The coming war may be sooner than thought (but lets hope not)

I’ve woke up with this vision twice now, so I figured I’d better write it down. It first came about a week ago, but today came more clearly and completely.

I had thought these events to not take place until about 2034, but they look so likely that it’s hard to see them not happening. (although prophesy seems to often be a lot like labor pains. The timed contractions can all look alike, but the baby will come when it will comes).

This is the vision. The Middle Eastern War of the Book of Ben Kathryn, D&C and Ezekial is on the doorstep.Sooner than you thought. The players have been in place for a long time, but those trying to avoid it, and push it farther into the future grow smaller or either weaker or less likely to intervene on behalf of peace. (It’s hard to emphasize how big of a deal this is… this whole scenario could have been pushed into the future were it not for how incredibly corrupt/wicked the US political system has become. There is no clear ‘good guy’ for heaven or allies to help. Both the globalist (democrats) and the nationalist aristocracy (republicans) in the US are pushing selfish and self-destructive agendas with far more dangerous agendas than anyone realizes).  And although Trump has been a wildcard in not conforming to the plans of the Global and National elite, he’s been pushed into a corner like a rabid wounded animal, and seems that he will actually be the means of starting the war he prided himself in working to avert. 

Israel and Saudi Arabia are afraid that Biden and his Administration will allow Iran to restart their nuclear program and feel they must act quickly to avoid what they see as the region’s largest threat (a nuclear armed Iran).

Iran sees nuclear weapons as ‘only fair’ given Israel’s stockpile, and only seeks equality and a chance to be a balance to Saudi Arabia and Israel as a regional power. But sanctions, and the Saudi Arms races make them feel as though conflict may be inevitable. Much like Trump, they feel backed into a corner

This is how it goes down:

  • Saudi Arabia and Israel have been plotting to take out Iran’s nuclear enrichment facility (Likely Fordow?). This is part of a larger regional subterfuge thats been going on since early in the Syrian war. Lately its main provocative actions have been the assassinations of general Sulliman and lead scientists Fakhrizadeh and four others. As well as the counter attack on Saudi OIl facility Abqaiq–Khurais, Yemeni airport and the secret bombing of the Beirut port.
  • They will strike soon, with the acquiescence and quite possibly even the help of the US. They feel they need to do it before Biden takes office. And they expect the US to deter any grand retaliation from Iran.
  • They miscalculate Iran. Iran has been consulting with Russia and even China. With the attack, they get the OK from their allies to retaliate. They strike back at Israel AND Saudi Arabia. 
  • This is what the war hawks in the US military have been waiting for (and what Trump has been trying to avoid). But now Trump sees it as a chance to remain in power. Using the war powers act to avoid a presidential turnover during an active conflict intense enough to justify that a transfer of power would pose of threat to US national security.  He steps into the conflict and begins firing more missiles at Iran.
  • Russia, through Syria, helps Iran retaliate against Saudi, Israeli and US military targets (which at this point are all mixed together in many areas)
  • This is essentially full scale war, although no one knows it yet.
  • The US media catches wind of Trump’s motives and goes to town on him. A major political crisis begins in Congress. Inauguration day is in less than a week. Trump says it should be pushed back. Congress fights on whether to let it precede. Meanwhile the US is helping aid the war, and trying to move resources and even troops to the Middle East.
  • What happens in the US at this point is foggy. But essentially the infighting in US politics makes it so Israel and Saudi Arabia are eventually outgunned by Russia backed Iran and Syria.
  • Jerusalem is eventually attacked. This is the 70th hebdomad of Daniel and the Book of Ben Kathryn. It BEGINS the 40 year ‘probation’ or ‘stillness’ spoken of in the Book of Ben Kathryn. This is totally contrary to my previous thoughts and beliefs. 40 ;years from the attack on Jerusalem BOTH the US and the EU will begin to break up. (The breakup of the EU was also not on my radar before this vision). The breakup of the Western Powers (US and EU) will NOT be entirely peaceful. (I had hoped they would be). They may not involve full scale war or revolution, but they will involve lots of riots, internal conflict and monetary collapse. (much like the breakup of the USSR). It will go on for at least 30 years, until the endo of the final 70 year ‘time’.
  • At some point early in this Middle Eastern war, Palestine is ‘taken back’. Israel even becomes occupied at some point. Damascus is HEAVILY shelled. Israel faces strong post war reparations. It essentially goes from being a puppet of the West to a puppet of Russia and the United Nations which even now is dominated by China.

