unprovable. It seems to us that the Highest Heaven or afterlife dimension (or “Christ’s” heavenly Church) is composed of ALL those which have achieved (through their self-sacrificing characters) the greatest level of deserved respect, group harmony, balance, love and felicity. We suggest that LDS and Christian scripture teaches that selfless unity in wisdom is the key to Eternal Exaltation or progression. We reject any creed, dogma, sect, idol or belief that unjustly divides people. We believe that LDS scripture supports the idea that Christ (like the Church and other great religious leaders) were chosen in order to be examples or archetypes of the Heavenly Church (which is composed of a body of totally equal and unified individuals) — but that Christian followers and well meaning leaders have all too often turned God and Christ into idols, carved from their own faulty conceptions.

We believe that Mormonism or the Modern LDS church has lost focus on these truths. That much like the Catholic church before us, they have come to focus too much on our religious exclusivism– or the idea that we are the ONLY true church, with the ONLY path to god and the ONLY priesthood and ordinances which lead to exaltation. We have create a dogmatic view of God that is essentially an idol projection of our own ego. Like the Jews of old, WE have taken possession of “God’s” truths in a prideful way. We need to restore focus to the fact that God’s truths, church, ordinances and priesthood are UNIVERSAL. That NO religion has THE truth but simply holds symbols and allegories that point people toward it. That we are only one of MANY restorations, and that all these restorations lead the worthy to the “heavenly church”, which is the ONLY true “church” and holds the keys to exaltation.

My Philosophy

Despite some claims to the contrary, Mormonism IS a reformation. It was founded by people open to inspiration from outside the box. Individuals seeking for things outside the traditional status quo of their 19th century cultures and divisive religions. I’m trying to carry on that torch… trying to follow the spirit leading me to reconcile people. I’m trying to do my part to unify people and their beliefs. Its actually a task I’ve been undertaking in my own worldview for the last decade or so and now I am sharing my journey. Like many out there, I believe God has spoken to me through dreams and a burning heart. I want to share the things I’ve learned in my dreams & visions with out pretense that my experiences make me more special, or true than others. I want to bring unity. I want to bring peace. Maybe its impossible? Maybe in my quest for unity, I’m going to cause more division than I remediate? Maybe… But if you want to help out drop me a line and write a guest article.

In my worldview I don’t see a lot of difference between an atheist and a theist. Between a Mormon and a Christian. Between a Christian and a Muslim or Confucian. The differences seem rather trite really. Like different leaves on the same tree. When I was younger it seemed all my religion did was highlight the differences between my ‘true’ religion and the world’s ‘false’ religion. I could say the same of my family’s traditional political leanings. And I certainly put in my hours marching to that tune. But somewhere in the last decade I stepped through a veil. I found the real Jesus in the Book of Mormon. I found Muhammad in the LDS Doctrine & Covenants. I found Confucian enlightenment hidden in the Masonic symbology of the LDS temple ceremony. I found angels and spirits to escort me through the maze-like hallways of a religion founded by heaven but built by human hands.

I gained this vision of a tree of life with love filled fruit; a diverging river flowing down a mountain with living waters. And despite thinking that my Mormon orthodoxy had brought me closer to Christ, I found I was actually on a branch far from the trunk; a tributary far from the source. But with unity as my goal I struggled up the current toward the source… and the craziest thing happened. As long as I headed upstream with my eyes fixed on the unity of the source, all these other branches and tributaries started joining with my mine. Our beliefs merged. The current grew stronger as the waters combined, but they also grew purer, more blissful and loving. It was like backtracking through time by traversing up a branching genealogical tree. Turning one’s “heart to the fathers” of division; from Joseph Smith to Luther, to Pope Leo to Peter to Rehoboam to Abraham to the biblical patriarchs and back to Christ/Adam & Atman/Manu through myths of Brahma, Fu Xi and Shem.

Our Approach

My articles may often do a crappy job of achieving my purpose. So I apologize in advance. But if you share similar goals, write an article for us! Attempt to reconcile estranged beliefs. Promote pluralism. If these ideas do not resonate with you, and you believe your way is the only true way, or other’s beliefs are full of crap.. we wish you well and certainly can’t blame you–because I saw the world that way once too.

But I hope in this blog, we can show through Mormon and Christian scripture that unity is actually the goal of these traditions. We hope to show that hidden in Christian revelation are the keys to understanding the fundamental unity of all global religion, philosophy and people. That most theological controversies begin and end in paradox; and in the end people believe what they choose to believe, based on their goals of unity or division, control or acceptance–love or pride.

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