The Mormon Temple Ceremony and FreeMasonry





My Opinions on Freemasonry

The idea that freeMasonry started in the 15th or 17th centuries is an ignorant one. Although it might be said the modern freemasonry as it is presently constituted is a modern invention, much of the symbolism, ritual and tradition come from far older traditions. Many aspects can be traced through medieval orders like the knights templar to Mithraism and back to Persian and Egyptian religious traditions. (I cite some great books at the end of this article for those interested)

Masonry and Freemasonry, like all philosophies and large religions has numerous schisms–so it can be hard to generalize what it exactly is. But at its heart, I believe is a universal system of esoteric unity which underlies the mystic traditions of really most western religions. It’s degrees and veils basically seek to symbolically lead the initiate on the journey of the progression/evolution of human religion, psychology and history.  The initiate begins in complete unity with God & Creation and descends through various veils or partitions into the fallen, divided state mankind is currently in. The initiate is then brought back to unity through these veils to a state of oneness through various lessons and keywords which symbolize the steps of progression that humanity must take to metaphorically regain their edenic estate. Masonic books like “Morals and Dogma” detail the scottish rite’s masonic interpretation of human development and evolution of the Jewish and Christian religions.

I think as you start to dive into it, it becomes clear that masonry is a broad term to a group of organizations built by the builders of religions and nations. Highly intelligent minds who like Confucius, King David, and the Greek, Babylonian and Egyptian thinkers of old, understood which portions of human religion are human constructs and which parts are divine. Intelligent individuals who claimed to have the ability to peek through the veil of human thought into the spiritual realm; and with this ability they were able to create large religious social organizations which aimed primarily to maintain order among the more ignorant masses (see The Kolbrin for some great insight on these ancient esoteric aims).

Joseph Smith much like many other reformers through history denounced the existing building or cultural power structure — and thus was rejected by its builders. He didn’t believe what was being taught, and sought help to build up a new system. But as the scripture says, “the stone that the builders rejected, has become the chief cornerstone [of a new building]”. Joseph sought to “restore” and summarize the degrees of the popular variety masonry of his day into a ceremony which “all could receive” (according to his American christian culture).  At least early in his life, he wanted everyone to speak in the name of the Lord, like he strongly felt he was doing. Frankly his history makes it pretty clear that, like all mortals, he didn’t know exactly what he was doing, nor did he always understand the source, meaning or direction of these crazy visions he continually recieved. It is the job of the builders to throw out the rough stones which will not be cut in the ways the builders desire. But they also know that natural selection and the mandate of heaven will determine which of those stones become the CornerStones of the next building—which will be needed when the winds beat on and destroy the old.

History is divided into a series of short and long cycles. As each time and season passes, the various gardeners of earth and heaven come to see which plants are thriving. They pull out the failed seeds; the seeds that couldn’t gain any traction; the diseased plants and the plants which have evolved into choking weeds. They favor the organizations which produce fruit, and good fruit is like a stone which aids in fulfilling the purpose of the building. The ultimate purpose is Unity with God and each other; but sometimes partial destruction and division are favored to get us all there.

I believe that for Mormons our masonic roots are a proud heritage and an understanding that the watchers want all to receive. It is a heritage which should strengthen our faith and testimonies in the highest aspects of all religions (and destroy our faith in the idols and lower laws). The symbolism runs deep– the possibility to misunderstand is high– but the wisdom gained by working one’s way through each of the veiled divisions/partitions is divine.


Understanding the Mormon Endowments Masonic Roots

Let me first make it clear that I really like the LDS temple ordinances. I believe they are good rituals whose goal is to help individuals & society be better. Their whole purpose is to use crazy ritual to help us see the craziness of the idolatry which leads mankind. All through history—religion and ritual has been used to subjugate humanity. Men subjugating women, the free subjegating the slave, and priests, kings and their armies subjugating and oppressing mankind. The masonic and LDS temple ritual’s lead you into those systems… in order to lead you back out of them. There is wisdom in passing through sorrow, that we might now to differentiate the good and bad.. the human verses the divine. Like many religious ordinances & ritual I believe they also have the ability to unlock many hidden powers of the human mind, body and soul. For those interested in delving down the rabbit hole of western esotericism… I offer the following links.



Reference Material

-Read the actual freemasonry rituals upon which it is loosely based. DUNCAN’S RITUAL AND MONITOR OF FREEMASONRY. Found at This will help you get a feel for which parts are Josephs and which parts are exactly copied from freemasonry.

– Read a great background of freemasonry’s purposes and history from Egypt to Israel. The Hidden Life in Freemasonry by C. W. Leadbeater This should help you see how the freemasonry rituals relate to both ancient Israel and Egypt. It will hopefully also give you some knowledge of religious mysticism which is essential to see through the symbolism.

-Read about the mystic religious rituals and ceremonies from many past cultures and dispensations (both good and evil). Historical Rites and Ceremonies Section of Oahspe. This should make it clear that sacred mystic rituals change with each culture. And that there are many evil organizations who highjack the ceremonies of the good and use them to form organizations whose aim is to murder, steal and attain highly selfish goals. The LDS endowment differs from the ancient Israel one, which differs from the Egyptian one, which differed from the Jaredite (algonquin) and other ancient american cultures. This account also helps to show the relation between heaven and earth and the principle which the gods, angels and men involved are trying to teach.

Read Morals and Dogma by Robert Pike. Especially the sections Knight of the East and West and Knight of Rose Croix, and the Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept

The Law of One is also helpful. also


Outline of Points to Discuss?

-Prophets and global religions are often determined by a process of natural selection. Prophets and dispensational-heads create religions according to what they deem best for teaching the people given their cultural circumstances and biases.

-Short overview of advent of masonry at the same time as the Bavarian “illuminati”, how it ties to mysticism.

-See all the ancient temple rituals in Oahspe and note the similar themes and purposes.

-Perhaps an article could be put together which specifically pulls out the similar LDS & Masonic parts of the ceremony as disclosed in “DUNCAN’S RITUAL AND MONITOR OF FREEMASONRY”.

-As an example:  1)all handshakes are identical. 2) all signs and tokens are identical.

-read about “who is Hiram Abiff?” see   Go through the references to Hirum Abiff in Josephus, and tie it to Ecclesiastes and myth of kind david creating masonry.

-might be quite helpful to go through The Hidden Life in Freemasonry by C. W. Leadbeater
-show the somewhat disturbing images of presidents using the signs?