“AND the word of the LORD came unto me, saying: Give ear, my servant, if any of the elders of Israel come before thee to prove thee if thou hast spoken in my name, or to say outright thou hast not spoken in my name, sit before them and say:

  2 Hard eyes, hard minds, see the ducks walk, see the geese meander, see them lead their chicks on their way. Are they not a sight? Though they lead, doth not they that follow walk even as they? Have ye not walked this way since your own youth? Though ye lead ye are a sight; the ways of habit, a musing and a source of laughter.

  3 When a man walketh to, do they not even scatter and waddle away, parting before the greater force? 

  4 Even soon do I bring my word to pass, and ye shall part before the storm of the LORD. Give little attention to my words, ye hard-hearted? So shall the nations and peoples give little attention to it for the convulsions that shall be upon them. Each shall fear at his own fence and cast not an eye to Jerusalem.

  5 Because ye sought the land to take comfort in it, and because the heathen proclaimed to you that land was the jewel of my covenant, hear ye this word from the LORD: I appoint you to 70 years of captivity again, captivity and desolation in your own land, captivity which ye expounders of false laws could not extract because of your hard hearts, and because ye sought land and not the LORD. Because ye sought a god of your creation I have given you no place to call upon.

  6 Thus saith the LORD; Thy fence hath kept thee from my laws, but the storm of the LORD shall hurl his mighty dart, and he shall pierce the siyyag, and the balustrade shall cave in at that point; and though it encircleth, all of it shall cave in and bow toward that point.

  7 The LORD shall not be a carnival to the nations, nor shall his mercy be made market for the comment of fools. But the LORD shall be spoken of with awe, and when his word cometh to pass he shall be praised, for better is the residue than the sauce, saith the LORD.

The attack of Jerusalem is the sign of the 70th week of the Gentiles from Daniel, the New Testament and Mormon Scripture.

 THUS saith the LORD thy God, in the year of the 70th hebdomad of the Gentiles set thy face to the east, and set it to the west, to the north and then to the south, and prophecy thou against them: Your times come to the full. The LORD God setteth ye a time to repent.

 2 And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying: Set thee now a goodly vase before thee. Fill it with fine flowers, with delphiniums, roses, marigolds, wild flowers, and every beauteous flower thou canst find.

  3 Prophecy unto the nations: For so is the LORD’s fulfillment. I set my ways and my laws to the purpose to which they were intended, and it nourisheth and causeth all beautiful things to grow and to sustain.

  4 Empty now, my prophet, the vase of the goodly flowers. Prophecy unto the nations, unto my Bride, for so she fancieth herself: This is what ye call fulfillment; then smash it against a wall so that it shattereth.

  5 Therefore thus saith the LORD God, so I do with thy fulfillment before me. So I make of thy fulfillment, and this shall be the end of thy fulfillment before me.

  6 In the year of their 70th hebdomad, so set thy face against them and thus prophecy thou: In your probation ye shall traverse 40 miles. Your watchmen shall fall to the side of the road, the might of their camels collapse, the burden of their loads dropped aside; and ye shall leave their parched bones. But ye shall be holpen by the sight of aBethel, for the hand of the LORD rebuildeth it. Plant the goodly flowers at Bethel, the late flowers also and the early flowers in their season. They shall be sanctified by Bethel, by the spring breath of the LORD, and he shall blow their seed over Jordan and make Heshbon’s vista fertile.

  7 But as for the vase, this is mine oracle against it, saith the LORD. Thus saith the LORD: When thy probation shall be ended I shall smash thee against the wall, for empty thou shalt be, and a vase be of no value unless it is set to the purpose to which it is intended.

  8 Bend now a little; give me some time of your minds. I set thee now a sign and a riddle: Ezra riseth of the nations [Gentiles], from a cold and inhospitable place, and again with nails my laws, my ways, and my fulfillment are raised up unto all nations, and my laws go forth.

  9 Upon the outer door they be, proclaiming not what is within but what is not. So understand ye the prophecy of the 70 hebdomads of the Gentiles, for they who calleth themselves my watchmen  have been of heavy ears, heavy eyes all these hebdomads since.

The attack on Jerusalem is the fulfillment of Esekial’s prophecy of Gog and Magog, but it shall not bring in the rapture or SEcond Coming or any

IN that day I shall set to me eight princes of my people. And upon them and my prophets shall my spirit come, to direct the ways again, and for a sign and a pillar unto Israel. They shall raise up my standard as aforetime, and my people shall look up and be healed.

  2 Fear not, thou trembling land; for a great thing have I done in all the land. For, lo, I am returning this second time the captivity of my people Israel. Whilst the land trembleth, even by reason of boots, do I swell your borders and enlarge your house. My laws do go forth, amidst the up-cry they are heard in Judah and Jerusalem. Laud ye the LORD in his land! And tell ye the nations to repent at his doings.

  3 And it shall be a hissing to the nations in that day, a source of offense, and as a shout of rejoicing is to him that seeketh solace. I shall gather the congregations against the house of Israel as one that gathereth an army to battle, and as one pulleth the bit in the foamy mouth. But I shall be jealous again for my people, Israel. And it shall come to pass in that day that the congregations of the nations shall be broken by the staff of Jacob. I have made it a double staff and a quartershaft, and Jacob shall vanquish his enemies; on the right and on the left shall the staff strike as unto the sting of behemoth’s tail; and in that day Israel shall know that it is I, the LORD, who is their righteousness, and that I have not changed from my purpose, for my purpose is spoken before the world was, and it shall be lauded after the world passeth away.

Saudi Arabia has been building alliances in the Middle East which will  serve as the Basis of the coming war. The reality of this recent alliance system, however, will be the same as it did to europe just before WWI.  It will bring only destruction.

2 Ye turn aside your faces from the merchandise of Gog, and the affliction of the maidens of Magog, in that they are caused to be made harlots. Therefore I have turned my face away from thine indenturing to America, and thou shalt be indentured for a season as the harlots of Magog, the merchandise of Gog and Damascus. But thy bed shall not cause thee to earn thy redemption. I, the LORD, shall redeem thee. I shall redeem thee from the indenture wherewith the maidens of Magog have been indentured, for thou lovest thy whoredoms and seekest not to be free of them. I shall smite Damascus in battle, for it is the head of a serpent that doth coil through Tyre and Zidon, Berytus, and unto Aleppo. Its tongue dangleth out, and the venom on its tip is Amman.

 3 (The oracle of Riyadh) Behold, doth Israel not know that the gopher is deadly in battle? unsetting the warhorse in its charge. Behold then ye fine men of Arabia and their embroidered trim of golden thread and their flowing linen of the finest cotton of the East. No covenant with Riyadh shall stand, for the LORD overturneth the counsel of sly men, and bringeth to nought the pacts of those whose purpose is underhanded. Fear not Arabia or her handsome princes clad in flowing garments, for when Damascus calleth for the light of day, in the day of battle, the House of Saud shall not bear it, as a burrowing creature cannot bear the light of day. So shall the LORD God overturn the House of Saud and all the princes thereof, and bring to nought the counsel of the beautiful men of the east and the priests of Mecca.

  4 The word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Speak unto Israel, saying: Thou shalt not abhor the Egyptians, for I shall break the rod of Ishmael through them, and as cracks in a dam shall Islam break from Egypt, and the cracks shall spread unto Turkey. They shall rejoice in what they had before, and shall say unto the nations: Are we not a crown of the nations? Is not Greece our stepchild and Rome our admirer?

  5 Shall the West brag over us? Is the West not our stepchild? We shall go to the West, to our stepchild. The desert shall teach us nothing, but we shall encroach upon the desert. Alexandria was mother and Constantinople our nanny.

  6 Thou shalt also not abhor the Kurd, for they were thy kinsmen, and I brought them out of the Chaldees at the same time as thy fathers.

  7 The oracle of Tel Aviv. She is new but languisheth. She is new and she magnifieth herself against Jerusalem. Thou shalt be brought down, thou pup, and the ways thou hast made look new shall be revealed as decrepit. It shall come to pass in the days that the LORD’s mount shall be magnified, when my people dwell safely; even in that day thou shalt be a valley and thy ways a stagnant bog that goeth no place and corrupteth the ground upon which it sitteth.

  8 (The oracle of Iran) O thou land of the Aryan that treadeth on Media’s heel; thou despoiler of Persia and scorner of Farsi, because thou enquirest of the watchmen when thou thyself seest, thou shalt go no where. To the dust, to the dust, go thy ways. Be thou sand; thy ways peeling stone.

  9 And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying: When Israel doth not hearken unto my words for a season, for even now do their enemies encompass them and seek the land, speak unto them, saying: I have wasted Israel. I have punished them with sore reproach and with a heavy hand all these years; why will ye hearken not unto my words?

  10 Ah, can it be that even I the LORD have forgotten? Thou hast made me; yea, that is the truth of it. I have heard thy philosophers and thy wise men debate it. Have them declare my goings forth unto you, if it be that they know me. Let them even now speak of what is at the threshold, for my words are nigh. Run to them during the day of my wrath, if thou canst find them. Ye foolish hypocrites, look ye now at your enemies encompassing you. When the defense bell is rung for you to rush into the walled cities shall ye cry unto me and proclaim “Great is the LORD for smiting Israel” or “I am a man blessed that the sword falleth upon me!”

  11 Shout that at the nations and see if they mock you. If ye had my spirit, ye would be abhorred of your ways, and cry, “Just is the LORD for smiting me.” I have spoken, O Israel, and my words are sound and my words are life. They are honey to an empty belly, and they gush forth the ways of life and are water in a dry place.

  12 Behold, how I desire to speak peaceably. Hear ye praise in Sinai, and rejoicings in Hebron. The wilderness of Sin is an habitation; the place of sojourn a city. The LORD hath enlarged the house of Israel. Negev and Zin are irrigated. He maketh a desert to bloom and the bob to plumb many houses. Shiloh, ring Shiloh, the LORD of hosts setteth a table in the desert. He gathereth armies to dwell in far lands.

  13 Come, children of they who drank at the rock, acknowledge thy guilt. Turn from thy sins. Consider now thy lot, for thou art encompassed by thine enemies and they seek thy life, thy land and all that which is thine. I have spoken, O Israel, but thou wilt not incline thine ear. Jerusalem dimmeth its light. Judah closeth the curtain; and Ephraim boasteth from afar with false faith. Is it more painful for thee to turn than it is to endure the wrath of God?

  14 Awake! Let thy reason return. Riyadh grinneth as a fat cat behind his shomahg. He careth not for the Palestinian. He seeth a plump canary. Damascus thinketh of battle, and Amman by reason of gain again longeth for thee, and Cairo forever waiteth as a maiden to greet them as one greeteth the merchants of Bosrah.

  15 Thus saith the LORD, this shall not be. They are beasts about thee, and as a man leadeth beasts to water so shall they come at my beckoning, but not drink. Their counsel will not stand, nor their conspiracy triumph.

  16 But hear ye this word, saith the LORD, this Israel hath taken upon her the ways of a shrew; and a shrew caught by her neighbours with her lovers, to whom must she turn for help? She durst not call her husband. She playeth the whore, and enticeth by treaty and by pledge to deliver her. Thou dost indeed speak softly into the ear of America to deliver thee from thine enemies.

  17 Though I chastise her, it is to correct her and not to destroy her. I the LORD declare unto you before it shall happen. Send your armies back to the sun, ye of Arabia, hung shoulders and with sorrow on their faces. Damascus rebuild and fill thy time with contemplation. Riyadh, see a princeling become a king; a crown to come forth from Medina. Baghdad cast off thy brutish heads. I have declared: Israel is my chosen, saith the LORD. See Amman repent and Egypt seek peace, and make ye peace. Come and worship all ye nations. Grind your weapons into medicine, and your pride, transform it into humility. I declare unto you before it happeneth that ye may seek me and know that I have spoken and that there is no God but me, saith the LORD.

  18 And thou, O shrewish Israel, brag not, for thou didst bring the American upon thee not as a wife but as an harlot, and they shall despise thee for this after a time. Thou spokest softly into their ears. Thou wast sure in thine imagination that they should deliver thee, and thou luredst them to go up after and against thine enemies.

  19 Yet I shall confound them before thine enemies. They shall ravage the serpent’s head but be driven home by a flea. Thy pledge shall be broken, thy wealth no longer barter.

  20 O America, repent of thy bitterness, for thou canst close thy loopholes. I shall not hold thou guiltless in that day when thou lookest the other way.

  21 Turn unto me, O Israel, and I will fatten thy soul. Thou shalt swoon in the ways of my spirit and thou shalt delight to love thy brethren. Go out from thy flesh unto all mankind and cleanse the land of thy sins. Have mercy and declare thou justice, and I shall make thee to delight in the land. Thy belly shall be full of the new wine and thy palate shall feast upon the cream and honey, and thou shalt forever dwell with the LORD.